Chapter 8 – Yeah, I Got It

Haaah…. That girl, isn’t she getting less and less reserved….?”

After school, muttered Masachika seeing the message he received from Yuki.

She had to go out shopping for supplies for student council’s work but a sudden errand came up, so she wanted him to go in her place instead.

『Nii-ni, pleeeeeease♡』


He felt rather irritated and somewhat exhausted at the last part of the message, which was cunningly flirtatious enough to make you feel rather pleasant.

“Well, do I go? I guess I’ll go but….”

Masachika returned back only a straightforward『Roger』while grumbling.

『Yaaay, I love you onii-chan♡』

“Yeah yeah”

Smiling wryly at the heart stickers dancing wildly sent in succession, Masachika put his phone into his pocket and headed to the student council room.

For what it’s worth, Masachika had a soft-spot for his little sister. It’s to the degree that it couldn’t be helped if the world in general called him a siscon were they to see this.

“Excuse me”

Masachika knocked the door to the student council room and opened it. Inside, there were two people.

“Hey, Kuze. I’m sorry to have you come all the way to help us”

“Well, I came only to cover for Yuki”

One of the two was the student council president, Kenzaki Touya. And the other person was….

“Ooh? So you’re Kuze-kun? I’m Mariya Mikhailovna Kujou. I’m Alya-chan’s older sister and the student council secretary. Nice to meet you okay~?”

“Ah, likewise. Alya has always been a great help to me‘

Mariya greeted him in a friendly manner with a soft, cheery smile on her face.  In response Masachika bowed slightly while thinking, “These two sisters really have contrasting vibes, don’t they”.

“Today I heard the shopping will be with Kujou-senpai…”

“You can call me Masha, okay? Alya-chan’s friend is my friend too after all~”

“Ah, yes….”

Thinking “S-she has lots of cheery-energy”, Masachika flinched back a little at Mariya trotting towards him while smiling broadly.

“Masha-senpai or Masha-san~, either are fine, okay?~”

“Uhuh… then, Masha-san”

Becoming somewhat embarrassed, Masachika averted his eyes. After finally in front of him, Mariya grasped Masachika’s right hand with both hands and shook it lightly up and down.

“Mm-hmm, nice to meet, you….”

If this were in an idol-setting, Mariya shook hands with a smile that could make a man a captive of love in one shot. Her expression suddenly turned serious once she looked up at Masachika’s face up close.

Her usual narrowed droopy eyes giving gentle feelings were wide open, and her usual smile had completely disappeared from her face.

“Wha-what is it?”

Masachika unconsciously tried to back away at her too much of a complete change, but taking one step back was the best he could do as his right hand was gripped with an unexpected strength.

“Kuze-kun…. your given name is?”

“Eh? Masachika(政近)… It’s Masachika(政近) written with Sei(政) in Seiji (政治)1 and Chika(近) in Chikai(近い)2

“Masa.. chika…”3

Mariya stared intently at Masachika’s face with a frighteningly sharp expression, as if she could pierce a hole on his face.

Being stared at so intently while his hand was gripped with both hands by a beautiful upper-classman he just met for the first time made Masachika beyond nervous, and he began to feel uneasy.

“What’s wrong? Kujou older sister. Is there something haunting Kuze’s back?”

“President, if you’re gonna say something like that, it should be ‘Is there something stuck on his face?’”

“Ooh, You’re good huh, Kuze”

Touya held out a helping hand and Masachika immediately grabbed it. Touya praised him while giving a thumb up at his quick-witted retort.

At the sudden occurrence of funny man & straight man4, Mariya blinked slowly and regained her usual gentle smile.

“Aah, I’m sorry. I was just too absorbed thinking ‘So this is Alya-chan’s friend~’”

She let go of his hand in a flash, and placed her hand on her cheek while tilting her head apologetically. As if to pull herself together, she then clapped her hands then spoke.

【Well then, let’s go shall we】

Masachika blinked his eyes at the sudden Russian language. Of course the meaning was transmitted to him but he couldn’t nod his head here because he was pretending to not understand Russian to her little sister, Alisa.

“I’m sorry but, what did you say?”

When Masachika asked her back with a blank face, Mariya’s eyes widened for only just an instant and then she immediately smiled again.

