I can somewhat read and understand Japanese now. Though, I still need to look up a dictionary a lot. And I use machine translator as some kind of sentence maker. After understanding a sentence, it can be a pain in the ass to think up the sentence myself. So I take advantage of it and make changes based off of what I have understood. As for editing, I do it myself. It also serves as some kind of English practice for me (I’m not a native English speaker). I won’t guarantee any accuracy of the translations from me as this is just another way for me to learn Japanese while practicing my English at the same time. Furthermore instead of picking up a series, it’s more like I read novels what I feel like reading while translating it. So there maybe many cases where I don’t feel like reading a certain novel until the end and put it on hold/drop it.

And there’s another translator on this website under the name of “sleepy Pop” or “Niozerk.” I don’t have any idea what to write anymore, so this is all from me.





Hey, Wanna Go Out With Me? My Childhood Friend, A Beautiful Girl, Asked Me To Be Her Boyfriend, And I’ve Started A Camouflage Boyfriend V1: Chapter 7- A Confession Based On False Pretences

〈7〉A confession based on false pretences. Forty-one minutes and thirty-nine seconds. A brief chime would sound at the end of class when the wall clock’s hands above the blackboard indicate the correct time. The school bell usually rings every 40 minutes in an hour, but the classroom clock was slightly off. You would learn to […]


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