I Started Working As A Lover Agent, And For Some Reason, I’m Receiving Requests From Beauties V1: Chapter 2 Part 1

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A room that had bright pink curtains and a white mat.

On a brown L-shaped desk, there was a desktop computer just under 20 inches long, a 13-inch laptop, and a pen tablet, along with a pink-coloured gaming chair.

On one wall are two bookshelves, each measuring 12.5 centimetres long, one filled with novels while the other with manga. In addition, there is a single bed with a huge stuffed orca and a closet filled with clothes.

This simple room, with only the bare necessities, is Himeno’s workspace and bedroom.


It was right after her bath. Himeno laid down on her bed after changing into her fluffy pyjamas. She taps her smartphone while holding the plush orca she usually uses.

“That’s a date …”(Himeno)

I will never forget what happened today. No, I can’t forget… because it was so much fun.

I had always envied couples. But when I found out, I could have a date like that. I was even more jealous. I wanted more boyfriends.

Himeno looks at the picture of the two photo shots she took with Shiba.

I wish I could have taken a couple more pictures ……. That’s what Himeno thought when she was taking a bath. After all, if you’re not used to dating, you’ll have such regrets. Still, I wasn’t complaining because I had this picture with Shiba.

“It’s weird …….”(Himeno)

I don’t have a boyfriend, but I have a picture of myself with a guy. I’m feeling strange since this is the first time I’ve done something like this.

As she was looking at the pictures, Himeno received a notification from Twitter on her phone. She has two accounts on Twitter, one for work and one for private. It might be a work-related message, so she immediately starts checking her Twitter.

But there was no email on her work account. Himeno logged in to her personal account and checked again.

Himeno immediately knew who the notification was from the moment she laid eyes on it.

“Himeno! How was your date today?”(Ami)

“You’re not being taken home, aren’t you? No, you are! You’re being taken home!”(Fuko)


I think Ryoma had set a time to send the email. At the same time, I received two direct messages from the group. They were from Ami and Fuko, whom I had met during my date with Ryoma.

“They’re persistent.”(Himeno)

“Oh, I got a reply! Hey Himeno, you have a boyfriend after all! It’s not good to keep it a secret! You can’t keep it a secret all the time.”(Ami)

“Ami Baka!”(Himeno)

“I’m not dumb!!”(Ami)

Himeno’s been excited from the start, just like Ami and Fuko. But the truth is, Himeno doesn’t have a boyfriend, so it was hard for her to join in the conversation.

“I’ve been talking to Fuko ever since I broke up with you, Himeno, and your boyfriend, Ryoma, is super cool.”(Ami)

“Yeah! I thought so! He had a good figure and looked quite fashionable, so if you could go out with him, you’re basically a winner.”(Fuko)

“You can’t go after Shiba.”(Himeno)

Himeno doesn’t know why she sent this email ……. But the thought of people targeting Ryoma bothered her.

“No, no, no, I’m not ‘Fuko’, I’m not going after him! It’s not like I’m the type of person who would try to take your best friend’s boyfriend away from them.”(Ami)

“What?! I’m not going after him either! I have a boyfriend, so it’s not my problem.”(Fuko)

“Fuko, don’t mount it on me every time!”(Ami)

“It’s not a mount. It’s a fact.”(Fuko)

“Huh! If that’s the case, I wonder if the same can be said when you told us that Ryoma was cooler than your boyfriend.”(Ami)

“Hey, that’s a foul move! Are you picking a fight with me?”(Fuko)

‘He’s really cool.’ Ami and Fuko must have had the same thought…

I had the same impression. Shiba appeared to be extremely cool and stunning. That’s why I was so nervous at first.

“I’m going on a date with this individual today,” I thought.

I wonder if Shiba noticed. When we were holding hands, several women whom we passed by were glaring at me with jealously. The fact that several people stared at me would usually make one feel uncomfortable. However, for me, who had been Shiba’s girlfriend, I felt a little better.

I think I was extremely lucky to have Shiba as my dating partner that day. After dating Shiba, I knew that he was definitely a popular substitute among the girls. Furthermore, Shiba also said he just happened to pick her today.

I believe I won’t be able to contact Ryoma on Thursdays and Saturdays because other people have already scheduled meetings with him. The thought of Shiba dating someone else other than me also boggles my mind ……. But after today, I think I understood why I wanted to date Shiba.

