The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 5

After fixing up our appearance, I walked out into the hallway with Auxo.

Waiting in the hallway were my father, Dimon, and then two of my older brothers, Nanos and Janus.

Dimon and Janus were normally standing in front of my room, waiting for me to come out without hiding anything. Nanos, however, was glancing over here across the corridor, pretending not to be interested.

His worthless pride is making things worse as usual, I thought.

“How did it go, Yuuto,” Dimon asked.

“It went off with no problem”

“Is that right?”

Janus asked Auxo, the other person involved.

Auxo nodded while looking down in embarrassment.

“Yes… Yuuto-sama, he was very gentle with me. I was feeling fluffy and happy”

The words sounded like she was speaking fondly of her sweetheart.

The content was vague, saying she was feeling fluffy, but the most important thing was conveyed.

That my coming of age ceremony, my first sexual experience was a great success.

Maybe that was why the moment she said it, “Tsk,” a tongue click could be heard from a distance, and Nanos walked away in an irritated state.

At his reaction, all of us, including Auxo, saw his retreating figure off.

“Goodnes, he doesn’t have to be that petty”

“If he’s putting on airs, he should at least protect the setting that his was a success”

Dimon sighed and Janus made a faint smile.

Considering that Nanos was still only nineteen years old, such a reaction also looked pleasant to me, so I didn’t have anything in particular to add.

Instead, I spoke to Dimon.


“Hmm? What is it”

“I have a favor to ask. Please give me Auxo”

“What, so it’s about that. I don’t mind”


Dimon answered immediately, and Auxo grabbed the hem of my clothes as she blushed, looking like a maiden in love.

“Treat her well, got it?”


“I think it’ll be no problem if it went well, but here is some advice from me. Things are hard for girls in the beginning, so don’t be too rash, okay”

“Yeah, I got it”

Although he pointed out something I already understood, Janus’ advice was a positive one, so I decided to honestly accept it.

After giving Janus a nod, I turned to Auxo.

“I have something to do so I’m heading out. You go get some rest”

“Yes, I understand”

“Are you going somewhere?,” Dimon asked.

“Yeah, for a bit”

“Is that so”

Without asking any further questions, Dimon turned around and walked away.

“See you”

After Janus left as well, I also split up with Auxo and left the residence.

In the Mouskouri’s residence, there were five hundred servants and guards of all ranks residing. That alone was about the size of a small town.

It was even more than the number of employees of the company I worked at before I was transmigrated.

There weren’t even three hundred people in our small-to-medium-sized company.

And that wasn’t all there was to it.

Mouskouri owned manors1 here and there, and each field had a hundred people.

Furthermore, even the residence in the royal capital, though it wasn’t that much used as a residence, had more servants than this main residence for the sake of looking good as a noble.

If you added them up, the number of servants under Mouskouri would be in the thousands.

From what I could tell, it was equal to a normal large company.

And there was another ordinary city outside of Mouskouri’s main residence.

The city called Rostaf was a normally flourishing city partly because it was where the Mouskouri’s main residence was located.

To put it in a sense, Rostaf was a regional government designated-city2, about one to two million people in scope.

And I was heading out to that city of Rostaf.

Unlike yesterday, I was heading out to the city in the formal attire of a noble, as I had completed my coming of age ceremony at the age of seventeen.

I made a straight line through the crowded city, heading for my destination.

About halfway through, the ambiance had clearly changed.

In a way, it resembled Mouskouri’s residence.

Although it was inside a city, it was surrounded by fences that looked like an outer wall, and it was like another city on the other side of the fences.

At first glance, it looked like a city within a city, but those who knew the actual situation likened it to a “dungeon.”

It was “another world” in another sense of the word. It was a red-light district where brothels were gathered.

It was a place where prostitutes with various backgrounds and circumstances were, which was built in such a fashion so they wouldn’t be able to escape.

I headed inside head-on.

There were gatekeepers, but I ignored them and headed inside.

The gatekeepers looked like they were guarding the main gate, but in reality, they were there to keep the prostitutes from running away.

Hence, there was nothing to stop a suitably-dressed man from entering.

Nevertheless, the gatekeepers were staring at me with a wondering face as I, a seventeen year old youth, walked in, looking as if it was perfectly normal.


I walked in, and did an evaluation first.

It didn’t differ that much from the one in my former world.

There are some in the form of shop windows — show windows –, and some are in the style of regular tout talking.

I did a little looking around and, “Pft,” it became just a bit funny and I chuckled.

Looks like both another world and my former world are no different in these areas.

I chose a brothel and went inside, basing on what I remembered from the sex indrustry streets in my former world.


Once I entered, the first thing I came to was a public bath-like counter, with an old woman sitting at the counter.

I wonder if the old woman with the bent lower back is the so-called brothel madam.

“Oh, aren’t you the boy from Mouskouri”

The old woman looked at me with just a bit of a surprised face.

“Do you know about me?”

“That’s of course. Is your pop well?”

“You also know about my dad, huh”

“That’s of course”

The old woman laughed heartily.

“That kid’s first time was at this store after all”

“Is that so?”

That was indeed a surprise.

