Prologue – Part 3

TL: sleepy Pop


The objective of using Farfalle, a lover agency service company, is as simple as the name suggests. The company does not offer any moving assistance or support with party planning. Instead, it’s a company that caters to those who want to date and interact with people of the opposite gender.

Of course, some rules must be followed by both the client and the agent when conducting business.

There are three main rules for the client.

First and foremost, the client must arrive on time. If you’re going to be late for any reason, you must notify the company.

Secondly, the client is held responsible for the entire cost of the date.

Finally, the client should avoid any excessive contact with the agent other than holding hands or joining arms.

The same applies to the agent as with the customer, in which the agent has to adhere to three rules strictly.

Always be on time. As the lover’s representative, who is also a company representative, this is carefully enforced.

Do not save two-shot photos or exchange contact information. This is done to reduce the possibility of complications arising as a result of the service’s unique characteristics. 

It also implies that the agent cannot have feelings for the client, which are sexual in any way possible.
… even though you represent a lover? This may appear to be a contradiction, yet it is a necessity of the stance. It implies that you should act as though you care about the client in order to receive a higher rating.

The agent’s mission is to entertain the client, and by entertaining the client, the client will become a loyal customer. As a result, the system was created with the intent to generate lots of income.


The sound of the front door opening and closing was followed by footsteps entering the living room.

That person was someone Ryoma knew best.


“Welcome back, sister Kaya. Thanks for your hard work today.”(Ryoma)

“I’m back—good work at university, Ryoma.”(Kaya)

“Wasn’t it cold today? It was really chilly when I came home.”(Ryoma)

“It’s always cold! But the wind felt more chilly today.”(Kaya)

It was 19:40 when the long and short hands of the clock coincided with the number seven.

Ryoma’s sister, Kaya, walked into the living room, massaging her hands, which were undoubtedly cold due to the November weather. But, of course, Ryoma maintained the existence of the agency a secret.

“I’m making your favourite curry today, so cheer up. It’s going to be filled to the brim.”(Ryoma)

“Really? That’s such a nice thing for you to do!”(Kaya)

“But because I’m still cooking, I’d prefer it if you took a bath first… Of course, by the time you get out of the shower, it will be ready.”(Ryoma)


“But there’s no need to rush, okay?” (Ryoma)

I was already used to living without my parents.

Ryoma was twenty, and Kaya was twenty-four years old. They had no quarrels and were able to form a casual connection because they were both adults.

“I’ve prepared a bath for you, so please take your time. There are lavender bath salts in there.”(Ryoma)

“You’re as considerate as ever. That’s my brother over there! I’ll take your word for it, and I’ll have a good time.”(Kaya)

“Have a wonderful day.”(Ryoma)

Kaya immediately flew to the bathroom after placing her work bag on the sofa. To keep the water in the tub from getting any colder, Kaya adjusted the length of her bath.

“She’s amazing … Kaya onee chan.”(Ryoma)

Ryoma was alone in the living room, muttering to himself as he stirred the pot of curry.

For Ryoma, Kaya was the person he aspires to be and respects.

Kaya’s company required her to start work at nine sharp in the morning, and there was no shortage of overtime. As a result, sometimes, she would occasionally return home about 22:00.

There is no doubt in my mind that kaya’s tired, but she has never shown it on her face even once. No matter how unhappy she may be at work, she never complains about it when she is at home.

Her expression and tone of speech were always the same: “I worked hard today!” She always acts cheerfully and doesn’t say anything negative to avoid worrying me. The money earned from her hard labour goes to my school expenses as well as our living expenses.

Kaya also prepares meals, cleans the house, and does the laundry. I try to help her so she doesn’t have to worry about chores, but I still don’t think it’s enough.

I have to do my best…

The first thing I want to do is to save as much money as possible.
My current source of income is a bookstore. And I have my part-time job as a fake lover coming up in five days. If I’m solely concerned about the amount of money, the latter should be my top priority because I may be able to make a lot of money in a short period of time. This is a job where failure is not an option as it is directly related to your income.

