What Happens If You Saved A High School Girl Who Was About To Jump Off? V1: Chapter 1 – Holding Hands, Home Cooking

“…This place is”

Alone in Yuuki’s room, Hatsushiro Kotori woke up.

She looked at the clock and startled. The time was 1 p.m. Moreover, today was a weekday.

This is bad, I’m completely late.

‘───!! ───!!’

The moment she realized it, a familiar angry voice resounced inside her head.

“…Uu… Kuh

She was suffocating. Her chest hurt.

Scared. She was thoroughly scared.

Tears appeared in the corners of her eyes despite her having done nothing.

“…Haa, haa, haa”

She held her chest and put her breathing in order.

It’s fine. It is fine.

This is the home of the boy I met yesterday. It’s not that place.

It took her several minutes to finally calm herself down, and once again, Hatsushiro collapsed onto the futon.

Her body felt heavy like lead.

She couldn’t even muster up the energy to move a single finger.

“I must.. have been tired…”

Looks like I’ve been on my nerves the whole time, finally she realized.

“…I suppose, it’s fine to sleep for a bit more”

Yes… it’s probably.. fine.

This place is safe… I think. At least the place owner, who is probably at school now, is a kind person.

“But… before that”

Hatsushiro somehow managed to move her right hand and set the alarm for 4 p.m.

As expected, I think it’d be rude to not be awake and greet Yuuki when he comes back.

Moreover, Yuuki’s delight when I told him yesterday that I would be his girlfriend was amazing. It even made me happy, too.

If I greet him when he comes back, maybe he’ll be happy again.


Remembering it makes me smile naturally.

Okay, let’s sleep. I wonder when was the last time I could go back to sleep after waking up like this.

Hatsushiro wrapped herself in a blanket, slowly closed her eyes, and relaxed her body.

I got a girlfriend.

I got myself a girlfriend.

I really got myself a girlfriend.

This would make it appear to mean something else1, but anyway, Yuuki Yuusuke’s got himself a girlfriend.

Having his wish realized, Yuuki was so excited that his inner thought was tossing about, but then, he suddenly realized something.

Come to think of it, what are you supposed to do when you get a girlfriend?

Up until now, Yuuki had never been interested in romantic affairs to a degree that was extremely unhealthy for an adolescent boy.

Even the fantasies he has been having for the past three days, too, was what you’d call unclear. It was too abstract of a thing like having a girlfriend (fictitious) next to him, and doing something together that seemed to make you feel happy.

During the morning class, he spent it agonizing and thinking over this in the corner of his mind, but since he still couldn’t come up with any concrete idea when thinking about it on his own, he decided to ask one of the few friends he had, who was sitting behind him, on lunch break.

“Hey, Ootani. What kind of things do boyfriends and girlfriends in this world do?”

“Huh? Did you eat something weird?”

The one who suddenly responded with harsh words was Ootani Shouko. She was a well-built girl to some extent, who wore semi-rimless red glasses (One time, when she was honestly told, “You have a rather plump body,” she rebuked with “Call it well-fleshed”).

As for her appearance, she might give a slightly harsh impression, but she was actually quite refined. If she trimmed a little of fat, she would probably become an incredibly beautiful woman.

By the way, although their names were one character apart, she had no relation to a certain major league baseball player who could play both as a pitcher and fielder2 (dual-wielding). If pressed to say it, she was a dual-wielder of class president and manga club.

“Well, you know, you said you often draw romantic stuff, right. So I just thought you might know more about it”

“What I’m drawing is man-to-man stuffs, though”


“Actually, what, did you get a girlfriend?”

“Eh? Errr… well, umm, something like that”

I thought of hiding it because Hatsushiro also has her own circumstances, but it’d be insincere of me to ask for advice without revealing it, he thought.

Also, he’s at the age where he wanted to brag a little about getting a girlfriend.

His mouth naturally turned into a small smile.

“That smirk of yours is catastrophically annoying”

His expression must’ve been quite relaxed, and he ended up receiving harsh words.

“But you got a girlfriend, huh. I thought you didn’t even have a single atom of interest in something like that, though. What kind of girl?”

“What kind of girl?”

“Uh-huh,” said Yuuki, and he crossed his arms, tilted his head, and thought about it.

“Even if you asked what kind of girl, I only just met with her yesterday”

“What’s that? You met her and decided to date her on the very same day?”

