V2: Chapter 1.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Diary

Who the hell does Kashima Ryuuto think he is?

Even though such a cute me asked him for his contact info, he acted like that.

Moreover, the reply for the message I sent was curt, too.

It’s frustrating…..

It’s frustrating, but I can’t get Kashima-kun out of my head.

And the serious look in his eyes when he scolded me. Aside from dad, he’s the only man who ever faced me properly.

And yet, no matter how much I smile and talk to him, Kashima-kun’s smile is.. always directed at Runa….

I see…. Kashima-kun does.. resemble dad a bit, doesn’t he.

Dad, too. He never looked at any other women except mom. He may have looked away for a moment, but he only loved mom.

Despite that, mom threw away dad.

Kashima-kun, please notice it. You’re being deceived by Runa, you know? You’d surely get thrown away soon. Runa looks a lot like mom after all.

That’s why, I’m a better match for you, okay, Kashima-kun.

Can you please notice it soon?

My heart already belongs to Kashima-kun after all….

TL notes:

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17 thoughts on “V2: Chapter 1.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Diary

  1. Thank you so much for the translation! I really like it, if it’s not for the headline above I wouldn’t know that this is an edited MTL. You really did a great job!
    Now, I can’t give you the advice for the translation since I can’t read Japanese too. But it’s okay if I give some advice about the punctuation?

    1. The missing period at the end of dialog.
    If the dialog is not ended with exclamation mark! or question mark? or emdash— or that~ Then you should use periods, and it should be inside the quotation mark.
    example: “Aah, I see”
    it should be: “Aah, I see.”
    But you use a comma in direct/indirect dialog.
    “Ahh,” she moaned.
    I slapped her ass and told her, “Keep moving.”

    2. The usage of ellipsis…
    The number of dots in ellipsis is three. It’s not two, four, or five.
    example: I can spend the whole day with Shirakawa-san in a.. bikini….!?
    it should be: I can spend the whole day with Shirakawa-san in a… bikini…!?

    3. No period before or after exclamation! or question mark?
    The exclamation! and question mark? is actually a period but it has something above it.
    example: I guess?.
    should be: I guess?

    I would love to become the editor of this translation {and plan a revenge to take back Shirakawa from Ryuuto} but sadly I’m too busy right now, hahaha.
    Once again thank you so much for the translation!


  2. I dunno why tho, but i reeeeeealy want shirakawa to cheat or hurt kashima, i know its really bad, but when Maria said that she resembles her mother and does a little foreshadowing it makes me curious about how would Kashima react to that


    1. I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to go out and say no. This is not something I would like to see and it would ruin the entire mood of the light novel, which it has built very well. I get this is just your wish, but it genuinely disturbs me you thought of that.


  3. Dayum, she got daddy issues lmao. Wouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly shouts SPANK ME DADDY during their deed.


  4. I wanna know how she will be magically redeemed~ Can’t have a story with a bad character that has their own PoV now can we~
    Thanks for the TLs~


    1. This is prolly quite late, but I’ve gotten busy with RL. Not so busy that I’ve lost my free time, but busy enough that after the day is over I’m all drained out.


  5. If you are having trouble getting the new chapter out, please don’t rush it. I’m grateful you decided to even start translating this, so don’t listen to others who are impatient and take your time, because in the end we will come back and read this. Great job translating dude!


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