V2: Afterword

Hello, it’s Nagaoka Makiko. Thank you very much for picking up the second volume also!

It’s summer! It’s the sea! I know it’s a little early in the year for the publication of this book, but I hope you can get a taste of summer a little (?) ahead of time.

I wrote the second volume with the theme “Emo&Ero” in my mind (Please read in the rhythm of R&B). Setting aside how it was in the real world, I’d be happy if you could think that you had something like this in your youth. Aah, how nostalgic… I also have such summer memories… not. It’s because I was in an all-girls school.

The scene with maria at the park, personally, I find it emo. A girl’s feelings that is happy to see the person she loves even though she knows what is going to happen.

There are episodes that are based on real life experiences.

Until about ten years ago, I was working part-time as a tutor at a cram school, teaching mainly English to high school students, and there’s a student who said “I’m going to tell Rie“. It’s a real real misunderstanding answer that was quite desperate, interesting, and impressionable. I wonder what “Tell Rie” meant.

Anyway, summer is emo, isn’t it. It’s also ero, isn’t it.

Now that going to festivals, fireworks, and swimming in the sea have become more difficult, has only grown stronger.

Again, I can’t thank the illustrator, magako-sama, enough for the outrageously wonderful illustrations…! Thank you very much for illustrating even the small details in the text! (Dear readers, please look at Runa’s nails on the cover~!)

Thank you again, Matsubayashi-sama, for all your help! Thanks to your schedule management and various other things, I can concentrate on my work with peace of mind. I want to keep this momentum going and do my best! Please let me do my best!

Finally, I’d like to express my sincere attitude to all dear readers who have supported me since the first volume and read the second volume.

I sincerely, sincerely wish that we could meet again…!

February 2021, Nagaoka Makiko

TL notes:

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8 thoughts on “V2: Afterword

  1. I absolutely loved the fifth chapter – it was so heartwarming and lovely. This series has been one of my most favorite that I have ever read. The main characters are so easy to love. They are both so kind and loving, and each have their own problems and burdens, that when tried to be paired together would seem to create even more problems, but their caring, patient, and understanding natures are able to overcome that and even help to heal their wounds.

    The scenes in this series are all so fun to read because they are filled to the brim with fluffy and tender moments and dialogues. The scenes are complemented by inner dialogue of Ryuuto, which would show off his awareness of his own short comings and the feelings of those around him. Of course he doesnt have a perfect picture, as he is missing information or insight to someone inner thoughts, but it was always refreshing to read these as you got to feel secure as a reader because he was thinking things out from a place of empathy and reason. His love for Runa always took precedent and it was very nice to watch his personal growth and his and Runa’s relationship blossom.

    Your translation of this work was so much fun to read, and was of very high quality throughout. I really appreciated you releasing the chapters in full because it allowed for us readers to immerse ourselves in the chapter and fully appreciate the story of the chapter and their .5’s.

    Thank you so much for your awesome work. I am truly grateful to you for it and for exposing me to this awesome series. Best of luck to all you do and I will definitely check out anything you translate in the future!

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