Chapter 2 – I’m not a loner okay?

Bustle bustle bustle, the bustling cafetaria. Students came and went with a tray in hand.

Lunch break, Masachika had come to the cafeteria with his two friends. Looking at the menu sticking at the entrance, he closely examined what to order.

“Oh, there’s a new noodle dish”

Masachika had his eyes on mapo ramen sticked with a tag indicating a new dish on it.

The combination of ramen and mapo tofu was a perfect match for Masachika’s taste as he was an unparalleled ramen lover and liked spicy food too.

“Mapo ramen? It’s like a chinese food with a chinese food on top of it, huh”

The one who said that and laughed in amusement was Maruyama Takeshi. He was a guy, a little shorter than Masachika and had close-cropped hair. From Masachika’s view, he was his friend since middle school.

“Takeshi, strictly speaking, ramen is a little different from chinese food, okay?”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Yeah, in the first place the name ‘ramen’ itself was born in Japan”

The one who presented such miscellaneous information was Kiyomiya Hikaru. He was a friend of Masachika since middle school just like Takeshi. He had slightly pigmented light brown hair and was a slender androgynous handsome young man.

He was one of the top five most handsome guys at school and the girls entering the cafeteria kept sending passionate glances at him.

“Have you two decided?”



The three of them nodded at each other. entered the cafeteria, and placed a handkerchief and pocket tissue on an empty seat to secure it for themselves. Each of them went to get their food.

Each of them secured their dish and returned to their seats to start eating. Naturally, the one that gathered attention was the mapo ramen brought by Masachika.

“Whoah…Looking at the real thing it’s redder than I thought”

“It’s not spicy? That ramen”

“Hmm, not at all? Rather, it’s not spicy enough. It tastes good, though”

Takeshi and Hikaru were sitting opposite of Masachika, and their expression looked like in awe when they saw Masachika slurping down the mapo ramen. The person concerned, Masachika, had a cool look.

“Fuun, let me have a little sip for tasting”

“Ah, me too”

“I guess you could”

“Thanks… huh, isn’t it just plain spicy!?”

“Uuuh, this one is the one that comes later…. Uu”

Intrigued, both of them reached out their chopsticks and took a bite of the noodles but, they instantly frowned and reached their hands to their cup. To such two people, Masachika said as if to admonish them.

“Hey, you can’t call something spicy if the steam doesn’t sting your eyes, right?”

“That standard is weird”

“It really is”

“In the first place, I can’t even slurp up really spicy ramen because it hurts my lips”

“That, the one where you write ‘spicy’ and it reads ‘hard’, right”

“I mean, hurting your lips is….”

“Of course it hurts your stomach too right?”

“Don’t eat something that will upset your stomach okay”

When Takeshi made a retort, the entrance of the cafeteria became noisy. Masachika and the others reflexively turned their eyes in that direction and three girls were just entering the cafeteria.

“Oh, student council members. The president and vice-president are… not there, huh. Still, it’s amazing to see all three of them together, huh”

Takeshi who saw their figure leaked out a voice of admiration. And then similar reactions were occurring in various places in the cafeteria. When the three of them passed by the guys became excited and the girls even looked at them with admiration.

It’s a little like an idol appearance but, in fact, those three girls were all far better looking than most idols out there.

“Really, they’re truly beautiful sisters, aren’t they. Those Kujou-sans”

Hikaru said sincerely, looking at Alisa, who stood out from the three of them with her silvery hair, and the girl in front of her , who was slightly smaller than Alisa.

That’s right, the girl in front of Alisa was a second-year and the student council secretary, and her name was Mariya Mikhailovna Kujou. Her nickname was Masha and her a-year-older biological elder sister.

However, the color and atmosphere coming out from the elder sister were different.

Regarding Alisa, she had translucent white skin, and Mariya’s skin was indeed white but it was at best at the degree of a very white Japanese person.

Her shoulder-length, wavy hair was light brown. Her gentle-looking slightly drooping eyes were also light brown. Her face too In contrast to Alisa, was a childlike face that was far more japanese looking.

At first glance it’s hard to know which one was the elder sister when she was lined-up against Alisa, who had a long, slender and well-proportioned tall stature with mature appearance. However, from the neck down she was firmly showing the dignity of an elder sister.

To be specific, her chest was large. Her butt was large too. Alisa also had a plenty un-japanese like build but, in terms of femininity, Mariya was beyond that.

