The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 1

My name was Kurosu Yuuto, thirty years old.

On this day, too, I was spending a tedious commute to work while being jolted by a crowded train.

While holding onto the strap with one hand, I was playing with my phone with the other.

It was a jam-packed train, and I would not fall over even if I did not hold onto the strap, but I kept both of my hands up high to avoid being caught in a molestation false charge.

With my phone raised up until near the strap, I started up every app I could find and grabbed the login bonus.

Social game app.

Manga app.

Video app.


At present, almost every app now had the “login bonus” system.

Up until a little while ago, login bonuses were kind of like the specialty of social games, but now everything had login bonuses.

In games, you could get some paid items, but in manga apps, you could read a chapter of a paid manga a day for free. They gave out such privileges as a login bonus.

I kept launching apps that had such login bonuses. After receiving the bonus, I would launch another app – and repeat.

There were also all sorts of login bonuses.

In games, you could usually get the bonus just by logging in.

In manga apps, in most cases, it was a system where you could get it after watching a video of an advertisement.

This was also a nice way to kill time.

A crowded train in the morning, a harsh rush hour.

This alone would knock out my thirty-minute commute to work, and relieve some of the pain.

I mindlessly continued to receive it, just letting the video play and without looking at it.

Occasionally, some of the login bonuses obviously “suck.”

For example, while the game was balanced in such a way that you could get a thousand gold for every time you killed a monster by playing the game normally, the login bonus was only just a hundred gold.

I just took such things, not minding it.

That was because such a thing was usually the beginning part of a weekly bonus.

It was because the first login bonus would be crappy, but it would gradually get better as you continued on, and if you received every of it for a whole week, you would get a ton of stuff at the end.

I had no recollection of a login bonus where it was crappy from beginning to end.

So I just took it anyway without worrying about it.

Launch the app, take it, close it.

Launch the app, take it, close it.

Launch the app, take it, close it.

I repeated this process endlessly.

Sometimes people would ask me about it.

Like, “Isn’t doing such a thing suffering, isn’t this tough to do?”

Or, “Isn’t it faster to just pay for it?”

They had a point, but I was enjoying it in a different way.

I was enjoying the “login bonus” thing.

Even if each of the login bonuses was crappy – dust became a mountain if piled together – you could have quite a lot of fun with just the login bonuses.

I enjoyed the login bonus system, not something like efficiency.

And so I went on doing it, mindlessly and endlessly.


Suddenly, something unfamiliar appeared on the screen.

Transmigration to another world    Skill: Noblesse Oblige

It was something like that.

I’ve never seen this screen before.

Is it game-related?

The visual effect was rainbow, seven colored and flashy.

The rainbow color usually came above the gold color in smartphone games.

It was such an “arrangement,” the same as saying that above A rank was S rank.

It’s nice, but what’s with this app?

I pressed the home button — however, it didn’t work.

No matter how many times I pressed it, the screen stayed the same and did not change.

Is it locked…?

These kinds of things sometimes happened.

In order to prevent any sort of cheating, you were prevented from doing anything else while receiving the reward.

So I guess all I could do is recall from my own memory.

But I couldn’t remember a thing.

Transmigration to another world was a popular genre these days.

There were plenty of such novels and manga inside the app.

I rather liked that kind of thing.

In many of the stories of transmigration into another world, the “normal things” you had, became useful in the other world.

The food isn’t tasty? You can just use salt. Amaaazing!!

It was something like that.

There were plenty of people making fun of it, but I quite liked it.

It was kind of like the “Dream Pension Life in Southeast Asia in Your Old Age” that the mass media was promoting about ten years ago.

It was said that if you have a million yen, you could live a good life in Southeast Asia.

Back then I was a student.

“I could’ve earned a million yen had I worked hard at my part-time job, so could I live such a good life with this much money?,” I yearned for it like so.

Transmigration to another world was the same thing.

Even with ordinary knowledge (a million yen), in another world (Southeast Asia), you could live a pampered life.

That was why I liked it.

Oops, I digressed.

I did like it, however — have I ever installed a game about transmigration to another world?

The screen looks game-like, but I’ve no idea of anything on that end.

What should I do, should I just turn the whole thing off?

In the next second I was perplexed by what was happening.

