V2: Chapter 2

The next day, too, it’s a splendid clear summer weather from morning.

“Morning! I’m so excited to go!”

When we met up at the station’s platform, Shirakawa-san’s attire was already running full throttle midsummer beach mode.

The strange top she’s wearing with completely open shoulders that had only the upper arms come with fluttering sleeves, had a tropical plant-style print…. This kind of thing, was it called a botanical design? So it’s fully loaded with an everlasting summer feel. And the length of her damaged denim shorts she wore were so short, that at this rate I was worried that it’d keep fraying and revealing her panty. It was all then combined with a large bag and a wide-brimmed straw hat. She could even travel to Hawaii like this.

“I got so excited, I came dressed up with all the items I’ve bought for summer vacation! The swimsuit is newly-bought, too~!”

Shirakawa-san reported it to me in high spirits.

“Hey, hey, what do you think?”

“Yeah. ….It really suits you”

When I told her this, Shirakawa-san smiled like a blooming sunflower.


While looking so happy she might’ve jumped on the spot, she grabbed my arm.

“Go let’s go! Let’s quickly get on the train, and to the sea!”

Today, at Shirakawa-san’s suggestion, we had decided to go to Enoshima. It seemed that when she’s little, she went there along with her family by car, so she wanted to go there after a long time.

“Shirakawa-san, do you often go to the sea in the summer?”

Luckily, we’ve got a seat on the train from A Station and we’re sitting side by side while chatting.

“Nnnn. Nowadays I’ve only been to a pool”

“Is that so? You seemed to like the sea, though”

“Yep. I do like the sea, but the pick-up guys are annoying if you go there with only girls, aren’t they”


I spontaneously imagined Shirakawa-san being hit on by a handsome surfer-type guy, and my face twitched.

Then saying something like “Why not, c’mon let’s go” over familiarly, and wrapping his hand around her bare hips…. Just imagining it was too excruciating.

Even if that kind of guy confessed to her when she’s free, I wonder if she would end up dating him? And then get cheated on….

“So, you know, I can only go there when I’ve a boyfriend, but lately, I was often free in the summer, so that’s why”


“But you see, this year my uncle is….”

As Shirakawa-san was about to continue talking, she saw my face, then stopped talking.



“….What’s wrong?”


When I questioned her, Shirakawa-san frowned slightly.

“Umm you see, recently about what Ryuuto’s, thinking? feeling? I feel like I’m starting to understand it a little”

As I wondered what she’s trying to say, she stared at me fixedly.

“Ryuuto, when I make a talk about ex-boyfriend1, you make a somewhat difficult face, don’t you”

“Eh…. no, umm”

When I started to panic thinking that I’d been found out, Shirakawa-san spoke to me with a serious face.

“You don’t have to worry, okay? I don’t have any contact with any of them anymore now, with my ex-boyfriend. When I break up with someone, I delete my entire LINE account. And that’s all I have for a contact address. I’ve got lots of complaints from my friends, though”

“Ye-yeah…. I understand”

I’m not doubting you, Shirakawa-san. It’s the problem of my feelings.

“I’m sorry for worrying you. It’s not like I’m doubting you or anything, okay”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. It’s my first time dating a girl, so there’s various things I’m not used to…. I’m sure I’ll be able to get used to it before long”


Shirakawa-san didn’t look completely convinced, but it seemed she’s decided to end that topic.

“So you see…. Huh? What are we talking about again?”

“Eh? What was it again?”

“Oh well. Oh that’s right, so I started playing a new game since last night, you see”

After that, Shirakawa-san started to talk about a puzzle game on her phone. I downloaded it, too, then we were playing it while sending each other lives. And before I knew it, we arrived at Fujisawa.

From Fujisawa, we switched to Enoshima Rails for five stops. After about one hour and a half from A Station, we arrived at Enoshima.

And so we arrived at Enoshima beach.

The sandy beach was full of people, and the sun was shining down brightly from above. And seeing the figures of gals wearing glasses, or rugged older guys with undercut hairstyles swaggering around in swimsuits with a very loud, upbeat music as a BGM was enough to make my gloomy self nervous.

One way or another, we managed to get to the beach hut and borrowed a locker to get ready. I finished changing faster than Shirakawa-san and now was nervously waiting for her outside.

Shirakawa-san’s swimsuit…. Shirakawa-san’s swimsuit…. Just by thinking about it already makes my blood pressure rise. If I see the figure of Shirakawa-san in a swimsuit on a sandy beach like this, where it feels like your feet would get burned if barefooted…. I wonder if I’d get a heatstroke and collapse.

It’s fine. I did enough image training last night, so no matter how much of a virgin I am….

Then that’s when it happened.

“Whooo is it!”

Supple hands suddenly covered my eyes, and I could hear a bright sweet voice coming from close to my ear. And a fruity or floral smell drifting around.


I got too shaken that I ended up making it into a question. There’s no one else but Shirakawa-san.

Although it’s just her hands, the unexpected skin touch and her breathing that I could feel up close made my brain heat up, and it felt like it’s going to boil over.


My vision brightened, and I looked behind me.

Over there was….

“Ta-da! How is it?”

Shirakawa-san in a bikini.


Shirakawa-san’s swimsuit was even more amazing than I’d imagined.

