V2: Epilogue

“Aaaaah~~ the homework’s not ending!!”

Last week of August, in the still harsh lingering summer heat.

Sitting at the folding table opposite of me in my room with the AC on, Runa yelled. English homework was placed on the table, leaving behind a mountain of white paper.

Since our relationship has completely turned into a parents-approved relationship because of my two-weeks stay in Chiba, we’d be having study meetings like this every day this week to finish the accumulated homework.

Seeing that my home was an apartment, immediately after the wall was the living room where my mother was present, so it’s not possible to do any untoward things.

“It was really fun in Chiba, wasn’t it …”

Runa sighed and escaped reality.

“Granny Sayo said we can come again next year if we want”

“Me too?”

“Yep. Even when preparing for exams, we should go to a summer festival to relax she said”

“I see…”

I appreciated Sayo-san’s feelings. Moreover, it made me happy when I thought that she perhaps has recognized me to be the man she wouldn’t mind dating her great-granddaughter even a year from now.

“Next year, huh…”

I also sighed when I imagined a dark, important summer with nothing but studying hard.

And then, Runa casually muttered.

“At that time… I’m sure that we…”

With upturned eyes, she glanced at me as if checking me out. And her cheeks were red.

“Are gonna be even closer than now, aren’t we”

“Eh… Tha-that’s right”

I ended up imagining something naughty, but if I took it literally, there’s nothing to be bashful about.

However, Runa didn’t miss my turmoil.

“Aah, Ryuuto your face is all red! What were you thinking?”

“Look… even Shirakawa-san’s too!”

“Ah! You’re back using my family name!”

“So-sorry, Shiraka… ah, Runa”

“And that’s almost the full name”

Runa was laughing while giving a quip.

“We-well, that aside… Come on, get back to your homework”

“But I don’t understand it… Ah! But I know this one!”

Raising a cheerful voice, Runa suddenly ran her pen through the paper.

“Ah, isn’t that great”

In order to confirm it, I peeked at her homework.

And what was written was.

He is the last man to tell a lie.

“…It’s about Ryuuto, so I won’t forget it anymore”

In front of me, Runa smiled happily.


My girlfriend has experiences.

But, that is not important.

Lately, little by little I’ve come to be able to think so from my heart.

“Ah, but I really don’t get this one”

“Which one?”

She pointed at a different question, and I peeked at her homework again.

And then…

“An opening!”

Runa stretched her neck, and then a warm thing touched my cheek accompanied by a kissing sound.

“…Ehehe, I love you, Ryuuto”


She smiled with a gotcha-face. My face got all red and I couldn’t even raise a protest to her.

My summer homework seemed like it wasn’t going to end for a while yet.

TL notes:

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8 thoughts on “V2: Epilogue

  1. I just hope that they have sex soon and the author does not delay it too long, its not like the girl does not have experience and the boy is super horny for her, if she has done it so many time with others and she truly loves him I just don’t understand what’s stopping them………………………..


  2. I’m already imagining ex-boyfriend appearing and a tension like MC seeing him kissing her forcefully and misinterpreting, I think this can happen since the author doesn’t care about such purity as we see in other works, so a forced kiss would be ok


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