I Started Working As A Lover Agent, And For Some Reason, I’m Receiving Requests From Beauties V1: Prologue – Part 4

TL: sleepy Pop

It was a Saturday at the university where there were only morning classes. The lecture had just ended, and the classroom was buzzing with activity.

Himeno was placing her study materials back into her bag with the other students who were getting ready to go home.

However, Himeno’s appearance, on the other hand, was different from usual. She was looking around restlessly, clasping her hands together while her amethyst-coloured eyes repeatedly darted back and forth to the clock. There was only one possible explanation as to why this was happening.

A few days ago, Himeno had made an appointment with Farfalle, a lover’s agency service, At 16:00, which is today.

It was relatively easy to make a reservation.

Navigate to the request page at the top of the Farfalle website and enter the desired age and appearance of the substitute. You may, of course, leave it up to the company. After that, you decide your preferred date, time and meeting location, inform the agency what you are wearing on the date, and pay the agency fees. When you arrive at the meeting location on the scheduled day, notify the firm. Following the date, you will be contacted within an hour to answer a questionnaire about your impressions and assessments of the agent.

Farfalle, one of the lover’s agent service benefits is that the firm dispatches the correct individual to the customer. The standard agency charge is 10,000 yen, but the firm provides reassurance: “If you are not satisfied, the company will fully reimburse the agency fee.”

Despite the fact that it is a replacement, you will be spending time with someone you have never met before. It’s reassuring for Himeno to know that the firm has faith in its dispatchers, but there are only around three hours before the deadline. Himeno is becoming increasingly concerned as time steadily approaches.

“Hey, what’s wrong with Hime?”(Ami)


That’s when Ami, who was sitting next to me, suddenly called out to me.

“I’m not saying what, but what’s the matter with you. Ever since a while ago, you were acting so nervous. Are you putting off going to the toilet? Why don’t you hurry up and go now that the lecture is over?”(Ami)

“I’m not using the restroom.”(Himeno)

“Then what’s wrong? You look completely different from usual.”(Ami)

“…… Ami’s mistaken.”(Himeno)

“Well, it’s definitely not a mistake. I can tell that much just by looking at you.”(Ami)

Ami was the first friend Himeno made when she entered this university. Ami’s observational abilities were above average. Perhaps because of that ability, Ami could detect the emotions of the quiet Himeno.

“Well, I hope it’s not too bad in the direction of your health, okay? I want you to be completely honest with me about this.”(Ami)

“I’m feeling fine.”(Himeno)

“That’s good.”(Ami)

By her direct remarks, she had already deduced that there was something wrong with her. Ami, on the other hand, was concerned about Himeno’s health and called out to her. I nodded to ensure that I didn’t dismiss Kokuri’s worry.

“Yeah, yeah! If you’re not feeling sick, I’ll ask you! Do you have any business to attend to, Himeno?”(Ami)


“You know what? I heard that the tapioca shop inside IYON had released a Japanese chestnut smoothie! But, unfortunately, it’s only available this time of year, so I think I have no choice but to drink it!”(Ami)


As soon as she heard Ami’s words, Himeno’s face lit up with dismay. Her amethyst-coloured eyes opened wide and blinked repeatedly.

“What? What’s wrong with your reaction? Aren’t you acting really strange today?”(Ami)

“No, I’m not. I’m fine.”(Himeno)

“So, what are your plans for today? No plans?”(Ami)

“I have…….”(Himeno)

“Oh, you do? Really? Damn, you have ……? Then I guess I’ll have to invite another friend…….”(Ami)

Ami’s shoulders slumped as she heard the mimetic word “gaan”, but she quickly changed her mind.

“I’m definitely going to have a Japanese chestnut smoothie today! “(Ami)

Himeno felt Ami’s strong will through her words.

“Are you going today, Ami?”(Himeno)

“Well, I’ve been curious about it for a long time, and today is a perfect Saturday for a day out! So if we can have our favourite Japanese chestnut smoothie topped with tapioca, we have no choice but to go!”(Ami)

“Ami, tapioca makes you fat.”(Himeno)

“I’ll exercise, so I’ll be fine!”(Ami)

“Tapioca has the same calories as tonkotsu ramen. It makes you fat.”(Himeno)

“You’re unusually eloquent. What? Is there something wrong if we go to that restaurant? Hmmm… Maybe it’s not about the restaurant, but about Iyon?”(Ami)

“It’s …… nothing special.”(Himeno)

It’s not that I don’t like it,” she muttered, curling her forefinger around the strand of her silver hair, which extended to her cheeks. It’s a very obvious reaction.

“Hmm, there are inconvenient things..”(Himeno)

Even if you don’t have a sharp intuition, you can quickly notice this. However, it is Himeno who has decided to keep this matter a secret. Himeno, who kept saying that she didn’t need a boyfriend, is planning to date in Yeon today.

“Hey, what is that inconvenience?”(Ami)


“I see, I see. It looks like you can’t tell me.”(Ami)


Himeno used an effective technique, silence, when she was in a bad position. She tried not to give away any more information.

“Well, maybe I can meet Himeno if I go to IYON today? Himeno usually wears Gothic Lolita fashion, so I’m confident that I’ll find you soon.”(Ami)

“Oh, I can’t meet you.”(Himeno)

“So you don’t think it’s wrong for us to go to IYON?”(Ami)

“I didn’t say it was wrong.”(Himeno)

“That’s true, but you’re giving off a vibe like ‘Don’t ever come to Yi-Yeon! “(Ami)

“…… No, that’s not true.”(Himeno)

Although she denied it with her mouth, Himeno wanted to complain, saying, “Why today ……?

You can’t help but imagine what they would say if they saw you on a date.

I’m not sure if it’s because they would misunderstand that I have a boyfriend or because they found out that I was using a substitute. Either way, it would be a very awkward situation.

“Well, I’m shocked about a lot of things. It means that Himeno is prioritizing her friends over us.”(Ami)

“I had planned it first. Then, of course, I would prioritize that person.”(Himeno)

“Oh, that’s right! I’m sure it can’t be helped!”(Ami)


Even though she convinced Ami, Himeno couldn’t shake off her anxiety. She had already told Farfalle, her boyfriend agency, where she was going on a date and what she would wear.

 There was no way she could change her mind now, and as she had never been on a date before, she had no idea where else to go except to a large commercial facility or IYON. All she could do was hope that she would not meet Ami.

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