Chapter 5.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Diary

It’s frustrating…. I lost to Runa.

And I can’t believe she’s dating Kashima Ryuuto.

What is she doing? Is she aiming after something? Or maybe, he’s actually a good guy despite his appearance?

….Certainly, when he listened to my story I thought he looked a bit cool, maybe.

Talking about my family like that to other people, was my first time since our parents divorced.

Why I told him about it, I don’t even understand it myself.

Also, what I don’t even understand more is that…. since that time, I’ve always been thinking about Kashima Ryuuto.

But, it’s my first time. It’s my first time.. meeting a man who faced me as a person, and listened to my story like that.

The people around me are nothing but guys blankly staring at my fake smile with stupid look on their faces after all.

Four years ago, he’s also that kind of guy and yet.

“I think it’s fine if Kurose-san tries to aim to be a girl loved by a person, by a guy someday you might meet and come to truly like”, now that guy said that to me, though.

What am I supposed to do when I’m about to fall for a guy who’s already seeing another woman?

Moreover, that “another woman”, to think that of all people she’d be Runa….

That’s right.

I just have to snatch him.

Runa, I still haven’t forgiven you.

It’s certainly my fault for spreading the false rumors and I apologized, however in the first place…. the worst one is that woman for snatching dad away from me.

I will snatch Kashima Ryuuto away from you, Runa.

I will have you taste the same sorrow I felt when my most precious person in the world was snatched away from me.

That is my revenge.

Starting today, my revenge begins.

Look forward to it, okay, Runa.



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7 thoughts on “Chapter 5.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Diary

  1. Thanks for translating this novel.
    The author is really trying to make this girl hard to redeem. I wonder if she is going to be the ‘antagonist’ for the whole series.
    Chapter 5 was such a huge sugar dose it’s amazing.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. There’s no way Ryuuto is gonna get snatched away from Runa. Runa and Ryuuto’s relationship is deepening as we speak

    Thank you for the chapter


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