Ootani, who seemed to be amazed, rested her chin on her hand and sighed.

“Well, fine. It’s probably something typical of you, too. And so, what do you do when you’re dating someone, is it?”

“Ye-yeah. That’s right. That. To put it bluntly, because I had no interest in it at all before, I don’t have any clue on what to do”

“I guess so. When it comes to dating, as expected it’s…”


“S○x, right?”

“…Do you have no shyness of a maiden or something”

“No, I don’t”

An immediate reply. And a manly one.

“You’re born from a fertilized egg, so what do you need to be shy about? Or maybe you don’t want to do it?”

“Well, of course I want to do it, but, ” 

He was, after all, a healthy seventeen years old. And a human.

“Look, there’s the order of things, right… She probably would also hate it, suddenly jumping into that… Besides, doing that isn’t all that makes a boyfriend and girlfriend, right? There’s also, like, wanting to flirt like this or like that”

“Ooh. You’re surprisingly maidenly”

Is that so? When it comes to guys around my age, do they only think about wanting to do it?

“Oh well. Let’s see, If I were to extract from shoujo mangas, romcom, and er○ge I’ve seen so far, then,”

Let’s pretend I didn’t hear the last one. Yuuki and the others were a wholesome, seventeen years old high school students. It’s compliance.

“It’s probably something like holding hands, I guess. It’s also a popular thing for guys to have their girlfriends make them home-cooked meal, you know”

“Holding hands, and home-cooked meal, huh”

Since there was no part-time job today, for the first time in a while, Yuuki decided to go home right after classes ended. It also has been a while since he returned home by daylight.

“Holding hands… Home cooking… Holding hands… Home cooking…,” muttered Yuuki as he was walking home. I might look quite like a suspicious person, but what Ootani had told me couldn’t get out of my head. Certainly, holding hands with a girlfriend was something I’d quite like to try. It goes without saying home cooking, too. Though, there is a question on how to ask Hatsushiro about this.

Well, since we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, it would probably be fine to say it directly, however, that’d be really embarrassing. Above all, if I were to ask her this while giving her a place to stay, it’d be like I’m forcing her to do something, wouldn’t it, thought Yuuki as he walked, and before he knew it, he had arrived in front of his home.

“…Holding hands… Home cooking… ”

He turned the door knob and opened the front door.

“…Ah. Welcome home, Yuuki-san”

“Holding hands!! Home cooking!!”


“Eh? Ah, wait a sec, just now doesn’t count, it doesn’t count!!”

Perhaps because he hadn’t been told “welcome home” for a long time, instead of saying “I’m home”, Yuuki ended up saying it in an excessively loud voice.

“I see, so that’s how it is”

“…Yes, that’s how it is”

Yuuki was sitting at the table in the living room facing Hatsushiro.

At the front door earlier, Hatsushiro heard the “Things I want to do now that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend” that he slipped out. Since it’d be unnatural to try to gloss it over, he immediately told her about it honestly.

It was also embarrassing to explain it from my own mouth, thought Yuuki, and then at the same time, “…Shall we try it,” Hatsushiro spoke.


“…Shall we try it, holding hands?,” said Hatsushiro, and she held out her right hand on top of the table.

“…Eh, are you really sure about this?”

“Y-yes. Yuuki-san is my boyfriend… after all…,” said Hatsushiro, whose face turned red, perhaps embarrassed to say it herself. Yuuki’s face turned hot, too, at the sight of his girlfriend’s foul play adorableness.

“Th-then, excuse me,” said Yuuki. Then, when he was about to reach out his hand, “Ah, umm,” Hatsushiro spoke in a small voice as if it was about to disappear.

“…If possible… please.. be gentle with me…”

“Ye-yeah, will do”

This is something I noticed from yesterday, but Hatsushiro becomes overly frightened whenever someone stretches out their hand to her or uses a slightly stronger tone.

That is why, holding hands must be done slowly, and gently.

“…All right”

Resolving himself for the second time, he extended out his hand.

Yuuki looked at Hatsushiro’s hand placed on the table with the palm facing the ceiling.

It was a white, small, and beautiful hand. It’s not filled with muscles, nor rugged like Yuuki’s.

