Chapter 4.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

“Today was pretty amazing, wasn’t it…. Runa, are you okay with this?”

“Yep, I’m totally okay with it. From the start I didn’t plan to hide it anyway”

“Not that, I meant your younger sister. Did you notice she’s spreading false rumors about Runa?”

“Aah…. Actually, you see, I got a call from Maria earlier, she apologized and said she’s sorry. So, it’s okay now”

“Eh? She’s spreading such rumors and you’re just going to let her off?”

“Nn, I think Maria also was most likely mistaken about something, so..”

“Nn well, that’s so like Runa though…. So, are you still gonna keep it a secret that you’re twins?”

“Nn…. Maria probably doesn’t want it to be known. Until I can talk normally to Maria, I won’t tell any of my friends except Nikoru”

“Do you think you can really talk normally with her? I meant the other side”

“…. Well, I guess it can’t be helped. Maria was a dad’s girl after all. I think she’s still having a grudge against me”

“I see…. Well, but still. Today everyone was really surprised, weren’t they. They couldn’t imagine Runa with your current boyfriend at all”

“I also wonder why. Ryuuto is a nice person, you know?”

“Right. I think you two are a good match, you know”
“Really? I’m happy~!”

“For now, okay”

“….Uhuh, oh yep, Nikoru”


“Next time you meet with Ryuuto tell me, okay? Cause I was reeaaallly surprised when I got that photo from Yuna”

“Huh? A photo, was it from when we were at Mc●?”


“I see. If Yuna was there she could’ve greeted me or something”

“She refrained because you’re alone with a guy, she said. Yuna was with her boyfriend, too, so..”

“Uhuh, no matter how you look at it, there’s no mood of a date, you know. And if he was a soft guy, I was fully ready to beat him to a pulp, too”

“S-so that’s how it was….?”

“….Eh? Runa, maybe, are you jealous?”


“There’s no way I’m gonna steal your man, right. I also know you two are dating and all”

“Yo-you’re wrong! I didn’t mean that, but….”


“It’s just, I was thinking if you had told me I wouldn’t have been so surprised”

“Nn that’s right, I’m sorry. I just want to act as soon as I come up with something”

“I know. I’m the same too, so I don’t really mind it, though”

“Well, I believe someone who really thinks ‘I don’t really mind it’ won’t go out of their way to say something like that, you know”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Runa, don’t you think you’re growing to like your current boyfriend more than you think?”


“You were vexed when you found out I’d been meeting with him without your permission, weren’t you?”


“Isn’t that rare for Runa. It’s not even my first time calling out your boyfriend to give ‘em a lecture”

‘Ah…. That’s true“

“I hope it’s gonna last this time. Well, that guy doesn’t seem like he’d cheat on you, does he?”

“Yeah. I believe so”

“Rather, if he ever cheats on you, I’m gonna beat him to death for real, so don’t worry”

“Ahaha, it’s gonna be okay, with Ryuuto. I mean, if you seriously gonna beat him to death, I can’t feel relieved”

Saying that with a laugh, and then Runa became quiet for a little while. She hugged her knees on top of her bed, and looked at her desk.

What was on top there was the enshrined folded bubble drink map.

“….Different from before, being with Ryuuto sometimes makes me feel nervous. Maybe, I wonder if this is what real love is like….?”

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 4.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

  1. Runa is so great! Really loving this novel. Thank you for these translations – they are super quality and really easy to read. You’ve done an excellent job making an enjoyable translation thanks again!


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