V2: Chapter 2.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Dairy

Why, it must be Kashima Ryuuto of all people….

Actually, I kind of know why. Kashima-kun is somehow.. not interested in me. Even an idiot would realize it if they see his LINE reply.

But, why Runa? What’s so good about that bitch?

I do admit that she’s got more breast than me, but that’s it. Her body is her only redeeming feature… I see, it’s the body.

Guys are.. really honest about their lust, aren’t they. After all, all of the guys who approached me had “I want to fuck you” written on their faces.

The reason why Kashima-kun is lacking interest in me is surely.. because Runa is satisfying his lust. It’s because that bitch is using her body to ensnare him.

In that case, if I become like Runa…. will there be a chance?

But hold on, Maria.

Is Kashima-kun.. the kind of man you really want to go that far to make him turn on you?

Hey, Maria. Aren’t you just being stubborn?

It’s because you lost to Runa again. It’s because it’s the same like when dad was snatched away….

….I don’t know. That may be so. That may not be so.

But, I just can’t help myself.

Just because we greet each other every morning. Just because we sit next to each other in class. My feelings towards Kashima-kun grow stronger everyday.

I want you.. to scold me again with that serious look one more time. Just like at that time.

Getting told, you’re a bad girl, Maria. Or getting told, you seduce men without letting a single finger touch you and use them like tools, you really are a hopeless kid, aren’t you.

Just imagining it makes my body feel hot. I want to.. be embraced by Kashima-kun….

This is.. the first time I feel this way in my life.

Hey, Kashima-kun. I’m.. a bad girl who wants my elder sister’s boyfriend, you know. I’m an awfully bad girl, who schemes very bad things….

Shall we do bad things together? Shall we fall into hell?

Kashima-kun is a sincere person, so I’ll put him in my trap.

Kashima-kun is a sincere person. So once he’s in that kind of relationship even if it’s a trap…. I’m sure he’ll cherish me.

Then you’ll know, okay. That’s I’m a better woman than Runa.

Tonight is stormy, isn’t it.

What are you doing right now? Kashima-kun….

TL notes:

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10 thoughts on “V2: Chapter 2.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Dairy

  1. The ominous way the second chapter ends and these interludes of Maria’s diary are stressing me out! I loved the beach/inn adventure and the adorable wholesome moments between an experienced, but scarred, girlfriend and her ignorant and earnest boyfriend. I really do love the characters of Kashimia and Runa, and the moments and dialogues between them. This series has been such a fun read and I can’t thank you enough for the hard work you’ve done in providing these quality translations. You’re awesome!


  2. Yes, I like this girl, the other two are being so cowardly and unhealthy about having sex that it was getting frustrating, as always darkness is good………………..


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