What Happens If You Saved A High School Girl Who Was About To Jump Off? V1: Chapter 3 – Introducing A Friend

“Come to think of it, Hatsushiro”


During breakfast, Yuuki talked about something that had been bothering him since before.

“Do you have anything you want? I mean, look, all of the your daily necessities are my spares and all”

For the time being, she seemed to have the bare minimum, as she had sanitary products and a school issued jersey inside the bag she was carrying on the day he saved her.

“…Hmm, I’m not sure. I don’t have any particular inconvenience, however”

“Is that so?”

Hatsushiro was a girl. She hadn’t said anything in particular, so Yuuki hadn’t said anything either. However, I wonder if she originally had necessities, he thought.

“Yes. Ah, Yuuki-san, would you like a second helping?”

“Yeah, please do”

Hatsushiro received Yuuki’s rice bowl and walked to the kitchen.

The way she behaved didn’t seem to indicate that she was forcing herself in any way.


“Hey, Ootani, what do you think?”

“I do think it’s strange”

An immediate affirmation came when he consulted about it to Ootani after school.

“We are girls only one year apart, but she only has a piece of uniform and jersey each as something to wear, and without any make-up. And speaking of hobby-like things it’s only the game you bought. It’s so crazy how that doesn’t bring up any dissatisfaction at all. There’s seriously something wrong”

“To that extent, huh”

“Yeah. If it was a guy, it’s as strange as not becoming frustrated from not doing m◯turbation at all”

That would be a huge strangeness.

“But, the person in question doesn’t look like she really has any dissatisfaction either. She also doesn’t look like she is forcing herself. I don’t think that I’m good at guessing these stuffs, though”

“…Guess so. This is just my guess, but it could also be that she didn’t get along with other girls her age before she stayed at your place. From what I’ve heard, that girl is too lacking in desire”

Ootani took out a bright blue, round-shaped flat case from her bag.

“What’s that?”

“This is cream for skin care. It’s an all-in-one product that has everything you need for all sorts of skin care. It’s reasonably priced, and it doesn’t feel bad to use. There are also lots of girls I’ve recommended it to who keeps using it”

“Ooh, I don’t really care about that kind of thing at all, so it’s refreshing. Ah, the smell is soothing, isn’t it”

“That, too, is what’s nice about this. it can be difficult to recommend the one that has a strong smell since people have different tastes… and there’s that. If you’re among girls of the same age, you’d have that kind of conversation everyday. In that case, naturally you’d want one too, right?”

I see, Yuuki nodded his head.

Well, similar to how Yuuki had been until recently, it shouldn’t be impossible that she had something she had to do no matter what and had no interest in anything else.

However, Yuuki’s also self-aware that there was practically no one who was like him in his age group.

“On the other hand, if you’re not at least interested in this kind of thing, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the conversation. It might be a good idea for her to have a friend of the same sex who could teach her about that kind of ‘mundane stuffs’”

“I see. A friend of the same sex who can teach about that kind of mundane stuffs’, huh…”

At the present condition, it’s a quite unlikely person to find.

Hatsushiro was a good girl, however she’s quite delicate. She’s considerably scared of people, and would become unnecessarily considerate so others wouldn’t get angry. In addition, in the current condition where they’re living together in Yuuki’s room, even though they’re boyfriend and girlfriend and had done nothing wrong, there wouldn’t be a small number of people who would be suspicious of them.

Isn’t it hard to find a girl I can trust who seems to be able to associate themself with Hatsushiro after understanding those aspects?

“Hnn… Hmm?”

Yuuki looked at Ootani, who was facing him across the desk.

Ootani quickly averted her eyes and got up from her seat.

“Now then, guess I’ll go home and continue with Scarlet F◯gments”

Yuuki grabbed the hem of Ootani’s jacket as she was about to leave.


“…Ootani, I have a request for you as a ‘mundane’ woman”

“Half a year worth of lunch”

“You’re asking too much all of a sudden!! For something like this maybe two weeks or something”

“I guess it won’t happen then”

“Ah, wait a sec. Two months worth, how does two months worth sound?,” Yuuki said in a panic. And then Ootani broadly smiled.

“A reasonable man is wonderful you know, Yuuki”

“And so, I will invite a friend here tomorrow”

“Hmm, I see”

Yuuki, who had finished eating dinner and done studying more or less after he got home after school and his part-time job, was sitting leaning against the bed, with his body and Hatsushiro’s leaning against each other.