The flower-patterned bikini had a stylish design that enhanced her well proportioned body. Among many women who’re wearing a hoodie or leggings to protect themselves from sunburn, Shirakawa-san’s bold bikini appearance was not just sexy, but looked rather healthful.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the bra-shaped swimsuit supporting her both heavy-looking breasts. Usually, only the silhouette of her cleavage was peeking out from her blouse uniform (Even so, that made my heart pounding, though), but now I could clearly see the full extent of her cleavage and even the shape of her breasts. The line from her hips to her thighs, too, was adequately fleshy and magnificent.

I can’t believe such a beauty with a goddess-like figure is my girlfriend…. Our high school doesn’t have any pool, so I think none of our classmates has seen Shirakawa-san like this.

Just usually being next to her already makes me nervous, but if I were to spend the whole day with Shirakawa-san dressed like this…. And then, if by some chance there’s any skin to skin touch…. Ah, this is bad, my head feels like going nuts if I think about it too much. I’’m, too, dressed in a swimsuit, so I want to avoid getting too aroused.

“Eh, what? Does it look weird?”

When I saw Shirakawa-san checking her whole body, I shook my head in a panic while praising her appearance in my brain.

“No! So umm, that’s….!”

“Eh? What, what?”

Looking amused, Shirakawa-san came straight closer to me. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her charming, almost naked body.

Ah, this, this is that isn’t it. I got so embarrassed I couldn’t say anything.

This is vexing, but this is beyond my control….

“Hey, hey~! Are you happy going on a date to the sea with a girl in a bikini?”

Shirakawa-san kept on teasing me as if my reaction was that interesting.


“Aha, Ryuuto you’re all red~!”

As she said that, Shirakawa-san took my hand and pulled me towards the water’s edge.

“C’mon, let’s go! If we’re not quick, summer’s gonna end~!”

“It-it’s only just started, alright!”

Although my heartbeat ran wild due to the feels of her body temperature, and I got embarrassed because of my flushed cheeks, I somehow kept it under control.

“Hey, Ryuuto. Can you put some sunscreen on me?”

As I was spreading out the picnic sheet at the beach, Shirakawa-san said this to me.

“I can’t reach my back, so…. can you?”

Wh-what’d she say!?


I nodded while gulping down my saliva.

Putting sunscreen on Shirakawa-san’s back meant…. Of course, that meant I’d touch her skin.

“Thanks! Then, here”

And Shirakawa-san handed me the sunscreen bottle, then lying face down on the picnic sheet.

Different from the front part where there’s proper clothing, the back of the swimsuit only had a string that it’s not an exaggeration to say that her upper body was almost naked.

A delicate white back…. A small-ish, but well raised round hipline….

Crap. My brain feels like boiling….

”Th-then, I’ll put it on now….”

“Yeees, please do!”

Contrary to me, who’s nervous and became stiff, Shirakawa-san replied to me in a relaxed, bright voice.

When I touched that white skin with my hand that had sunscreen on it, it slid smoothly across her skin. Though already obvious, it feels slightly warm, and it’s a touching sensation that makes me want to keep doing it forever…. I’d be labeled as a creep If it were to be known that I was thinking such thing, so I pretended to be only doing my job, and quietly spread the sunscreen.

“Ah, spread it under the swimsuit, too! You can just move the string”

She seemed to have realized that somehow I was avoiding the area around the swimsuit and called out to me on that.

“O-ofu!? ….Yeah, I got it”

I got flustered and ended up making a weird voice, but I wondered if it’s noticed.

With a pounding heart, I held the string with my left hand and brought my right hand with the sunscreen under it. It’s still the same back, but why my heart beating so fast like this.


Shirakawa-san suddenly let out a held back laughing voice, then my hand stopped.

“Wha-what’s wrong?”

“The way Ryuuto touches, somehow it’s ticklish”

“Ah, sorry….”

I was wondering whether it’d be bad to keep touching all sticky like this, so I touched her with reserve as a result.

Anyway, Shirakawa-san’s voice just now, was really erotic….

I suppressed the horniness, and since I felt like the blood flow would gather in one place, after that I kept thinking about the multiplication table of thirteen while turning into a devoted sunscreen applying machine.

“Thanks, Ryuuto!”

After finishing applying the sunscreen, Shirakawa-san energetically thanked me and got up.

“No, thank you very much as well….”

“Eh? For what?”

“Eh!? No, it’s nothing”

Damn it, my inner voice leaked out.

I was just applying her sunscreen, however I got mentally exhausted and went limp. I send my respect to all boyfriends in the world who composedly go on a swimming on the sea date.

I’m creepy, aren’t I…. The fact I’m virgin’s in full view.

When I looked around, I was overwhelmed by the dignified behavior of other guys who had come here with their girlfriend.

Maybe many were locals, but everyone already looked slightly tanned, they’re slender but muscular, and I felt like their hairstyles too were stylish. That’s right, isn’t it. Only normies who’d think of going on a date with their girlfriend on the sea.

When I saw a guy who looked at least to be a high schooler walking with his girlfriend in a bikini with his hand on her waist, it made me spontaneously want to ask him “You, how many lives have you lived?”. Cheery people are amazing.

Surely, Shirakawa-san’s ex-boyfriends were too…. Compared to that, I am….

When I think about it, I feel embarrassed that it’s apparent I’m an indoor type, with this pale body and all. Even this swimsuit, it’s a vintage item I took out that I bought in the third year of middle school when my male friends and I somehow went to the pool due to the stress from studying for tests.

