Prologue – Part 1

TL: sleepy Pop

“Boyfriend! Boyfriend! I want a boyfriend!” (Ami)

Himeno overheard Ami’s voice as she was using Twittet, a social networking software that allows users to publish a single word, message, image, video, or URL.

The Wailing voice came from Himeno’s close friend Ami, who was sitting next to her. It sounded pretty passionate, but honestly, it was pretty annoying because Ami has repeated this line plenty of times.

“No, I really wanted to experience youth! Where should I go to have such an encounter, Himeno!?”(Ami)

“I don’t know.” (Himeno)

“I don’t know….! Stop being so naive, Himeno, after all, you want a boyfriend too, right?”

“I don’t want a boyfriend.” (Himeno)

The flow of the conversation has consistently been the same, with Ami always bringing up the same topic.

“Eh? You should definitely change that mindset, Himeno! A JD’s youth should definitely be fun! Having someone take you out on a drive or doing various things during a room date!”
[TL Notes: JD is slang for female university student]

“Well, that’s fine. I have my hobbies.” (Himeno)

“Bah!???? You’re cutting it all off! What a waste of Hime’s cuteness. It’s such a waste of talent not to use your weapon! Even all the seniors are talking about you…don’t you want me to tell you what they’re saying about you?” (Ami)

“Okay.” (Himeno)

“Humph, let me tell you about that rumour then! She’s tiny, has a baby face and is as pretty as a doll! Her expressionless face is adorable! I want to walk around with this silver-haired beauty next to me! I want to hug her! I want her to be my girlfriend! Here, recite!”(Ami)

“I’m not going to say anything.” (Himeno)

“Haha, sorry, sorry.” (Ami)

Himeno isn’t very good at talking like Ami. She’s not very good at expressing herself. Because she seldom speaks and rarely smiles, people sometimes suspect that she’s in a foul mood. However, Ami was different. She understood many things about Himeno. She may be noisy, but she was still Himeno’s close friend.

“So, after I apologize, I’m going to say this:……In fact, you want a boyfriend too, right? Just like me?”

“Why would you think that?” (Himeno)

Himeno did her best to hold down her shoulders, which were about to jolt up. It was a close call.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but aren’t you pretty girly, Himeno? An Alice band, a bracelet, neatly tidied bangs, along with a hint of sweet perfume.”(Ami)
[Tl Notes: Just in case you guys don’t know what an Alice band is, here’s a description: horseshoe-shaped hairband made of metal or plastic (often covered with cloth)​ ]

“We all want to look cute. What’s wrong with that?” (Himeno)

“Well, if you say it like that, I agree. However, I find it weird that you try so hard to look cute. At this rate, it seems like your working harder than me, a person who wants a boyfriend.” (Ami)

“It’s just your imagination.” (Himeno)

“How can it be my imagination when you’re working this hard? That’s why I keep pestering you about it.” (Ami)

“You’re just paranoid.” (Himeno)

“Really?” (Ami)

“Yeah.” (Himeno)

It was here where Himeno ended their conversation. She forcefully stood up from her chair. Himeno felt that it wasn’t safe to proceed any further in this conversation. She wasn’t very good at lying, nor did she want to get pursued by Ami.

“Eh? Where are you going!?” (Ami)

“To the bathroom. I’ll go alone.” (Himeno)

“Going alone…Okay. Got it! Remember to wash your hands properly.”

“I don’t need Ami to tell me that.” (Himeno)

“Hey, that makes it sound like I’m not washing my hands! Please don’t say anything that might stir up strange rumours about me!” (Ami)

“Ami’s the one in the wrong.”


Of course, that was a joke. Himeno didn’t really think of Ami that way. But if she hadn’t attacked, Ami may have pursued her again when she returned to class.

“I’ll be back.”

“Haha, Okay. Don’t bother saying hello when you get back.”


Himeno was a little embarrassed that Ami pointed that out.

After finishing her business with Ami, Himeno proceeded to wash her hands with liquid soap. There was no one around. Only the sound of running water could be heard.

There was something that Himeno had been holding back from talking about earlier all this time. She had been lying to herself all this time. She was able to say this since she was the only one in the restroom.

……..Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend?

…….Then why did I say I don’t want one?

Of course, the reason Himeno declined the thought of ever wanting a boyfriend was purely to keep up appearances.

Certainly, Himeno has her hobbies. But, Himeno has made her hobbies into her living. She was living a fulfilling life.

But she still wanted a boyfriend nonetheless. And whenever her friends talked about it, she became jealous, as she too desired one.

Himeno was already in her first year of college and was 18 years old. It was only natural for her to be interested in a boyfriend…….But there was a reason why it was so hard for her to find the courage.

The very first time a boy confessed to Himeno, she felt happy. However, the boy who confessed to Himeno was a fresh face she hadn’t seen before. Since Himeno was uncomfortable with going out with someone whom she didn’t know, she rejected his confession.

It was the first time Himeno had received a confession from a senior in the third grade, even when she was in her first junior high school grade.

Himeno was in her first grade of junior high, and it was the very first time she had received a confession from a senior, no less someone in the third grade. That made her happy, but it was the first time she had talked to that person.

Since Himeno was uncomfortable with going out with someone she didn’t know, she refused,

“I’m sorry.” (Himeno)

However, the very next day, something like this was spreading around:

『Man! It feels so refreshing to be rejected in a punishment game confession!』

Those were the words of the senior who confessed to Himeno. Later on, it spread through the school as the truth.

Himeno was insulted by this. She could only see the person who confessed to her as awful.

[ If you feel that way, then don’t confess to me in the first place.]