It had become a habit of those two to talk about trivial things while feeling each other’s body temperature before going to sleep.

“…And then, am I going to go out only on that occasion?”

“Aah well, you don’t have to force yourself to. She knows our circumstances and all. And actually I’ve been consulting with her about various things regarding you,” said Yuuki, which, for some reason, made Hatsushiro wrinkle her brows a little.

“…This person called Ootani-san is a woman, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. She’s my classmate. And actually she’s sitting on the seat behind me”

“What kind of woman is she?”

Hmmm, Yuuki thought a little and then spoke.

“I do think she’s someone capable and easy to talk to. She’s basically a serious person but can also tell jokes. She’s also good at taking care of others. She seems to be reading only manga or novels a~all the time, but she’s also studying diligently and got good grades”

“…You speak of her rather highly, isn’t it”

“Well, she’s my only female friend. If there’s any kind of dissatisfaction about her, then yeah… If I must say it, even now she’s still pretty popular, but if she just does a little bit of dieting, I really think she’d become an incredible beauty. I think she’s just doing what she wants, but looking from the outside I really feel like it’s a waste after all”

“…Oooh, hmmm, I see I see,” said Hatsushiro, who suddenly separated from Yuuki’s body and turned away.

His right shoulder became lonely as it grew cold, losing her body temperature.

“What’s wrong, Hatsushiro”

“Who knows,” said Hatsushiro, making a sullen look. What is it now?, thought Yuuki in confusion.

Why did she suddenly become pouty? I’m just talking about how Ootani is usually a good person, though…

Do-don’t tell me… this is.

Yuuki’s brain, which was at the top of regular exams, came to a certain conclusion.


He received a shock as though he had been struck by lightning.

I see, I get it now. Well, certainly, if your boyfriend’s speaking highly of another girl too much in front of you it wouldn’t feel too good, isn’t it? But I see… Jealousy, huh.

Oh Yeaaaah. I do feel sorry, but it makes me happy because it’s proof that Hatsushiro is indeed thinking about me. As expected, I can’t say that, though.

“…Why are you smiling, Yuuki-san”

“Well, the fact that Hatsushiro gets jealous makes me happy because it feels like you’re thinking about me… Ah, I said it”

I ended up casually telling her everything.

Hatsushiro blushed and her cheeks ballooned.

“…Yuuki-san’s an idiot… take this”

“Pfft. Wait, stop poking your finger on my side, it’s ticklish… Pfft”

For a while afterwards, Yuuki’s side continued to be poked by Hatsushiro.

The next day.

Yuuki and Ootani came to the front of Yuuki’s room after school, which was only half a day of classes due to the teaching staffs’ circumstances.

“Speaking of which, it’ll be my first time inside, isn’t ít. I did come until this point once when bringing the monitor, though”

“Now that you mentioned it, you’re right”

Ootani, who once went home after school, came with a different bag, though still in her uniform. I wonder what’s inside?

“Well then, time to meet this Hatsushiro-chan or something whose stories I’ve been made to hear so much about that it’s unpleasant. You’ve been blabbing about how she’s this cute and that cute that much now I got curious”

“Hmph, those words were not lies… after all, Hatsushiro is the world’s cute”


“Sorry for barging in”

“Listen to me!!”

Ootani opened the door and went inside without delay, perhaps sensing that Yuuki had started to brag about his girlfriend.

And then as they entered the entrance way, Hatsushiro came out from the living room in her uniform as usual.

“We-welcome home, Yuuki-san”

“Yeah, I’m home. Err, let me introduce her. She’s Ootani Shouko from my class”

Hatsushrio looked slightly nervous. Even though she had heard about it from Yuuki, she’s probably still afraid to talk face to face with anyone other than Yuuki.

“Ye-yes. Nice to meet you… I’m Hatsushiro… Kotori…”

Oh look, her voice was gradually shrinking.

Now on the other hand, Ootani, “….,” opened her eyes really wide and frozen solid, as though she had seen something unbelievable.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“…No way… why…,” Ootani muttered, and shook her head.

What’s with this unusual reaction… no, wait a sec.

A certain possibility came up inside Yuuki’s brain.

Could it be… that Ootani knows about Hatsushiro?

Come to think of it, Ootani said that she had an acquaintance at the school Hatsushiro goes to. And could it be that by chance she knows about Hatsushiro through that connection?

If that’s the case, then what kind of relationship would cause this level of reaction?

“…I mean, this is just… plain impossible…”

Ootani staggered, and placed both of her hands on the front door.