“So, back to the serious stuff. If you’re on Ryoma’s level, you won’t be able to lose him, so don’t worry, Himenocchi. Ami and I both believe that if we work hard enough, we can achieve our goals. I also talked about it as if it were feasible if you worked hard enough, but that’s not the best place to start.” (Fuko)

“If it’s us, then you have a chance, right? You’ve already lost your current boyfriend with your energy.”(Ami)

“This is not a topic we should talk about in Himeno’s presence.”(Fuko)

Shiba is not Himeno’s boyfriend, so she’s not mad at him, but if he were, she would be mad at him. You can never take away someone you love from your friend. Only in the fictional world is it OK for you to steal someone you love from your best friend.

“And no, that level is seriously impossible. If I attack, I’ll definitely get countered.”(Fuko)

“It’s rare for you to say you can’t. You usually say you can afford it, Fuko.”(Himeno)

“I’m just joking, but I can’t say that I’m comfortable with a guy such as Shiba. I don’t know how I should say this, but, strangely, he was able to handle that kind of energy even though we’ve never met before! I didn’t mention it to Ami, but I think she gave me short shrift at the time.”(Fuko)

“eh? What does that mean?”(Himeno)

It was all about Shiba. Himeno only replied a little, but she kept reading the on. She was also curious about what Fuko had to say regarding Shiba.

“I’m not sure, but I think Ryoma realized what I was trying to do and intentionally took advantage of me.”(Fuko)

“Sorry, could you please be a little more specific.”(Himeno)

“So! I teased Ryoma and made him say that he loves you, Himeno.”(Fuko)

“Hmm? I’m getting more and more confused.”(Himeno)

“It’s hard to convey it in an email. To make it simple, it wasn’t thanks to me that Ryoma said that he loved you, Himeno! It’s just that Ryoma-san took advantage of me! I was trying to make fun of him, but he showed me the difference in our level, which was really frustrating. He’s a monster. He’s the type of guy who’s always been incredibly popular.”(Fuko)

“You’re sending me very long messages.”(Himeno)

“That just shows how frustrated I am!”(Fuko)

“And I still don’t understand. If you’re Ryoma, why do you need to use me? He’s on the level of a monster, so he should be able to turn things around the way he wanted to by himself.”(Fuko)

“Ami is still a long way off. I was the right person to keep Himeno’s impression of me intact and to keep her from cutting into our date-time.”(Fuko)


Himeno and Ami did not understand a single word that Fuko has just said.

“However, stop sending “I don’t know Himeno”. I’ll tell you right away without sending it.”(Fuko)

“It was undoubtedly early when you told me that, but they were on a date, and Himeno told me to do it, right? Go away.”(Ami)

“That’s right, Ami! That’s the answer!”(Fuko)

“No, no, no, I still don’t get it.”(Ami)

“Ryoma-san knew that I wanted him to say that he loved Himeno, so he made it easy for me to get into the mood, and then he told Himeno-chan that he loved her, and he knew that she would be embarrassed, and as a result, Himeno-chan kicked us out. Ryoma made this outcome all by himself.”(Ami)

“No, no, no, no, no, that’s not possible. That would mean that Ryoma read everything from your actions to your thoughts, Fuko.”(Ami)

“Isn’t that right, Himeno-chan? I’m sure you’ll understand this best.”(Fuko)


Think, …..think. Maybe what Fuko is saying is not wrong. Because Shiba is from a dating agency, It’s his job to make a date a success, plus, he’s a professional…

“Yes, maybe. It’s possible.”(Himeno)

“Even Himeno?!”(Ami)

“That’s correct! If he complains to us, your best friends, that we’re impeding your date, Himeno may lose her favourable opinion of Ryoma, which is something he wouldn’t want, right? After that, they might have a fight or two. If you think about it, it’s probably less risky to move Himeno-chan. Plus, he’ll be able to extend the time for the date.”(Fuko)

“It’s starting to sound like this is a real thing.”(Ami)

“Ryoma-san, on the other hand, adores Himeno-chan. I don’t envy you any more than you envy me for even thinking about prolonging your date for a second. If it were me, I’d tell everyone about it.”(Fuko)

“Fuko, don’t say anything embarrassing.”(Himeno)

The thought of it kinds of makes my face hot again, like when I’m on a date…….

