What Happens If You Saved A High School Girl Who Was About To Jump Off? V1: Prologue – Woman

I want a girlfriend.

I really want a girlfriend.

I really do want a girlfriend.

Yuuki Yuusuke, a second year in high school, suddenly had this thought two days ago.

Until that point, one could say that he hadn’t been interested in a romantic relationship at all. Rather, you could say that he didn’t have the time for it. Yuuki, who lost his father in middle school, had to take a part-time job for his living expenses and always had to keep his grades at the top of the school year as a scholarship student, who was exempt from all high school tuition fees and received support for rent.

When he heard his classmates saying things like “XX-san is the idol of the school,” or “OO-senpai is the prince,” he would face his reference book and, I’m oh-so envious of your spare time, cursed alone. And after school, he’d spend days doing nothing but his part-time job for living expenses.

Such Yuuki thought of wanting a girlfriend when he, late at night, came home from his part-time job.

As usual, he turned on the light in the dark room of his apartment, and switched on the water heater for the bath. And as he peeled off the wrapper of his convenience store lunchbox, while thinking of what subject he should study before going to bed.

“…I want a girlfriend”

Such words had slipped out of his mouth before he knew it.

Surprised, he ruminnated the words he just spoke out.

I want a girlfriend.

I said it myself that I wanted a girlfriend.

“Tha-that’s right. If I think about it, I guess it’s not surprising…”

Yuuki Yuusuke tended to be a bit more stoic compared to other people his age, but he was a healthy, seventeen years old young man. It’s natural to want to have a girlfriend. He’s after all a human.

“What a joke, now I… want a girlfriend…”

However, well, just because I thought and said it, it’s not something I can immediately realize, he thought.

As usual, that day he ate dinner, entered the bath, studied, and went to bed. However, once the flame of puberty was lit, it’d keep increasing its heat.

Even the next day, throughout the day his head was filled with nothing but going on a date with the girlfriend he never had and all that. And finally, during mathematics class.

(cos β − cos α) 2 + (sin α − sin β) 2 = I want a girlfriend

I had just created a new and completely incomprehensible formula like this, and it really is getting bad, he thought.

“I want a girlfriend way too much…”

Well then.

On that very same day, Yuuki was also walking on the usual road after he finished his part-time job and bought his meal from the convenience store.

It was raining. While holding his umbrella, Yuuki was memorizing Japanese history.

“Ieyasu, Hidetada, Iemitsu, I want a girlfriend… that’s not it. Ienobu, Ietsugu, Yoshimune, I want a girlfriend… Aaah damn it!!”

The fifth and ninth general became “Tokugawa I Want A Girlfriend”. At this rate, it won’t be long before I end up writing I Want A Girlfriend in the name field of an exam, won’t it?

How did it even end up like this…

One of my friends at school is a guy who seems to be the ultimate pervert, but I don’t think that his brain is this tainted in the pink direction.

“Aaa, this is really bad. And, I want a girlfriend,” he said. He then looked overhead, “Hmm? What’s that?”

It’s night and raining so I couldn’t see it clearly, but I felt like I saw the shadow of a person on top of an abandoned building across the street.

“Nuh-uh, there’s now way right,” he said. However, at this hour and under this weather, if someone were to be on top of an abandoned building… the objective can only be that, isn’t it, he couldn’t help but think so.

“…tsk,” and Yuuki began climbing the stairs of the abandoned building.

“Uugh, I really don’t want to do this,” Yuuki grumbled as he reached the rooftop.

On the other side of the waist-height fence surrounding the rooftop stood a girl. Moreover, on closer look, she’s wearing the uniform of a famous young lady’s school in the neighborhood. If I remember it right, I feel like the guys in class said that red ribbon means first year or something like that.

I wavered a bit, but after seeing this much, pretending I didn’t see anything would just hurt my conscience, he thought. And when he was about to call out to her.

The girl’s body leaned forward.

“Are you serious!!”

Yuuki immediately kicked the rooftop and rushed to the girl and held her body in his arms.


He put his strength into his arms and pulled the girl’s body back.

Perhaps because he was in a sports club back in middle school, or because the girl was light, the girl’s body went over the fence and collapsed onto the rooftop together with Yuuki.

Haa, haa, haa

While hearing the sound of his pounding heart, Yuuki turned towards the girl.

