Prologue – Part 2

TL: sleepy Pop

Middle East National University, 2nd-year Faculty of Economics Ryoma Shiba was scouring employment applications on his smartphone during lunch break.

“It’s hard to find an excellent place to work at after all”…….(Ryoma)

“Hmm? Ryoma works at a bookstore, right? Are you planning to start a new part-time job again?”(Yukiya)

“I just found out yesterday that it’s moving away in six months, so I’m looking for a new part-time job now while I still can. If you want to get adjusted to your new part-time job, I believe it is best to start looking for one now.”(Ryoma)

“Relocation? That’s a tough one, ……. Isn’t it possible to continue working there?”(Yukiya)

The first person to have a friendly conversation with Ryoma at the university was Yukiya Nakamura, who was the first person to become close to him.

“That’s what I thought so too at first. However, it seems that the new place is an hour’s train ride away, so that’s an out for me. (Ryoma)

“I see. I see. It’s better to find a new place than to spend two hours on a train there and back.”(Yukiya)

“Yeah. I’d consider it if the wages were higher compared to other places, but sadly that’s not the case.”(Ryoma)

Well, I think it’s a good idea to look for a job as soon as possible because it will affect your overall income. College tuition is expensive as hell.

“I’m debating whether or not to work the night shift. What are your thoughts? The night shift pays more per hour, and it’s already November, so I’d like to make as much money as possible while still have the opportunity. With winter vacation coming around, that would also be an excellent time to make money as well.”(Ryoma)

“Working the night shift is not something that I would recommend. You may lose your life’s balance and be unable to keep up with your studies, resulting in the loss of a year’s worth of school fees and, eventually, being expelled out of college.”(Yukiya)

“Yeah, that’s true….”(Ryoma)

This was not an uncommon occurrence at a university. Ryoma mused to himself while showing a bitter smile on his pale face.

It was okay to repeat a year. That’s what some would people say. But he was not one of them, according to Ryoma. No way could he afford to stay another year.

All of this was due to Ryoma’s difficult familial circumstance. Ryoma’s mother, who was physically frail, died when he was a youngster. When he was barely an adolescent, his father died as a result of overworking. As a result, Ryoma’s older sister opted to drop out of college and decided to find a job to help support the family.

It was all because of his sister’s prioritization on earning money and the money she had worked so hard to achieve that Ryoma could now attend this university.

Thanks to his part-time job, Ryoma fully understands how hard it was to earn money and how painful it was for his sister Kaya. That’s why Ryoma doesn’t want his sister, Kaya, to go through as much pain as before. He wants to make as much money as he can while still making her feel at ease. This was how Ryoma felt about the entire situation.

Even if Ryoma were to be held back in school, Kaya would not be displeased and would still wish him “Good luck next time” and pay for his tuition. Having spent twenty years under the same roof, she could easily understand how Ryoma would act. I was powerless to go against my sister’s good sentiments.

“You’re looking for a job during your lunch break. Aren’t you in a bit of a pinch? How’s the money?”(Yukiya)

“To tell you the truth, I’m in worse shape than I was last year. I believe that getting a higher-paying job is the only option for me to catch up on my previous year’s savings.”(Ryoma)

“Wow, that’s pretty bad.”(Yukiya)

“Yukiya, do you have any suggestions for a part-time job? If you do, I’d appreciate it if you could introduce me to one…”(Ryoma)

“Don’t be unreasonable. I’m confident that you’ll discover something that works for you. No way!”(Yukiya)

“Haha, if such a job existed, everyone would be doing it…….”(Ryoma)

“I’m sure you’ll get paid handsomely and get off the night shift if you work as an event staff member or assist with office relocation, so how about that?”(Yukiya)

“I know that seems pricey, but aren’t those positions just for a single day? I’d rather have a location where I can register with a business. It’s like working on a project that never ends.”(Ryoma)

“Huh. Don’t be so silly.”(Yukiya)

What a remark, but Ryoma was well aware that he was referring to opulence. Yukiya, on the other hand, sighed, not because he was surprised by Ryoma’s comment, but as a preamble to a specific offer.

“There is…… one if you are in such severe difficulties. There is a particular part-time job that pays well, is off the night shift, and may be done daily, depending on your skills.” (Yukiya)

“Oh, really?”(Ryoma)

“I’m not sure if I’m comfortable recommending it to my friends. This isn’t your run of the mill type of job.”(Yukiya)

“You’re not saying it’s familiar, but you’re also saying it’s dangerous? Is it against the law?”(Ryoma)

“Certainly not! It’s definitely legal! But I’m not sure whether you could consider it ethical.”(Yukiya)


Ryoma was full of questions, but he could not help it. It was Yukiya who continued to speak in a hazy manner after all.

“I’ll explain it to you since it’s a waste of time to rush it, but… it’s called a lover’s substitution service. You’ve never heard of it, have you, Ryoma?”(Yukiya)

“Yeah, what’s that?”(Ryoma)

“It’s something a childhood buddy of mine did until recently, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a part-time job in which you take on the role of a client’s lover in exchange for money.”(Yukiya)


Ryoma’s brows wrinkled as he let out a tone-deaf wail as soon as he heard Yukiya’s voice all the way through. This was not a standard part-time employment, as he had stated previously. Ryoma, who had never heard the term “lover’s agent” before, responded instinctively.