It was true what Shiba had told me. That we could only hang out and talk, but he said, ‘I enjoy dating Himeno…….’

“To be honest, my boyfriend is completely defeated by Ryoma-san.”(Fuko)

“There it is! I’ll report that to Yukiya-san!”(Ami)

“That’s enough! I love him even if he’s defeated!”(Fuko)

“Oh, shit! Mount again! What’s with these two? I think I’m going to leave this group!”(Himeno)

“It’s your fault for showing me an opening.”(Ami)

“I’m not showing any signs of an opening!”(Fuko)

From that point forward, Himeno stopped looking at her emails. Instead, she remembered deeply what happened today.


Shiba’s hands…They were stumpy and big, and I felt relieved. At first, I could only link my pinky fingers, but In the end, I could link my hands together with Shiba.

I’m glad I had the courage to say, “Let’s hold hands.”

I’d like to hold hands with Ryoma again….

I’m not sure. It’s an odd sensation. But it’s not a horrible sensation. It’s light and fluffy. I feel like my face is getting looser and looser.

I know no one can see me, but it’s embarrassing ……. Himeno buries her face deep into her stuffed orca.

“What’s …… this?”(Himeno)

I wonder if everyone who has a boyfriend feels this way.

I didn’t think today would drag on this long. I wonder, when would I see Shiba again?

“Keen-corn, kern-corn.



This sound that I hear so much in a day. High school chimes are so depressing, aren’t they?

Aira is a sophomore in high school. The thought of having to spend one more year like this until graduation makes me feel depressed. School itself is boring, to begin with. On weekdays, we study from morning till evening. In addition, I’m required to attend school on Saturday once every two weeks, and I’m really tired.

But I’m in a better mood today because I’m almost done with the day.

“Ten more minutes of class….”

I’ve finally reached the end of HR homeroom. Now I can return the test and go home, which is easy.

I’ll return the national test I took at the end of September, as I promised.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”(student 1)

“That’s it!”(student 2)

“Whoo-hoo-hoo!”(student 3)

My homeroom teacher is arranging the report cards from the national mock examinations we had at the end of September on the teacher’s table. My classmates are excited about this. I’m sure other people besides Aira are thinking this, but it’s really loud at this time. She should at least be a little quiet.

“Well, you first. You’re the first to shine in the heavens.”


The moment the teacher called his name, Ikki jumped out. In the national mock examinations, grades are returned in order of attendance number, starting with the first one. …… Wow, he’s definitely losing grades, isn’t he?

Ikki returned to his seat and suddenly plopped down on his desk. I don’t know what happened to his initial “Hoi-saa” momentum. I don’t mean to laugh at your misfortune, but it was kind of funny.

“Next is Shoji.”


Next is attendance number two. The next one is number two, but it was only his voice that sounded brave.

He’s the same.

I don’t know if he was in a meeting or not, but Shouji also fell on his desk just like Ikki did.

The next person in attendance, number three, Eto Toh Saburo, did the same thing. It’s like they’ve already had a complete meeting. The three of them are still the same, aren’t they?

I think it’s pretty rare, but Ikki, Shouji, and Saburo all have the same kanji as their attendance numbers. As you can probably tell from their behaviour, they’re the top three idiots in the class.

At least Aira is in that group, but she’s the only girl, so it’s a bit inconvenient. This is no time to be carefree. I wonder how Aira’s grades will turn out. I’m starting to get a little worried now. If her grades drop, I’ll worry about her mom and dad…….

 After a few minutes of watching his classmates, it was finally Aira’s turn.

“Next, the Shrine of the Goddess of Mercy, Jingu Aira.”


When the teacher called her name, Aashi went to the front. Whenever I go in front of the teacher, I always think about the difference in our heights. Aira’s height is fifteen-seven centimetres, the average for a sophomore in high school. The teacher said she was about 170.

“What’s with the staring, Aira?”(teacher)

“It’s nothing, OK?”

“That’s fine, but let’s just say you did a great job with the …… test.

I don’t get how, though, considering how you’re behaving in class daily.”(teacher)

“I’ve been studying on my own.”

“If you’re so serious, I’d like to see you change your attitude in class. And your flamboyance at that. You’ll never get a recommendation with your current attitude.”(teacher)

“I don’t care.”