“I’m sorry, I just said ‘let’s go shall we’”

“Aah, okay”

“Well then president, we’re off”

“Yeah, I’m counting on you”

“Then excuse me”

“I’m counting on you too, Kuze-kun”


Giving a slight bow, the two left the student council room.

“We’re going out shopping for supplies, right? I didn’t ask Yuki about the detail though”

“That’s right~ student council room use lots of stuffs, you see~”

“Uhuh… in the middle school, we used to place orders on a supplier in one go for something like this but, looks like it’s different in the high school”

“We also do that for trivial consumables, okay~? But it’s the student council room we use after all. Wouldn’t we like to add a little of our own color? You have to actually choose those things with your own eyes. Especially tea, for example. You can’t pick a good one without smelling its scent”

“Ooh, so it’s like that…. If that’s the case, it makes me feel whether it’s okay for an outsider like me to get more and more involved, though”

“I suppose so… Then, isn’t it fine if Kuze-kun also joins the student council?”

“Well, I’m not interested in that”

“That so? Too baaad~”

Masachika smiled wryly at her shrugging her shoulders in what seemed like a genuine disappointment.

“Then, I guess I’ll do my best as a luggage carrier”

“Yes, please do, okay~?”

As nothing more than an outsider, I guess I’ll do my best becoming a luggage carrier instead of giving a poor opinion… that’s what he thought but that thought was naive.

“This aroma smells so good~. For the time being, I’ll test trial all kind—-”

“No, having aroma in the student council room is a bad idea, no? Please have this kind of thing in your own room”

“No way~ this stuffed kitty-cat looks just like Alya-chan! Ah, that’s right. How about we put together a line-up of stuffed animals that represent all members of the student council?”

“What kind of dreamland are you making! Setting aside the others in the female group, it’s definitely going to feel unbearable for the president!”

“The lion wearing glasses over here is the president~”

“No, like I said…. Wai, they’re so alike!”

“Then this will—-”

“No, they look alike, but still! Stuffed animals in the student council room are normally a no-no!”


“No, I’m the one should be saying ‘Eeeeh~’”

“Muu…. I understand. But this kitty-cat is cute, so I’ll buy one for myself”

“Aah, putting it on the same receipt is no good! You’ll get scolded by the accountant Alya!”

He had a bad feeling when she walked into a fancy store without hesitation at one point but it was more than he imagined. Her sense of freedom flew off far beyond Masachika’s imagination.

Mariya was looking all over the place, and tried to seriously buy things that obviously were not appropriate for the student council room. In addition to being a luggage carrier, Masachika did his best to make things not go off the rails.

(No good, this person is too free. Is she always like this? If that’s the case, it must be quite a pain for Alya, huh)

Somehow managing to buy only the minimum necessary items, Masachika was completely mentally exhausted around the time they were heading for the last tea store. While fulfilling his role as a luggage carrier as he had declared earlier, he looked down at Mariya, walking while embracing a stuffed cat in her arms.

Setting aside lower graders in elementary school, walking around downtown while embracing a stuffed animal seemed to be quite a high hurdle for a high school student but strangely enough, it didn’t feel strange when Mariya did it.

(Uhuh, yeah… it gives feeling like, ‘Hey cat, switch place there for a bit’)

Watching the head of the stuffed animal getting squashed from behind by twin hills made him unconsciously think so…. Immediately, he shuddered in chills as Alisa’s face looking at him like he was trash surfaced in his mind.

(Ain’t helping it…. If somethin’ so amazin’ happenin’ before your eyes, ain’t no way men not gonna look. It’s the sad nature of men)

He apologized to Alisa inside his head, making excuses in Kansai dialect for some reason.5

“It’s here, Kuze-kun~”

“Yes, maam! I’m sorry!”

“? what’s wrong?”

“No, umm, yes. It’s nothing….”

At Masachika lowering his head, with a “Hmm~?”, Mariya tilted her head curiously and went into the store.

“Umm, Masha-san. As expected, let me hold onto it for you”

“Aah, thanks~. Then, take care of Alya-nyan, okay~?”


Masachika received the stuffed animal from Mariya while his face was twitching at the rather terrible naming sense.

(….wait, I did end up holding it but, I’d get photoed!)