Just somewhat, no, it’s not somewhat.

I was shocked to find that the store I entered thinking that it was ok was the one Dimon had been a patron of.

What a coincidence this is.

Incidentally, nobles’ coming of age ceremony — first sexual experience — was not at all unusual to make use of a brothel.

In a brothel, it was easy to gather the “number” of partners. And since there were all kinds of experts in the field of sex other than the women who would be your partner, it had the advantage that if something happened, it would be easy to quickly deal with it.

Incidentally, the brothel side also benefited from it.

If it was a noble’s ceremony, the prepared woman would be a virgin.

From the brothel’s point of view, a virgin was a commodity that attracted first-time customers, and a commodity that they would wish to continue to provide for a long time to come if possible.

Oftentimes, such things easily became a magnet for “eccentric” customers. So if they were not careful, it could lead to a “damaged” thing.

However, that was not the case with a noble’s ceremony.

It was simply a rehearsal of “whether I can make someone pregnant or not.”

Since it was about whether or not you could get someone pregnant, and whether or not you could have a child after that, the way they would make love to the woman fit into the category of common sense.

On top of that, the pay was also good since it was a noble.

It was not at all unusual for a noble to use a brothel for their coming of age ceremony, due to numerous reasons such as these.

If it’s the granny who had “taken care” of Dimon, she must know a great deal about that stuff too.

That granny had a sneaky smile, “Are you coming here to become an adult, too, boy?,” and asked me.

“I just finished it earlier”


“And while I’m at it, I want to make love some more”

“Hohoho, you do have a nice manliness for Dimon’s son. Even though the eldest son’s such an incompetence”

“Do you know about Nanos?”

“After his first time, he came to our place to gain experience, you see”

“I see”

In a way, it’s the same as me now, isn’t it.

“So, how about you bo――ooh?”

The granny suddenly realized something and looked behind me.

There was some commotion outside.

“Something going on?”

“It’s alright, it’s something usual”


The granny was composed, but I was a bit curious about that “something usual.”

“I’ll take a look a bit,” leaving these words behind, I exited the brothel.

There were curious onlookers gathering outside.

The onlookers were all looking up in unison.

Following their gaze, I also looked up, and then saw the figure of a man binding the arms of a prostitute behind her back at a window on the second floor of a building.

“Don’t come, any of you, don’t you dare come here!!”

The man was shouting in a shaky voice.

When I took a better look, he was not only binding the prostitute’s arms behind her back, but he was also holding a dagger-like sharp tool and pressing it against the prostitute’s nape of the neck.

“What’s going on here?”

I asked one of the onlookers.

“Ooh, seems like the man got ‘serious’”


“Yeah. Because he said ‘I really love you, let’s get married’ then got rejected, he got into frenzy and now doing that”


I got the gist of the story.

It was a very common thing even in my former world.

In short, it’s about a dumb guy who took the sales talk of a hostess seriously, huh.

If he’s causing a ruckus like this, I’m not gonna be able to do my thing properly.

Let’s stop it.

I put my hand towards my waist.

At my waist hung a heavily decorated ceremonial sword, a noble’s etiquette.

In my former world, it was like a necktie.

In this other world, a noble’s formal attire was always equipped with such a thing on the waist.

Though I’m only seventeen, I’m still the third son of a noble family. I have to wear something like this properly.

This ceremonial sword looked “nice,” but it didn’t have much lethality.

It was on the level of a fake sword.

Well, that should be enough.

Taking advantage of a child’s nimbleness, I walked along the outer frame of the building and quickly made my way up to the second floor of the building.

“Hey, look at that”

“Amazing, what store is that kid from?”

“No, different. He’s a noble”

As the onlookers were buzzing around, I swooped out from the window side, kicked the man in the back, and kicked him into the room.

The man was vigilant towards the inside of the room, or rather, the door. So he didn’t notice me coming up from the wall.

The man who had been separated from the prostitute stood up, quickly turned around, and glared at me.

“Wh-who, who the hell are you!?”

“Your voice is shaking, you know. Just stop it”


The man held his dagger in a stooping position and came charging towards me.

I unsheathed my ceremonial sword, repelled the man’s dagger, then immediately slashed him down diagonally from his shoulder in return.

Crack… After the sound of his shoulder bone breaking, the man fell head over heels.


“Aren’t you glad I wasn’t serious”

“Ouch ouch…”

“Are you okay?”

I turned around to the absentminded prostitute who was still at the window.


“I see”

Then it’s good, and I returned the ceremonial sword to its sheath.

So I’ve made sure the man is separated from the prostitute. From the other side of the door, several men rushed it at once from the corridor and seized the man.

TL notes:

^1. Manorialism, also known as the manor system or manorial system, was the method of land ownership (or “tenure“) in parts of Europe, notably England, during the Middle Ages.

A generic map of a medieval manor according to wiki

Basically a manor (the building/structure) surrounded by fields/farms/whatever you call it

^2. A city designated by government ordinance, or Government Ordinance City (政令指定都市 seirei shitei toshi) is a city of Japan that has a population greater than 500,000 and important economic and industrial functions, and that is considered a “major city” in Japan.

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