What Happens If You Saved A High School Girl Who Was About To Jump Off? V1: Chapter 2 – I Want To Give A Present

My girlfriend is too cute.

My girlfriend is just too cute.

My girlfriend really is just too cute.

“…Hey, my girlfriend is just too cute. What do you think I should do?”

“Don’t care”

Yuuki was brushed aside by Ootani who was reading manga after he asked such a thing during lunch break.

However, Yuuki, who was in high excitement, didn’t stop there.

“But you know, just please look at this, look,” said Yuuki, as he pointed at the lunch box on top of his desk.

It was an ordinary, yet courteous and warm homemade lunch box with fried egg, sautéd and simmered burdocks and carrots, fried meat, stir fried vegetables, and rice covered with minced chicken.

“It does look delicious”

“You’re wrong!! It is crazy delicious, I tell you!!”

“…You’re annoying”

He felt that Ootani had said something, however, Yuuki decided to ignore it.

By the way, it didn’t stop with just this lunch box. Everyday Hatsuhiro prepared breakfast, dinner, and his own lunch box ever since the day she first cooked for him. Thanks to this, his physical condition became awfully good these past few days. Convenience store meals really were unbalanced in all sorts of ways.

Today too, Hatsushiro would probably be waiting for him in his room with the lights on and warm food cooked for him when he got home from his part-time job.

“I truly, truly am grateful”

I can’t thank her enough.

“And well, I want to do something for her as a thank you, you see. Something that girls will be happy about”

“Hmm, then how about giving a present or something?,” said Ootani, showing the manga she was reading to him.

In it was a girl drawn with a fine touch happily hugging a stuffed bear, which was a gift from her boyfriend.

“I see, that’s certainly…”

I certainly have heard that girls love cute things.

Inside his brain, Yuuki replaced the heroine in the manga with Hatsushiro.

She received the stuffed toy given to her while blushing, and then, ‘Thank you very much (hugging the stuffed toy tightly).’ 


“You really are extremely annoying lately…”

“A stuffed toy for a present, is it?”

“Yeah, as a thank you for always cooking me food and all”

In the evening of the very same day, Yuuki decided to talk to Hatsushiro about the matter of the present during dinner without delay.

However, “No, such a thing, you really don’t have to…,” Hatsushiro said immediately as she shook her head.

“I’m already having you pay the food expenses for two people… I can not afford to burden you any more than this…”

“Well, you really don’t have to worry about it. It might appear so, but I don’t have other things to do, so all I’ve been doing was working and studying. And so I’ve got a good amount of savings”

At precisely this point, it’s perfectly sufficient to pay for food and utility expenses for the two of them for about another six months.

However, “No, even so… it’s fine really, for someone like me…,” said Hatsushiro, hanging her head down.

I thought she’d be happy, but I had never thought she’d be feeling so sorry like this.

Even so, she said “Someone like me”, but Hatsushiro’s look is cute, her personality is also calm and gentle, and she’s also making me this delicious food everyday.

By the way, today’s menu was omurice. The egg was nicely seasoned and extremely delicious. You could eat it endlessly. She’s a wonderful girlfriend, that merely buying a stuffed toy or two, or even no matter how many stuffed toys were bought it wouldn’t feel like it’s wasted.

“Ah well, in that case let’s do this. You can look up what you want on your phone or something later. Anything is fine as long as it’s not that expensive, okay… wait, that reminds me, you said you didn’t have a phone, didn’t you”

That’s right, Hatushiro didn’t have a phone in this day and age. According to what he’d heard from her, it’s not that she left it at her home, but she never had it to begin with.

“Actually, aren’t you not having anything to do when I’m at school or work?”

He said it himself, however, Yuuki’s room was what you’d call bleak. Anyway, it didn’t have many things in it.

There were only reference books, a desk, and a table, with nothing there as an entertainment to pass time.

If she has a smartphone to play games or surf the web, I think she could avoid boredom, though.

“I’m borrowing your reference books to study, so I’m fine”

“You said that, but aren’t you bored with only that?”

“Fufufu, are you saying that, Yuuki-san”

“I can’t say anything if you told me that. I’ve been called something like ‘a man with grayful youth’ by that Ootani too, after all”

Anyhow, he was a boring human who had done nothing but study and work, a fact recognized by himself and others.

