Chapter 1.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

“Hey Nikoru, listen~! I got a boyfriend”

“Huh!? What the heck! Since when!?”

“Since after school today~”

“Eh, who!? Haruma? Kaisei?”

“Nope! I think you’ll never guess it”

“No way, seriously who!? We haven’t talked about this at all!”

“I mean, it’s cuz I got confessed all of sudden today. It’s Kashima Ryuuto from the same class”

“Uh-uh…. Who is that? Is there a guy with that name?”

“Yep, I also don’t know him that well, but he likes me, he said. He looks interesting so I decided to date him”

“Eh, I seriously don’t know who he is though! From which club?”

“Dunno, still haven’t asked him though. It looks like he usually also goes home after school, so the go-home club?”

“Fuun. good looking?”

“Nuh-uh…. Average, I guess? But I don’t hate him”

“Sorry, I still have no clue at all. So, did you do it?”

“Not yet”

“That’s rare for Runa. Was your family at home?”

“Nah. But, Ryuuto said we’ll not do it today”

“Eh, he said no!?”


“Impossible!? What’s with that guy!”

“Somehow, he said wants to cherish our relationship”

“Huh? I don’t get it. It’s not like you’re a virgin”1

“I know right~”

After a laugh, making a light chuckle, Runa murmured while looking at her red fingernails.

“Somehow, he’s a little weird, isn’t he. That’s why, he’s kinda interesting, and making me kinda curious about him, isn’t he”

TL Notes:

^1. Original line: “は? 意味わかんないんだけど。バージンでもないのに”
I’m not sure if she’s referring to herself or Runa, but considering the context prolly Runa

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One thought on “Chapter 1.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

  1. Yeah, the mc really fucked up there or did not fuck in this case lol, he wanted to it and he could have done it now and carefully build up the relationship like he wanted slowly later, but missed the chance being indecisive due to being a virgin I guess. Atleast he became unique from her exes because of it and will be successful in making her fall truly in love with him I guess……..


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