Nice to meet you everyone, I’m the author SUNSUNSUN. Thank you very much for purchasing this work. If you didn’t buy it and borrowed it from a friend, please buy a copy for yourself. If you’re standing there reading in a bookstore, take it to the cashier.

Yes, you there, who thought ‘You’ve written quite an aggressive afterword for your debut novel’. Unfortunately, this is how SUNSUNSUN operates normally. I just happen to have decent cover sleeves. In fact, I’m still saving my speed within the legal limit for the editor. I’ll tell you what it’s usually like.

(I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time keeping up. I’m sorry, but please be patient)

And well, that’s how it usually is. Huh? You haven’t written a page yet? I should’ve written 2000 characters easily but…. Well, I guess I don’t have a choice. Now that I’ve had my fun, I’m going to get a little more serious.

As I introduced myself in the comments on the cover sleeve, I’m an author from “Shosetsuka ni Narou”. However, not a “People who seriously aim for serialization” (serious type), rather a generally accepted “people who enjoy writing novels” (enjoy spirit). I rarely wrote proper serials, and only wrote short stories as I came up with them.

This work is the result of a short story that I submitted to “Shosetsuka ni Narou”, “The Neighboring Alya-san who is sometimes sweet in Russian”, which caught the attention of the editor and was written as a completely new work with the same concept. It’s like a promotion from a read-through to a serial, which is common in manga magazines. This was an unexpected event for me, the author.

As this is a completely new writing, the protagonist and the heroine are completely new and completely different, but what do you think? Even if just a little, I hope you found the heroine to be cute and the protagonist to be cool. Yuki? Of course she’s cute so I’m not particularly worried (Hey).

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the editor, Miyagawa Natsuki-sama, for the great help in writing this book. The illustrator, momoko-sensei, who drew a superbly beautiful illustration for this amateur author’s work. Tapioca-sensei for finishing the perfect short manga. Uesaka Sumire-sama, who voiced the heroine Alya. And Amasaki Kouhei-sama, who voiced Masachika.

Shimesaba-sensei and Kamishiro Kyousuke-sensei for their recommendation comments. And to all the readers who have picked up this work, I send you the greatest thanks of the century. Thank you very much! I hope to see you again in Volume 2. See you soon.

17 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Thank you for translating this, after I saw the promotion video on kadokawa’s yt channel I really wanted to read this. Thank you for your hard work. Hope you can translate volume two when it comes out because I really enjoyed your translations.


    1. Agree with previous comment – thank you so much for TLing this. You may be using MTL but you have a gift for rejiggering it and making it seem natural in English – that’s not easy. I really hope you TL volume 2 when it comes out because while it didn’t expect to like this work nearly as much as I do, I’ll now be really sad if I can’t keep following it. Thanks!


  2. Thank you very much.

    Masha : sa-kun.

    Ma’sa’chika : i think he is not a twin with yuki. Maybe he was failing a grade one time.


  3. Finally finish reading this tittle.
    A very well job done translating this using mtl.
    It’s very readable.
    I also used to read raw WN with mtl, and starting to understand basic Japanese.
    I also has been translating a LN before, just one volume though.
    It’s hard and also tiring. That’s why I really appreciate for the hard work you’ve done.
    Good work!!

    I hope you will continue to translate the volume 2 of this LN.


  4. Hey! Thanks for tl-ing this! I can never find the right words to properly express how much I appreciate authors/tl-ers/mtl editors or anything of the sort, so I’ll keep it short and say this: Thanks for the chapters! If you do end up TLing volume 2 if/when it comes out, then I will definitely be back for more! Thanks for your hard work, and see ya!


  5. Thx for the translation

    Coming here after reading the prototype, wow their characters is really different. The original heroine is actually a dere dere heroine, MC is just typical Japanese LN MC who know Russian, for reference read the oneshot manga, the original is close to WN version. Well romance like this is difficult if author didn’t make any change from the original, considering this novel is actually from 3 part short story🤔


  6. Thank you so muchh for translating the whole volume! This is certainly one of the best wholesome romance novel I’ve ever read. Thank you for your hardwork. I’ll definitely look forward to the next volume translation!


  7. Thanks for the work translating it.

    With what was written in the epilogue, it basically confirmed my suspicions in Chap 7 / 8. I’m really sad that the author has to have masachika go against his own little sister. Seems like such a cheap way of doing things. Really took the wind out of my sail in reading this LN. I was enjoying it so much for the first few chapters…


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