Her voluptuous body, the combination of her gentle-looking appearance and soft atmosphere; she radiated a motherly quality that was hard to believe for a second-year high school student.

In fact she was called the Madonna of the school by some students.

“She’s great, right. Kujou-senpai is. I want to get to know her”

“But I heard Kujou-senpai has a boyfriend, you know”

“That’s right isn’t it! Damn it, who the heck is that lucky guy!”

Takeshi who had been showing a slovenly expression grimaced, almost grinding his teeth, at Hikaru’s words. When he heard that, Masachika looked with a look of surprise.

“Eh? Who, you said…. Even Takeshi doesn’t know?”

“I’m curious why you said ‘Even Me’ but…. All I know is that he seems to ba a Russian”


“Is it a long-distance relationship, I wonder? Though, I’ve heard talks about Kujou-senpai going back and forth between Russia and Japan”

As Hikaru said, due to their father’s work the Kujou sisters moved back and forth between Japan and Russia. In Alisa’s case, she spent the first five years of her life in Russia and moved to Japan in her first-grade of elementary school.

And then in her fourth-grade of elementary school she returned again to Russia and came back to Japan in her third-year of middle school.

“In other words, the long-distance relationship has been going on for over a year… guess I’ve got no chance, huh”

“Well, it seems like all guys ever who have confessed to her so far were turned down because of her boyfriend…”

“If that’s the case I guess it’s impossible for Takeshi, too”

“Shut up! Don’t get carried away just because you’re close with Princess Alya, okay!?”

As Masachika relentlessly thrusted him with the cruel reality, Takeshi shouted with a loud voice.

“Nnn~ Even if we’re close, all I got is exasperation, you know”

“Still, it’s better than being treated indifferently. Princess Alya basically doesn’t talk to anyone. Even if she talks to to someone, it’s just business-like stuff, no idle chatter or anything”

“About that, well, we’ve been like, sitting next to each other for over a year now….”

“But you know what. In the first place, aren’t you the only one who calls Princess Alya by her nickname in front of her…”

“I, guess….”

“Kuuh~ I’m so envious. I can’t believe the aloof princess is allowing you to call her by her nickname”

“If that’s what you think, why don’t you just attack assertively. I mean, you’re her classmate”

When Masachika said that, Takeshi smiled bitterly and waved his hand in front of his face.

“Well, no way it’s impossible. She’s too much of a perfect superwoman it’s hard to approach”

“Even so don’t take sneaky photograph, okay”

“Well, usually, when you’re that beautiful you want be photographed, isn’t it”

When Masachika gave a reproachful look, Takeshi didn’t seem to take it personally.

That’s right, Takeshi was one of the three guys who had their phones confiscated for taking sneaky photographs of Alisa in the morning. Or rather, he was the main culprit.

“Rea~lly, she’s really a sight for sore eyes, right. I can look at her forever. I could eat five bowls of white rice with that face as a side dish. If I’ve got Kujou-senpai as a set, I’m good for ten bowls”

“Takeshi, that’s just plain creepy”

“Yeah, as expected it’s too much”

As one would expect, the two close friends were taken aback by Takeshi’s slovenly expression as he looked at Alisa and the others. However, Takeshi looked at the two’s direction with a face as if saying they’re the weird ones.

“What the heck, you guys think so too, right? I’ve never seen a girl that beautiful anywhere else”

“Well, I admit she’s beautiful but… you’re a little too fanatic. Alya’s appearance aside, she’s unexpectedly pleasant to talk to, you know? …in more ways than one”

“Aah~ there it is. The ‘Things I only know’ appeal. Are you bragging? Are you boasting yourself?”

“It’s not like that”

“What a merry person, huh…. Masachika is a big shot isn’t he, to be able to call Kujou-san like that. In a sense”

“What does that mean, Hikaru? Are you trying telling me I’m conceited? Hmm?

“I don’t mean like that… I’m genuinely impressed you can say such a thing to that person after being cautioned so much everyday”

Aaah… “

Masachika nodded vaguely at Hikaru’s words while averting his gaze to the side.

The reason why Masachika kept unconcerned no matter how much scolding she sent at him was not just because what Alisa said was right, but more than that, it was because the words she sometimes leaked out in Russian were too sweet.

In the first place, if Alisa really disliked someone she wouldn’t pay any attention to them, she would ignore them. As long as she wasn’t ignoring you, perhaps even Alisa was enjoying the interaction herself.

When he thought about it, he didn’t particularly mind being scolded. But then, he didn’t have any intention to reveal such hidden circumstances to anyone, though.