It’s strange, isn’t it, for a guy like me to be in a place like this together with such a cute girl….


It was then.

A pink globe flew into the air towards in front of my eyes and I reflexively caught it with both hands.

It’s a beach ball. Shirakawa-san, who had moved towards the sea before I knew it, threw the ball at me.

“Let’s quickly get into the sea! Come here come~!”

When I saw that beaming smile, things I’d been thinking just now appeared a little less inconsequential.

“I’m coming!”

I replied back to Shirakawa-san. Then I, too, headed towards the sea.

And like that, we entered the sea and played tossing balls from close distance.

“Here it comes, Ryuuto!”


“Take this~!”


“Kya, I got splashed~!”

We’re not too far apart, so it seemed that a spray from my hand hitting the ball went flying and splashed Shirakawa-san’s face.

“Ah, I’m sorry!”

Then, Shirakawa-san showed a mischievous smile.

“Then, this is payback!”


My face was splashed with water, and a fishy, salty taste spread to my mouth.

“You’ve done it now, Shirakawa-san”


Shirakawa-san was looking over here with a face of a mischievous child.



When I lightly splashed the water, Shirakawa-san turned around and evaded. Then she immediately scooped the water’s surface with her hands and threw it this way.


Not wanting to lose, I returned back some water splash. I kept it moderately since I thought it’d be bad if her face, which probably had make-up, got wet, but the other side was relentless, so I gradually became aggressive.

“Ahaha, stop it, Ryuuto!”

“You too!”

At midsummer noon under the sun, we raised a shout of joy just like kids and enjoyed playing in the water.

I wondered how long we played. After we splashed each other with water, we got on a rented float in turn and sank each other, or just played tag in the water. And before we knew it, the sun’s position had changed considerably.

Shirakawa-san was a genius at getting people to enjoy themselves. I had thought that the sea was only there for the normies and before I dated Shirakawa-san, I used to wonder what high schoolers would even do at the sea. And before I knew it, I found myself completely enjoying the sea.

“Uwaa, my hair’s all soppy”

When we decided to take a short break and got out from the sea, Shirakawa-san squeezed her hair while laughing.

“Aah, that was fun”

Shirakawa-san had tied her hair up before entering the sea, but it’s completely wet that it’s meaningless. It’s no wonder since she fell off the float.

“Feeling hungry?”

“I guess so. Let’s get something to eat”

And then we went to a beach house and got ourselves some yakisoba and takoyaki, and ate on top of the sheet spread on the sandy beach.

Once our stomachs were filled, Shirakawa-san let out a sigh and looked up at the sky.

“I’m so glad the weather was nice today~!”

“You’re right. I heard about typhoon approaching quickly, but I wonder if it went away”

Hearing about a typhoon occurring just as the rainy season ended made me really think that Japan these days was experiencing abnormal weather.

“Maybe it’s thanks to my daily conduct~! Ryuuto should be grateful, okay?”

There’s really nothing I should quip about, so I said “Guess so” while smiling, and I gulped down the bottle of ramune I was holding.

Although I’ve gotten used to it considerably, it’s still making me nervous…. when I was sitting side-by-side like this with Shirakawa-san in her swimsuit appearance, and at the distance where just a slight movement would make it a skin-to-skin contact.

Speaking of swimsuit appearance.

“….Shirakawa-san, there’s something I didn’t get a chance to say earlier, you see”

It’s been stuck in the corner of my head the whole time now for some reason, so I wanted to tell it to her even though it’s already this late.


Shirakawa-san looked over here with a wondering face. To such her, I spoke.

“ The shwim, swimsuit….”

Crap. I bit my tongue. But, I’ve already brought up the subject. If I stop here, I’ll look suspicious.

“Eh? Swimsuit?”

Shirakawa-san waited for me to speak and was staring at me. Feeling that pressure, I continued in a fluster.

“That swimsuit…. I-it looks good on you”

When I finally said it, Shirakawa-san’s cheeks turned red with a puff.


Those big eyes got moist and glistened, and Shirakawa-san started to talk in a fluster.

“Wh-why are you saying it now~!? Isn’t it sly!?”

“Eh, what is!?”

“I didn’t see that coming, didn’t I!”

After making a racket as if to hide her embarrassment, Shirakawa-san smiled with a “Ehehe”

“But thanks. This swimsuit is cute, right? I bought it when shopping with Nikoru last month! I did try about thirty, so as expected, towards the end Nikoru was kinda pissed and said ‘Why are you so undecided?’”

“That was, certainly….”

Yamana-san, you’re truly a good friend….

“So you see, when I told Nikoru I was going to the sea, she came over after her part-time and got my nails done! Look, look~!”

Then Shirakawa-san spread her hands in front of me.

“She made a design that matches the swimsuit! Don’t you think she’s a god? It’s super cute, right!?”

“Yeah, it’s amazing”

I thought it was surely done by a professional in a store. If you were to see it from the perspective of someone like me, who was indifferent about fashion, that much already looked like perfection.

“It’s summer vacation, so I had it sculptured”


“I think it’s called lengthening? It’s artificially growing the short nails! They’re stronger than your own nails, and you can expand the design, too, you know”


“It makes for fancy nails, perfect for summer vacation!”

“Ah, but we still have school next week, you know?”