A female high-school student holding a stuffed animal would just get away with a wry smile but, when you’re a male high-school student holding one, you’d be given a hard look. This was a case where not making an eye-contact was important. But….

“Oh my~ it really suits you~”

“What kind of sense do you even have”

Wondering what tugged Mariya’s heartstrings, she smiled so happily and of all things, took out her phone and tried to take a picture of him (trying to leave behind records).

“Say cheese”

“Nuh-uh, I won’t let you, okay?”

“Eeeh~ isn’t it fine~”

He blocked the camera lens of Mariya’s phone with the shopping bag in his hand. Beyond this point, Masachika was no longer hesitant about giving back a quip to this seniors.

“Look, you’re going to look for tea, right?”

“Aah, that’s right. Mr. Manager~”

Somehow managing to avoid getting photographed, Masachika stood in the corner of the store and watched over Mariya.

Mariya seemed to be a regular in this store, and she tried out the scent of the tea leaves while talking about something with the rather old manager, who seemed to be her acquaintance.

“Kuze-kun, which do you think is good?”

“Well, I don’t know anything about tea. To begin with, I don’t drink tea”

Perhaps worrying about Masachika having nothing to do, Mariya asked for his opinion but Masachika politely refused.

(If it’s Yuki, I’m sure she’d be able to mingle in, especially in a situation like this)

As the daughter of the Suou house, Yuki surely would’ve had a good knowledge regarding brands of tea.

As he was thinking about this, it seemed that she was going to be allowed to taste test the tea she’s interested in. A female employee came from the back of the store, bringing several paper cups placed on a tray.

“Nnn~ tasty. Since we’re here, how about Kuze-kun try some too?”

Sipping the taste from one of the paper cups, Mariya smiled broadly and beckoned Masachika over. This situation struck a chord inside Masachika.

(Thi-this is…. An indirect kiss event!)

An event where you were nonchalantly handed a glass or pet-bottle, which its content had been partially consumed, by a girl who was indifferent to these kinds of things. An event that caused many love-comedy protagonists to get flustered, and gave a little amount of happiness in exchange for a great deal of shame!

(However, I’m different)

In these kinds of events, you’ll lose if you get embarrassed; you’ll lose if you get conscious of it; and I’m fully aware of that. Yes, you must be smart in times like these. You have to go through this with style!

“Well then….”

With such determination, Masachika put down the luggage he’s carrying and with a stylish stride (according to Masachika’s standard), he walked over to Mariya—-

“Yes, here you go”

“Thank you-su6

And the female employee offered him a fresh cup, and he received it with a smile. Apparently, it was originally prepared for two people. This was truly a tactful, and generous store. However, it was a consideration Masachika was not very happy about.

(Nuooooooooooo—–!! This.. not it!! I was supposed to drink.. from that!!)

Masachika sipped the tea with a plastered smile while agonizing inside.

“See? Tasty right?”

“Yessu, seriously tasty-su


“Yessu, yessu

While mysteriously becoming sports-minded-like, Masachika writhed in agony deep inside. It was the grief of an otaku brain, that couldn’t distinguish between reality and two dimensions.

“Ooh, you guys are back. Thanks for your hard work… and, aren’t you carrying something amazing there”

Touya, who was working on paperwork in the student council room, showed a wry smile when he saw Mariya holding a stuffed animal.

“It’s cute, right?”

“Well, it’s cute but…. Are you going to put it in the student council room?”

“Can I?”

“No, please restrain yourself on doing that”

“President, where should I put these?”

Masachika asked as he held up the shopping bag, and Touya got up from his desk then came over to look at the contents.

“Let’s see let’s see…. Yeah, looks like normal supplies. You’re really a help, Kuze. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I entrusted it to Kujou older sister alone….”

“The student council room would’ve been turned into a dreamland”

“….I see. Yeah, I’m really glad. Thank you”

Perhaps having guessed many things by looking at Mariya holding a stuffed animal, Touya tapped Masachika’s shoulder with a meek expression.

“How about it, Kuze. Why don’t you join the student council after all?”