“For the time being, how about trying to talk to her normally? You might unexpectedly be able to carry on a conversation, you know?”

“Even if you said that…. After looking what happened last year, no thanks”

Masachika nodded in agreement at Takeshi’s words. Last year, a beautiful new student appeared out of nowhere like a comet.

At first, Alisa was the center of attention throughout the school.

In the first place, a transfer student in Seirei Educational Institute itself was really unusual. The reason was simple. It’s because the degree of difficulty of the exam test for a transfer student was terribly high.

Even under normal circumstances, it’s one of the most difficult schools in Japan to get into, and the exam test for a transfer student was set to be several levels more difficult. It’s at the level where even among the students at school only about 10% of the students could reach the passing mark.

Not only did she pass the exam test for a transfer student, she even got first place in her academic year in her first semester’s midterm exam. And there’s her looks. It’s impossible for her to not attract attention.

However, many people, both girls and guys, tried to interact with her. Alisa had an attitude that always drew the line, however. And she didn’t try to get close with anyone.

And somehow, Alisa had come to be called the Aloof Princess.

“As expected, If I were to aim one of them… It’d be Suou-san, I guess. By process of elimination”

Said Takeshi, looking at one of the girls in line to order.

She had long, lustrous waist-length black hair and in spite of her small build, her body was well-proportioned, asserting femininity properly. At glance, she’s not as brilliant as Alisa or Mariya.

However, her appearance was very well-groomed, with a hint of elegance in her cuteness. Even from a distance, you could see the girl’s good upbringing from her straight posture and her graceful conduct.

She was a first-year who served as the student council public relation, and her name was Suou Yuki. She was the eldest daughter of the Suou house, whose origin was a former noble family and had shouldered the role of a diplomat for generations. She was a genuine young lady.

Because of her high social skills and sophisticated behaviour, she was called the Noble Princess while Alisa was called the Aloof Princess by the students. They took the name of the two greatest beauties of the school year.

“Well, it doesn’t change the fact she’s still hard to reach but, speaking of difficulty, you’re more likely to have a chance with her than with princess Alya”

As Takeshi nodded to himself, Hikaru tilted his head with a doubtful look.

“I wonder if.. you have chance? I heard that she, Suou-san, has turned down more confessions from the guys than Kujou-san, you know?”

“Uggh… I guess you’re right. I wonder if she’s not interested in love? Or maybe, she has a fiancé just like a young lady would? Masachika, what’s going on here?”

“Why are you asking me”

“I’d rather ask anyone but you. Anyhow, it’s because she’s your Child・Hood・Friend, you know?”

Masachika sighed at Takeshi who emphasized each syllable with envious eyes.

“As far as I know, she doesn’t have a fiancé. I don’t know if she’s interested in love”

“Then go ask her if ask her if she’s interested or not”

“Don’t wanna”

“Why not! Please cooperate. We’re friends, right?”

“A true friend wouldn’t use their friendship as a shield to demand a request”

“Ah, I agree with Masachika there”


When Takeshi was sunk from the crossfire coming from the front and side, Masachika looked at the direction of the ordering area for some reason.

Then, the three members of the student council were just starting to look for seats with their food in hand. Apparently there’s no place for the three to sit.

But then, in a corner of the cafeteria a hand shot up. Mariya discussed something with the other two, then walked in that direction.

Perhaps, she was invited by a friend from the second year.

And then, the two remaining people looked around at the surrounding… And Yuki’s eyes perfectly met Masachika’s eyes.

Hey eyes recognized Masachika’s face and he quickly slid to the side. There, at the end of the table were available seats exactly for two people.

(Ah, don’t come here)

As soon as Masachika had a hunch, sure enough, Yuki called out to Alisa and walked straight towards Masachika’s direction. Shortly, Takeshi noticed it, too, and hurriedly straightened his posture.

“Masachika-kun. May I have this seat?”

The moment Yuki said that, Alisa, who was following behind her, had a wrinkle between her eyebrows. However, including Masachika, the three people had their eyes focused on Yuki so no one noticed the change in her expression.

“Yeah, I guess you can. You guys are fine with it too, right?

“Ah, O-ooh”

“Yeah, okay”

“Thank you very much”

She thanked the three people with a beautiful smile on her face. Yuki then walked around the table and sat down next to Masachika. A moment later, next to Takeshi, Alisa also sat down diagonally right ahead of Masachika.

“Aah, as expected, Masachika-kun asked for the same thing too, didn’t he?”