Next week, we had to attend school just for a day for the end of term ceremony. Then after receiving the not-yet-returned end of term tests’ answer sheets and report card, it’d officially be summer vacation.

“Well, it’s just a bit of a head start”

Then Shirakawa-san made a wink.

“Anyway, I really like these nails! Oh that’s right, I’m gonna take a photo of it with the sea, and post it on Insta~!”

As she said that, Shirakawa-san grabbed her phone and spread her hand out towards the sea. Then the photo session started while she’s bending her fingers.

I watched over her like that in silence.

Although only her hand was displayed, perhaps out of conditioned reflex, she’s automatically making a cute face the moment the shutter was clicked. It’s adorable.

Then, our eyes met when Shirakawa-san casually glanced over here.

“….Ah, sorry!”

She then hurriedly put down her phone.

“It’s done now. You must be bored, right”

“No, that’s not the case at all”

I shook my head, and pointed at Shirakawa-san’s nail.

“That, isn’t that ‘L’ written on your ring finger? Is that an initial?”

When I asked her, Shirakawa-san’s face suddenly brightened up.

“That’s right! Nikoru’s putting it on her own~! Actually it should be ‘R‘ for ‘RUNA’, but she made it ‘L’ to go with the goddess of the moon’s LUNA, she said”

“Yeah, I thought that might be the case, too”

I didn’t know if it was goddess of the moon, but I remembered “LUNA” was a noun related to the moon.

“It’s surprising you noticed it~! Amazing! I’m happy!”

Shirakawa-san, who was raising voice of admiration, then suddenly frowned.

“….Ryuuto, you’re not saying something like ‘Won’t having nails like that be a hindrance?’, don’t you”


As I was wondering what she’s talking about, she made a gloomy expression and continued.

“Like ‘Can you do housework with that?’ or ‘Can you wash your hands properly?’ or ‘Men don’t like that kind of thing, so what’s the point of doing it?’ or ‘It hurts if it hits so I hate it, though’, you’re not thinking so?”


Why did she say that so fluently…. as I thought about it, it hit me.

Those were, probably, words Shirakawa-san’s ex-boyfriends have told her so far


I’m sure, that’s probably the case.

“No, I don’t. Rather…. even if I did, I won’t say it out loud”

If that’s the case, I’ll answer her honestly about my feelings.

“I mean, Shirakawa-san likes nails, right? Even if it’d inconvenience you a bit, you’re also doing it because just that much exchange would make it feel all nice, right?”

“Ye-yep…. Right. That’s right”

Shirakawa-san agreed to me while looking confused.

“In that case…. I think, why not”

At least, I don’t think I’ve the right to find fault in that.

After all, if other people tell me something like “If you’re watching something like KEN’s videos, you won’t get popular, you know? Why don’t you stop being creepy?”, and, even if the girlfriend I love says that to me for example, I’ll hate it.

I won’t do things to others that I hate to be done to myself. I don’t understand anything about nails, but for Shirakawa-san, it’s probably something wonderful after all.

“Besides….when Shirakawa-san’s talking about things you like, you look very lively and….”

Even though I could say the words smoothly when I was thinking about it in my head, I became embarrassed when I tried to say it out loud, and ended up hesitating to say it.

“…. s-so cute”

I managed to let it out in a small mutter and looked at Shirakawa-san.

Shirakawa-san blushed, and pursed her lips in embarrassment.

“Sheesh…. Ryuuto’s too kind”

She said it somewhat angrily, and hugged her knees. And then, she placed her face on the knees she’s hugging, and with blushing cheeks and upturned eyes, she gazed at me.

“If you say something like that, spoiling me, I’m gonna become more and more of a selfish girl, you know? Is that okay?“


She’s so cute I’m trembling.

“….Th-that’s good, that’s good…. Ah, well, that’s okay”

As I tried to endure the feelings to faint in agony, my reply got buggy. Trying to make a recovery from that, I continued.

“Actually…. Shirakawa-san, it’s fine for you to be a little selfish, you know”

After all, it’s because Shirakawa-san is really a good girl. She’s too much of a good girl, she’d even prioritize the other party’s feelings before herself.

“At least, when you’re in front of me…. you can at least be a little selfish, you know. I may be unreliable, however I’m your…. Bo-boyfriend after all”

Uwaa so pretentious! Am I even the kind of guy who can say that!?

Right after I said that, my inner voice quipped at me, and my face became burning hot.

But, when I tried to convey my honest feelings, this happened.

“….I see”

Shirakawa-san made a face like she had a sudden twinge in her nose and turned her face on her knees to the other side.

“A boyfriend is, that kind of existence, isn’t it…. It’s my first time knowing it”

The voice she let out felt like it’s carrying a slight nasal tone.


Is she crying? Immediately after I thought of that I became worried, so I tried to call out to her.


“Hey, Ryuuto”

Then, she returned a muddy voice.


“Then…. Can I say something selfish right away?”

“What is it?”

As I was wondering what it’d be, Shirakawa-san turned towards here. She rubbed the eyes that had become red with both hands, and raised a joking, spoiled voice.

Ramune, go get me another bottle~! It’s too hot and I don’t have enough fluids at al!”

“I did say you can be selfish, but isn’t that just making a gofer”

When I quipped her with a laugh, Shirakawa-san’s face became flustered.

“Ah, wait. I’ll give you the money”

“It’s fine, it’s just around 200 Yen”

I stood up while saying so, then headed towards the beach house.