“Err that is…. If it’s just helping out once in a while I don’t mind, though”

“If that’s the case, I wonder if you’re okay with being a member in name only? I won’t say anything if you don’t want to, though”

“Aah, Kujou older sister also in favor, huh”

“Err, in name only is…. I don’t think that’s how it works. I mean, I understand if it’s Yuki asking but, why does the president want me to join that much?”

When Masachika asked suspiciously, Touya stroked his chin with an expression as if to say, “On the contrary, I found this strange”.

“Hmm…. Rather, why Kuze doesn’t want to join the student council? I just don’t find having to do exhausting work as the only reason”

“….I.. am not someone worthy to be a student council official after all”

I don’t deserve.. to have that position when I don’t have a strong desire for that position, nor the readiness to bear the responsibilities that come with that position. When Masachika smiled bitterly and shadows appeared on his face, Touya raised an eyebrow, tilting his head in doubt with a “Hmm?”.

“I don’t think you’re unworthy. After all, don’t you have a splendid track record serving as a vice-president in the middle school student council”

“I can say this precisely because I’ve experienced it. In the first place, I became the vice-president only because Yuki asked me to. ….It’s not like I had any desire to acquire that position either”

“….Hmm, and what’s wrong with that?”


Masachika unconsciously raised his voice at Touya’s truly wondering voice. Touya then grinned, and spoke with his chest puffed up with pride.

“Even I became the student council president in order to make the girl I like to look at me, you know? I’d say it’s much more of an impure motive than yours! Ha Ha Ha!”

“Eh? I-is that really the reason?”

Masachika was surprised by Touya’s brazen declaration as if there’s nothing to be ashamed of. As Masachika opened his eyes wide in surprise, Touya operated his phone and showed him a single portrait.

“Look at this”

“….? Umm, is this your younger brother?”

“This was me in the third-year of middle school”


To put it bluntly, what displayed there was a very unappealing and obese guy who looked nothing like the current Touya.

His hair was untidy; his glasses were unfashionable; and his face was covered in pimples.

More than anything, the way he curled up his body that was large horizontally and vertically as if he was unsure of himself, sense of lowliness was oozing out from it, and not even a shred of the current Touya could be felt.

“As you can see, two years ago I was your typical gloomy guy. My grades were bad and I wasn’t good at sports either. To be honest, I didn’t really like going to school all that much but…. despite of the fact I was unworthy of it, I fell in love with one of the two most beautiful girls in my school year”

“And she is….”

“Yeah, the vice-president. Sarashina Chisaki”

The fact that the president and vice-president were dating, was a well-known story at school. It’s to the degree that even Masachika, who wasn’t interested in such a gossip material, also knew about it.

However, until now Masachika had thought that it was two elites from the top of the school caste that became lovers by choice. He didn’t expect it to be a giant-killer coming from the lower ranks of the school caste.

“So, I worked myself like there’s no tomorrow in order to become a man worthy of being her lover. Even me winning this position as the president was part of that. What do you think? It’s impure right?”

“Hahaha…. Yeah, I guess so….”

As for Masachika, he could only laugh after being told until this far by him so confidently. As Masachika only smiled wryly not knowing what to say, Touya spoke.

“That’s why, well… It doesn’t matter what kind of motives you have. Even Kujou older sister over there also joined the student council because she’s invited by Chisaki”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right, you know?~ Well, part of it was simply that I was interested, though”

Mariya affirmed that with a soft smile on her face. Then Mariya’s face became a little serious, and she spoke as if to gently admonish him.

“You see.. I think that no matter the motives, it’s fine as long as you properly leave behind results. Whether for love or friendship, it’s fine as long as you’re doing something for the benefits of the students as part of the student council”

“Is.. that so?”

“Don’t you think so? Otherwise, politicians need to be saints to be politicians after all”

“Ahaha, I guess that’s true”

As Masachika laughed sarcastically and somewhat amusingly, Touya too nodded similarly, as if to affirm Mariya’s words.

“That’s what I meant. No matter the motives, together with Suou, you have left behind splendid results as a student council vice-president. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, nor feel guilty about”

Those words resonated unexpectedly strongly in Masachika’s heart.

He.. has always felt guilty somewhere. No matter how much he had accomplished something, “There are others more deserving of this position than me”, such thought would always appear.

The guilty conscience of having snatched away the position from that “somebody” had always cast a shadow over Masachika’s heart.

