The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 3

Inside my own bedroom, just past noon.

I was sitting on a chair by the window, and a girl was standing in front of me.

The girl was nervous, and was so stiff.

Her name is… If I’m not mistaken, Auxo, was it?

No family name. She was a maid coming from a farming family, who went through the typical route of becoming a slave in order to reduce the amount mouths to feed, and was bought into the Mouskouri residence.

She was nineteen years old, and was two years older than my transmigrated self.

And that Auxo was nervous to the utmost.

“I-I’m looking forward to serving you! Yuuto-sama!”

“Yeah, same here. I’ll ask just to make sure, but will this be your first time?”

I could guess because she was stiff, but I asked her just to make sure.

“O-of course!”

Although blushing, Auxo declared with such vigor that she leaned forward.

Well, I supposed it would.

Since this was a practice, I would have to deal with a girl who was new to this even more.

Because unlike a woman, a man could not be sure that the child born to him was his.

In my former world, I could just take a DNA test, but there was no such technology in another world.

I wondered if there was any way to check the blood connection through magic, so I also tried to look into it, but it seemed this world’s magic specialized in “destroying something” — in other words, offensive magic.

So there was no way to determine the blood connection after birth.

The most faultless way was to take in a virgin.

A virgin, which meant as long as she had not been made love to by another man.

Well, it was a common story.

All times and places — even in another world, nobility, bloodline, and virginity were a combo relationship.

For the nobility, whose important role was to maintain lineage, it seemed that the skill of being able to have a virgin partner was also important.

“E-earlier, I also had it properly inspected”

“I see”

So that’s all taken care of, eh.

How it was inspected… Well, let’s put it aside.

“Alright, then let’s do it”


Auxo sounded high-pitched, becoming even more nervous.

I gently pulled her into my arms.

I pulled her closer, put my hand around her waist, held her chin with my hand and made look up.

And then――I kissed her.


Auxo’s lips were closed, and as matter of course, her body became even more stiff.

Her eyes snapped open, and the mood was turned into a complete mess.

I sucked on the lips of such Auxo, licking them.

Maybe because of the nervousness, her lips were cold.

I pecked at the lips of Auxo, pinching them with my lips. I pecked at it like I was kneading clay, and began to suck it up.

I repeated it over and over again.

I started by “relaxing” her body and mind.

After a short while, her lips, which had been cold and trembling slightly, began to heat up.

At the same time, her body was starting to lose strength.

I caught Auxo’s collapsing body in my arms.


Her eyes looked intoxicated, and her tone of voice began to sound “sweet.”

While hugging her tightly, I stared straight into her eyes.

“I’ll kiss you more”


Auxo accepted it with her cheeks turned red.

I kissed her once more.

Just to be sure, I resumed pecking at her lips once again, but since her lips had completely softened and melted, I went on to the next step.

I broke into her lips, inserting my tongue.


Auxo was surprised, and her eyes snapped open once again.

Her whole body was on the verge of losing strength with her lips melted, but both stiffened in an instant.

“Hnnn! Ng――”

Auxo mumbled, trying to make some kind of appeal.

I could see from her face she was trying to say, “What are you doing!”

Without minding it, I inserted my tongue further and intertwined it with hers.

I intertwined it with her tongue, “inviting it.”

Our tongues intertwined, and a sticky sound leaked out from the gap between our lips.

The inside of Auxo’s mouth was so hot it felt like it was going to burn.

The heat was being transmitted to me through my tongue, and naturally, blood was rushing to my crotch.

A feeling of sexual desire gathered at one point below my navel.

Auxo’s body, which had stiffened for a moment, finally lost its strength completely and collapsed.

I caught her in my arms right away, and she put all her weight on me.

She lost strength, and her eyes looked intoxicated.

With my hands around her waist, I stared straight into her eyes and then asked.

“How was it?”



“…Ah, I-I’m sorry! I’ve ended up blanking out!”

Auxo was back into her senses, and started to panic.

“No, it’s fine. More importantly, how was it?”