….As expected, Shirakawa-san was crying, wasn’t she.

I gave the scars she was carrying from her past relationships a thought, and once again, I vowed in my heart to cherish her

After that, we played around again at the sea for some time, then took a shower at the beach hut, got changed, and left the beach before the sun went down.

“…Somehow, the weather’s getting bad, isn’t it”

When we noticed, the sky above was already completely overcast. The blowing wind was already lukewarm, and the air was humid just like before the storm.

“But, we’ve already come this far anyway, so let’s get up to the top!”

“You’re right”

We planned to go to the Enoshima island, climb up the hill until the lighthouse, eat seafood, then go home.

The weather’s condition was worrying, but it wasn’t raining so we went ahead with our plan and climbed up the hundreds of stairs to the top. After taking how many photos at the base of the lighthouse, we went into a restaurant that had “Raw Whitebait” on the menu.

“My apologies. We don’t have Raw Whitebait today”

That’s what the employee told us when we tried to order Raw Whitebait on the seat that’s shown to us.

“Is it sold out?”

“No, it was stormy this morning because of the typhoon. We can only serve them raw on the day it’s caught, you see”

“I see. Then, I’ll have a two-colored rice bowl of red caviar and fried whitebait”

“And I’ll, have a two-colored rice bowl of tuna and fried whitebait”

We finished our order, and then it was when I casually looked outside of the window.

“….Ah, it’s raining”

Hearing my murmur, Shirakawa-san also looked outside of the window.

“Oh really…. I don’t have any umbrella”

“Me too….”

“The weather was fine until afternoon, too. Looks like the typhoon really is coming”

“But, we’re lucky it wasn’t raining while we’re at the sea, aren’t we”

“That’s right~! We’re really lucky”

However, by the time the rice bowl arrived and we finished eating, it was raining so hard to the point we couldn’t be so easygoing.

“….Isn’t this bad? This rain”

At the eave of the restaurant, Shirakawa-san muttered anxiously.

The force of the rain smashing the ground was so strong that it made the area about 50 centimeters above the ground look hazy.

“But, it’s useless just staying here…. We have to get to the station somehow”

We chose the timing when the rain weakened a little, then moved here and there, taking shelter under the eave of a house. While taking our time like that, we somehow arrived at the station.


“Suspension of operations….!?”

The train we were about to take was announced suspended due to the flooding along the line caused by the heavy rain. It seemed that it’s not just Enoshima, but the whole above ground line on the whole greater Tokyo area also wasn’t operating normally.

“What should we do….”

There were that many people on the sea at noon, but since who knew when, even in front of the station was completely devoid of people. Even the people who came to the station in the wet took a taxi on the roundabout, then disappeared somewhere once they learned of the train’s suspension.

“….Should we also return with a taxi?”

“Eh, No, impossible! Isn’t the fare gonna be harsh? My house is almost in Saitama”

“That’s right, isn’t it….”

When I looked it up on my phone, I turned pale when the estimate that came up was almost 30.000 Yen.

Even as we waited for a while for a glimmer of hope, the rain got stronger and there’s no sign of it letting up.

“Already six o’clock, huh….”

We planned to be already returning home by foot by four o’clock, but this unforeseen situation caused this to happen.

Will the train operate again before the day is over?

Whenever I check, the status of operation changes. So for example, even if we take a taxi to the station where the trains are still operating, I don’t know if from there we can get into a train that’ll take us until home….

And when I asked Shirakawa-san about it, the total we both have at hand is around 9.000 Yen. We must spend this money carefully.

After some thought, we both called our respective parents (pretending we’re with friends). And after some discussion, we decided to find a good place to stay. Fortunately, tomorrow was Sunday and both of us had any particular plans.

Thus, we left the station behind. However, the rain was so strong that it’s hard to move around. And by the time we finally arrived at a suitable inn while searching for one on our phone, we were soaking wet. It was enough to make the woman at the reception desk hurriedly bring us some towels as soon as she saw us.

“A night stay for two persons is 6.000 Yen. Breakfast is also included”

Hearing that, we looked at each other. We can stay here.

“Then, we’ll….”

“Would a single room be all right? If it’s one person one room, it’d be 5.000 Yen per person”

We looked at each other again.


5.000 Yen per person means 10.000 Yen for two persons. It’s over budget. Even if we search for a cheaper inn now, we would’ve to walk around under the heavy rain. It’s also not guaranteed we’d find one.

“….I, don’t mind”

Averting her eyes away from me, Shirakawa-san spoke softly.

Thus, we ended up spending a stormy night in a room at an inn in Enoshima.

What kind of development is this!? How the hell did it turn like this!?

From this point on, I’ll spend a night in the room with Shirakawa-san…. So this means…. perhaps…. probably….by some chance we’ll do it!?

I was just thinking about it, but one part of my body, I won’t say where, becomes hot.

“Ah, the room is nicer than expected, isn’t it”

The room shown to us was a Japanese-style room of about 10 tatami mats2. Since the room didn’t have a space like a porch by the window, it looked like a countryside grandma’s room and gave off a somewhat nostalgic impression.

“….Shirakawa-san, why don’t you take a bath if you’d like? It’s cold, isn’t it?”

“Eh, but how about Ryuuto?”

“I’ll go get change for now, so it’s fine”

I heard the inn had a large public bath, so we decided to get in in turn. Then I saw Shirakawa-san get out of the room.