It’s a reaction as if she’d seen a ghost.

Don’t tell me, could it be that she is the spitting image of a friend who disappeared when she was really young? There’s supposed to be that kind of development in a manga Otani had made me read before.

In any case, Hatsushiro looks worried, too. I guess I have to leave it here for a moment, go outside, and ask Ootani what happened.


“Hey, Ootani. Let’s go outside a bit”

“Why, why is this oaf’s girlfriend such a long-black-haired super beauty? Are you making fun of the world?”

Thud. Yuuki fell down with a thud.

“That’s the problem!?! You’re really misleading!!”

Ootani looked down at Yuuki with eyes as though she’s looking at an idiot.

“…Why are you making an idiotic-like reaction?”

“I don’t want to be told that only by you…”

However, to see this kind of reaction from other people made Yuuki realize again that Hatsushiro was indeed a considerable beauty.

Ootani faced Hatsushiro and greeted her with her usual firm voice.

“Nice to meet you, Hatsushiro-san. I’m Ootani Shouko. I’m a classmate of this third-rate reactionary comedian”

It was a cruel thing to be said.

“Ye-yes. It’s nice to meet you, Ootani-san”


“Umm, is something the matter? Staring intently at my eyes like that… Is there something that’s bothering you?”

“Hmm, looks like there’s no heart marks or the like in your eyes, nor that the color is gone from your eyes”

“…I-I see”

Hatsushiro looked clueless as to what was going on.

“Yuuki, show me your smartphone. I’ll check whether there’s something like h◯nosis app”

“I don’t have it!!!”

“I’m joking, just joking. For about 30%”

The seriousness factor was much higher than expected.

“Well, enough of that. Hatsushiro-san”


“Without even telling you I think you understand it, but this guy is a good person even though he’s hard to understand. He’s hard to understand, though. To be specific, it’s as hard to understand as Shounan-Shinjuku Line’s”

“I’ve already heard that before”

Just how hard to understand is it, this Shounan-Shinjuku Line.

“And so, if you can understand the good points of that kind of guy, I think you’re a girl who has eyes for people. And I do like girls who have eyes for people. So, if I’m good enough for you… would you mind if I be friends with you?,” said Ootani and she held out her right hand.

“Errr, umm…”

Slightly confused, Hatsushiro looked at Yuuki. And Yuuki nodded silently.

Seeing that, Hatsushiro then timidly took Ootani’s right hand with her own hand and gave it a handshake.

“…Please treat me, well”

“Yeah, likewise”

It seems that the first contact went well.

I’m really glad, on the other hand however, Yuuki felt a little vexed because it took him a little while before she could hold his hand.

“…Umm, is something the matter, Yuuki-san?”

Hatsushrio was worrying about him, perhaps because it’s showing on his expression.

“…No, it’s nothing. I was just a little, you know, thinking that it’s really easy for a girl to get along with other girl”

Hearing what Yuuki had said, Hatsushiro made a surprised look.

“…Yuuki-san. Are you perhaps, feeling jealous?”

“Eh? No, it’s not like I’m jealous or anything…”

“Fufu, is that so… fufu”

Hatsushiro smiled happily.

Uurgh, this is certainly very vexing.

“Hold on, the heck is this… Am I going to be watching this sugar-cube-shaped scene for some time after this?,” said Ootani, seemingly a little fed up.

After the introduction, they went to the living room for the time being.

The first thing Ootani said was, “There’s not many things here, isn’t it.”

Hatsushiro never expressly said it, but having few things in your own room really is unusual, isn’t it, thought Yuuki once again.

“Ootani-san, here is a tea for you”

“Oh my, how very thoughtful of you. You’re really a capable girlfriend”

“Right!? Hatsushiro is a really great girlfriend. She’s attentive, she’s thoughtful, and a good cook, too”


“…It’s fine to boast about your girlfriend to other people, but the praised girlfriend’s face is turning bright red, you know?”

Ootani was right. When he looked at Hatushiro’s face, it was bright red, which she was hiding behind the tray she used to bring the tea.

Well, if you’re praised highly right in front of you, of course it’d make you embarrassed, wouldn’t it.

“I’m sorry, Hatsushiro. I ended up wanting to boast about you”

“…Geez, Yuuki-san is so…”

I wonder if it’s boyfriend bias that made Hatsushiro look slightly happy despite saying that.

And Yuuki’s expression also slackened on its own.


