Hello, it’s me Nagaoka Makiko.

I want to express my gratitude for picking up this book.

Now then, this time it’s a romantic comedy with a slightly thrilling title.

I’m originally a virgin/maiden freak, but I’ve never thought I’d write a light novel aimed towards lots of men with a heroine with these attributes…. If myself from ten years back were to hear this, she’s going to tip over.

Because my previous series “Is it wrong to be pampered by a loli in a parallel world” came to an end, I talked to the person in charge regarding a new work and it’s decided we’re going to do a classic school romantic comedy. However, since we’re going to do it anyway, I wanted to do it in a new way. And from there, we started to talk about various things and before I knew it, it became a story about this kind of heroine and main protagonist.

In my student days, if I had to say it, I was closer to the type of person like Ryuuto, so I was around that girl and that girl…. beauties who’re gorgeous and quite adult-like, and existences who’re dazzling like a sun whom I admired. And I depicted Shirakawa-san while remembering them.

When it comes to depicting this type of heroine, just like Ryuuto, even I had a bit of struggle, but Shirakawa-san is a really cute girl, so I hope that dear readers can also love her too.

Kurose-san too is also cute. Come to think of it, I haven’t written that many main characters like this before, so I had a lot of fun with this kind of shoujo manga-style character girl. I hope she’ll even do better in volume 2. She’s a girl with lots of room to grow, so as an author, I have high hopes for her in the future.

I also like Nikoru. The girl’s best friend characters I depicted tend to be a friend loving and warm-hearted character, and my best friend is that type, so maybe I’m projecting her. The person in question hasn’t read any of the books I’ve written, though….

Writing about Ryuuto’s friends was a lot of fun, too. This time, we’ve had male characters who’re friend charater-like for the first time in a while, but as expected, it’s interesting to see a guy fooling around with his male friends.

I’m the Ryuuto, so I don’t really have anything to say….

This time, in portraying the love life as Ryuuto with Shirakawa-san, I wondered if I were fortunate enough to date a beautiful actress of my dreams, would I stop dating her just because I found out it’s not her first time? So I did that thought experiment.

I definitely won’t stop….

In other words, that’s what this story is all about, but the title might make you go “Ooh?”, but to you who’ve been reading this book, I’d be happy if you would continue to watch over Ryuuto and Shirakawa-san’s love life.

To the one in charge of the illustration, Magako-sama, thank you very much for all the cute and stylish illustrations! Whenever I receive the data from the person in charge, I shout with joy because it is so beautiful.

To Suzuki-sama, my former editor in charge, who kindly provided me with detailed advice since the plotting stage, thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you very much for all these three years. And then, the new person in charge Matsubayashi-sama, you’ve been very helpful to me, and I’m always grateful for your meticulous work. Please kindly take care of me from now on!

And then, I would like to give K●N-sama my quiet thanks and respect, whom I took the liberty of using as a model.

Finally, to all dear readers who have kindly picked up this book, I would like to express my heartfelt and utmost gratitude.

I hope to see you again in volume two!

August 2020, Nagaoka Makiko

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