“It’s not ‘I don’t care’. Use honorifics.”(teacher)

“I’ll change my tone if it’s an interview or something, but for now, it’s fine. I thought this was a school that valued individuality.”

“Huh, ……. so that’s why you’re here.”(teacher)

It’s not that Aira is licking her teacher’s chops. It’s just that it’s embarrassing for her to use honorifics. Heh… I really don’t think you can break this type of characterization.

The other teachers don’t like me because I’m like this, but I don’t mind. Aira doesn’t want teachers who give boring lessons either, so she studies independently at home and can keep up.

“I’d be so proud if you were an honour student.”

“Isn’t it more adorable when they’re this cocky? Im only a JK.”

“I sincerely hope such a world will come. It won’t be hard.”

“Then I’ll make that world happen.”

“Stop talking nonsense and take your seat.”


Aira sat down in her seat, looking at her report card.

The teacher is a pretty good guy. He watches Aira closely and understands her personality. Maybe he knows that I’m embarrassed to use honorifics.

 There are no rules about appearance at this school. That’s why Aira wears blond hair and nails. She wears light makeup and piercings. She also has a little bit of burned skin. To put it simply, she’s trying to look like a gyaru.

Aren’t gals fabulous? They put forward what they like and seem to be enjoying life to the fullest.

But maybe it’s because of their appearance that some annoying things happen to them.

They think that if they ask Aira, she’ll open her legs for them easily, or that if they pay her, she’ll do anything for them.

 First of all, I’m annoyed that people think Aira has such a personality. I want to kick the guy who started the rumour and give him three kicks to his vitals.

I’ve never seen Aira open her legs so easily. She’s never done anything like that, and she’s not a lightweight. I mean, she graduated from high school too early. I think it’s OK if it’s with someone you love, but it’s not something you do for fun.

 I was looking at the report card while secretly complaining until the teacher passed their grades to the whole class. Now I can finally go home.

“Teacher! Who has the best grades in this class?”

“Hmm? Well, I guess. Let’s just say the most flamboyant student.”

“Sensei, you’re not trying to hide it.” He even turned his face towards me.

This happened because Ikki asked. It was as if he was trying not to give out any personal information, but it would be obvious with that kind of information. He may have punished Aira for not using honorifics, but this was too heavy.

“Way to go, Aira!”

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

“You look like such an idiot…….”

“Sensei, some people are bullying me. Shouldn’t you take them to the principal’s office?”

“There is no one who will bully you with a sense of bloodlust.”


My classmates laugh in unison. They pointed and laughed at me, but I like this kind of space because it’s bright.

I think I will have to agree with my classmates on this one, even though Sensei has a dumbfounded look on his face. It was nice to be able to leave earlier than usual. Aira packs up her things as she prepares to leave school early.

“Well then, ……, we’re a little early, but let’s get this over with. I’ll ask you to leave the hallway quietly.”



“That’s my teacher! I love you!”

“Don’t get carried away now.”

“Alright then, Mr Chairman! Greetings!”

“Yes! Stand up! Attention, salute!”

“Thank you very much!”

We all get together for the final speech, and school is over. The classroom becomes noisy with all the chatter.

Usually, Aira would join in the chatter, but she decided not to do so since she had something to do today.

I can’t wait to go.

Aira has something she’s been looking forward to two weeks ago. I want to spend my time on that, so I don’t want to waste my time here. I put my bag on my shoulder and try to leave immediately.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Ah! Good work, Aira!”

“Good night!”

I greeted my nearby friends as I tried to leave the classroom. I was about to leave the classroom until I was approached at an inopportune moment.

“Hey, Aira! How about karaoke today? I’ll buy you a drink!”

” ‘I’ll buy you a drink!’ You’ve got good taste asking Aira out, Ikki!”

“I want a girl for karaoke, don’t you, Ikki?”


I don’t want to be a part of this group. I’m not going to go even if they make that trend. Again, I want to spend my time on things I’m looking forward to, and being honest, the place I’m going to now is three times more fun than karaoke.

“Thank you for inviting me, but I have something to do.”

“Hey, what errands? I like your company, Aira!”

“I’ve got things to do, so I can’t help it.”

If I dodge Ikki, Shouji will interrupt me.

“Just take care of yourself, OK?”

“It’s not like that.”

“I know it’s a joke, but it’s a little annoying. You can’t think that just because it’s a little flashy, others can’t get hurt by it.”

