Chapter 3.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Diary

Kashima Ryuuto is really annoying.

A week after I transferred, the guys in class were practically a captive of me. And yet, he’s the only one who won’t budge. He may be wary of me because I rejected him once, but if I don’t do something, I won’t be able to complete my plan.

He’s just being cocky though. He doesn’t really have a girlfriend anyway. As a proof, he can’t even answer who she is, doesn’t he. Seeing an unpopular gloomy guy acting cocky full of himself is really irritating! You just shut up and fall for me all over again.

Speaking of irritating…. It’s that woman.

Today, I overheard the guys chatting in the corner of the classroom.

“Kurose-san is cute, but I guess the one I really want to date the most is Shirakawa-san”, Are you shitting me!? What’s so great about that bitch? But, there’s lot of guys agreeing to that.

Shirakawa Runa is a real nuisance.

I have to be the number one. I’m the one who is loved the most.

It’s the same at my previous school, and also in middle school.

“The one I want to date the most is Kurose Maria”

I will make all of the guys say that.

For that reason…. Just watch, Shirakawa Runa.

This time, I’m going to take it away from you.

The me now is, already…. not the same me from back then after all.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 3.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Diary

    1. Who knows. It depends on how big is the urge I have to continue reading the story. Compared to RoshiDere, I’m twice as much (or even more) hooked to the story


    2. Thanks man apprecciate it.Can i ask u something? I really like a novel but it has only 2 chapter available and anyone doesnt want to tranlsate it.The title is “aoharu point”,if u like it and decide to traslate it would be awesome.


  1. “Awful attempt to make MTL more readable” my ass. You’re selling yourself short, even if you’re being tongue in cheek with that statement. You’ve put real effort into this translation and I see it and appreciate it. You give a shit about the readability which is more than so many other MTLs can say. Keep it up, you’ve got me hooked as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The classic inferiority complex b*tch, huh. It’s generic, but at least it isn’t “I am one just because” type of scenario.


  3. So she gave him trauma because of her shitty dreams, what a bitch, I guess she is still a virgin as she seems like she only makes boys fall for her but does not try to get into a relationship, what a joke LUL


  4. Ah so she’s going to be the main antagonist of the story, had a feeling the moment she appeared.

    Also, watch who you calling a b*ch, pretty sure you’re the b*ch here. Don’t touch our Shirakawa, technically the MC’s Shirakawa

    Thanks for the chapter


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