Exactly as she said, on Yuki’s tray was a bowl of mapo ramen, the same as Masachika.

The young lady-like Yuki and a very cheap-but-delicious-looking food are truly a mismatch..

“Suou-san even…. You do eat that kind of food, don’t you”

Yuki took out a hair band from her pocket and tied her hair behind her ear while smiling bitterly at Takeshi, who said that somewhat nervously.

“You don’t have to be so humble, you know? It’s not like we don’t know each other, we are in the same year after all”

“No, well…. Yes”

“Besides, I eat ramen too, you know? I don’t eat ramen at home, but I often go out to eat ramen on my days off”

“He- hee~ that’s unexpected huh”

Yuki, who was treated like a model of a lady, made a common folk-like comment. Takeshi and Hikaru looked truly surprised. Yuki’s little wry smile deepened at those two’s reaction while she politely said, “Let’s eat”, and elegantly slurped her ramen. Beside her, Masachika made eye contact with Takeshi.

『You’re too nervous 』

『Shut it, don’t lump me together with you』

『You want to get to know her, right? Why are you nervous with just this much』

『Sorry, As expected she’s beyond my reach』

『You give up too soon!』

While Masachika and Takeshi were having a conversation with their eyes, Yuki deeply took a breath after more or less tasting the ramen.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it. I think it could be a little spicier, though”

“I know, right. I need to add more chili oil”

“Although we have salt and soy sauce here, there is no chili oil, isn’t it. Maybe we could consider it for the next student council agenda”

“Hey, you’re mixing public and private affairs“

Yuki let out a giggle at Masachika’s retort while saying, “It’s just a joke”.

At the two people’s friendly conversation, Alisa, who was eating set meal A had a second wrinkle appear between her eyes. As before, Masachika and the others didn’t notice it.

While the area between her eyebrows wrinkled more and more at this, Alisa’s closed her eyes and corrected her expression, and asked in a casual tone.

“I wonder if you two are close?”

To Alisa’s question, Yuki faced forward and answered while smiling pleasantly.

“We are childhood friends”

“Childhood friends… “

“Yes, We have been at the same school since kindergarten, you know? Unfortunately, we have never been in the same class before, though”

“I, see”

Alisa nodded really half-heartedly, as if she was convinced and not convinced at the same time. This time, Masachika asked a question.

“Do you two get along like that?”

The one who answered that question was Yuki. At Alisa who was at loss for a reply, she turned towards Alisa with a gentle smile while tilting her head.

“We are in the middle of trying to get along, I think? At least, I would like to be friends with Alisa-san, however”

At Yuki’s direct words, Alisa’s eyes opened wide and her eyes wandered about as if in a little bit of trouble.

“….I don’t think it’d be enjoyable being friends with me”

Yuki blinked a few times, then smiled again at the strange refusal that was said while looking away.

“In other words, Alisa-san doesn’t mind being friends with me, do you?”

“Eh…. I guess, so?”

“Then, let’s be friends! We are in the same student council and in the same first year after all. Aah, that’s right! If you don’t mind, is it fine for me to call you Alya-san? I heard Masha-senpai and Masachika-kun are you calling you that, and I was thinking it was a lovely way of calling you”

“Ye-yes…. That’s fine, I think”

“Fufuu, I am glad. Once again, I am looking forward to getting along with you, okay? Alya-san. And me too, please call me Yuki”

“Yes…. likewise, Yuki-san”

Alisa surprisingly flinched at Yuki, who was delightfully smiling while clasping both hands together.

“It’s fine to deepen your friendship but, if you don’t eat soon the ranem will stretch, you know”

“Aaah! That’s right!”

After Masachika’s warning, Yuki hurriedly resumed eating her food. Alisa looked at that with a somewhat bewildered expression, but when she realized Masachika was looking at her, she looked somewhat awkward and sullen.

“At any rate Kuze-kun, what do you usually say about me to…. Yuki-san?”

“Eeh~? Well, nothing in particular… Like, you always get angry at something. That much”

“Don’t talk about a person like they’re hot-tempered. It’s all you reaping what you sowed, isn’t it”

Alisa raised the end of her eyebrow while bluntly told him off. Masachika pulled his head back and said, “Hehee, You’re absolutely right”. Yuki leaked out a giggle while smiling.

“You don’t have to be shy, Masachika-kun”


“Alya-san. Masachika-kun always says that he respects Alya-san for her Incredible hard work, you know?”


