V2: Chapter 3.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

“Nikoru, good job on your part time~!”

“Hey Runa, did you have fun at the sea? The typhoon was terrible, wasn’t it”

“Yep, it really was. But I had fun, I was able to sleep while holding hands with Ryuuto, too”

“Well, I’ve heard the gist of it on LINE, but you know. That guy, he really is amazing, huh”

“Ryuuto is serious after all”

“Guess so. That much I’ve acknowledged it. But being an earnest guy doesn’t mean he won’t cheat, too, you know?”

“Nn… you’re maybe right, but Ryuuto is the last man’, okay”

“Huh? What’s that, a movie? The Av●ngers?”

“Fufu. Anyway, it means I don’t have to worry about Ryuuto”

“Even if you’re saying that, you’re worried, right? Until two months pass”

“…I guess so. I wonder why”

“As expected, it has something to do with your dad, isn’t it?”

“…Nn. Something mom has been telling since I was a little, has always been somewhere in my heart, you see. ‘There’s no man who doesn’t cheat. A woman has nothing to do but to endure’, she said”

“But in the end, your mom couldn’t endure it anymore, so she left, right?”

“Nn… But, I think that.. dad really loved mom the most”

“Huuh? In that case don’t cheat on your wife. My old man is the same, too, though. Why would you have sex with the woman you love only to hurt her?”

“…I also don’t know why”

“I don’t even want to know why. It’s also unnecessary to know”

“…You know, until the previous boyfriend I was dating, I had a feeling about it from the beginning. The feeling about how this person was probably gonna cheat on me”

“That was why I always told you that at the beginning, didn’t I. But Runa always said ‘I want to believe him’”

“Yup. I wanted to believe, but got betrayed… but since I’ve thought ‘I knew it’ in my head, I’d say it somehow just became clear to me… and the shock was just barely bearable”

“And yet, you did cry a lot, Runa…”

“Yup… But, about Ryuuto, there’s part of me that truly, truly believes him. That’s why… I think it’s scary”

“Even if it’s just an unlikely chance, what if he cheats on you?”

“Nn… At that time, I wonder if I’d be able to bear it. …Well, it’s not like that crossed my mind only with Ryuuto, though”

“I guess so. Anyway, I guess time will tell. A month later I’m sure you’ll be smiling, thinking ‘I really don’t have to worry about it’”

“You’re right. I will, surely”

While smiling, she looked at the phone placed on the bed in speaker mode. Alone, Runa gazed and stared fondly at the matching phone case with the person she liked.

TL notes:

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5 thoughts on “V2: Chapter 3.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

  1. I’m just so scared😨
    He should just tell runa what happened and his connection with Maria, would prevent so much. But I know how difficult that is. Not wanting to worry your partner. But it just gets more difficult to tell as more time passes. Not to mention who it can break trust if Runa learns this from someone different. So pls, just tell her… 😣


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