No matter how much the surroundings praised him, if the person in question couldn’t recognize it, it’s meaningless. No matter what glories he received, without being accompanied by self-esteem it would just be empty glories. But now, through Touya and Mariya’s words, Masachika was able to recognize a little bit of his former self.

“So you join the student council so someone could become the president? That’s more than enough. I, as well as Chisaki and Kujou older sister, we welcome you. I won’t let anyone complain”

Masachika felt like crying a little when Touya said that proudly with a fearless smile. He didn’t know if it was because he was happy to be forgiven for his past, or because of an admiration for such a dazzling Touya.

“….I will, think about it for a bit”

“Yeah, think about it thoroughly. It’s a youngster’s privilege to worry about stuffs after all”

“Isn’t the president a youngster too~. To be honest, you don’t look like a second year high school student, though”

“Hahaha, well said! Even some time ago I was mistaken for a graduate student!”

Masachika also smiled a little at the two kind seniors smiling brightly.

(So someone could become the president, huh….)

He ruminated on Touya’s words in his mind, and was surprised by the person who naturally appeared in his mind immediately after. It was because.. that person was not Yuki….

“….speaking of which, where’s Alya today?”

Trying to change his mind, Masaschika said as he looked around the room. It was a sudden change of topic, but Touya answered without any sign of minding it.

“Aah, Kujou little sister went to mediate a fight between sports clubs…. Now that you mentioned, she’s late”

“A fight? That is….”

“Don’t worry. It’s not exactly a fight. Actually–”

According to what he said, it seemed the fight was about the right to use the school ground between the soccer and baseball club.

Both the soccer and baseball club were utilizing the school ground as their practice location.

And it seemed that this was the time of the year when the baseball club usually used the school ground a little more than usual for their annual match outside of school.

However, the soccer club this year had a say in the matter. The pretext was, “The soccer team will also be having a match outside of school, so we would like to have the right to use the school ground”.

“The baseball club argued that it’s something they’re doing every year, and the soccer club argued that just because it’s something they’re doing every year, it’s weird that the baseball club with less achievements should be given the priority. Actually, the soccer club has been raising their achievements in recent years, while the baseball club has been shrinking in recent years with the numbers of their members decreasing, you see…. Both sides have their arguments, so it’s rather difficult to come into compromise”

“And then, Alya is carrying the mediation?”

“Yeah. Usually, Chisaki is the one responsible for this kind of disputes between clubs, but today she couldn’t do it because she got some business in the kendo club. I thought it would just be an experience, so I entrusted it to Kujou little sister but…. It seems like she’s having a rough time, huh”

After looking at the clock, Touya looked out of the window towards the club building.

“….Is she going to be okay?”

“Hmm? Well, it might get heated-up a little, but I don’t think it will turn into a brawl”

Touya said that and shrugged his shoulders. Mariya was organizing the supplies that were bought, and not showing any particular concern.

However, the figure of Alisa getting into a heated situation with a drunken salary man a few days ago surfaced inside Masachika’s head. Slowly, a feeling of uneasiness spread out inside Masachika’s chest.

“….Well then, I’ll be taking my leave here”

“Yeah, take care”

“Thank you for today, okay. I’ll give you my thanks some other time”


Bidding his farewell to his seniors while feeling restless, Masachika then left the room of the student council.

“….Just making sure it doesn’t turn into a brawl”

He said that to no one in particular and headed not to entrance, but to the club building.


“Like I said! Even if you said it’s a customary thing, it’s just a friendly match right? We’re going to have an important tournament match here!”

“It’s important because it’s a friendly match! We also have a close relationship with the other school, and in the first place you’re the one who keeps being unreasonable!”

The clubroom of the soccer club was currently in the midst of a heated situation. The dozen or so upperclassmen from the soccer and baseball club gathered, and were glaring at each other with both sides not giving any quarter.

“Please calm down. There’s no point in berating each other, is there?”

Alisa, who was standing in between them, had tried to mediate the situation for the umpteenth time already but to little avail.

Just in case, Alisa had prepared another practice ground at a riverside area near the school as a persuasive tool. However, this time there was a disagreement over who would use the school ground and who would use the riverside area.

Still not reaching an agreement, the discussion between two sides had already turned into an almost half-cursing match.