“I’m going to go now. Enjoy your karaoke.”

“See you tomorrow!”


I’m really grateful that Saburo doesn’t keep me around. They’re not pushy, and they let me go right away, so I’m not annoyed.

Maybe it’s because I want to go there as soon as possible.

Aashi, still wearing her school uniform, decided to run to her destination. Yikes, I’m smiling at the thought of seeing Sempai.


“Haha, I got rejected by Aira again…….”

After Aira left the classroom, Ikki, who had black shadows looming over him, dropped his shoulders.

“You can’t help it since Aira is at such a high level. It’s normal, it’s normal. There’s nothing you can do but try without giving up.”

“Let’s cheer up! Karaoke with just the guys is fun too!”

Attendance number one, Kazuki.

Attendance number two, Shouji.

Attendance number three, Saburo.

Shouji and Saburo from the Yo-kai group were comforting Ikki, who was blatantly depressed.

“I wonder why Aira is so cute…….”

“Hahahaha, you like Aira too much!”


“No, no, on the contrary, who doesn’t like Aira?! …Oh, that’s really bad.”

As you can see from the story, Ikki likes Aira. He loves her.

It was love at first sight.

“If you refuse my invitation to karaoke, I guess you’re not very interested in me……”

“Isn’t that what happens when you think about it usually? With Ikki’s personality, she’d rather take an offer from a guy who she’s interested in.”

“Shouji ……, let’s follow up a little. Why are you following me ……?”

“It’s true. Please be nice to me from now on.”

As for Ikki, it’s heartbreaking to be told the right thing in his current state.

“But you know what, Ikki? Did you see the look on Aira’s face when she left?”

“Oh, you’re going to say that much? ……”

“I’m not sure. I wonder if Aira has a boyfriend after all. I’ve never heard of such a thing……”

The three of them had seen it. The moment Aira left the classroom, she looked so happy and relaxed.

“But it wouldn’t be surprising if Aira has one. As you can see, she’s very popular in high school, and she has a lot of senior and junior friends.”

“She’s especially popular with the younger students. It all started when she gave directions to a freshman who was lost.”

“That was it.” And Aira herself didn’t say anything about it for a long time. I asked her why she didn’t tell me. She replied, ‘I just did what I was supposed to do, and it’s lame to brag about it.’ “

“Aira…., you’re too perfect.”

She does not use honorifics. Although she has an unusual appearance, she is well-liked by everyone because of her personality. She has earned the position at the top of the triangular pyramid in school.

“You have too many rivals Ikki. I heard someone confessed to Airi yesterday, it shook her, but she did turn them down.”

“Don’t be so popular, Aira….”

Kazuki’s voice trembles as he blurts out his inevitable frustration. His voice was full of frustration.

“It’s possible that Aira’s ‘errand’ may be a date. Don’t you think so, Saburo?”

“Yeah, well, ……, I agree. To be honest, I agree.”

“There it is, Saburo’s approval!”

“Don’t get excited!”

“Saburo’s approval” is a family joke. It’s a rhyme, so it has a good rhythm.

“Aira went out into the hallway looking very happy, and from the looks of it, she’s probably meeting someone or something.”

“If she has a boyfriend, he’s probably a college student or something like that because I think I heard she likes older guys.”

 ”If you compare the way Aira looked when I asked her out to karaoke and the way she looked when she left the classroom, you can’t help but make that kind of prediction or at least become convinced of it.”

“If I were to explain it simply, there was a difference between the “dark” and the ‘light’.”

I’m really shocked. I’m seriously shocked. ……

“Ok, what if it does comes to that?”

Shouji urges Ikki, who is about to break down in tears.

“If………… Aira is happy. It’s ok……”

“Hahaha! Nice!”

This is a reference to a fan who had a certain woman on his cell phone as a standby during his exam period.

“Saburo and I are going to sing our hearts out at karaoke today. Let’s cheer up!”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll buy you a drink. Let’s go!”

“Thank you, ……. I’ll sing until my throat is hoarse……. Gosh.”

Ikki was the only one who didn’t have a good expression on his face as the group of youkai left the classroom.

But maybe that was for the best.

Aira’s errand:……It’s not a date, but it does involve a certain man.


Thirty minutes later.

