V2: Chapter 5.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

“Ah, Nikoru, hi hi!”

“Hi too Runa! Tomorrow you’re returning here, right? And sorry I couldn’t go there at all”

“It’s okay, it’s already enough that you came here once! Besides, Ryuuto is here”

“That’s right, that guy. How’s it after that? Did he reform himself?”

“Ahaha, what’d you mean reform”

“Well, If he ever seems to do something bad again, I’ll strangle him. Tell me as soon as you get a hint, all right”

“There’s nothing to worry with Ryuuto”

“That’s what you said the other day, but he was meeting with your younger sister behind your back, wasn’t he?”

“There’s circumstances for that, and in the end it wasn’t an affair after all. I’ve told you right?”

“Well, yeah, but still”

“I’m happy that Nikoru is worried about me. Thanks”

“…Well, I also don’t think of him as a guy who can cheat with ease, though”

“Yep. Ryuuto won’t do such a bad thing”

“But a ‘change of heart’ doesn’t mean a ‘bad heart’, okay. I think it’s ridiculous if it’s in a month of relationship, though”

“Ah, there it is, Nikoru-sensei poem of the day”

“‘A change of heart, does not mean the heart is bad. Nikoo”1

“Ahaha, sensei, your tongue is sharp”

“However, even if it’s change of heart, it’s crazy stuff if it’s with your twin younger sister or something, isn’t it”

“Like I said, the timing was just all bad. We talked about this, right?”

“Well yeah… I could understand it more or less, though”

“…With my previous boyfriends you see, I was always worried every time we were apart. I’d wonder what he was doing at that time, or if he was with any other girl”

“And in fact, you’re being cheated on”

“…But, Ryuuto is different”

“And that, isn’t it because you’re always together with him for the last two weeks? Of course you wouldn’t be worried if you’re not away from him”

“Well that’s true, but I feel like it’d be different from before even once we’re back in Tokyo”

“In what way?”

“Last time you see, In the end I was weak. I said I believed in Ryuuto, yet I couldn’t believe him until the end, and I was scared of facing reality, so I ran away… If at that time I could face Ryuuto immediately, I really wouldn’t have had to worry about it for two weeks”

“So Runa is strong now?”

“Yep. Probably… even if there’s something happening between me and Ryuuto in the future, I think I’m not gonna run away again”

“…I see”

“These two weeks, we talked about many things. Like about dad and mom… or about Maria. And also about my past boyfriends”


“I think he now knows better than ever before… I also got to hear lots about Ryuuto’s feelings towards me. That’s why all is a okay”

What Runa was gazing at as she talked was a milky-white ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

“It’s because from now, even when he’s not nearby, I feel like our hearts are connected”

TL notes:

^1. I don’t have the slightest idea what にこを means

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