Alisa tried to think of something for a compromise, but both sides were heated-up and refused to budge at all.

“To begin with, the soccer club has way more members! Considering the time for traveling, your side should be the one to move!”

“Like I told you just take that into your planning! Trying to get the place for practice with that reason is just tyranny of the majority!”

“Please, please calm down!”

While desperately trying to raise her voice to calm down the two sides, Alisa’s heart was already on the verge of breaking.

Even for Alisa, being surrounded by older, burly guys was frightening.

On top of that, having every suggestion she made rejected and continuously getting harsh words from both sides was, as expected, even Alisa would be mentally overwhelmed.

She had managed to hold on so far only due to a sense of responsibility regarding the work she had received and her competitive spirit, but even so, she was approaching her limit.

(No one… would listen to what I said. As expected… I….)

Couldn’t move people’s hearts.

It was something she had vaguely realized for a long time.

“No one can keep up with me anyway”, looking down at others like such, she pushed away others, and refused to understand or compromise with others.

This was the price for that.

Was there anyone in the world who would listen to the words of such a human.

How could people’s hearts be moved by someone who could only give a critical argument from the top, without being close to the heart of the other person.

(I…. am alone)

That reality, like a cold poison, penetrated into Alisa’s creaking heart, tormenting her.

I knew. I myself chose to be this way. Perceiving everyone in my surroundings only as rivals, living my life as if to not lose to anyone.

All of it was my own choice, so it can’t be helped.

(That’s right, I knew. I.. under.. stand.. it)

But, but…..!


A small and feeble word in Russian leaked out, not understood by anyone in that place.

Not able to cast away her pride and run away, nor cry out; not even able to honestly ask for the helps of others.

In a corner of her mind, her calm self coldly said, “That’s why you’re all alone”. As she laughed at herself that this was indeed the case, Alisa’s mouth still managed to squeeze out a voice from the back of her trembling throat.

【Somebody, please help me….】

It was too small and miserable, but it was the best Alisa could’ve done, a heartrending SOS.

Without the intention of conveying it to anyone, the words leaked out by the isolated and aloof girl flew inside the room in vain, drowned out by angry roars…. It was supposed to.

Rattle rattle!

The sound of the sliding door being opened echoed inside the room, drawing all the gazes of everyone in the room at once.

There was a single male student with an ordinary appearance.

Judging by the color of his necktie, he’s a first-year. His body was not particularly well-built, and among the young men in this place, his body was the most slender.

However, the moment the youth glared around the room, everyone in the room gulped down. For a moment, they were swallowed by the aura emitted by the youth.

Silencing the upperclassmen seething in anger until just a moment ago with his gaze alone, the youth stepped into the room confidently and…. suddenly, said with a haughty smile on his face.

“Hello~ I came as support from the student council. I’m Kuze Masachika of the student council general affairs”


Finally arriving in front of the soccer club clubroom, Masaschika was listening to the situation of Alisa’s lone struggle.

(This is.. already impossible. Alya)

Masachika judged calmly while listening to the voice of only one person, Alisa, desperately trying to make her words be heard.

Both sides had already too much blood rushing into their heads. In this situation, the discussion had to be started anew at a later date once both sides calmed down.

If it’s the smart Alisa, she should’ve known that that was the best solution for the situation.

Perhaps, she was impatient with the fact that she had been entrusted with the work by the president, and didn’t grasp the moment to quit.

(….Well, I feel sorry for you, but it’s also another experience)

At this rate, it wouldn’t take long before the discussion brokedown like a breakup & farewell even without Alisa stopping them.

And from there, they could carry out another discussion again at a different time.

As an outsider, I shouldn’t untactfully intrude. If I do, it would hurt Alisa’s pride.

“Do your best, Alya”

Masachika sent out a only small few cheering words, and from that spot—


Masachika turned on his heel, and a small SOS reached his back. He stopped his legs from moving on the spot.

A tiny, heartrending voice.

A voice asking for help coming from her, which he hasn’t heard not even once until now.

Masachika scratched his head hard at the voice that made his chest tightened involuntarily.

(Aah, damn it! Why would you say that!)

I should’ve left the place a little bit earlier. If I had, I wouldn’t have to hear her sound like this.