“Yep, your reaction doesn’t surprise me. After all, that’s how the majority of people responded when they first heard about it. But well, it is how I described it.”(Yukiya)

“Sorry to be the one to say this, but doesn’t it smell a little fishy to you……? To be honest, that makes me skeptical.”(Ryoma)

“According to my childhood friend who actually had this job.

I’ve heard that the company is pretty reliable and there have been no problems. For an hour, you can even get paid 20,000 yen.”(Yukiya)

“What?! You can get that much?”(Ryoma)

“And depending on the client, you can get extra rewards, too. Extra money, gifts, etc.”(Yukiya)

“What a heavenly job ……. It’s too good to be true.”(Ryoma)

“I heard that the clients are not always the best, but it’s a win-win when you get the right one. You get a date with a cute girl and get paid for it.”(Yukiya)

“Well, I won’t deny that, but ……”(Ryoma)

“That’s correct. I’ve heard that if you match Lori Lynn’s winning quota to the pupils here, you’ll get a female on par with her. For a novice, it’s difficult to believe.”(Yukiya)

“Yeah, …… I’ve heard that nickname before. She’s a freshman, right?”


“Aren’t you a first-year student? She’s a well-known figure at this university. So what makes you think you don’t know her? Lori Lynn is a name I’m sure you’ve heard of. She’s a buddy of mine with whom Foo-chan has been talking to. But, unfortunately, I have no idea what she’s thinking because she doesn’t speak much, and her facial muscles are dead.”(Yukiya)

“What a horrible thing to say.”(Ryoma)

Lorilyn is the most prominent person at this institution and the cutest female on campus. Yukiya’s girlfriend is “Fu-chan,” since it naturally popped out of his tongue.

“That isn’t a horrible thing to say, though. Because she has a high-level babyface, tiny stature, an essential face, and a wonderfully peaceful disposition, Lorilyn is really popular. You’ve probably heard of her.”(Yukiya)

“Well,…It’s just incredible that you can date someone like that and get paid 20,000 yen per hour.”(Ryoma)

“This position, however, does not have a set shift. It appears that you must amuse the client in order to get consumers. Cabarets and hosts use the same system. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but it all boils down to talent.”(Yukiya)

“When I heard what you just stated, I was about to give up. That part-time employment, for example.”(Ryoma)

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no You’re an excellent communicator, and as long as you don’t blow off like that, you’ll be fine. I’m confident you’ll be able to outshine my childhood pal in terms of personal attractiveness.”(Yukiya)

“Thanks for the compliment.”(Ryoma)

“I’m serious about this! So, instead of wearing stupid glasses, why don’t you switch to contacts and style your stupid hair the same way you do in your private life? It’s like a treasure trove for me, Ryoma.”(Yukiya)

Yukiya scratched his cheeks with his index fingers, visibly distressed.

He is not exaggerating in any way regarding Ryoma. He isn’t making any jokes, which explains why he is behaving so serious.

“That concerns me……. Wax is costly, and if you use it every day, it will rapidly run out, and glasses are more convenient than contacts.”(Ryoma)

“That is why you are… It’s preferable for me if you’re an off-duty Ryoma so I can stand out beside you, okay?”(Yukiya)

“Yes, yes.”(Ryoma)

Yukiya flashed his white teeth and gave him a lovely grin as he smiled at him, but Ryoma ignored it. We’ve developed a good friendship in this way, which permits us to be disrespectful to each other.

“I’ll provide Ryoma with the URL for the agency’s website, so you may phone them if you like. I’ve heard they’re hiring for the Christmas season, so you should have a decent chance of being hired. Oh, and make sure your hair is well styled, okay?”(Yukiya)

“It’s nice of you to say so, but ……, why does Yukiya have that URL?”(Ryoma)

“A childhood buddy of mine kept recommending me a fantastic part-time job that paid nicely. But, because I’m dating Fu-chan, I kept refusing.”

“Ah, I see. So Yukiya’s sentiments towards her are as predicted.”(Ryoma)

“of course, you’ll be murdered if you don’t.”(Yukiya)

Even though he was kidding, Yukiya’s face was serious.

“So, let’s move on to the next classroom, shall we? We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”(Yukiya)


And so the two of them went about their schoolwork as usual.

It was after school, and the university lectures had just ended.

During his lunch break, Ryoma was browsing the job postings when he hit the URL Yukiya had supplied him.

He went to the girlfriend agency service’s website and read the material.

The part-time job that Yukiya had told him about was still fresh in Ryoma’s mind.

As a result of my investigation into this part-time profession, it appears that the agent sets the time when he or she is available to work on behalf of the client, and the customer agrees.

In other words, there would be no night shifts and no interruption to my life balance, as Yukiya had stated.

Ryoma’s academic courses would be unaffected. Ryoma had been seeking a part-time job with high pay and benefits.

This was unlike any other job I’d ever have.

“It looks terrifying, but there’s no harm in trying……. It’s a fantastic way to earn money after all.”(Ryoma)

You have no control over how you make money. It was such a logical approach to thinking.

Since the phone lines were closed for the day, Ryoma decided to call tomorrow – he was ready for the interview.

The interview took place on a computer over the internet, but it was far too simple to acquire the job as they were recruiting employees swiftly.

So I enrolled as a cast member by filling out a web page with basic personal information such as my name, age, employment, residence, and personal qualities such as interests and particular abilities.

A brief counselling session was done as a result of this procedure to validate the required conditions and personality. Five days later, on Saturday, a request arrived that matched Ryoma’s request much sooner than expected.

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