“Yoo-hoo! Senpai!”(Aira)


“Hey, why are you ignoring me? It’s Aashi. I’m a proper customer.”(Aira)

“No, it’s because I’ve got a nasty customer in my sights.”(Ryoma)

“But you’re so funny with your annoying face.”(Aira)

“Only Aira would laugh at that.”(Ryoma)

It was in a bookstore. Aira was getting involved with a male clerk.

A nameplate named “Ryoma Shiba” written on it was pinned to the clerk’s chest. Yes, Ryoma has been getting tangled up at his part-time job for several months now. By the high school girl in front of him, Jingu Aira.

“Greet me with a “yoo-hoo”, Sempai. I’m contributing to the store’s sales by buying Aashi comics.”(Aira)

“As long as you don’t interrupt me while I’m working, you’re more than welcome.”(Ryoma)

“Just so you know, I don’t mean to bother you, okay? I don’t want to cause you any trouble.”(Aira)

“That’s a lie.”(Ryoma)

“It’s true! I just want to talk to you.”(Aira)

“I’m telling you, that’s what’s bothering me…”(Ryoma)

“Sorry, sorry, sorry.”(Aira)

In a happy mood, Jade emerald cat eyes narrowed as she smiled cheekily. The white, pointy, double-teeth appear when she smiles. Perhaps it was because of her wheat-coloured skin, but her white teeth stood out even more.

“Hey, so, how cute am I today?”(Aira)

“You say that out of the blue again, ……. Don’t you ever get tired of doing this every time?”(Ryoma)

“I’m doing it because I’m not bored. So, what do you think?”(Aira)

“Not cute.”(Ryoma)

“…… Ha? I’ll give you one more chance.”(Aira)

The moment I said the opposite of what she wanted to hear, Aira glared at me with intense pressure, which I could feel from her eyes.

Naturally, she would know if I changed my reply since we had exchanged this message ten, twenty, and thirty times.

Her blonde hair reaches her shoulders and is neatly arranged down to the tips. She has a neat face with wheat-coloured skin—large, clear green eyes. Carefully painted light green nails and silver earrings. She also wears a short skirt and light makeup.

If you look at her as a high school student, she’s flamboyant, but she won’t look so flamboyant when she gets a little older.

She has the looks and personality that would definitely make her popular at school. She comes to see him twice a week, but only on the days when Ryoma has a part-time job. She comes over and gets involved with him like this.

“Let me tell you something. I’ll tell you one thing. We’re going to talk about this until I say your cute, right?”(Ryoma)

“If you think so, there’s only one thing you can do, right, Senpai? Tell me the usual.”(Airi)

“Yes, yes…..very pretty.”(Ryoma)

“One more time.”(Aira)

“So cute.”(Ryoma)

“Yes, thank you!”(Aira)

She gives me a wink that I’m used to, even though I’m sure she understands that I’m giving her a random reply. Aira, happy without her usual jokes, poked Ryoma with her light green nail, which was polished.

“Oh, by the way, I got my test back today, and I came in first in my class.”(Aira)

“I don’t want to praise you when you look at me like that.”(Ryoma)

“That’s so mean. I worked so hard to be praised by you.”(Aira)

‘Well, well, …… first place is not a number that anyone can get, so you worked hard. Well done, Aira.”(Ryoma)

” ‘You did a great job, Aira.’ – No, no, no, no. You should have just praised me from the start.”(Aira)

“…… So what’s your point? I mean, it’s Aira, so there must be something else, right?”(Ryoma)

“Of course, it’s a reward. I got first place, so buy me a drink.”(Aira)

“I’ll pass because I didn’t promise that.”(Ryoma)

“I’ll pass the pass.”(Aira)

“Pass, pass, pass.”(Ryoma)

“Then I’ll pass pass pass pass.”(Aira)

“Well, let’s not have a sterile fight about it. If we were in private, maybe I would do so, but I’m working.”(Ryoma)

“So, will you buy me a drink?”(Aira)

“Why does this always happen.”(Ryoma)

“You might think, Why doesn’t he buy you a drink or two? It’s hard for him to respond to sudden requests, even if he has promised to do so.”(Ryoma)

“Hmm, so we’ll put the reward on hold for now. …… Anyway, Sempai, you’re sorting through your books, right?”(Aira)

“As you can see.”(Ryoma)

“If so, why don’t you organize the manga section instead of the pure literature section? You haven’t done it yet, right?”(Aira)

“Why are you asking me this?”(Ryoma)

“Because I can talk to you while I look for a manga, I like. Two birds with one stone, you know?”(Aira)

“Well, what’s in it for me?”(Ryoma)

“Isn’t it obvious? You get to talk to a girl you think is cute.”(Aira)

“No, I’ll pass.”(Ryoma)

Only Aira would be able to kill two birds with one stone. She denies it with stubbornness, but Ryoma knows better than anyone that she is not the kind of person who would easily back down from something like this. He is resisting, half giving up.