While seasoning my dinner according to my taste, I was thinking about how to get loyal customers.

“What? A way to get the opposite sex to like you?”(Kaya)

“Yes, that’s right. I know it’s out of the blue, but I wanted to see if you have any advice”. (Ryoma) This was after finishing the curry and rice for dinner that Ryoma had asked Kaya this question.

Ryoma had been mulling over it for a long time now, but sadly no good thoughts had come to mind. He was embarrassed to ask Kaya, who was related to him by blood, about such a sensitive topic ……but he felt so concerned that he had no choice.

This was Ryoma’s first part-time job as a fake lover. It’s not like your typical part-time job, where you get instructions from your seniors at work and are taught things to do. Instead, you have to think and act on your own.

The only way for Ryoma to wipe away his anxiety and gain peace of mind was to throw away his shame.

“What’s wrong with you, Ryoma? Is it possible that you’ve found someone you like?”(Kaya)

“Yeah…I did.”(Ryoma)

I replied awkwardly, making a bitter smile. The whole “I like someone” thing is a complete lie. The whole purpose of this is to get repeat customers for my part-time job as a lover’s agent. Women are the ones who know best about women. For Ryoma, Kaya was the only person he could talk to.

Ryoma looked very serious when he was asking Kaya about her love life.

“I’m ashamed to say this, but…hahaha.” (Kaya)

It’s quite rare for a 20-year-old brother to seek love advice from his sister. This was the first time he had sought such assistance.

“Well, I can give you some advice, but it’s only common sense, okay?”(Kaya)

“Thank you, that’s good enough.”(Ryoma)

Ryoma took out his phone from his pocket and immediately started the memo app.

“What? Are you taking notes?” (Kaya)

“Yes, since simply listening to something isn’t enough to absorb it.”(Ryoma)

“You look desperate. Your eyes are so intense.”(Kaya)

“If I don’t take it seriously, I won’t get the results.”(Ryoma)

“You’re right, You’re right.”(Kaya)

Everyone takes their love relationships rather seriously, but Ryoma is arguably the most unique. He was making an effort to sound serious so that he could learn how to persuade his client to like him on his behalf. It has nothing to do with love impulses since Ryoma’s solely interested in making money from repeat clients.

“Then I’ll give you a shortlist of ways to get the opposite sex to like you…….”(Kaya)


“Whenever you can, give praise. Changes in dress and hairdo should be noted. It’s equally crucial, in my opinion, to perform modest acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. It can be as simple as having a cup of coffee after work.”(Kaya)

“Please take it a little slower, your speaking too quickly.”(Ryoma)

Kaya has been babbling non-stop.

The only thing Ryoma could make out so far were, ‘praise them when you can’ and ‘note their changes in clothing and hairstyle.’

“So, the Caligula effect, the Zion effect, cognitive dissonance theory, the law of similarity, the suspension bridge effect…”(Kaya)

“You’re contradicting everything you’ve said previously. What are those perplexing words?” (Ryoma)

Meanwhile, Kaya has just outlined a psychological strategy for garnering favour. If you could explain all of this, there is no doubt that you will be able to insert a tsukkomi saying,

“What are you prattling on about!?”

“To obtain a woman’s favour, Ryoma, you just need to know three or four ways. That’s why I mentioned all those things previously in order to emphasize my point.”(Kaya)

“What? Three or four is enough ……? From what I’ve heard, there seems to be a lot more.”(Ryoma)

“I know I’m speaking out of turn, but women are such obnoxious creatures. If I were to list down all the details of how to get a woman to like you, there would be no end to it. That’s why everyone is telling you to understand the female mind.”(Kaya)

“Oh, you could say that…”(Ryoma)

“That’s because there’s so much information that men can’t swallow when you explain it to them. Its for this reason, they say, “Understand the female mind. Because it’s too much of a bother to explain, or they don’t feel like articulating when they want you to act this way or that way, they always end up saying, “You have to comprehend the feminine mind.”
Perhaps it’s because Kaya is a woman, but she seems to have been hit with a hefty dose of persuasion.