“It’s just, well… I think it’s not gray now. After all, you’re there when I get home. It’s really a nice thing, you know, to have someone there when you get home,” said Yuuki, slowly taking Hatsushiro’s hand.

Hatsushiro also grasped back the hand with her slender fingers.

Ever since the first day they held hands, Hatsushiro had become able to do no more than holding hands together like this.



“…The time I spent cooking and cleaning while waiting Yuuki-san to come home, I like it, you know”

“…I see”




The next day.

On the way home from school, Yuuki visited a phone store in a nearby shopping mall.

“Uh-huh. I came here thinking about buying one for Hatsushiro, but on second thought, minors have to get parental consent to buy one, don’t they”

Actually, how is it that she has been at my place for almost a week now yet there’s no particular commotion about it? Do her parents not file a missing person report or something? Even a school would probably take action if you didn’t go to school for a while.

“Wait, in the first place, when I consider the base price or the basic rate, Hatsushiro will definitely refrain, won’t she. Even a stuffed toy already makes her feel awfully sorry”

I think it’s wonderful that she’s an incredibly good girl, but I also think she’s unfortunately too much of a good girl. It’s fine for her to be a little more selfish, however…

“Sheesh, guess I’ll just go buy it without telling her. Hmmm, but if I do that, it might make Hatsushiro feel too sorry and make it hard for her to be there at home”

I want to express my daily gratitude for her in some form, but it’s meaningless if she’s not pleased about it.

While thinking such things, Yuuki, who was walking aimlessly around the shopping mall looking for something good to buy, stopped his feet when he saw an advertisement.

“…If it’s this I think it might be fine”

“I’m home”

“Welcome home, Yuuki-san”

As usual, Hatsushiro greeted Yuuki when he got home.

“You mentioned that you didn’t have a part-time job today, which is unusual, but you were a little late, isn’t it”

“Yeah, I just had some something to buy”

Hatsushiro tilted her head.

Yuuki took out the thing he bought in the shopping mall toy section from the paper bag.

“…A game console, is it?”

“Yeah. A game I played in the past got a remake, you see. I got so nostalgic that I ended up buying it. Well, I was thinking maybe I could take a breather from studying. Leaving that aside, I guess food comes first. I’m starving”

“Ah, of course. It’s grilled fish today”

Hatsushiro’s repertoire was centered around Japanese-style food. What could be said was that it’s carefully seasoned and reminded him of his own grandmother, which made him feel at ease when eating.

Today’s dinner was also delicious.

“Well then,” said Yuuki, as he plugged it into the monitor’s port.

What Yuuki bought was a hardware called PW4 and a software called “The Legend of The Sacred Spear 3.”

It was a game he played when he was still quite small at a friend’s house, and he remembered having a lot of fun playing it.

By the way, this monitor was something Ootani pushed to him before as she no longer needed it and had been collecting dust without being used at all.

“Oh, here it comes”

The opening movie was shown on the monitor.

Hatsushiro, who probably had never seen a game much herself before, was watching the video with really great interest.

“…It’s pretty, isn’t it”

“I guess so. The one I played in the past was in pixel art, and the characters weren’t even voiced. So it really surprised me how far technology has come lately”

Well, I like the old pixel arts because they have their own charm, though.

Yuuki picked up the controller.

“All right, let’s do this. Here, Hatsushiro”


Hatsushiro’s eyes blinked repeatedly when she saw the controller of the second player I held out to her.1

“This game, it can be played by two people. Since I’ve already bought it, can we play together?”


Hatsushiro timidly extended her hand to the controller. It’s completely like she’s thinking if it’s okay for her to touch such a thing.

“Please, Hatsushiro… okay?”


When I asked her once again with the softest tone possible, Hatsushiro took the controller.

It was irresistibly cute seeing her fiddling all over it with a great interest despite being slightly at loss by the first time feeling.

“Well then, game start”

As it turned out, Hatsushiro was really seriously a beginner at games.

First, she didn’t know the basic standard of the A button and B button. If you were the same generation as Yuuki, anyone would at least know that the A button was for confirming, and B button was for cancelling, and it’s only natural that your hands would move naturally, however, Hatsushiro made mistakes many times, and bowed her head with “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Therefore, the controlling itself was outrageously incongruous.

Even now, they’re in the middle of battle and Hatsushiro’s chosen human beast character was endlessly swinging combos where no one else was. It was a bizarre behaviour as if he had taken Tam◯flu.

