What Happens If You Saved A High School Girl Who Was About To Jump Off? V1: Epilogue – Gray Colored Youth And Girlfriend

Yuuki Yuusuke woke up a little ahead of his alarm clock as usual.

As usual, he turned off the alarm that hadn’t yet rung, changed to his uniform, and had breakfast.

For breakfast, he simply ate the rice balls and vegetable juice he bought from a convenience store the other day. This, too, was the same as usual. He didn’t even say “Time to dig in,” nor “Thanks for the food.”

He then continued to leave his home with his study material for today, which he had put inside his student bag the prior day.

He didn’t say “I’m off.” There’s no one whom he could say that to, so it’s unnecessary.

Today too, as usual, he was going to study in pursuit of his dream of becoming a doctor. That’s all there was to it.

Yuuki set out to walk the route to school.

“──And so I just had that kind of nostalgic dream,” Yuuki said as he was eating breakfast.

A month had passed since the Shimizu incident.

The summer vacation had also ended, and it’d be a new school term starting today.

“I see… So it’s before you met me, I see,” Kotori said as she was neatly eating the grilled fish from across the table.

The wounds that were inflicted by Shimizu a month ago had completely healed, and there wasn’t even a scar.

And then, what such Kotori was wearing was the uniform of Yuuki’s school.

After that incident, the old friend of Shimizu, the principal, gave various kinds of help. “I apologize for being so close to him, and yet failed to notice it,” the principal apologized like so to Kotori. While at it, he made a proposal to her to transfer to Yuuki’s school from her current all girls high school, where bad rumors were already spreading.

Kotori accepted that proposal, passed the entrance test, and started attending the same school as Yuuki, as a student one year below him.

“Yeah, I guess you could describe that me as robotic-like… It’s only been three months, but I already feel so nostalgic”

“Robotic-like, is it?”

“Yeah. It’s like, having no reason to live, I guess. I felt just like a machine that only had a goal, and was just working quietly towards it. But now, I have a reason to live, eating breakfast together with you that’s cooked by you like this, Kotori”

By the way, the place Kotori lived was the same apartment building as Yuuki. Actually it’s next door.

That was why they were having breakfast together like this. Dinner time too, holding hands and snuggling together before going to sleep too. As expected, they didn’t sleep together anymore, but apart from that, it was pretty much the same as when they had been living together.

“In addition, saying ‘good morning’ to you in the morning, saying ‘I’m home’ when I got home, having a walk together, and relaxing while holding hands before going to sleep”

“That’s a lot of reason to live, isn’t it?”

“Everything having to do with you is my reason to live, you know, Kotori”


…Phew, I guess that’s checkmate, huh, Yuuki thought so in his heart.

It’s been three months since I started dating Kotori. And at last, with a straight face, I, no, while feeling a little embarrassed but not so much that it’s obvious I’m nervous, I became able to even deliver a cheesy line.

Come on, Kotori. Get adorably embarrassed, he thought.

However, Kotori held the cup of homemade milk pudding in front of Yuuki, and scooped it with the spoon in her hand, and held it out in front of Yuuki.

“Here. Yuuki-san”

“…What is it, Kotori?”

“You said some things that made me happy, so I thought I’m going to feed you this”

what, did she say!?

It’s getting-fed. Come to think of it, it’s something we had never done even once.

“You don’t want to?”

Kotori tilted her head.

You’re just so cute, you little.

“I want”

“Okay then, say aah”

Yuuki opened his mouth, and ate the milk pudding on Kotori’s spoon.

As always, the taste is superb, not too sweet and refined. Well, now I feel like the sweetness is great in a different meaning, though.

“Is it good?”

Yuuki honestly nodded his head.

Aa damn it, of course it is. It’s great and makes me happy, you little.

Yuuki was chewing with his mouth as he blushed.

“Fufu. Thank you for eating it so deliciously”

Kotori chuckled at the sight.

“Well then, let’s tidy up and get ready to go to school, Yuuki-san,” Kotori said and stood up.

Uhuh. I thought of making Kotori feel embarrassed, but the table has been turned on me.

You little… I’ve to improve my… Hmm?

“Hey, aren’t your ears red?”

“I-I wonder what you’re talking about?”

She then turned to look in the other direction facing away from Yuuki, and tried to cover her ears with both hands.

“…Well, you’re embarrassed too, right? Come on, look over here”


Then Kotori turned back to look towards Yuuki, and her pouty face turned as red as his.

“Okay, then I’m going to feed you, too”

“Yes yes, I’m going to take the dishes”

“Ah, Hey. Don’t run away, Kotori“

…Yeah, this is happiness.

This was Yuuki’s new everyday life.

An everyday life, where he and Kotori were having trivial exchanges.

Morning time, which I used to only spend getting ready and leaving my home when I was on my own, has become so much fun.

On that day, a few days before I met Kotori. I somehow wished for a girlfriend so badly. That was, probably, me subconsciously wishing for this kind of warmth, Yuuki felt. Recently, he was starting to have such thoughts.

“Huh? Come to think of it, what’s that letter about?,” Kotori asked, as she saw the pink writing paper and envelope on the table when Yuuki was about to carry the stack of dishes to the kitchen.

“Hmm? Aah, that?”

Yuuki then spoke as he put the writing paper into the envelope.

“Well, it’s something like a periodic report”

Then a few days later.

Yuuki’s mother received a letter from her son.

‘Once a month, you must send me a very enthusiastic recent report on this paper’

That was the condition Yuuki’s mother gave Yuuki when he left his parents’ house.

Up until now, the letters were truly just a Yuuki-like and robot-like, recent report of the progress of his grades, physical health, and savings written in detail. And Yuuki’s mother had just gotten tired of saying, “That’s not what I meant.”

However, that day’s letter was completely different from before.

That letter began with these sentences.

Dear Mother,

I got a girlfriend.

I’ve got a girlfriend!!

The best girlfriend ever!!

From that point on, a whole sheet of A4 paper was devoted to writing about how that girlfriend was the best. Seeing such a letter, his mother cringed so hard she felt as if her body would twist apart.

It’s just so embarrassing. My son, making me cringe means you’ve grown, haven’t you?

Such a feeling was in her mind at one point in the summer.

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6 thoughts on “What Happens If You Saved A High School Girl Who Was About To Jump Off? V1: Epilogue – Gray Colored Youth And Girlfriend

  1. Uh-huh.
    So okaa-san finally join to the party.
    I’m looking forward for the jealousy arc on the next ch.


  2. Is this foreshadowing Kotori visits his parents in the future chapters? I hope so

    Thank you for the chapter!!!!


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