When he looked at Ootani, her face looked like she had just drunk a cup full of gum syrup.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re not aware, huh… It’s nothing. I just thought I might catch a lifestyle disease from being around you guys”


Not understanding the meaning, Yuuki and Hatsushiro tilted their heads.

“Oh well,” said Ootani while rummaging through the inside of her bag, taking out chocolate, chips, ramune soda, gummies… long story short, snacks.

Yuuki looked at those and then spoke.

“Oh? Souvenirs?”

“Well, I often bring snacks with me when I go to a friend’s place”

“You’re really. that’s why you better lose some we”



Under the table, Ootani’s front kick exploded into Yuuki’s shin.


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Hatsushiro-san, staring at the snacks like that”

“Ah, umm…”

Seeing Hatsushiro’s behaviour, Yuuki noticed something.

“Did you perhaps never eat one before?”

“…Yes, I remember that I’ve certainly eaten one when I was a child, though”

Next to the fact that she didn’t have a phone, this was also quite surprising.

Although Ootani was also surprised, blinking her eyes.

“I see,” she muttered a brief comment and tore the packaging of consommé-flavored potato chips from the back, and placed it on the table. It was an opening method that allowed everyone to reach for it.

“Here you go, Hatsushiro-san”

Told by Ootani, Hatsushiro took a piece of it cautiously, completely as though she’s doing poison tasting.

“Tha-thank you very much”

Hatsushiro opened her mouth and bit the edge of the potato chip.

And Ootani watched her intently.


She let out a single comment with a slightly surprised face, giving her honest impression of it.

Seeing it, “Mm-hmm,” said Ootani, nodding her head.

“Here, come take another one”

“Eh… Is it okay?”

“Of course”

At the same time, Ootani also picked up a piece of potato chip and threw it into her mouth.

“For things like this, it’s proper etiquette not to be reserved”

“….We-well then”

Hatsushiro, with another polite “Thank you very much,” picked up another one and ate it.

And so, this time her face slackened and turned into a smile. It’s an honest reaction that conveyed well the happiness she felt from eating delicious things.

And after that, as if lured by Ootani, who kept taking another on and eating it, Hatsushiro also reached for the potato chip and brought it to her mouth.

Ootani smiled when she looked at Hatsushiro, who was munching with her small mouth and looking happy with a snack worth about a hundred yen at most.

“I see it now”

Ootani then leaned over the table and patted Hatsushiro’s head.

Hatsushiro was a little surprised.

“U-umm, Ootani-san”

“Yeah, I see it now. Yuuki, I feel like I understand why you sad Hatsushiro-san’s this cute and that cute”

“…Tha-that’s, I’m flattered. Ootani-san is also, cool and beautiful…”

“If an already cute girl like you said that it’s going to come off as sarcastic, you know… But since you’re cute I give it a pass!!”

And then she patted her head some more. Despite being slightly confused being patted by Ootani, she didn’t seem to be that scared.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Aah, I’ll get it”

I’ll have you two to get along.

“A newspaper salesman really sounds like a tough job”

They stood and talked outside the front door for at least ten minutes.

It was a pretty good looking university-student-like woman. He had said that he didn’t need it and declined, but she persisted with the special offer of detergent and an amusement park complimentary ticket and such. There’s probably easily-pressured people who ended up signing up.

Yuuki opened the front door and went back into the room.

But I’m really glad I brought Ootani along.

From what I’ve seen earlier, they looked more like an older sister and younger sister than friends of the same sex, but they seemed to be getting along well.

Hatsushiro also looked happy. This should naturally allow her to get to know how a typical girl is from Otani, thought Yuuki as he returned to the living room.

“Sorry, the newspaper salesman was really persistent”

“What do you think, Hatushiro-san? I really think this coupling between Shuusuke and Akira is hot”

“Hey stop right there”

Ootani made Hatsushiro read a manga with two handsome men with their bodies pressed together and their faces pressed against each other.

“What, it’s properly for all ages with no bedroom scene”

“No, that’s not the problem, all right. I do want you to teach her about mundane stuffs, but I never did say I want you to spread your germs”

“What are you saying? This is exactly the taste of a lady. There’s no such thing as woman hating BL”

“You’re just too biased there”

“So how is it? Hatsushiro-san?”

“Umm, I think I might not understand it quite well,” said Hatsushiro while reading the manga that had been faithfully handed to her.

See, said Yuuki to Ootani with his eyes and Ootani regrettably dropped her shoulders.


And then Hatsushiro spoke, looking slightly confused.