And then I changed my soaking wet clothes into the yukata provided to us. After that…. I collapsed onto the tatami floor of the room


What’s with that? What’s with the words Shirakawa-san said.

──I, don’t mind.

This “I don’t mind” , what kind of “I don’t mind” is this?

Does she simply not mind we’re staying in the same room together, or…. does she not mind it goes “beyond that point”!?

It’s been a month since I confessed to her, then visited Shirakawa-san’s room right after, then missed the chance to have my precious first sexual experience.

In the meantime, could it be that…. possibly, Shirakawa-san…. has come to want to have sex with me?

And then, she’s at loss at when to say it, so it came out as words she said earlier?

I don’t understand. I’m not Shirakawa-san so I don’t understand. But…. no, but still….

Could it be that tonight, I will become one with Shirakawa-san….?

After sixteen years of being born into this world…. the time where I kiss this virgin life goodbye has finally come, I see.

To become not virgin, I wonder how it feels? Will it give me more composure, and help me grow even as a person….?

Thinking about such a thing made me restless, so while waiting for Shirakawa-san to finish bathing I ended up mysteriously doing sit-ups. It might’ve been perhaps out of envy towards the macho men I saw during daytime at the beach.

“Thanks for waiting, Ryuuto”

When Shirakawa-san came back in a yukata, I was drenched in sweat.

“What’s wrong? Is the AC not working?”

“No, I just did some sit-ups….”

“Eh, that’s surprising! So you’re doing that? Let me touch your belly!”

Shirakawa-san raised an innocent voice and came closer here.

“Eh, No….!”

It’s just a gloomy guy’s whim of exercising so I couldn’t flex my muscles to the point I’d let other people touch it. More importantly, if Shirakawa-san touches me now…. I’d immediately wince.

Perhaps giving my reaction a thought, Shirakawa-san’s hand stopped.

“Ah…. Sorry”

She had a sudden transformation from her excited state to an awkward one, and she withdrew her hand.

Then she looked at me with a smile that was seemingly aware of something.

“Ryuuto should go in there, too. Was it called rock bath? It felt good, you know”

“Ye-yeah…. You’re right”

As if to escape from the awkward atmosphere that had started to waft over, I headed towards the large public bath.

What’s with that? What is it this time?

That “sorry”, what the hell is that….

Was it because I looked like I’d hate it if I was touched? Or was it actually “I don’t feel like having sex today but I was doing something suggestive so.. sorry”…..

But then, if that’s the case what about the “I don’t mind” from earlier….?

When I entered the bath while having such thoughts running in circles in my head, I couldn’t tell whether I washed my head or just made it wet. And I felt like I shampooed it twice or thrice. By the time I rinsed it off in the end, I noticed that my scalp was squeaky clean.

By the way, what Shirakawa-san called “rock bath” was just a normal bathtub that’s a little larger than your ordinary household bathtub, and was just surrounded by a wall of rock-like decorations. It’s a reasonably priced inn that high schoolers could stay on such short notice, so I couldn’t make any complaints.

When I returned to the room, Shirakawa-san was watching TV while drinking tea.

“The typhoon.. it’ll pass by tonight, they said. That’s great, isn’t it, we can go home tomorrow”

“I-is that so…. That’s good”

The matter about the typhoon had completely flown away from my head.

I could feel how strong the rain and wind were outside even though I was inside a room. Sometimes the window would shake and make a violent sound that’s enough to give me a momentary feeling of fear.


Then I walked inside the room and my eyes were drawn to two futons lined up.

“Ah, someone from the inn came earlier. When I said we’ve eaten, she laid out the futons for us”

“I-I see….”

We said we’re going to sleep in one room, so that means lining up the futons, too, huh….

“Ryuuto, wanna drink tea?”

I was asked so by Shirakawa-san, then I nodded my head ambiguously with a “Uuh, yeah” as I sat down on the side of the square table next to Shirakawa-san.

Shirakawa-san opened the teapot on the table, opened the lid of the cylinder with a hole in it that was also on the table, threw out the used tea leaves inside, put new tea leaves in the teapot, and poured hot water from the pot. She handled the tool I wouldn’t have known how to use if I were on my own.

A gal who’s proficient at brewing tea…. there’s quite a gap, I like it.

“Here, Ryuuto”


I, who received the teacup filled with green tea, stared fixedly at Shirakawa-san with a feeling of surprise.

“…What is it, Ryuuto?”

Shirakawa-san looked over here and turned her face away in embarrassment.

“I mean, don’t look at me too much. I’m not wearing any make-up”


Now she mentioned, that’s right, huh. She’s just entered a bath, after all. There’s not that much change so I didn’t notice.

And now I tried to take a look, I can find even differences such as the end of her brows looks slightly thin, and her face looks younger than usual.

When I tried to take a closer look like this, usually I wouldn’t think about this…. but I feel like the no-make-up Shirakawa-san has the feel just a little resembling Kurose-san. I think it’d be extremely rare to notice the usual two as twins, but if it’s the Shirakawa-san now and Kurose-san, I feel like I understand it a little.

Speaking of Kurose-san, she’s been sending me messages occasionally since we exchanged LINE IDs. Just like what she had said at the beginning, she asked me to “Help me study”. Well, when I thought it’d be sooner or later, then she gave me a specific date, so when I returned something like “I have plans that day” or “I have summer classes during summer vacation” (it’s not a lie), she pressed me with a “Then, when are you free?”, and my reply got a little overdue.