“Huh, I never said I respect her, you know”

“But Masachika-kun, don’t you have unconditional respect for hard working people?”


Masachika averted his eyes awkwardly when Yuki said that as if she saw through everything. And then, through eye contact he sent, “Say something you guys”, to Takeshi sitting in front of him and Hikaru next to Takeshi. Then those two looked at each other, nodded lightly, and stood with their tray in hand. 

“Well then, we’re done eating, so”

“We’ll head back now”

At the smooth betrayal of the two, Masachika protested through eye contact.


『Well, somehow it’s a little too sparkly, it’s too much for me』

『I’m, not good with girls』

Masachika’s protest was in vain, and the two quickly broke their eye contact and left the cafeteria in a hurry. As Masachika saw them off leaving with reproachful eyes, Alisa’s Russian came to his ears.

【What’s that, geez】

When he turned his head, Alisa was pouting. Despite that she had a somewhat happy, indescribable expression on her face. She glanced at Masachika, who looked back at her, then quickly shifted her gaze down to her hands and continued to eat in silence.

Masachika, who had already put every last drop of his ramen soup into his stomach, for some reason looked at her figure. Then Alisa glanced at Masachika again with upturned eyes and muttered in Russian.

【Don’t look here, idiot】

And as Alisa turned her face down more and more, absorbed in her meal, Masachika felt warm.

(I see, you got embarrassed when it was said I’m respecting you, don’t you. Uh-huh. I see I see)

However, he wouldn’t stop looking. It’s not like the reason was he didn’t understand Russian or that he was insensitive, but here he was purposely bringing certain death using, “Eh? What did you say?”

Then, Yuki, who seemed to not understand what was going on although sensing something strange in the air, “By the way”, brought up a subject to Masachika.

“Masachika-kun, would you please consider the talk about joining the student council?”

Towards Yuki’s words, Masachika said, “Again, huh”, and had a fed up expression right after and Alisa’s chopsticks stopped moving.

“How many times have I told you? I have no intention of joining. Besides, didn’t you say you brought in a new member the other day?”

“I did but…. As expected, it didn’t last long”

The new student council was formed at the beginning of June. About a month ago.

At this school the student council was a little special where the president and vice-president of the student council ran for office in pairs, and the other officials were appointed by the president and vice-president.

For that reason, the number of officials changed from year to year, but the current members were the president and vice-president. In addition to that the secretary, Mariya; the accountant, Alisa; and the public relation official, Yuki. Only five people in total, and currently there’s no one in charge of general affairs.

“Didn’t you say guys are too obsessed with love affairs and the like they won’t get anything done, so now you’re bringing girls? You said around three people joined but, don’t tell me, they all quit?”

“Everyone, did…. We are lacking in abilities, they said ….”


Towards her words, Masachika somehow guessed the situation.

In the first place the women of the current student council were too amazing in so many ways. The vice-president and the secretary Mariya were the two most beautiful women in the second year. Alisa and Yuki were the two most beautiful girls in the first year.

With that much, even if they were of the same sex they would also feel self-conscious, but Alisa, who was also a first-year, was the most talented girl in her school year. And to be frank, Yuki was a former student council president in the middle school.

If you were continuously being shown the difference in looks and actual work, an ordinary girl’s heart wouldn’t last.

Having said that, guys are guys. Most of them had an ulterior motive to get close to a beautiful girl. Those who could do the job properly would be broken-hearted by the high practical skills of the women team.

“In that aspect, Masachika-kun should not have a problem in practical skills, and you can get along well with me and Alya-san, is what I think. In any case, you are a former student council vice-president after all”


Alisa’s eyes widened in surprise at Yuki’s words. Receiving her gaze, Masachika’s face grimaced in displeasure.

“You were in the student council, Kuze-kun?”

“He was, you know? Two years ago, In the middle school’s student council I was the president and Masachika-kun was the vice-president”

“Is that, so… “

“That was a long time ago. I don’t want do it again”

Yuki floated a little-troubled-like smile at Masachika waving his hand with a look of complete rejection.

And then she tilted his head towards Alisa, who was looking at Masachika with eyes full of surprise.

“Alisa-san may find it surprising but, even though Masachika-kun may appear this way, he is the kind of man who does things when he has to, you know? He usually gives this kind of feel, though”

“What do you mean,’this kind of feel’? Hey, what do you mean?”

“Fufuu, who knows? What kind of feel is it, I wonder?”