Yuuki looked at Hatsushiro once again. Yeah, this girl really is beautiful. Gentle and well-ordered facial features, glossy long black hair, a slim but well-balanced figure. Her every single conduct is refined, too. Just about everything is the exact opposite of me, who has a slightly bad expression, short hair cut and evened up appropriately, crude conducts. For that reason, I’m charmed. For that reason, I’m nervous to touch her, thought Yuuki, while extending his hand. 

When Yuuki’s hand was about to touch Hatsushio’s hand, Yuuki noticed.


Hatsushiro was closing her eyes and trembling.

Usually, she would give the feeling of being calm and gentle, but right now, she is completely like a puppy afraid of getting punished.

I know the reason.

It’s the bruises and scars clearly visible from the lapel of the young ladies school uniform Hatsushiro is wearing.

These are fresh traces of violence I also saw yesterday.

I can only imagine the exact details of what happened, but Hatsushiro must be helplessly afraid of being touched by other people.

Yuuki’s expression relaxed and he withdrew his hand.

“Thanks, Hatsushiro”


Hatsusushiro raised her face, and looked at Yuuki with eyes wide open.

“You must be scared, right? And yet you tried told hands for me, that makes me happy”

“Tha-that’s not…”

Hatsushiro shook her head.

“…That won’t do, you are letting me stay here… so just that much is…”

“Don’t force yourself. It won’t make me happy unless you’re doing it happily, too”

Hatsushiro cast her eyes down, looking apologetic.

“…I’m… sorry. I’m just so scared… of people… I understand that Yuuki-san is a good person, but…”

“It’s fine. Just take it slowly, little by little,” said Yuuki, and he smiled at Hatsushiro.

“But you know what. Eventually, I do want to have a squeeze hug”

“…A squeeze hug?”

“Yeah. With both hands like this, and then squeeze,” said Yuuki, spreading his arms and hugging the pillow on top of the bed tightly.

Hatsushiro stared in wonder when she saw this.

“…Ah, are you maybe put off by this?”


Hatsushiro let out a small laugh. You’re really cute when laughing, hey. You just make me want to hug you right now, you know.

“…That’s right, I think it might take a little bit of time, but someday when I have sorted out my feelings, please do so, okay…”


“Ah, but, if I may say so in exchange, I will cook something for you since I can cook a little”

“Ah, really!?!”

Yuuki instantly got excited. It’s only natural. A girlfriend’s home-cooked meal was the romance of all men after all.

“Ah, but I’ve already bought meals from the convenience store”

“Then, I suppose it’ll be on tomorrow morning”

“Guess so. I’m looking forward to it!!”

Next morning.

As usual, Yuuki woke up slightly before six in the morning.

The alarm clock was set exactly at six. However, his body got into the habit of waking up at this hour, so it hasn’t been of much help. He himself was aware of being a reasonably good waker. However, today he got up with more vigour than usual.

“Oh yeah, a girlfriend’s home cooking!!”

His excitement was like that of an elementary school student on the day of a school excursion.

Now then, speaking of the girlfriend, she was still asleep on the futon laid out on the floor of the living room because the alarm hadn’t gone off yet.

Two days prior, Hatsushiro was using the bed, however, this time Hatsushiro told Yuuki to use the bed.

As for Yuuki, he wanted Hatsushiro to use the bed, however, even after he told her he didn’t mind it, Hatsushiro refrained and said “The owner is Yuuki-san, so you should use it”.

Let’s have her cook right away!!

“Hatsushiro, good mor…”

And that Hatshiro, she was asleep while curling and gripping the blanket tightly with her hands. Her expression was stiff, as if she was frightened of something.

“…I’m sorry… mom…,” Hatsushiro murmured in a small voice with her eyes closed.

“…I will… do my best… that’s why.. that’s why”

“…it’s all right, you should go get some rest,” Yuuki said in a small voice and turned off the alarm.

Without making a sound, Yuuki got ready to school, took out the meal he bought from a convenience store yesterday from the fridge, and put in on the table with chopsticks

And then he tore a single page from his notebook and wrote a memo.

“…I’m off,” said Yuuki in a small voice, who then left the room.

Yuuki, who arrived at school one hour before the start of the class as usual, opened up his reference book and started studying, again, as usual.

“You’re working yourself to the bone as ever”

It’s Ootani Shouko, someone with semi-rimless glasses and would probably be a beauty if she lost weight.

