On the way home from our date. After leaving the zoo, we took a short break at the downtown area. It was after that, when we were heading for Ueno Station.

“Ryuuto, you don’t have any band-aid, do you?”

I was asked by Shirakawa-san, and with a “Eh?”, I looked at her.

“What’s wrong?”

Shirakawa-san then told me awkwardly.

“My feet hurt….. Looks like my heel blister got popped”

“Eh, are you okay? And foot blisters?”

“Yep…. Because today’s my first time wearing this footwear”

Shirakawa-san, so you put on new footwear for the date with me…. Though I felt happy when thinking that, her foot blisters still worried me.

“I’ll go look for some band-aids at the convenience store. Just give me a bit”

I told her, and then headed towards the convenience store we just happened to pass by.

“Band-aid, band-aid….”

I didn’t remember buying many of these for myself, so I looked for one at the corner where it’d most likely be placed.

“Found it”

I found a familiar package at the corner where sanitation products were placed.

As I reached out my hand, I accidentally looked next to it and I found the lined up of similarly sized boxes with more stylish designs.

I thought Shirakawa-san would prefer those, so I reached out my hand, then I froze as I was about to pick one up.

Upon closer look, those were boxes of contraceptives used by men…. the one called condom. The words on the package that emphasized its sheer thinness left me with no doubt.

“You found it?”

And then Shirakawa-san spoke to me from my side, and I jerked up spectacularly.

“Eh, eeeh!? It…. it would’ve been fine you just waited for me, and your feet hurt, right?”

“It’s not so bad I can’t even take a single step, so i’m fine”

Shirakawa-san answered me, and looked at me reaching out my hand towards the display shelf. She thought for a moment, then looked at my face with a broad grin.

“Aaah, you were looking at these, weren’t you?”

What Shirakawa-san pointed at was the box of condoms I almost picked up earlier.

“Did you think it’s band-aids?”

“Yo-you’re wrong! That’s not it!”

“But, you were going to get one, right?”

So she saw it….!

“Soo, what did you think you’re trying to get?”

“Tha-that was….”

Because I almost mistook it for band-aids, but because the fact of me being unpopular and never having any relation with this product so far was in full view, I became too embarrassed and wasn’t able to explain to Shirakawa-san.

When she looked at me flustering, Shirakawa-san bursted into laughter.

‘Ryuuto, you’re so cute~! Your face is all red too“


I knew it, I’m really no match for Shirakawa-san.

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