Receiving Yuki’s words, Alisa showed a sullen look. And then she, somewhat dissatisfied, looked at them having a truly friendly exchange face-to-face.

【I know it too, that much】

The Russian words she murmured didn’t reach the two of them.


“Well then, I will go the student council room for a bit”

“That so, then I’ll see you again after school”

“Yes, see you later”

“See ya”

“Yes. Please think about joining the student council, okay?”

“I did tell you I’m not joining”


“Hey, what’s with that ‘I know I know’ face”

“Not at all, well then”

A little after leaving the cafeteria, they parted with Yuki. She gave a beautiful bow and left, and Masachika waved slovenly at her.

There, Alisa’s cold voice pierced him. 20% colder than usual.

“You two are really close, isn’t it”

“Is it surprising?”

“Yes, it’s surprising. To think that you have a female friend”

Masachika raised an eyebrow towards Alisa saying that in a harsh tone.

“Eh? You’re surprised at that?”

“Well, I mean….”

Then he pointed at Alisa’s face with a look that seemed to say, “what are you talking about?”

“Female friend”


Towards the words that were said as if a matter of course, Alisa blinked slowly with a straight face and tilted her head slightly.

“Are we…. Friends?”

“Eh? Am I wrong?”


When she was asked this question with a look of deep surprise, Alisa fell silent for a moment and she suddenly turned around. Turning her back on Masachika, she replied with a flat voice, as if she was holding something back.

“That’s right, we’re friends”

After saying that, she started walking in the direction Yuki had left.

“Hee~y, where are you going~?”

“I just remembered I have some business to do in the student council room. ….Don’t follow me”

Without looking back, Alisa clearly showed her rejection. Just like that, she walked away.

“What the hell… Oh well. That’s right, I need to put the screws to those guys who got away”

Masachika, who got left behind, muttered something ominous to himself and went back to his classroom alone.

The very same day in the afternoon. There was a rumor among some students that Princess Alya was walking down the corridor while humming, but for better or worse, the rumor never reached the ears of Masachika.

This chapter is longer yo! around 44% longer than chapter one. Anyway, I’d like to raise two points

  • The name given by the students to Yuki, I TLd it as ” Noble Princess”. The Japanese for that is “深窓のおひい様 (Shinsou no ohiisama?)” . Translated directly means “princess secluded in a room” I guess? Dunno, my Japnese knowledge so miniscule. Anyway, after looking what the kanjis really mean on the internet, the context available in this chapter, and lots of deliberation, I came up with “Noble Princess”. I’d like to hear some suggestion on this one.
  • Yuki is cute. Uses “watakushi”. she’s cute. She sometimes talk in polite speech, or even the whole chapter?. I may or may not realize it that’s why I’m telling you this.

And with that I dare say this chapter is even more properly translated than chapter 1. I spent waaaaay too much time making sure each sentence is translated properly and nicely. Does this even count as MTL anymore especially after this chapter? Anyway that’s all from me! o/


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  4. hello, looks like u missed one line of Yuki there, it’s the line when Yuki come to Masachika and his friends’s table and ask “Masachika-kun, Can I sit here, please?”


      1. oh and I have 1 more reminder for u reagarding the chat between Hikaru and Takeshi after the describtion of Yuki, u only have 1 line of whether is Hikaru or Takeshi but in the raw LN, that’s the chat between them. It’s like this
        “Well, it’s still a tall order (Takane no Hana) but she’s easier to talk to compare with princess Arya so I guess the chance is still better”
        Takeshi nodded to himself, while Hikaru tilted his head with a skeptical expression.
        “Do you really think that you have a chance? I’ve heard that Suou-san have rejected more confessions than Kujou-san, you know?”
        “Nugu…guess so. I dont know if it’s because she doesn’t have any interested in love affair? Or is it like the other young lady, she’s aleady have a fiance? Do you know anything, Masahika?”
        “Why do you ask me?”
        Something like that, hope it can be of use to you


      2. Actually, thank you for pointing this out. I did miss out two lines there and as a result the TL changed a bit. Not changing the content too much like how I missed 2 important lines in ch1 luckily. And I’ve already fixed it and will note it down at the end of ch8


  5. “Anyhow, it’s because she’s your Child Hood Friend” caught me so off guard because the line stops after child, so I read it as: “Anyhow, it’s because she’s your Child”. In my mind I went ‘Wait, what‽’ then I reread it and realized that it continued to the next line.


  6. I think it means “Sheltered Princess” not “Noble Princess”. Since she acts like a sheltered rich young lady.


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