“Seriously, what the hell were you trying to do…,” said Yuuki.

At his words, the girl raised her face and, thump, Yuki’s heart flew even higher.

I’m surprised. She’s one hell of a beauty.

She was a girl who gave the exact impression of being a pretty Yamato Nadeshiko1. Her facial features looked gentle and well-ordered, and her waist-long black hair dripping with water from the rain was glossy. The body that was in his arms a moment ago was slim, but there were enough ups and downs in places where it’s necessary.

But right now is not the time for it.

“You, did you really intend to die?”

When Yuki asked, the girl’s shoulders jumped and she froze in place.

She didn’t say anything. But I knew that she’s awfully scared of me.

After a short time, the girl slowly nodded her head.

“I knew it, you completely threw your body out after all, huh,” muttered Yuuki.

“For the time being, what am I supposed to do in a time like this? Was it that? The parents or the police…,” said Yuuki, who then took out his phone.

The girl tugged at the hem of his shirt.

And then, without saying anything she shook her head a little.

“Well, but still”

As for Yuuki, he believed it’s up to the person themself to decide how to use their own life. However, having someone die in front of him would certainly be more than hurting his conscience.

However, in a small voice, in a truly small voice as if it’d disappear, “…Don’t… please, don’t do that…,” the girl said to him.

“Even if you told me that…”

Even Yuuki had his own reason for hesitating to just walk away and say “All right, sure”.

“Hey, those bruises, did something happen?”


The girl was surprised and hugged her own shoulders.

When he pulled her up earlier, part of her uniform opened up, and he saw the shirt she’s wearing underneath.

Now it’s raining.

Her shirt was sticking to her skin, and was slightly see-through.

Normally, this would be an erotic scene, but he just couldn’t help but see something that didn’t allow him to say that.

Those scars and bruises were clearly visible even through her shirt.

In the past, Yuki used to do sports so injuries and scars were an everyday occurrence.

That’s why he knew.

That this kind of wound, that left behind such a clear scar, didn’t come naturally.

Unless, it was an unmistakable intentional violence. Above all, it’s as if it’s aimed at places that would be hidden by her uniform. It shouldn’t have been hard to imagine what kind of things that had happened.

“I’m fine… really…”

As expected, he would also have a guilty conscience if he ignored the words of her, who appealed to him with such eyes, and handed her to the police.

Nonetheless, to leave her alone is…

“…Haah, I got it”

Yuuki put his phone away. For the time being, let’s have her calm down.

“Anyway, come to my home for now”


The girl looked at him with a curious look.

“Well, you’ll catch a cold if you stay like that, right?”

I knew I said it myself, but does someone who tried to die just now care about catching a cold?, he thought.

The sound of shower resounded in the 1DK2 where Yuuki lived.

“Actually, I guess this is the first time I’ve ever had a girl in my home,” said Yuuki to himself while sitting cross legged on the bed in the living room.

“…Thank you very much letting me use the shower”

The girl, who had just tried to jump from the rooftop a short while ago, came to the living room while wiping her long black hair with a towel. She was wearing a jersey that Yuuki lent her. Since Yuuki was on the taller side, she ended up having a lot of extra length.

However, a girl who had just come out of the bath had a certain charm that could make you want to admire it.

The girl stood still there in silence for a bit.

Aah, she doesn’t know where to sit, huh, Yuuki noticed.

“You can sit on the chair over there,” said Yuuki, and he pointed to a chair in front of the only desk in the room.

The girl made a small bow and sat on the chair.

Every one of her conduct was polite, or rather, beautiful. It made you feel that she had a good upbringing.



The girl cast her eyes down a little without saying anything, so the room was dominated by silence.

As things were not making any progress, Yuuki decided to try asking.

“I’m Yuuki Yuusuke. And you are?”

When asked by Yuuki, the girl jolted. Then she started to talk in a small voice.

“….Hatsushiro Kotori,” said the girl, Hatsushiro, in a hoarse voice that seemed to almost disappear.

“Hatsushiro, huh. Say, why were you trying to do something like that?”


At his words, Hatsushiro shut her eyes tightly, looked down, and remained silent.

Oh damn, thought Yuuki immediately after. It must’ve been quite a delicate subject, to the point of even giving up one’s own life. Since some time ago, she would cower in fear whenever Yuuki asked her about something, so there must be something going on.