“I wonder why… when I see men with their faces pressed together… somehow, I felt something welling up in my chest”

It seemed to have reached a boiling point.

And then Ootani spoke with eyes as if she had just witnessed the birth of a new life.

“…That’s wonderful, Hatsushiro-san. I’m sure you’ll be a splendid lady. Ah, and this smartphone game called FBO is very popular right now”

“Hey, hold on. I heard that stuff can be pretty expensive”

“It’s not that much. At most, it’s just a monthly sacrifice of one or two 10.000 bill to the holy grail”

“That’s a nightmare enough for my ATM!!”

It might be a mistake to bring Ootani along, thought Yuuki.

By the way, Hatsushiro didn’t have a phone so she couldn’t play FBO.

Those three had a chat while eating snacks for a while, and then Ootani looked at the clock and stood up.

“Guess it’s already time. Shall we go?”

“Go? where to?”

Ootani replied to Yuuki’s question.

“Of course, to the nearby shopping mall. To buy clothes for Hatsushiro-san”

Aah, I see, so that’s why, nodded Yuuki in understanding.

However, Hatsushiro spoke with a surprised face.

“To… to buy clothes for me?”

“That’s right. As expected, you can’t just always have a uniform and jersey like now, can you?”

“I’m actually not really bothered about it that much. Ah, but having another pair might make it easier to do laundry, though”

“…No, that’s not what I meant. I’ve already heard about it from Yuuki, but you really don’t have desire, don’t you”

Ootani sighed.

Well, even Yuuki, who was self-aware of not having that much materialistic desire, was surprised.

At the rate this was going, she would probably be concerned and feeling sorry about Yuuki’s expenses again.

“…Besides, since I’m allowed to live here, I don’t think I can talk about luxury too much…”

She really said what I’d expected. The fact that Hatsushiro is so considerate of other people’s circumstances is lovable, but she could be a little more selfish, Yuuki thought, always.

“Aah, is that so. Really regrettable, isn’t it. Yuuki”

Ootani started to talk in monotone.

“Well, some time ago in class Yuuki said he really wanted to see his girlfriend dressed up fashionably”

What is it now so suddenly, thought Yuuki. However, Ootani was appealing to him with her eyes.

Play along, it conveyed.

I wished she’d spare me from the set-up of me running my mouth in class, but it can’t be helped since it’s for Hatsushiro.

Hatsushiro also looked at him as if to confirm it.

“Yeah, that’s right. I really want to see Hatushiro look different,” Yuuki said with a serious expression, and then Hatsushiro blushed.

“…Umm, okay. Then, I would be happy if you could buy me new clothes”

“All right. Then let’s go,” Ootani said with a satisfied look on her face and strode towards the entrance.

“Now then, we should get going, too”


However, there’s one thing he had to ask first.

“Hey, Hatsushiro… would you be fine?”

“…Yes. I’d be fine”

“Heey, come on get going,” Ootani called out from the front door. Yuuki and Hatsushiro also walked towards the entrance.

Yuuki put on his shoes in a familiar manner that he had done hundreds of times since he started living here, and then opened the front door.

On the other hand, Hatsushiro stared intently at the school slip-on shoes she had worn on the day she came here at the entrance. Seeing her like that, Ootani, who had gone outside earlier, spoke up.

“What’s wrong, Hatsushiro-san?”

“No, it’s nothing. I’m sorry… I’m going now”

“…Hey, Hatushiro”

“…It’s all right… it’s fine,” said Hatsushiro in a way that sounded like she was convincing herself. She put on her shoes, and then stood up.

And finally, as she was about to walk outside from the entrance, her body suddenly slumped forward.


Ootani was surprised by the suddenness of the situation.


Yuuki, who had been waiting next to her beforehand, supported Hatsushiro’s body with both hands.

“…As expected, it’s still difficult, huh”

“…Yuuki-san. Thank you very much”

“Yuuki, what do you mean by as expected?”

Hatsushiro replied to Ootani’s question in a slightly trembling voice.

“…I’m sorry for worrying you. Embarrassingly, when I try to go outside, I’m just a little…”

That’s right. Hatsushiro hadn’t been able to go outside ever since she came to Yuuki’s apartment. Perhaps it was something that had happened before she came here, but as she put on her shoes and stood up at the entrance, she would find her body losing strength.

No matter how many times she tried, it didn’t change. Ever since Hatsushiro came here, the only time she had been outside was when she stepped out on the balcony to dry the laundry.