Since then, Himeno’s been reluctant to accept any confessions, fearing it might be some sort of punishment game. It might sound cheeky, but it was true…

Therefore, Himeno didn’t have any courage to accept any confessions.

She has never dated anyone before. And she felt embarrassed about mentioning that in college, so she falsely claimed she wasn’t interested in dating.

Himeno turned off the faucet and wiped her hands with a handkerchief as she left the restroom. On her way back to the classroom, she saw a couple having a friendly conversation by the window in the hallway.

“We’ll go home together again, okay? I’ll whip up something tasty for you.”

“Really?! Then I want curry!”

“Eh? But didn’t I make some curry for you yesterday….don’t tell me…you ate it all!?”

“Because everything you make is soooo delicious. I live alone, so it really helps.”

“Hey, I told you not to praise me out of the blue……”

“You’re always shy, aren’t you? That makes me embarrassed as well…”

“Shut up……! I can’t help it if you’re happy!”

The boyfriend was happy to see his girlfriend embarrassed. Both of them were in their own worlds enjoying themselves…
I’m so jealous …….

It was rude to stare, as Himeno thought to herself while taking a peek. However, Himeno was so focused on the couple that she didn’t notice her surroundings. Before she knew it…




Himeno felt a strong impact hit her, along with a man’s voice. The impact was so strong that it made Himeno drop the handkerchief that she had in her hand.

The boy immediately stood up, witnessing what he had done, shouted, “I’m sorry!!” while running away from the crime scene.


Himeno was clearly at fault for not looking ahead, but she felt very sad to be treated like that. She was in so much pain.

Just as she was about to pick up the handkerchief that had fallen in the hallway, the man from the couple Himeno had seen earlier walked up to her.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Hmm……” (Himeno)

“That’s terrible, that guy. He should have stopped when he bumped into someone.

The man followed up with Himeno. He picked up the handkerchief that fell before Himeno, dusting it and handing it back to her

“Oh, thank you …” (Himeno)

“It’s not something you should be thankful for. Be careful next time.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful …” (Himeno)

The man warned Himeno and went back to his girlfriend.

Himeno replied with a bow while looking slightly happy and proud.

Anyone would feel that way if they saw their boyfriend act like that. Himeno was filled with both envy and unfairness, but she tried not to show it on her face and went back to class.

“Welcome back, Himeno!” (Ami)

“Hmm, I’m back.” (Himeno)

As usual, Ami called out to her as she came back. However, Himeno felt that Ami seemed to be more excited than before, and she quickly understood why.

“Hey, look at this! It’s a photo that Fuko sent me out of the blue.” (Ami)

Ami showed Himeno her smartphone while she was brimming with excitement. As to what was displayed there–

“Lovers acting … service?” (Himeno)

“Yes, yes. I heard that there was a company that allows you to simulate the experience of a lover! It’s through a company, so it seems to be safe and has a good reputation!” (Ami)

“……” (Himeno)

Without replying to her words, she concentrated on that image and looked at the LCD of Ami’s smartphone.

“I’m over 18 years old, plus I’m single, so I’m wondering if I should call them next time! For me who can’t get a boyfriend, this service is a godsend!” (Ami)


“Hi-Hime? Hey.”(Ami)

“Ah, it’s nothing.”(Himeno)

“Anyway! I heard that you could use the service for 200 yen per hour plus 10,000 yen for the company’s brokerage fee, but since it’s Christmas season now, the brokerage fee is 800 yen, which is a bargain! That means the whole hour is free, so it’s totally worth it!”

“Maybe for Ami. (Himeno)

“Don’t say maybe for me! I’m not sure if you’re really interested in this or not, Hime.”(Ami)

Himeno let out a sigh. However, it was unavoidable that she gave such a response despite the subject being discussed. She felt terrible about keeping up fake appearances, but she couldn’t say that she didn’t want a boyfriend anymore. Himeno never had a boyfriend in the first place.

And it was almost time for the lecture.

“Ami, the lecture is about to start. Let’s get ready. (Himeno)

“No way! It’s already that time! Thank you for telling me! (Ami)


That day at the university, even though she concentrated on her lectures, Himeno couldn’t get the words “lover agency service” out of her head.

That day, Himeno spent her entire night searching for the “Lover’s Agency Service” website that Ami had shown her while she was lying on her bed.

As Ami had said, it goes through a company, so you don’t have to worry. Besides, you can’t be afraid of this. You can go on a date without having to confess…..

Himeno was working, so she had little money to spare. However, she felt that she could try it out once as she wanted to experience what it felt like.
Himeno looked up the service structure on the website and, for the time being, took a screenshot of their phone number.

“That was about it for today’s preliminary research. I’ll make some time tomorrow to continue my research.”

While taking a break, Himeno then opened up Twittet. She was posting her daily routines, the events of the day, on her work account.

‘A guy picked up my handkerchief today. It made me happy.’

This is what made me the happiest today. She didn’t use any emoticons or emojis, but this was the very basis of Himeno.

A notification will be displayed whenever you post and spread the likes of your peers’ posts. This is also something Himeno looks forward to. When she would receive a notification, she would check it right away.

A notification will be displayed whenever you post, or someone likes your post. This was something that Himeno looked forward to. Whether she would receive a notification for garnering likes or posting something, she would always check it out right away.

“Who is that guy? I’m so jealous that you touched her handkerchief!”

“I’m sure it smells great.”

“What a great guy! I’d pick up the handkerchief and run away immediately.”

The replies, which included stories, came in real-time.

Himeno’s account, which I’m ashamed to name, is Biru-chan. Her followers have grown to 300,000.

Today’s post also got a lot of responses. It made Himeno happy.

TL notes:

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