“I-I’m sorry, Yuuki-san. I will go there immediately!! Err, yah!!,” said Hatsushiro, tilting the stick heartily with her whole body.

This action resulted in Hatsushiro’s human beast character to somehow run in the opposite direction of the enemies and keep on moving forward in front of a rock at the edge of the stage. I wonder where she intends to go. Could it be H◯warts?

“Phew. That’s close. Somehow managed to take it down”

Yuuki somehow managed to kill the enemy alone. His HP was in the red.

“The enemies are also getting stronger from this point, huh. Ah, a goddess statue that can heal. What a generous design. The timing is just right, so let’s wrap it up here for today,” said Yuuki, saving the game and then turning off the power.

“…Uuu, I’m sorry. I was only dragging you down”

It was Hatsushiro, who had been apologizing for a while now.

“Well, that’s just how it is at first. So, how was it?”

Being asked this, Hatsushiro was fiddling her long black hair with her right hand, looking a bit troubled.

Though he just grasped it recently, this was a habit of hers when she’s hesitating whether it’s fine to say what she’s thinking. Yuuki had decided to patiently wait until Hatsushiro’s made up her mind.

Before long, Hatsushiro opened her small mouth and spoke apologetically.

“Umm… I have troubled you many times and I think It would be imprudent of me to say this, but… umm… it was fun”

Hearing this, Yuuki was, YESS!!!, making a guts pose in his mind.

“Umm, Yuuki-san. Is something the matter? Making a guts pose all of sudden like this”

“Eh? Ah, no no, it’s nothing, don’t mind it. Well, but, you know what, you’re really bad at this, huh”


“So there you go. You should practice using other save data if you feel like it. You see, this is a game where you can advance through the scenario by yourself”

“Eh, ah, yes. You’re right. I can’t afford to inconvenience you again”

“Yeah, that’s it, Now then, I’m going to take a bath now,” said Yuuki as he stood up and stretched his body, seemingly satisfied.

With this, she should be able to pass the time while alone for a bit.

Besides, I had fun myself. Aah, come to think of it, I wonder how long it’s been since I played a game and had fun…

I ended up cutting my study time a little, but this kind of time is not bad, thought Yuuki.

“Ooh, a girlfriend and a game, huh”

The next day after playing a game with Hatsushiro.

On lunch break at school as usual. Ootani commented while eating the school store’s cutlet sandwich.

“Yeah. I’m glad that Hatsushiro seemed to be enjoying herself, too. And she’s perhaps practicing right about now… hmm? What’s wrong, making surprised look like that”

“Well, that you’re being thoughtful like that is just surprising”

“Hold on a sec. Doesn’t that make me completely sound like a thoughtless person usually”


“Hey, stop that taken aback face as if you’re saying ‘Did he really not have self-awareness?’”

“I’m just joking. You’re hard to understand, but you regularly pay attention to other people. You’re truly hard to understand, though. You’re as hard to understand as the difference between the Shounan-Shinjuku Line to Takasaki and Shounan-Shinjuku Line to Kagohara”

“That analogy is hard to understand!!”

But well, certainly, I did go to Tokyo once and when returning I made a mistake by getting on a train car to Kagohara, though.

“And this time, I guess you came out as easy to understand. Your girlfriend… Hatsushiro-san was it? You bought the game for that girl, right? You took the trouble to make her not refrain herself by saying things like ‘I feel nostalgic myself, so play with me’ or ‘You should practice for the next time we play together’”

Ootani perfectly hit the bull’s eye and Yuuki became a little embarrassed.

“Was I being meddlesome?”

“I don’t think you were. That aside, that Hatsushiro girl, doesn’t she seem to at least have more than a little bit of problems?”

“Yeah, do you think so, too?”

“A girl in this day and age not having a phone, or having played a game for the first time is just not normal. Moreover, She’s been staying at your home for many days, but it’s beyond me how not a single word is coming from her parents or school…”

It’s certainly as Ootani had said. She never talked about her attempt to jump off from the rooftop of the abandoned building, nor about the bruises and scars visible under her clothes. Nevertheless, it was abnormal enough.

Yuuki decided to talk about what he had been thinking.

“And you know, she’s an incredibly good girl, but I do think she’s too much of a good girl”

“Guess so. What kind of life she was even having before she stayed at your place… right? If I remember correctly, that girl goes to the nearby young lady’s school, right? I have an acquaintance over there. Should I try to look it up?,” said Ootani. However, I thought for a bit, then shook my head.