“Of course. Like I have time to relax and all that”

In the five available ranks of the scholarship system, Yuuki was at the highest with SA treatment. With SA treatment, he wasn’t just exempted from tuition and facility maintenance fees, but also helped with school excursion funds and rent. For Yuuki, who couldn’t expect any money at all from his parents, this was a welcome opportunity. However, the SA treatment required him to keep placing within the top five in the regular exams.

And to maintain it, it’s required to take an appropriate amount of effort.

“It’s important, isn’t it,” said Ootani as she sat on her seat and started reading a book.

The usual order of arrival at the classroom was always Yuuki in first place, and Ootani second. And then until the start of the class, Yuuki would solve the problems in his reference books in silence, while Ootani would read books silently.

Basically, there would be no words between the two during that time, however, today Ootani started to talk to him.

“So, did it go smoothly?”


“The things from yesterday”

“Aah, that, huh”

It’s hand-holding and home-cooked meal.

“Err, not yet. We couldn’t do it yesterday”

“Come on, that’s not interesting at all. Even though I took the trouble of telling you”

“…We have our own pace, all right”

“Says someone who confessed right after you met her”

Yuuki became unable to say anything when being told so. When I think about it now, I can only think there’s something wrong with me at that time.

And then.

The door of the classroom was opened with great force, and a single male student came flying in.

It’s Fujii Ryouta. One of Yuuki’s few friends, a second year male student and the ace of the baseball club.

He’s an uplifting existence, and the mood maker of the baseball club and his class. By the way, he was so good at shogi that he was able to defeat Yuuki in six moves, and had no relation with a certain professional shogi player3.

This man, excluding his slight noisinness, was within the top ten for brains in his school year. And as for his face, although he couldn’t have too flashy of a hairstyle due to school regulations, it was refreshing and handsome that would put even actors on TV to shame. His personality was also one that didn’t discriminate against anyone. He’s the so-called perfect man, however, he had only one flaw.


This man, not sure what’s in his head, but he’s been making approaches to Ootani Shouko like an idiot. No, Ootani was indeed a nice, easy-to-talk-to, and capable woman, however.

“You look absolutely wonderful today too!! Come date me!!”

“You’re so noisy in the morning. If you don’t shut up, I’ll have you plowed by a dirty old man in my manga”

“Such a spiteful you is also wonderful!!”

“Get out”

The Ootani in question was so unwelcome towards him.

Fujii shrugged his shoulders, and looked towards Yuuki.

“Say, Yuuki. Why do my feelings not get across? Even though I have such passionate feelings”

“Don’t you think it’s because you’re frivolous?,” said Yuuki, looking at Ootani’s direction.

“Because you’re frivolous, noisy, and you are tactless,” Ootani flatly declared. Whoah, this girl’s tough.

Yuuki then spoke to Fujii.

“Hey, if it’s you, you can pick and choose as many as you want, so why do you even continue attacking on someone who so clearly rejects you”

“Hmm? That’s a stupid question. Of course it’s because I love such Shouko-chan!!,” declared Fujii in a refreshing manner without a single shred of embarrassment. And this guy’s tough, too.

“There may be plenty of girls, but there’s only one Shouko-chan!! Or perhaps, if Yuuki has a girlfriend and then you get comfortable with another girl, would you break up with your girlfriend or two-timing?”

“I’m absolutely, not your girlfriend”

“In my brain, we’ve even booked a wedding venue, you know”

“I’m really going to make a new story about a baseball club’s ace who gets gang r◯ped by a bunch of homeless old men”

Again, indifferent towards the start of idiotic exchanges of the two, “Uh-huh,” Yuuki crossed his arms.

“There may be plenty of other girls, but there’s only one Shouko… is it. Well, certainly. I also can’t imagine any other woman but her”

“Yes? Eh? That way of putting it, eh, seriously? Yuuki, you got a girlfriend?”

As if it weren’t already enough, Fujii was surprised with eyes very wide open. His precious handsome face was falling apart. If the girls in class were to see this, they’d cry.

Fujii looked at Ootani for confirmation.

“Yeah, that’s right. Surprising, isn’t it”

“…Are you for real”

“It’s nothing to be that surprised about,” grumbled Yuuki. Ootani was the same, but apparently, it was rather shocking news for people who knew Yuuki.

Fujii sighed, returned back to his usual handsome man and spoke.