The screen suddenly behaved buggily.

The rainbow colored effects disappeared as if they were melting, and the letters and images became distorted and messed up.


I pressed the home button repeatedly.

I tapped the screen again and again.

I also tried pressing the power button.

It was completely unresponsive and inoperable.

The screen kept on changing, getting buggier.

There was no longer any trace of the way the original screen looked.

What should I do here, really.

Next moment, my phone shone.

A tremendous amount of light overflowed from the screen, just like the high beams of a car.

It was so dazzling that I averted my eyes.


“Something’s happening”

“Is it terrorism!?”

The inside of the crowded train started to buzz.

Those voices — for some reason, it was growing distant.

And more strange things continued to happen.

My body was wrapped in a floating sensation.

My body floated up and was spinning around in the air in the dazzling light.

Not knowing which way was up or down, I was just spinning around.

I could not open my eyes because of the excessive light.

I’ve no idea what’s going on, and what the hell’s going on inside the train!?

Next second, things got weird.

When I opened my eyes, I was looking up at the ceiling.

Looking at a ceiling, that means I’m lying down. When I realized it, this time I found that I was lying on a very soft bed or something.

Not the depressing, cheap futon at home, but the kind with a freshly laundered sheet and soft springs that you would find in a business hotel on a business trip.

I’m not inside a train. Trains aren’t this soft, and the ceilings aren’t like this, too.

In the first place, the line I use to commute is so full of passengers whether it’s in the morning or night, or the first train or the last train of the day, that it’s impossible to lie down like this.

In that case, where the hell am I?

I tried to get up and look around — but.

I could not.


The door was thrown open violently, and bang! Making a slamming sound against the wall.

Along with that sound, I heard the voice of a man.

The sound of the man’s footsteps were coming closer over here rapidly.


From beside me, I heard a woman’s voice that sounded a little weak.

Dear? So the man’s wife?

What the hell’s going on?

I can’t get up. I can hardly move my body, so I don’t know what’s going on at all.

“Ooh, Sheila! I see you’re fine. And I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it back before the baby was born!!”

“It’s okay. You have your work, dear. And I also don’t want to force you to come back and be called a bad wife”

I can’t move my body, but I can hear their conversation even if I don’t want to.

So this man and woman are really married, huh.

“Besides, you made it back like this. That much already makes me happy”

“I see. And so… Where’s the child?”

“Over there”


This time, the man came closer to me.

The footsteps stopped just right next to me, and his face appeared like it was slowly popping out from overhead, and peered out at me.

Your face’s huge!

The man with a huge face then picked me up — He picked me up?

“Uwee, uwee”

The hell you’re doing, bring me down! — As I tried to tell him so, I realized that all I could get out of my mouth was a baby-like cry.

Wh-what? What’s happening?

I tried to raise my voice but it’s a baby crying voice, what the hell’s going on?

Despite my panic, the man became even more excited.

“Ooh! Cute! So cute!! The eyes look just like you, Sheila. No doubt you’ll become a beauty in the future!”

“Geez, my dear. There’s no way a boy will become a beauty, right?”

The woman chuckled.

She became much more lively compared to before.

“Well, that’s not the case, you know. Even if you’re a man and beautiful, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. That’s the way it is now”

“That’s true too, I suppose. But, I want him to grow up to be a gallant and strong man like you, dear”

“Beautiful and strong, isn’t that just the best? I’m sure he will. After all, he’s my and your child, Sheila”

“Oh my, fufu”

The couple was having a grand time.

Already, they were playing the over-doting parents to the fullest.

“Now then, we’ll have to give him a name. Ooh, come to think of it, you have a black hair”

“That’s right”

“I never thought I’d have a child with black hair. Then your name will be — Yuuto!”


“That’s a fine name. I’m sure, as any other black-haired person who went down in history, he will be as gallant and strong–”

“And yet beautiful”

“–Yes, beautiful. That’s the kind of child he’s supposed to grow up to be”

With “Ahahahaha” and “Fufufu” the man and woman laughed.

The talk progressed rapidly, leaving me behind.

I was troubled.

Troubled, but.

One thought came to my mind.

Just before, I saw the words “Transmigration to another world” on my phone.

Maybe, no, this is probably that.

I seem to have been transmigrated to another world.

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