What a clumsy SOS it was. You could’ve just honestly asked the president, or even your older sister for help. Because if you can’t do that, you’ll always be alone no matter how much time passes. And because of that….

【Somebody, please help me….】

I can’t leave you alone no matter what.

【Японял】Yeah, I got it

Muttered Masachika quietly and brushing up his hair, he once again turned on his heel.


Within the many people bewildered by the sudden intruder, some of the students, including the head of the baseball club, “Kuze….”, exclaimed in surprise. They were all people who knew Masachika from his days in the middle school student council.

“Kuze.. kun…”

Alisa called out his name with a voice full with surprise and bewilderment, but somewhat seemed to depend on him. Masachika patted the back of such Alisa, and he stepped forward with Alisa at his back as if protecting her.

“I’ve heard the outline of the talk from the president but, is it correct that there’s a disagreement over who should use the school ground and the riverside area as practice ground?”

“Yeah, that’s right”

“Thank you very much”

The one who answered Masaschika’s question was the head of the baseball club, who for some reason had remained silent until now.

While the other club members were spewing jeers, he firmly remained silent and looked at Masachika with eyes half in expectation and half in trust.

As if to respond to his gaze, Masachika looked around once at all the faces from both sides before speaking.

“Then, what do you think of something like this. Taking into consideration the number of people needed to move, the baseball club will have to go to the riverside area. In exchange, the soccer club that has a lot of members will have to send personnels to help out”

Towards Masachika’s proposal, the soccer club was baffled and the baseball club was antagonistic.

“What the hell is that! In the end we’re the ones ending up in the dirt!”

“Why should we be the one driven to the riverside area!”

A break out of understandable protests. However, those were put to rest by only a single voice coming from the soccer club.

“In that case, we, the managers, will go to help out with the baseball club”

The one raising a voice was a female student who was one of the managers of the soccer club

She was the chief manager of the soccer club, who was quite popular among the guys because of her lovely appearance and her devoted support for the players.

At the unexpected candidacy, “If she’s going to come then….”, such mood was coming out from the side of the baseball club but this time, reluctant voices were coming from the soccer club side.

However, even this was put to a rest by her comment, “If you’re willing to give up the right to use the school ground, then this much should be natural”.

“….As for us, we’re fine with those conditions but how about you?”

Sensing the mood of the club members, the head of the baseball club asked and the head of the soccer team too nodded in agreement with a subtle frown on his face.

“So, that’s what we will do. Please do come to the student council tomorrow to formally submit the proposal”

Masachika concluded like such, and the talk between two sides was unexpectedly settled easily.


After the discussion, Masachika and Alisa were walking in the hallway of the club building, heading towards the main school building. The two walked quietly without having any conversation, nor exchanging glances.

“….Aah~, sorry about that”

Eventually, Masachika spoke up, not able to endure the silence. Alisa then turned towards Masachika with a puzzled expression.

“I’m talking about me butting in and moving the talk arbitrarily. I just made you lose face, didn’t I”

“….Not really”

Saying that curtly, Alisa once again faced forward. However, immediately while still facing forward, “Hey”, she spoke up.

“Why did you.. make that kind of proposal?”


“If you think about it normally, there was no way the baseball club would accept a proposal like that. In my eyes, it looked like you knew that that senior would come forward to offer their help”

“Hee…. You did well realizing it”

“Of course I’d realize it. You were staring at that senior while the baseball club was raising protests, weren’t you”

While feeling impressed for being watched so attentively, Masachika disclosed a secret in a matter-of-fact-tone.

“This is a secret, okay?”

“? Okay”

“That manager senior is… actually, dating the head of the baseball club”


At the unexpected information, Alisa’s eyes widened grandly and looked at Masachika.

“During the discussion, the head of the baseball club kept silent the whole time, right? He couldn’t say anything strong because his girlfriend was on the other side. It’s a bit of mixing up public and private affairs, but I guess it couldn’t be helped”

“So that’s.. how it is”

“On the other hand, it’s awkward for her because she’s aware that her side was forcing the issue. That’s why I knew if I made a suggestion like that there, she’d come on board”

“….I see”

“The baseball club is happy to have cute girls helping them in their training. The soccer club is happy to have the school ground all for themselves. Those two are happy to be able to have a training-date transcending the boundaries between clubs. Yeah, that was a fine, clean three-way tie up!”