Is it fine.. If I meet with Kurose-san alone? She’s Shirakawa-san real younger sister, so I don’t want her to treat her badly, however she’s the opposite sex. And it’s not like she’s in a perfectly good relationship with Shirakawa-san either, so inviting her and making it three people is tricky. Besides, even though it’s in the past, I had feelings for Kurose-san, and Shirakawa-san doesn’t know about that. Talking about it would be a long story, and telling her honestly could cause misunderstandings instead, too…. And as I thought about a lot of stuff and it got troublesome, my response to Kurose-san became vague.

“Is-is it really that terrible with no-make-up? Don’t look at me so much~!”


As I was absentmindedly looking at Shirakawa-san and thinking about the matter regarding Kurose-san at the same time, Shirakawa-san became bashful.

“Ah, well…. No. There’s not much difference, okay. But….”


“You look a little younger…. It’s cu-cute”

Let’s not talk about how she resembles Kurose-san and so on for now, I thought so to myself.

“Eh, really?”

Shirakawa-san’s cheeks blushed, and she looked at me doubtfully.

“It’s kinda embarrassing~! I knew it, don’t look”

“Eh, well, I think you look fine, though”

“No, no, no! C’mon, watch the typhoon news!”

Thus, together with Shirakawa-san, I watched TV while drinking tea for a while.

Later, at around 10 pm after getting tired of hearing the same news about the typhoon again and again, we went to brush our teeth and started preparing to go to sleep one way or another.

In the end, I wasn’t sure what Shirakawa-san intended to do tonight.

“….I turn off the lights now, okay”


Since we were ready to go to sleep, I pulled the string and turned the room’s lights to nightlight mode.

I entered the futon next to Shirakawa-san and stared at the dimly lit wooden ceiling,

I can’t sleep….

There’s no way I could fall asleep with my heart pounding and getting turned on like this.

“….Hey, Ryuuto”

At that moment, I heard a voice coming from the futon next to me.


“Are you okay? Can you sleep like this?”

When I looked to the side wondering what she’s talking about, I found Shirakawa-san with her face half popped-out of her futon and looking at me with an uneasy look.

Immediately after, she suddenly got up and moved towards me on her knees.

“Wha-what is it!?”

“Actually, I’m sorry about earlier. It’s raining so hard, I was soaking wet from the top of my head and my face was all dirty, too. I was also too tired to walk…. I don’t have any money, and the thought of having to walk around looking for another place made me lose energy. Anyway, I just really wanted to relax quickly, so I said we’d be fine staying in the same room, though….”


So that’s what that was all about, huh. So that means there’s no deeper meaning regarding sex, huh….

I was ashamed of myself for getting so excited and my horny feeling was calming down.

The talk seemed to become a long one, so I also got up from the futon.

“But, after entering the bath and relaxing myself, I thought about it. Ryuuto is a guy and my boyfriend, too, so there’s no way he’d be able to keep calm, right? That’s what I think”


I wonder what Shirakawa-san’s talking about…. As I was thinking about that, she came even closer to me.

Within the dimly lit room, her large eyes gazed upward at me.

“Wanna…. have sex?”


Shirakawa-san was wearing the inn’s yukata and the chest area was slightly opened, making her cleavage peeking out. The line stretching from her slender waist wrapped with deep blue obi to her roundish hips was completely just like a mermaid’s and pretty sexy. The flame that had once calmed down in my chest for a moment flared up wildly. I could feel my body rapidly growing hot and tense.

“Is…. is it fine, Shirakawa-san?”

I managed to squeeze out a husky voice from my parched throat.

“The feeling of wanting to have sex on your own accord, is still not there, right….?”

I’m already mostly heading in the direction of wanting to have sex, however, I tried to look good in front of her at beginning so I must at least confirm that.


Shirakawa-san nodded her head nervously.

“But, it’s bad to make Ryuuto to put up with that”

“But if we do it, wouldn’t that just mean Shirakawa-san will be the one who will put up with it?”

“Well, rather than me putting up with it…. I like Ryuuto, so it’s not like I would hate it”

Woohoooo!!, and the other part of me in my heart shouted joyously.

The physical part is also raring to go.

In that case…. However, at the moment I swallowed my saliva.

“But you know”

Shirakawa-san spoke up, and continued talking with a downcast look and a smile on her mouth.

“Up until I started dating Ryuuto, I never really felt like wanting to touch my boyfriend that much. But, when we’re on the boat some time ago…. For the first time in my life, I thought ‘I wanna kiss him’. And I also wanted to hold hands before that…. I’m definitely liking Ryuuto more than I did a month ago”


I can’t believe she feels that way about me….

I’m so happy my chest becomes hot.

“When I thought about it, it made me a little excited. I’m gonna like Ryuuto even more from now on and I wanna touch Ryuuto more and more, that’s what I feel…. If I have sex when I truly want to, for the first time in my life, I wondered if it could really make my body and mind feel good”

Shirakawa-san said in a low voice while floating a happy smile on her face.

“I see….”

I’m happy, but on the other hand, the intense feeling inside me was fading fast.

This is really no go…. After being told something like this… already….

I already.. can’t get laid anymore tonight….


I yelled and shed tears of blood in my heart while having no choice but to make a plan for a retreat.