“I’m not sure whether it’s just me, but I’m confident it’s a relatively large amount of people. Another thing you may do is clean her up and compliment her on how calm she is. Men are straightforward, but women are comparable in certain aspects. Therefore I think you should be aware of that initially. After you’ve completed that part, I’ll provide you with some more advice.”(Kaya)

“Okay, okay. Thanks.”(Ryoma)

In addition to “Praise where praise is due.” and “note changes in clothing and hairstyle,” Ryoma added, “Maintain a sense of cleanliness.” and “Read the air, then talk about something.” Believing in Kaya’s words, he set these four points as his first goal.

“Well, the most important thing is where to show your unique skills and drop them. In your case, you can’t use it until you get close to the other person, but it’s best to demonstrate your household skills. Because it’s the most powerful … Well, it would be nice if the other person made a porridge of white fish and took care of you while you are sick.”(Kaya)

“Why do you insist on eating white fish porridge? Isn’t egg porridge simpler to prepare?”(Ryoma) When Ryoma mentioned this, it showed that he was still but a child. However, Kaya had a strong reason for choosing white fish.

“It’s to demonstrate the time and effort you took to look after that certain individual so that you can show them how concerned you are. Let’s say you make egg porridge; you just have to plop it in, and it would be over, but if it’s fish, you have to remove the tiny bones carefully, am I right? What’s significant here is that the removed bones aren’t thrown away but rather placed in the triangle corner.”(Kaya)

“Wouldn’t that make the job harder for them?” Ryoma wondered. You should dump them in the garbage rather than leave them there since they have a cold.

“But that’s the only way for you to get the respect you deserve. Since you’re always in the kitchen, it’s a little hard for them to notice that the tiny bones have been removed, right?”(Kaya)


“That’s correct. Then they would believe. ‘You did your best to remove the little bones, seeing that I am ill,’ That’s what the other person would think. ‘He went out of his way to make eating simpler for me.’ “(Kaya)

“You can’t be that much of a tactician!?”(Ryoma)

“Love is a battle of knowledge, you know. The more knowledge you have, the more popular you can become, but that only works if the person is naive. A cold is an excellent target. When you’re weak, the generosity you feel is far too tremendous to place into words.”(Kaya)

I’m absolutely terrified…What a methodical approach to getting others to like you. Despite Ryoma’s claims to the contrary, this is the most crucial approach for making money.

“Another thing I would do if I ever thought of giving her shoes as a gift would be to take her to the bowling centre first. You’d better remember this because it will come in handy soon.”(Kaya)

“I don’t understand anymore. Why bowling?”(Ryoma)

“First of all, when you rent your bowling shoes, you’ll naturally know the size of your feet, yes? It applies to the other person as well, so you can simply say, [You have small feet. What size are they?] It’s pretty easy to obtain such information.” (Kaya)


“If I bring up shoe size outside of that, she’s assuming I’m going to give her a gift, and if that’s the case, she’ll be less than happy to receive it, right? Because she is aware of it to a certain extent. So if you worry about how she’s going to react, you’ve already disqualified yourself.” (Kaya)


This was the moment Ryoma discovered the true depth of love.

“Kaya onee chan……. What kind of love experience have you had so far?”(Ryoma)

“I? That’s a secret. For the time being, just simply do your best. If you were at my level, you could easily use this knowledge to pick up a certain amount of men.”


Ryoma was amazed at how easily Kaya could say all this. With his mouth half-open, he quickly jotted down all of this information in his notes.

Ryoma, who had lots of free time, hurriedly reviewed the notes until Saturday, the day of the request.

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