“…Hatsushiro just won’t talk about herself. You know, I really like Hatsushiro who is now cooking dinner and waiting for me every night. That’s why I think it might be better to quietly leave it alone until she naturally sorts out her feelings about her past and feel like talking about it”

Haah, yes yes. Thanks for the happiness aura. It did give me a heartburn”

Ootani sighed as though she’s exasperated.

“Well, you’re the type who doesn’t want to forcibly meddle with others too, after all. Even so, in this world there’s a lot of people who actually want to say something but can’t, and that kind of people are subconsciously waiting for someone else to meddle unnecessarily with their lives, you know. Especially for girls, you see”

“Is that how it is?”

“That is how it is,” said Ootani as she made a slight distant look.

“Want to say something but can’t… is it”

On the way home from part-time job, Ootani’s words were stuck deep inside his chest.

And, well, even Yuuki was curious about Hatsushiro’s past.

As he was walking with a slightly gloomy feeling, he arrived in front of his home before he realized it.

“But well, it also seems like she’s been really comfortable in my room lately.”

Even her slightly awkward smiling face at the beginning had turned into something incredibly natural now.

“I’m home”

In particular, her smiling face when she greeted Yuuki with “welcome home” when he got home like this was completely just like an angel’s…

“…We-welcome home… Yuuki-san”


Yuuki slightly knitted his brows when he saw Hatsushiro coming out of the kitchen.

I feel like her complexion looks slightly bad. Moreover, she also somehow appears to be slightly giddy.

“Is something the matter? Yuuki-san”

“Hatsushiro… Did something happen?”

At Yuuki’s words, Hatsushiro slightly averted her eyes and then spoke.

“No, umm… there’s nothing in particular…”

“…I see. Tell me if anything comes up, okay”

“Ye-yes. Ah, today we’re having curry”

“Oh, is that so”

Afterwards, it was as usual.

The curry Hatsushiro made was very delicious, and she also didn’t seem to have any particular oddities.

Since he returned late that day because it was busier than usual at his part-time job, Yuuki went to sleep without playing a game.

Since that day, though little by little, Hatsushiro’s physical condition deteriorated.

The person in question said that it’s not a big deal and she’s fine, but she’s obviously not looking well.

Ootani’s words kept on coming back to him.

‘in this world there’s a lot of people who actually want to say something but can’t, and that kind of people are subconsciously waiting for someone else to meddle unnecessarily with their lives, you know. Especially for girls, you see’

It’s precisely when his part-time job had been getting busy these past few days and making him come home later than usual, which caused Yuuki to be all the more impatient.

And then, at night on a certain day.


Hatsushiro, who got up to wash the dishes after dinner, suddenly collapsed on the spot.

Yuuki hurriedly rushed to her. Regret was whirling inside his head.

As I thought, there was something wrong with Hatsushio these past few days. Couldn’t I have done more before it came to this?

That’s wrong, it’s more important to call the ambulance right n….



When Yuuki tried to pick up the collapsed Hatsushiro, “…Zzz …Zzz,” he could hear a peaceful breathing sound.


“…Zzz.. Ma〇 Sanctuary… W〇sp… Vusc〇v…”


What Hatsushiro’s muttering, if I remember correctly, sounds like terms that come up in “The Legend of The Sacred Spear 3.”

Yuuki put Hatsushiro on the bed, and then started up “The Legend of The Holy Spear 3,” which he hadn’t played since he first played it.

And then, his eyes opened wide.

“The heck is this”

Below save data 1, which was the save data that Yuuki and Hatsushiro had played together, was save data 2, which had been fully completed.

“Play time is 60 hours…”

And It’s only been four days since I bought it, too.

“In other words, it’s that, huh. This is just… lack of sleep?”

“…Hnnnn, Ninja Mast〇, is difficult…,” said Hatsushiro while having a nightmare.

At noon the next day. Today was a day off.

“So that’s it, huh. Looks like you’ve been playing all day long. And you’re also doing it stealthily in the dead of night,” said Yuuki to Hatsushiro, who had been sleeping soundly for 12 hours.

“…Yes. Yuuki-san sleeps very easily, and it was also because you didn’t even seem to wake up if I was playing with the sound off,” said Hatsushiro, sitting upright and hanging her head in front of Yuuki.