It’s not like I didn’t feel that the ordinary baseball club members who don’t know anything were somewhat getting the short end of the stick, though, and Masachika added while smiling. Alisa also smiled a little at Masachika.


But then, seeing a male student standing at the end of the corridor leading to the main school building, Masachika’s smile turned a little bitter.

“Hey, did the discussion go well?”


It was Touya. He didn’t seem to have any doubt Masachika being with Alisa, and he smiled as if he had seen through everything.

“….The soccer club will use the school ground and the baseball club will use the riverside area, but in exchange, during that time the managers of the soccer club will lend their help in baseball club training, that was how the discussion got settled…. It was thanks to Kuze-kun”

“I see, thanks for your hard work, Kujou little sister”

Touya showed his appreciation without saying anything unnecessary at Alisa reporting the truth in-a-matter-of-fact tone. At such Touya, the least Masachika could do was piercing him with reproachful eyes.

“Is everything.. going according to your plan?”

“Hmm? It’s not like I have such pretext, though”

“By the time you didn’t say, ‘What are you talking about?’, looks like you’re guilty of this to some extent”

“Oops… you’ve got me there”

When Touya honestly raised both of his hands, Masachika let out a sigh as if his energy had been sucked out of him.

“So, how is it? Have you made up your mind?”


Everything has been seen through after all, Masachika thought to himself while this time, he honestly raised the white flag.

“Yes, well…. This unworthy Kuze Masachika, would like to join the student council as its newest member”

“Yeah, pleasure to have you”

Touya showed a grinning, manly smile and Masaschika smiled bitterly seeming to want to say, I’m no match for him. The two people with contrasting smiles on their faces shook hands firmly.

Alisa was watching the scene from a step distance away with a somewhat complicated expression on her face.

TL notes:

^1. 政治 / Seiji means politics or government. The first kanji is the “Masa” in Masachika name

^2. 近い / chikai means close. The first kanji/character is the “Chika” in Masachika name

^3. Mariya’s saying this in Hiragana

^4. tsukkomibokkeh, straight man funny man skit, something like that.

^5. Aight, dunno how to make an English verison of Kansaiben so I went with that.

^6. I guess this is the stereotype about guys in sports club in 2D(I can’t speak about the IRL one) always adding “-su” aftey they end a sentence when speaking. And I couldn’t think of anything equivalent to it in English so I left it there.

Other changes/opinion:

1. Chapter 2, two new lines bolded inside the double brackets added just right under the illus of Yuki:

{{“Masachika-kun. May I have this seat?”}}

{{The moment Yuki said that, Alisa, who was following behind her, had a wrinkle between her eyebrows. However, including Masachika, the three people had their eyes focused on Yuki so no one noticed the change in her expression.}}

“Yeah, I guess you can. You guys are fine with it too, right?
“Ah, O-ooh”
“Yeah, okay”
“Thank you very much”

2. Chapter 2, another two lines I missed with a corrected TL in bold inside double brackets added(not as bad as when I missed 2 important lines in ch1):

{{“Well, it doesn’t change the fact she’s still hard to reach but, speaking of difficulty, you’re more likely to have a chance with her than with princess Alya”}}

{{As Takeshi nodded to himself, Hikaru tilted his head with a doubtful look.}}

“I wonder if.. you have a chance? I heard that she, Suou-san, has turned down more confessions from the guys than Kujou-san, you know?”
“{{Uggh… I guess you’re right. I wonder if she’s not interested in love? Or maybe, she has a fiancé just like a young lady would?}} Masachika, what’s going on here?”
“Why are you asking me”
“I’d rather ask anyone but you. Anyhow, it’s because she’s your Child・Hood・Friend, you know?”

3. Chapter 6:
I added a colored illus of Yuki flapping her legs on top of Masachika there. Go look at it if you’re interested.

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    She unconciously widened her eyes in shock due to her belief that she thinks that this masachika is the boy from her childhood. Seeing that he clearly didn’t know russian (due to what she observed of his reaction) she apologizes and said “let’s go” it in masachika’s native language. If this is true, the question is, does she still suspects that masachika is the boy from her childhood?

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