Auxo, who had calmed down, averted her eyes.

Because she had turned her whole face away, I could see that she was red up to the base of her ears.

That alone told me that it was not bad, however, “How was it? Answer properly.”

I pressed her to put it into words.

Understanding that she could not escape, in resignation, she lowered her face and looked at me with upturned eyes.

“I-it was amazing…”

“Ooh, amazing? In what way?”

“Err, ummm…”

I pressed her further.

When I saw a girl this young becoming flustered like this, I could not help but wanting to tease her.

Completely ignorant of my desire to tease her, Auxo frantically thought about it and then answered.

“Ki-kissing, it uses tongue, isn’t it”

“What, so you didn’t even know about that, huh”

“Yes… I’ve also never heard about it…”

“Also never heard about it, huh”

I smiled slightly.

If this had been said in my previous world, in modern day Japan, I would have probably thought, “Ah, this girl’s playing innocent,” but this was a different world.

In the seventeen years since I had been transmigrated, there was “one thing” that I learned.

This was a world where there was no internet and information sharing was severely lagging behind.

The state of information was such that only a fraction of people really had it.

And that information was considered an asset, and some people willingly monopolized it.

If a maid of slave origin did not know about it, it was easy to accept that it was just the way it was.

Well, however.

Whether or not she was really playing innocent, or truly had not known about it.

It was not important.

It was not something to worry about in front of a woman you could make love to.

The girl in front of me was a woman I could make love to as I pleased.

And then, my kisses made her “melt.”

For now, that fact alone was enough.

I slightly smiled, and peered straight into Auxo’s eyes.

“I’ll take it off,” I declared.


I stripped Auxo, who nodded enthusiastically.

First, I stripped off her top.

I removed her cheap maid-like underwear and rubbed her boobs.

Her breasts were small.

It was not to the extent that she was flat chested, but it was a nice small breasts.

I rubbed her breasts, which would completely fit in the hands of even a seventeen-year-old boy.

I rubbed the stiff boobs with the core remaining in the middle.

It was stiff at first, but just like with her tongue, this too gradually heated up and became softer as I rubbed it.

“Nn… Ahn…”

Auxo began to make a coquettish voice.

She let out a seductive sigh, and started to squirm between her legs.

“How was it?”

“I-I do not know”

“Want me to do it more?”


After several seconds of hesitation, Auxo gave a small nod.

I slightly smiled again, and rubbed her boobs more gently than before.

Pinching her lovely nipples, I lightly pulled and kneaded them up.


Auxo raised a voice, and her body stiffened with a twitch.

So I reached my hand towards the “lower part” of the completely defenseless Auxo.

I put my hands inside her panties, which were also plain, and fingered a girl’s most important part.


Auxo arched her body backwards, as if she had been struck by lightning.

When I relentlessly rubbed her, Auxo began convulsing with twitches.

Don’t tell me that just now was…?, I thought to myself.


When I saw her gasping for breath, convulsing and losing strength, I knew she had just come.

It’s time, I thought.

I laid Auxo down on the bed, and hung over her.

While I was caressing her, I took off my own clothes with my other free hand.

On the bed, both me and Auxo were stark naked.



“I’m gonna do it”

Auxo made a face which said, “Do what?”

Without waiting for her reply, I pushed my hips forward in one go.

Tear! I felt as if the sound of something tearing was being transmitted from inside her body…

After seventeen years, I lost my second virginity.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 3

      1. Not exactly “mistakes” but it just sounds off.

        {Her name is… If I’m not mistaken, it’s Auxo, was it?} ~> {Her name is… If I’m not mistaken, it’s Auxo, isn’t it?} Or {Her name is… If I’m not mistaken, Auxo, was it?} The first one just sounds off…

        {A virgin, which meant as long as he had not been embraced by another man.} ~> {A virgin, which meant as long as she had not been embraced by another man.} Not a BL I assume…

        {“Alright, then let’s do it”} ~> {“Alright then, let’s do it”} Again it sounds off…

        Also second virginity @-@ he was a success in his previous life?!


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