What Happens If You Saved A High School Girl Who Was About To Jump Off? V1: Special Chapter – Kotori’s Secret Alone Time

Hatsushiro Kotori… Correction, Shimizu Kotori was walking home from school with Yuuki.

“Then, Kotori, see you later in my room”

“Yes. I’m going to make pickled cucumbers you said it was delicious some time ago again”

“Ooh, now I’m really looking forward to coming home. All right, then I’m going to work hard so I can deliciously eat your cooking today, too”

Then Yuuki walked in a different direction from the one leading home.

On a second look at his retreating figure, she saw him happily making small skips and such.

“…Geez, Yuuki-san”

Often, a man with a wife and children would say things like, “I can do my best because I have a wife,” but honestly speaking, Kotori was thinking that a lot of people were saying it only as lip service.

However, seeing her own boyfriend, yes, he’s truly looking forward to eating my cooking, isn’t he? I can’t believe he needs me so much…, Kotori felt so.

All the way up until now, Kotori had been doing her best to support her father, who was now under rehabilitation, in place of her mother.

But, I really couldn’t replace mom…

Ultimately, not once did her father show a smile from the bottom of his heart.

That was why she’s truly happy, knowing that Yuuki was sincerely happy when she did something for him.

…With such thoughts in mind as she walked, she arrived in front of the apartment where she and Yuuki were living.

She rummaged through her bag.

Kotori was carrying two keys.

One was the key to her apartment room.

Kotori used that to open the door to her apartment, placed her stuff inside, and then left immediately.

It’s an apartment room, which she had been living in since about a month ago. However, honestly speaking, she almost never used it but for sleeping at night or storing her stuff.

The place she spent almost all of her time at, was the room that needed the other key.

Of course, that key was a duplicate key to Yuuki’s apartment room.

Kotori opened the front door with a familiar hand, and then stepped into Yuuki’s room.

After she took off her school loafers and aligned them, she cleaned the entire floor using the MagicClean wiper mop placed at the end of the living room. She also wiped the top of the shelf, window edges, and other places where dust might accumulate with the mop. She was doing this everyday, so just doing it lightly was enough to make it clean.

After that, she carefully cleaned the toilet, the bathroom, and other areas with water around.

Although it was mundane work, Kotori was rather fond of such minute work.

Above all, Yuuki was busting his butt off to earn a living right now. So there’s also the fact that she would lose face if she couldn’t handle just this much.


Kotori recalled how Yuuki had told her that it felt good to take a bath because it was always sparkling clean, that he seemed to be enjoying rubbing the wall of the bath with his fingers, making squeaking sounds.

Her lips turned into a smile naturally.

Yep… If this can make him feel good, then it’s easy, she honestly thought so.

“Yep. with this it’s done”

After about 30 minutes, Kotori finished cleaning everything.

Kotori filled the bathtub she had just cleaned with hot water, then took off her uniform and got into the bath to wash away the dirt of the day.


She breathed a sigh of relief.

Kotori loved taking baths.

There’s an indescribable sense of security in spending time alone, relaxing in an enclosed space. It could also have something to do with the fact that, although her father was harsh, he never said anything when she was getting into the bath.

By the way, this apartment had a separate toilet and bathroom.

Basically, Yuuki chose an apartment with the mindset that it didn’t matter as long as he could sleep, but the only thing he was particular about was that it had a separate bathroom and toilet.

As a result, he ended up in a place where it’s a bit far from school and had a high rent price (but then, the rent was helped by the school so it hardly hurt his pocket), but still, Kotori felt that he made a good choice.

After all, the special sense of security, which could be felt as though separated from daily life when submerged in the bathtub, could hardly be felt in a modular bathroom, where it shared the same space with the toilet.


After being submerged for a while and her body had been warmed up enough, she climbed out of the bathtub. She then put body soap on her hands, and started washing her body starting from the armpits.