For that reason, Yuuki would buy the ingredients for meals at a nearby supermarket after having Hatsushiro prepare a memo of the ingredients.

Yuuki had been thinking that he couldn’t just leave it like this doing nothing, but since he didn’t want her to push herself, he didn’t particularly address it and planned to let her take her time and relax.

Since it’s been almost two weeks, he had thought that this time she’d finally be able to go outside, but maybe it was still too early. Yuuki explained it briefly to Ootani.

Hearing this, Ootani’s eyes opened wide, and her expression turned indescribably apologetic.

“…I’m sorry, Hatsushiro-san”

“…No, it’s not something Ootani-san has to worry about”

Yuuki felt it anew. Due to her smiling a lot lately, he had started forgetting it, but Hatsushiro was probably a girl who had a considerable painful past. The scars were so big that it made it even impossible for her to do what a normal person could do, which was to go outside.

Of course, it didn’t change the fact that she’s his cute and beloved girlfriend.

“For now let’s just stay in the room and chat some more today. Though maximum for two players, we do have games”

Ootani also agreed.

“That’s right, we can go shopping another time”

For a brief moment, Hatsushiro remained silent while hanging her head.

Since it’s her, she’s probably full of feeling sorry.


Hatsushiro raised her face, and then said something unexpected.

“…No, I’m going”

The words that were squeezed out of Hatsushiro’s mouth surprised Yuuki.

Her expression looked anxious, but serious.


“…I can’t let myself be spoiled by Yuuki-san forever”

“Besides,” Hatsushiro made a small smile before continuing.

“…If it will make Yuuki-san happy, then I want you to see me dressed fashionably”

That smile of hers was a kind of hollow bravado shown in the midst of suffering, but only there was a mixture of fear and determination in her eyes.

Hatsushiro took about five deep breaths. She then stood up, although wobbly.

“Yuuki-san… would you mind holding my hand?”

“Yeah. I won’t let it go no matter what”

“…Thank you very much. Even though I just said I can’t keep getting spoiled, but I’m going now”

“It makes me happy, you know, that I can spoil Hatsushiro. And you can be more selfish, you know,” said Yuuki, and then Hatsushiro put her forehead on Yuuki’s shoulder for a moment.

“…I love you, Yuuki-san”

Hearing those words, Yuuki realized.

Aah, come to think of it, it’s the first time, isn’t it. Coming from my girlfriend, from Hatsushiro, the words that she loves me.

Yuuki’s body suddenly became hot.

He’s too happy to say anything.

Hatsushiro stopped putting her forehead on Yuuki’s shoulder and took a deep breath once more.

And then.

She took a step forward. She took a step forward with staggering feet.

Their hands still connected, she then took another step forward.

They naturally intertwined their fingers with each other. It’s not just the usual overlapping of palms. It’s the so-called lover’s bond, in which they could feel each other’s existence more closely.

And then, one more step forward.

The line separating the outside and the entrance was before her eyes.

Hatushiro squeezed his hand tighter. Either anxiety or fear was transmitted.

That’s why Yuuki also gripped it back tightly. It’s all right. I’m with you, it conveyed.

Hatsushiro took another deep breath.

She took the one last step.


It’s been roughly two weeks. Hatsushiro, who hadn’t been to the outside world for the first time in a while, let out a small breath.

And then, she looked at Yuuki who was holding her hand tightly.

“…Thank you very much”

“Yeah, you did we”


Interrupting Yuuki, Ootani walked up to Hatsushiro and patted her head.

“You really did great. I’m proud of you!!”

“Wa-wait, Ootani-san”

Hatsushiro was bewildered for being patted a little roughly, but there was a bright smile on her face.

“Speaking of which, how did the two of you start talking?”

“There’s nothing special about it. We just started talking after he picked up a book I accidentally dropped in the first year”

“It was shocking for me, though”

“What do you mean?”


‘Because the book you dropped was a hard SM BL book!!’

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Other changes:

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      I am grateful whenever there are quick releases too tho of course.


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    1. Well, both are her true depiction, I guess. Before the story got novelized, it’s originally an online/youtube manga. It’s just that the artist for the manga and LN is different. And the original artist for the manga took part in the making of the novel by providing some manga-page snippets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUJopvN6nAY here’s the link to the first ever the first ever youtube manga of it


      1. Hm.. it’s the 2nd time i hear about a YouTube manga becoming a lightnovel…is this becoming popular lately?

        Also, the Novel illustrator’s art is in a whole other level. The cover of the volume in particular is really gorgeous and so detailed


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