Certainly, Yuuki could fall asleep very easily, perhaps because he usually came home heavily exhausted from his part-time job and studying. He’s the type of person who wouldn’t wake up at the slightest noise.

“Regardless, you played a whole lot, huh. Look, even like the equipment is basically complete, isn’t ít”

Ah, this character’s equipment looks like this in the remake, huh.

Seeing other equipment in CG like this gives a different impression and it’s really refreshing.

“…I’m sorry”

Hatsushiro’s depressed state was severe.

From Yuuki’s point of view, it’s not like you did anything very bad, he thought. However…

“…I ended up causing you to be worried. I was also not even able to make you breakfast this morning, and above anything else… while Yuuki-san was working hard in studying and part-time job, I was spending all my time playing”

That’s right. Hatsushiro was that kind of girl.

She’s too much of a good girl, who, even for something like this, would think about the other person’s situation and strongly reflect on it.

Her voice was trembling. Completely like a child who broke a window glass and got scolded by her parents.

Even now, she looked like she was on the verge of crying. Fear, regret, or perhaps she’s frightened of the other person’s anger that she believed would come after this. Although it’s not clear why she ended up like this, Hatsushiro was excessively scared of others’ anger.

Then Hatsushiro squeezed out her voice.

“…I will never play a game again. That’s why”

That was why.

“Yeah, I’m glad. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it that much”

Yuuki spoke in a bright voice.


Hatsushiro was dumbfounded with an expression as if she didn’t understand what was being said.

“What now, is there something on my face?”

“No, umm, that’s not what I meant”

“You even played for 60 hours, that means it must’ve been fun, right?”

Although Hatsushiro remained still for a moment, she eventually replied in a small voice.

“…Yes, very. Umm…”

And in a fearful state, “…Are you not angry?,” Hatsushiro asked.

Yuuki let out a single sigh, and approached Hatsushiro. He then put his own hand over her trembling hand.

“I’m not angry”


“Like even something like this would make me angry. In the first place, I bought this game so that you could enjoy yourself during your free time after all”

“Eeh, that was, I had been thinking that perhaps might be the case somehow, but…”

“That’s why I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself. That’s all there’s to it. Ah, but I guess I’d be happy if you just remember to properly make food for me. After all eating Hatsushiro’s food has become kind of a reason for living for me lately”

“…., …Uuu”



“Whah!? What’s wrong?”

Suddenly, Hatsushiro began to cry like a child. What, what happened? Did I hold her hand too strongly?

And then Yuuki hurriedly tried to take his hand away. However, Hatsushiro held his hand.

“…Yuuki-san… why are you, being so kind to me…,” said Hatsushiro while shedding tears.

Instead of being kind, Yuuki himself simply just wanted to do something for Hatsushiro. He had never thought that she would cry so much so he got all flustered.

But well, if he were to tell the reason why, “I’m your boyfriend after all, Hatushiro.”

Hearing this, water flowed out of Hatsushiro’s tear glands again with even more intensity.

Yuuki was a little lost, but he tenderly stroked the head of the crying Hatsushiro.

The texture of Hatsushiro’s hair feels nice to the hand, it’s comforting.

For a while like this, Hatsushiro’s crying voice reverberated inside the quiet room.

“…It’s all right, it’s all right. Let’s play together once you’ve calmed down, okay,” repeated Yuuki, again and again. Then Yuuki continued to stroke Hatsushiro’s head until she stopped crying.

Since Hatsushiro had calmed down, they decided to play the game before his part-time job in the evening.

They loaded save data 1, which they played on the first day he bought it.

Now then, if we were to speak the ability of Hatsushiro who had been making effort without sparing time for sleep in these past four days, “Ah, Yuuki-san, I will do something about this enemy (whack whack whack whack)”, “Ye-yeah.”

She-she’s so good. With almost never receiving the enemy’s counter attack, she overwhelmed the mid-boss with mysterious combos that Yuuki didn’t even know how it was done.

“Tsk, I have received an attack I could have avoided instead, huh. How impudent…”

Uh-huh, looks like it’s better for me to stick to support so I don’t drag her down, thought Yuuki, as Hatsushiro’s controlled human beast character got so strong. While Yuuki was captivated by her magnificent play, the mid-boss suddenly exploded and scattered in all directions.