Apparently, ordinary girls would have small bottles of beauty products lined up in the bathroom. However, Kotori was using only the same body soap and two-in-one shampoo as Yuuki.

Since Ootani was using various kinds of products, she had asked whether she should do the same. However, ‘Just like someone who does plenty of work-out regularly, I think that a girl like you, who doesn’t eat junk food at all and only eats Japanese food on a regular basis, doesn’t need these little tricks. Just take care of your skin with UV protection,’ was told to Kotori, so she was doing just that.

After finishing washing herself, she rinsed her body with the shower and then left the bathroom.

…With this, things Kotori had to do after returning home were more or less done.

Next was just to start preparing dinner about one hour before Yuuki returned. There’s still nearly three hours until then.

“Now then…”

As a matter of fact, from this point on  was the time, which a girl named Shimizu Kotori was secretly looking forward to. Even this was a secret to Yuuki, her boyfriend.

What she’s looking forward to was…


Pomf! Kotori flopped down on the bed where Yuuki usually slept.

Sniff sniff, fuaaa…”

She was breathing in Yuuki’s scent on the pillow and let out a sigh.

That’s right. Kotori’s secret enjoyment was to sleep in the bed where Yuuki usually slept, wrapped by Yuuki’s scent.

“Hnn, hnn”

Kotori rolled around while hugging the pillow deeply stained with Yuuki’s scent to her chest.

And then, she slipped into the cover that Yuuki usually used as well, up to her head.

A little stinking of sweat, but a boy-like reassuring scent wrapped her whole body.


A totally languid voice, that didn’t sound like human language, escaped Kotori’s lips.

It’s as if being hugged by Yuuki himself, and it gave her an incredible sense of security. She felt as if the fatigue of the day was slowly melting away into the cover.

And then, of course, it’s not just a sense of relief. What wrapped her was the scent of the boyfriend she loved


So, in short, well, it made her feel a bit aroused.

She squeezed Yuuki’s cover between her thighs.


A coquettish sigh leaked out.

“…As expected, this makes me look like a big pervert, doesn’t it”

Speaking of look-like-a-pervert, she would’ve been a pervert if it wasn’t her boyfriend’s.

“But, I just simply can’t stop doing this…”

The feelings of safety, lethargy, arousal, and various other pleasant feelings were all jumbled together as if to wash away the fatigue that had built up inside her… This moment was an irreplaceable solace for Kotori.

Above all, being wrapped in Yuuki’s scent was like being hugged, and she couldn’t get enough of it.

“I want to be hugged tightly again…”

She had only been hugged by Yuuki twice. Ever since the day they had gone to visit her father, she still hadn’t got another hug.

To say it herself was… Something she knew as important.

Although this was the selfishness on her part, there seemed to be a feeling of wanting Yuuki to ask for it.

Perhaps, having him seek her out like that would… Just simply make her happy. As a girl.

At this rate, she might not be able to take it anymore and would go say it herself, but…

“…Not just a hug… Even beyond that… If it’s with Yuuki-san, then I…”

Just the thought of that one day happening caused her heart to feel all warm and fuzzy, and it brought her happiness.

As she was filled with such thoughts, a pleasant drowsiness came over.

Kotori set the alarm clock placed on the bed for an hour before Yuuki’s return. She then pulled the cover over her head again, and hugged the pillow.

And finally, wrapped in the gentle smell and warmth of her boyfriend, she slowly closed her eyes, dreaming of the day when that would come.

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10 thoughts on “What Happens If You Saved A High School Girl Who Was About To Jump Off? V1: Special Chapter – Kotori’s Secret Alone Time

  1. I see, she “aroused”.
    Hmm… but this is just barely in chapter one.
    Sasuga seishun, can’t help it, eh, Hatsushiro-san?


  2. I see that she have that side to her as well. Kotori is cute af and waifu material too

    Thank you for translating!!!!


  3. It’s good to have the aspects that make this novel so enjoyable back..😌
    Thanks for the translations.
    Looking forward for the next volume coming out in September 1st !


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