I seriously can’t read Japanese (without the help of tools), but if you were to ask me whether I know a little bit of Japanese, I’d answer yes.

What’s here is MTL work with my personal touches / editing, and without TLC. But please do leave a comment if there are weird lines. Chances are I missed some lines before it and it lead to mistranslations. Either that, or I really don’t understand the lines either hahaha.

I’m doing this out of boredom with the intention to learn Japanese and raising awareness of the novel I’m currently reading to non-Japanese audience at the same time. And English isn’t my native language so don’t expect anything high quality. I also won’t guarantee any accuracy either. You’ve been warned and enjoy.




I Started Working As A Lover Agent, And For Some Reason, I’m Receiving Requests From Beauties Draft V1: Chapter 3 Part 1

TL: sleepy Pop “What?! You’ve already done it three times?! But you’re only working as a part-timer! How come I’ve never heard of this!?” (Yukiya) “Well…you haven’t asked me anything about it up till now. Plus, this isn’t something I would usually go around saying to people, no?”(Ryoma) “Oh, you’re right about that.”(Yukiya) Three weeks […]


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