“Well, I’m happy for you. I was thinking that you should also enjoy your youth a little more, you know”

“Hmm? Why?”

“Well, I was thinking that you’re too tense after all, you know. I understand that it’s hard to keep up the scholarship student status, though”

“Is it?”

“It is. I mean, I never saw you playing around at all”

As a result of immersing himself only in studying and part-time job since his enrollment, Yuuki was not really self-aware of that fact.

“…Actually, are you not going to play baseball again, Yuuki?”

Yuuking scratched his head a little and spoke.

“Well, it’s not like I have the reason to, and I don’t have time for it”

“I see… But well, you better get along with your girlfriend!! Next time let’s have a double-date, okay, Shouko-chan!!”


Fujii was glared at by Ootani with everything she got.

Hatsushiro had a dream.

Inside the dream, her little self was crying and shouting.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was being selfish. I’ll be a good girl, that’s why please, please, that person…

Hatsushiro hugged the futon tightly.

Only when she had something covering her body like this did it feel as if the world was completely separated from her, which made her feel a little better.

When she opened her eyes slightly, she saw the clock.

Hatsushiro grew pale in an instant.

Oh no.

It’s already 5 p.m. Even though I’ve promised to cook for Yuuki.

‘──!! ──!!’

An angry voice resounded inside her head.


I’ve done it. Feelings of guilt whirled around inside her head. Rather, she wanted to disappear just like that.

“At any rate, I have to get up…”

Even if she disappeared, it didn’t change the fact that she overslept.

She tried to get up, but her body was heavier than yesterday. Apparently, the exhaustion of the past three days had begun to show in earnest.

When she somehow managed to raise her body, she noticed the meal from the convenience store placed on the table. There was even a pair of disposable chopsticks.

And it’s accompanied with a memo on a piece of paper from a notebook.

‘This salmon box meal is super tasty, I recommend it!!’


Aah… He’s so kind.

Her heart, which was turbulent until a short while ago, became calm.

“…Thank you for the meal”

Hatsushiro opened the lid of the convenience store box meal and started eating.

The meal was an industrially mass-produced product and a little cold, but for every bite she took, warmth built up deep inside her chest.

“Thank you very much, Yuuki-san”

That warmth almost brought tears to her eyes.

“…Yes, it’s tasty”

I think this might be the first time in a long time that I’ve eaten food that I thought was tasty.

“I wonder if there’s something I can do for Yuuki-san…”

I’ve been only on the receiving end of various things since yesterday.

“…All right”

Hatsushiro finished eating her meal. She then got up and walked to the kitchen.

After classes ended, Yuuki immediately headed to his part-time job.

He worked diligently, busting his butt. After finishing work, Yuuki was walking home.

The time was already past 9 p.m.

Waking up early in the morning, going to school and studying, working on a part-time job until this hour, studying again once he got home, then going to sleep. It’s just another day as usual.

“When I think about it this way, I think I might’ve have done nothing but studying and working”

I’m not complaining since I’m just doing what I have to do, but I feel Like I understand why Fujii said that.

“But well!! I do have a girlfriend now!!”

You can’t say I’m not enjoying my youth anymore.

“Well, we still couldn’t do any lover-like things, though. It’ll be from now on, yeah, from now on…,” he mumbled such things as he walked, and then he arrived at his apartment. He climbed up the stairs, and then opened the door to his apartment.

“We-welcome home, Yuuki-san”


Hatsushiro, wearing an apron and with his black hair in a ponytail, greeted him.

Like yesterday, the room which was usually dark when he returned was lit up.

“…Is something the matter?”

“A, aah, no. It’s nothing. I’m home, Hatsushiro”

“…Yes. And so, Yuuki-san… I’m sorry about this morning. Even though I had promised, I ended up oversleeping,” Hatsushiro said in a gloomy voice and bowed deeply.

Her body was also trembling slightly. As for Yuuki, he was the one who turned off the alarm in the first place, so there’s nothing to be angry about. I think it might be better to tell her this immediately.

“I’m not angry, so raise your face”

“…Are you sure?”

“Of course”

“…I suppose.. so. Yuuki-san is that kind of person, isn’t it…”

“It’s fine if you make a meal for me when you have time, okay,” said Yuuki, and then Hatsushiro’s expression brightened a little.

