Shirakawa Runa, the school year’s number one most beautiful girl.

Shirakawa-san’s existence has been well known since her freshman year, and even a gloomy type like me has heard rumors of her being “the school year’s number one most beautiful girl”, and I was aware of it from an early stage.

“School year’s number one” was just a convenient term everyone used because no one knew what all the female students in school looked like, but I thought there’s a high probability that she’s really the “school year’s number one most beautiful girl”.

Shirakawa-san also had rumors that made men’s hearts buzz. Those rumors were “A bitch who loved naughty things and changed boyfriends frequently because she couldn’t get enough of just one guy”, or something along those lines.

It seemed she only stayed with one person for three months at most, and the taste of people she was dating varied from older to same age, and from athletic to cultural.

“Then maybe I have a chance”, there was no shortage of excited people who thought as such. When they heard rumors of Shirakawa-san currently free, I couldn’t help but think it’s funny to watch the men flocked around her like hyenas even if they’re not that good looking.

Yes, I knew my place and I never expected to be able to date Shirakawa-san. It would be enough if I could just occasionally feast my eyes on her from afar.

To me, Shirakawa-san’s existence was like that of a sun.

She was so bright I couldn’t look at her directly. If a gloomy guy like me got too close to her, they’d probably be burned into charcoal before they could even scream.

The brighter the sun shined, the darker the shadows became. The more beautiful and radiant Shirakawa-san looked, the more I realized how gloomy I was. I’ve never considered talking to her.

Act gloomy-like if you’re gloomy people. Just keep your admiration towards Shirakawa-san in your own chest.

It’s the best way to lead a peaceful school life.

I was reading the prologue of this LN because one part of the synopsis and prologue piqued my male instinct and you can guess what it is. Also, RoshiDere ch4 was a little too big for my stomach to swallow. Gotta let it be digested for awhile~

And only prologue for now. Each chapter of this LN is even longer than RoshiDere’s. And this LN is what I intend to read after I’m done with RoshiDere V1.

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5 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Be aware, folks. I’ve heard that the FMC of the series was not a virgin anymore, so read at your own risk. lol.
    I don’t hate experienced woman that much, but since I came here in intend to read wholesome story, tho I can’t get that feeling if mc didn’t took heroine’s first time at the beginning.

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