Phew…  five minutes and thirteen seconds. I ended up losing five more seconds compared to the previous time because of the failure of avoiding one attack. It’s the greatest mistake in my life. I’m really sorry for showing you something embarrassing”

“No, that was splendid enough that I didn’t even understand what you’re doing, you know”

Actually, this is not supposed to be a game where you compete for time, though

“Ah, from this map you should go to the back of the corridor here, not the one you entered. I think that this is probably a technical mistake, but we’ll be able to go the town we’re supposed go a little later, and we’ll be able to buy stronger equipment”

Somehow, she even discovered what looks like a secret method. Her 60 hours of play time in four days isn’t just for show.

“Fufufu, a rare enemy came out. I’ll be earning the money”

Hmm, but yeah, I guess so. It makes me feel a bit lonely, thought Yuuki while pleasantly looking at Hatsushiro who seemed to be enjoying the game.

Somehow, I feel like she’s making the most sparkling energetic smile to date. Being jealous of the game, sad to say, makes me a close-minded man I guess, and he ridiculed himself.

“Ah, Yuuki-san. It’s almost time for your part-time job, isn’t it. I think we should leave it here”

“Yeah, you’re right”

So said Hatsushiro, and then Yuuki saved the game and turned it off.

The beautiful pictures and sound disappeared. Inside the room that had become quiet, only Yuuki and Hatsushiro remained, sitting side by side in front of the monitor.

There’s still a bit of time left before I have to go to work. I want to talk to her while staying like this for a bit longer, thought Yuuki.

“Looks like you’ve become really good at this, Hatsushiro. All I could do was following you around, you know”

And at the same time.

“Umm… Yuuki-san”

“What’s wrong?”

“Umm… Your shoulder”

My shoulder?, thought Yuuki who then looked at his own shoulder. However, there’s nothing in particular on it either.

Hatushiro was fidgety, but she eventually talked timidly.

“Can I lean on your shoulder?”

“Eh? Ye-yeah. Fine by me”

Yuuki was a little surprised by the unexpected request.

“But, are you going to be okay?”

After all, it was Hatsushiro, who was so scared of being touched by other people that she couldn’t even touch hands at first.

“I-I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared… but, I want to, do it…,” said Hatsushiro, slightly trembling.

I see, Hatsushiro tries to move forward despite being scared, huh.

“I see, come here then”

“Y-yes, I’ll do it now…”

Afterwards, Hatsushiro hesitated and remained still a bit.

And before long, pomf, a warm feeling came on Yuuki’s shoulder.

“…Hey, Yuuki-san. It seems like you’ve been home late lately. Is your work getting busy?”

“Yeah, a bit. But the busy period is over now”

“Is that so… I’m glad to hear it,” said Hatsushiro, in a truly relieved voice. She then put her own hand over Yuki’s.

“…Umm, I know that it’s not good for me to feel this way about Yuuki-san who is working hard at studying and working outside, but the truth is, I would be happy if you come home early”

Hatsushiro placed her head on her shoulder.

“Playing a game is fun, but… umm, as expected, I’m happier when I spend time like this with you, Yuuki-san…”



She is really.

Really so cute.

Her blushing appearance, perhaps because she got embarrassed saying it herself, is adorable.

…Now I’m starting to feel like taking a day off from work today.

I want to stay like this for another 60 hours.

As we continue to date as boyfriend and girlfriend, I begin to see the various sides of Hatushiro, thought Yuuki.

At the beginning, I had the impression of her being a dark and depressed girl, and then when I tried to talk to her a bit, I found out that she’s a refined, family-oriented, and an incredibly good girl, and on the contrary, she’s too much of a good girl that she would become scared more than necessary. And she’s also enthusiastic about games and enjoys it.

“That kind of girlfriend is also just too cute, though. What do you think I should do?”

“Yes yes, how happy it is”

When he talked about it to Ootani the next day, Yuuki was brushed aside in a monotone while she stuffed her cutlet sandwich into her mouth.

TL notes:

^1. Yes, it changed to first person narrative. Not inner thought or anything like that. It really is a sudden change of the narration perspective. With an actual “I” in it, so I can’t really make it to third person. Well, I guess I can, but meh.

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  3. Want a complete imaginary way to rain on the parade of anyone reading this comment?

    Imagine if Ootani had a crush on the protagonist and is now in daily pain because the person she loves found someone else.

    You can thank the unrequited love/cheating/netorare stories on Dynasty-Scans for this piece of emotional torture. If I have to suffer from stuff like Your Fault, so do you.

    Now I am crying.


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