“Hmm, then I’ll use my last resort: I’ll give this restaurant a low rating by word of mouth.”(Aira)

“‘Working with your friends at school……, right? You say it so often. I’ve memorized it.”(Ryoma)

“Hey, I can’t do that to a restaurant that’s been good to me, to be honest! Come on! Please! If Tencho gets mad at me, I’ll apologize!”(Aira)



“I’m pretty sure I’m hearing things. I shouldn’t answer.”(Ryoma)

“Come on, come on!”(Aira)


Aira grabbed Ryoma’s work clothes and dragged him to the manga corner.

Of course, if Ryoma exerted himself, he wouldn’t be able to do what Aira wanted him to do, but Ryoma could only resist with his mouth. This was due to the fact that Aira had become a famous figure in this bookstore.

It had been three months since Aira had started coming to this bookstore. She is the one who started the rumour that cute gals would come to this bookstore in just 90 days.

As a result, the number of male customers has increased, and sales are up before the relocation.

It may sound too simple, but from the store manager’s point of view, Aira is like a beckoning cat. In order not to let the money tree escape until the store was about to be relocated, the manager bowed and said, “Please don’t refuse that customer’s request! It was Ryoma who was the one being bowed to by the manager.

The customers are also happy to see the cute Aira, and there have been no complaints so far.

It’s not that I can refuse the manager’s request, so I’m just going along with it, but Aira is taking care of me in her own way. She has set aside her time for teasing me, and I don’t want her to stay around to make sure my work doesn’t get clogged up……, etc.

This is why the exchange between Ryoma and Aira has now become a speciality of the restaurant.

We get to the manga corner quickly.

“Hey, is there a new issue of Debiru-chan out? The one with the school romantic comedy?”(Aira)

“I think the new one comes out in another month.”(Ryoma)

“Senpai, that’s too long.”(Aira)

“It would help if you didn’t complain to me…..”(Ryoma)

Debiru-chan is Aira’s favourite manga artist and a popular illustrator who draws covers for light novels and is very active in the industry, even though he hasn’t reached adulthood yet.

“Well, let’s find something else that looks interesting.”(Ryoma)

“That’s probably a good idea.”(Aira)

Ryoma started to organize the books again next to Aira, who was rifling through the manga, but Aira immediately spoke to him again.

Oh! Look, senpai, “The Great Sage Brother and the Withdrawn Sister” looks interesting, doesn’t it? The pictures are beautiful as well.”

“I don’t mean to interrupt you.”(Ryoma) This is what Aira always says, but what does she take away from it? This is what Ryoma is wondering.

“The manga got less than three stars, I think. It was an average rating.”(Ryoma)

“Are you one of those people who cares about ratings? That’s not good.”(Aira)


Aira stabbed her sharp claws into Ryoma’s abdomen as he suddenly made a wrong decision.

“I’ve been thinking lately that everyone’s ability to make decisions for themselves has been declining.”(Aira)

“Oh, ……, I can’t deny that. I’m one of them. (Ryoma)

“I know what you’re thinking, but I know that the reviews are very effective, and that’s why the cherry pickers are getting more active. Wouldn’t you hate to see a really good product get buried because of that? It also means that I’m in the palm of some weird contractor’s hand.”(Aira)

Sakura is a cryptic term that refers to those who create an atmosphere of good sales of products. It can be written as “fake customer”.

“I’m sure you’re right, ……. So you don’t want to be influenced by your reputation?”(Ryoma)

“Yes. People have different sensitivities, and there are definitely things that don’t match.”(Aira)

“You’re right.”(Ryoma)

Aira may look flashy, but she is smart enough to be the top student in her class.

The first time I met Aira was at this restaurant. It all started when she asked me a question.

TL notes:

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