“Yes. Everything is ready, so please come on in”


Yuki did as he was told and walked to the living room, following Hatsushiro. And then, the smell of broth was slightly drifting in the air.

…Thi-this is.

Don’t tell me…!!

“I’ve taken the liberty of using what I found inside the fridge. I couldn’t make anything too elaborate, though”


Yuuki made a gut pose in his mind.

“Wah, i-is something the matter, so sudden like this”

“Ah, I’m sorry”

Apparently, it was not only in his mind, but he actually made a gut pose.

It couldn’t be helped. It’s because, after all.


Without delay, Yuuki washed his hands, and then sat cross-legged in front of the table.

The menu was stewed noodles.

“Umm, I’m truly sorry… that I couldn’t make anything too elaborate”

“No no, it’s totally fine!!! I’m totally happy!! I’m really super duper happy!! It’s in the top three of things that have made me happy in my life!!”

“Well then, let’s dig in,” said Yuuki clasping his hands. Then he picked up his chopsticks.

Firstly, tasting the soup.

Ah, it’s good.

What’s this, this is just totally different than when I’m making it.

Though, I can’t hide my surprise at the difference in taste in taste between this dish and a typical man’s dish that I cook myself very rarely, which is just defrosting frozen noodles and pouring some noodle soup base. She should be using the same frozen noodles, but how in the hell could it be so different? Each and every ingredient, all of it is soaked in the soup and is delicious.

…Aaa, it touched me. It’s really a heart touching taste.

He’s savouring the happiness of having a girlfriend who can make him eat this kind of food while absorbed in slurping the stewed noodles.


Hatsushiro was staring intently at such a sight of Yuuki with an uneasy expression.

Oh yeah, that’s right, Yuuki realized.

It’s so delicious that I ended up forgetting an important thing.

“It’s incredibly delicious. Thanks, Hatsushiro”

“…Y-yes. Thank you very much. I’m… glad,” said Hatsushiro, who blushed from embarrassment.

OOOH, that’s really cute.

Yuuki looked at him.

Come to think of it, I just realized it this late but she looks so good with her hair in a ponytail and an apron on it’s worth dying for. What’s with this newly-married woman feeling?

I feel my brain being eaten by happiness real hard.

A girlfriend’s home cooking is one hell of an event. I never thought it’d be this much.

And then, he finished eating it in a flash.

“…Tha-that was delicious. Frankly, I want to eat more, though”

“A-as expected of a boy… I thought I had made quite a lot, though. Umm, since we have the ingredients, would you like me to make you another one?”

“Eh? Are you sure?”

If there’s leftovers from the one she made I think it’s fine, but it’d feel awkward to have her cook another one from scratch.

However… yeah, I do still want to eat more. I can’t lie about my feelings in front of this taste.

“Then, a second please”


In that moment, when Yuuki stretched his hand to the bowl wanting to hand it to her and Hatsushiro stretched her hand to the bowl wanting to take it, their hands accidentally touched.


And then, without either of them knowing it, their palms came together. The soft sensation of Hatsushiro’s hand was transmitted through his palm.


“…Are you, okay?”

Hatsushiro’s hand that came into contact was indeed trembling, though slightly.

Yuuki tried to pull his hand away, however to his surprise, Hatsushiro’s fingers wrapped his hand.

Surprised, he raised his face and looked at Hatsushiro.

“…I would be lying, if I say I’m not scared…,”said Hatsushiro, with a face that was even redder than before.

“But, more than that, I’m happy…”

“I see…”

“…Yes, I am. That’s why, can we stay like this, a little longer…”




SIlence gently enveloped the living room. On the other hand, if we were to sum up Yuuki’s thoughts in one word.


It’d be that.

What the hell, isn’t my girlfriend just too cute. We’re finally holding hands, too. Aah, is this going to be fine? Am I going to die today?

And then Hatsushiro, without knowing Yuuki’s inner thoughts, tightly squeezed their joined hands. And finally, with a pleasant, happy, and at ease expression, “…It’s warm,” she muttered this.


“Hatsushiro should eat, too”

“Ah, yes. Bon appétit”


“It is delicious”

(Yes, you’re cute)

TL notes:

^1. I think the joke here was the fact that the word “kanojo” could mean “girlfriend” or the pronoun “her”. So I assume it could be seen as “I got her”

^2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shohei_Ohtani

^3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C5%8Dta_Fujii Probably referring to this

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