“….Got it. So, let’s go to sleep for today”

I swallowed up my tears and desperately tried to look composed

“We got up early and went for an outing, and we’re definitely worn-out from all the happenings”


Shirakawa-san raised her face with a surprised expression after hearing my words.

“Are you sure? How about sex?”

“It’s fine, maybe at another time…. when Shirakawa-san feels like doing it”


Shirakawa-san frowned her brows and looked at me with wet eyes.

“Why are you, so kind, Ryuuto?”


Is this me being kind?

If anyone were to be in my position, I think they would have no choice but do the same, though….

But, if this was seen as kindness to her. The reason I can act like that is because I’m thinking about Shirakawa-san.

It’s because I….

“….It’s because.. I love you, Shirakawa-san”

When I replied so, Shirakawa-san’s eyes glistened in front of me.

Immediately after, she covered her face with both hands and her shoulders went up and down.


Is she crying….?

“….hicc…. Uuu….

An uncontrollable sobbing escaped from her tightly closed lips.

“Sorr… I’m so happy….”

Shirakawa-san was sobbing heavily as she spoke as if to make an excuse.

“Eh…. Ar-are you all right?”

I could only be flustered.

“….ry, sorr….”

A little while later, after she had calmed down.

Shirakawa-san wiped away her tears and smiled while looking embarrassed.

“….Sorry. Looks like, I get easily moved when I’m with Ryuuto. I’m sorry”

“I really…. don’t mind it”

It’s fine for her to not apologize that much, but Shirakawa-san piled on more “I’m sorry”.

“I mean, isn’t it annoying? Even though we were just talking normally, isn’t it bothersome? Don’t you think I’m crazy?”

“No, I don’t think so, really”

Why would she say something like that? As expected, was her ex-boyfriend the cause.

I don’t know if it’s what they actually said to her, or the voice of their heart that she sensed from their mood.

But, I hoped I could break her out of this spell soon.

Finally, I realized it clearly.

I’m not the only one.. who is being haunted by her ex-boyfriend.

“I never think so. …Rather, I’m happy”

“Why? Are you a holy saint? Ryuuto”

“Holy saint….”

A holy saint beyond words.

These days, female high school students use internet slang in speech, don’t they. Well, I’m also a male high school student of these days, but I’m more of a nerd so it surprises me when it’s said casually.

“No, it’s different”

 It became funny and I laughed a little, then I replied.

“You’re moved a lot when you’re with me, right? Previously Shirakawa-san said it, right? You said ‘true like’…. It’s because I feel like you’re getting close to that”

Thus, Shirakawa-san’s eyes shook again.


And then, Shirakawa-san opened her mouth with her cheeks slightly flushed.

“Hey, Ryuuto. Can I say one more selfish thing?”

“Yeah? It’s okay”

When I nodded, Shirakawa-san spoke shyly.

“Can you, hug me?”




It’s not that it’s a “no”, but to think that we would be hugging…. in a situation where we won’t be doing anything tonight, In a private room alone.


Shirakawa-san spread both of her arms and smiled at me.


I nervously placed my arms around her body.

The body of Shirakawa-san, whom I hugged for the first time, was softer than I had imagined and warm. Just like my hair, her hair smelled like the shampoo of the inn, probably because she’s not using the usual perfume. I got excited feeling the soft and elastic feelings of her breasts directly through the thin yukata.

“Ryuuto, so warm…. I feel at ease”

The tender voice of Shirakawa-san’s resounding close to my ear made my heart beat fast with chills. This is dangerous…. If we stick together like this any longer, the excitement deep inside my body is going to flare up.

“Hey, can we sleep together like this?”

I got startled hearing those words.

“Like this…. huh, eeh!? Like this!?”

Does she mean we’re going to topple over sticking close like this until morning!?

“….Ahaha! It’s a joke, okay~!”

As I was flustered, Shirakawa-san laughed and separated her body from me.

“Ah, hey hey then, how about sleeping while holding hands?”

“Eh, okay….”

If it’s that, then, it’ll probably do, somehow.

Thus, Shirakawa-san and I lay side by side on the futon and held hands.

The hand is warm, soft, and delicate…. It’s Shirakawa-san’s hand.

“Hey, Ryuuto”



I heard nothing back so I looked at Shirakawa-san and I found her staring at me. Her expression looked somewhat uneasy.

“Is something wrong?”


She shook her head at my question and with a somewhat forced smile.

“For our two-months anniversary, we can be together like this, too, right?”

“Like this, too… I’d hate to get caught in a typhoon again, though”

“Ahaha, you’re right”

Even though it’s not that funny of a response, Shirakawa-san laughed out loud.

This time, though, I winced up her words and returned a joke. Actually, I should’ve probably answered her properly.

At this point in time, I had never imagined.. that I’d regret this moment so much in the future.

TL notes:

^1. Original JP line “リュート、あたしが元カレの話すると、ちょっとビミョーな顔になるよね”. Originally I made it “When I talk about my ex-boyfirend” But that’d mean she’s telling him about that EX in question specifically, no? But so far it’s only about what she has experienced imho. But meh, this site’s name is ICantReadJP so whatever. Also it just hit me. Runa never says “Atashi no motokare / my ex boyfriend” only “motokare / ex boyfriend”. So far I took the liberty of adding “My”.

^2. 10 tatami mats = about 16.529 square meters.

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