“Aah, sorry. You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to”

“…Because I, don’t have it”


“Because I… don’t have any… reason to live…,” said Hatshushiro.

At the same time, there was a cold, bottomless darkness in her eyes that was almost frightening to see.

Aah, this is really bad. If I leave her alone, she will likely try to jump off again.

His friend had told him something like “In this world, there are people who keep saying they want to die, die, and die, but have no intention of dying. They’re attention seekers who just want you to pay attention to them,” however, this girl was the real deal, who seriously threw out her body just a while ago.

What to do. I wonder if there’s anything that can keep her away from doing so. Honestly, I think it’s a shame for a girl the same age as me to die. To top it off, she’s quite the beauty, too.

 Actually, this girl is really cute, isn’t she.

You’re much cuter compared to the idols and actresses on TV, you know. Perhaps because of such thoughts, next thing he knew, he was saying this.

“In that case, be my girlfriend then”


Hatsushiro tilted her head to the side.

“Hmm? Huh?”

Yuuki recalled what he himself said just now.

What did I say to this girl just now?

“Ah, well, wait a second. It’s different, okay, different. It’s that, about when you said you didn’t have any reason to live. So, you see, I thought if you had a boyfriend or something, it may give you a reason to live. And right now I just happen to want a girlfriend so badly, you see. Moreover, Hatsushiro is right in the middle of my strike zone and… Aah, what the hell am I saying, me!!”

Yuuki repeatedly headbutted his own pillow.

“It’s different, okay!! I don’t have that kind of intention by bringing you into my room, okay!! There’s absolutely none!!! At least there’s none when I brought you into my room!!”

“When you brought me… here, is it?”

“Yes!! I’m sorry!! Now it’s there!! I mean, you’re just incredibly cute, and you hit my taste right in the middle, too. And I want a girlfriend, too”

Yuuki buried his face into his pillow, and spoke in a mumbling voice.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind if you leave. There’s a person who wants a ghost girlfriend over here, so you’re probably feeling unsafe”

Yuuki mentioned a life form that made one want to say, “Ghost or alien, which is it?,” and he was at his wits’ end too much.

However, “…Fufu,” Hatsushiro made a small laugh.

Yuuki’s heart rate skyrocketed at the cuteness of the expression on her face she showed for the first time.

Then Hatsushiro stared directly at Yuuki’s face and said something he didn’t expect.

“I… don’t mind”

“…Eh? What?”

Yuuki said something like what a cliche romantic comedy protagonist would say.

“…I will become, your girlfriend”

Yuuki stopped moving, and couldn’t swallow the situation after suggesting it to her himself.

“If I may say so in return, would it be all right if I stay here for a while?”

“Eh? Aah, well. Looks like you’ve got some circumstances, too. And it’s also not weird for a person you’re dating to stay over at your home for a bit… Actually”

Yuuki asked.

“Are you sure? Even though me and Hatsushiro only just met”

“…Yes. I also don’t have any other places to go, nor things I want to do, and I think Yuuki-san is a good person because you didn’t force me to do this or that just because you saved me. Also…”


“…Umm, if you said things like ‘you’re cute’ or ‘you hit my taste right in the middle’ so straightforwardly… it will make me… happy…,” said Hatsushiro, while covering her face with both hands.

It’s fine for her to hide her face, but she’s all red up to her ears.

You’re just so cute, hey.

“…So with that, please take care of me, okay… My boyfriend”

“Ye-yeah. Likewise, take care of me, too, my… girlfriend”

Yuuki’s face was also all red.

TL notes:

^1. A Japanese term meaning the “personification of an idealized Japanese woman”, or “the epitome of pure, feminine beauty”; poised, decorous, kind, gentle, graceful, humble, patient, virtuous, respectful, benevolent, honest, charitable, faithful.

^2. One room apartment with dining and kitchen area

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  1. I can’t wait to read more of this. I want to learn more about her circumstances and what drove her to trying to jump off the roof. I mean it probably has something to do with the bruises. Maybe her parent are hitting her? Maybe she’s being bullied by jealous girls at school? Who knows but I’m curious. Thanks for picking this up.

    Thanks for the chapter:)



    I’ve Being waiting to read this light novel. Thank you so much for translating.


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