The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 6

“You sure are quite a piece”

After tidying up the commotion, I returned to the store I had entered at the start.

I could’ve also gone to the store where I saved the prostitute, but I thought it would be quicker to stick with this store, which had ties with Dimon and Nanos.

When I came back, the granny from earlier greeted me with a smile.

“That’s no big deal”

“You really are very different from the eldest son. I wonder how the same seed can be so different”

“More importantly, a woman”

“Ooh, yes, you’re right”

The granny smiled suggestively and then asked me.

“What kind of woman do you want, boy?”

“One with a skill”

“Oh my”

The granny’s eyes opened wide.

Her smile had vanished, and she stared at me with a surprised face.

“That really is an unusual request”

I guess that’s true.

A brothel. In other words, a sex industry.

They probably had received all sorts of requests like for faces and bodies, but they probably never have been asked for a woman with a skill.

In my former world, it would be like going to a sex establishment and saying something like, “I want a woman with national qualification of something.”

I guess it’s understandable she would be surprised.

“Anyone will do, but I want a woman with a skill. Do you have any?”


The granny called towards the inner part of the store.

After a short moment, a middle-aged person with a tidy look but lacking vigor came out.

Granny turned to that middle-aged person and then asked.

“Do we have any with a skill?”

“With a skill?”

“That’s what the customer requested”

After hearing what the granny said, the man frowned and looked at me doubtfully.

He made a face that said, “Why are you making a strange request?”

The man, who looked at me with such eyes, changed his expression and went into thinking.

“If I remember correctly — that Parthenos chick got ‘Vision Enhancement’”

“Are you okay with that?”

The granny checked this with me.


I replied immediately.

She nodded, and then signaled the man with her eyes.

The man guided me into the inner part of the store.

We entered the inner part of the store and took the stairs to the second floor.

Once we got up to the second floor, there was a long corridor.

On both sides of the corridor, there were doors at regular intervals.

I was being led to the front of one of the uniformed doors.

Then he opened the door and led me in.


The moment I entered, I couldn’t help but exclaim.

It was an interesting room.

The layout looked like a 1LDK1, though on a closer look, it lacks a kitchen, so 1LD? The layout of the room gave such a feeling.

There was a bedroom with a bed, a living room, and a dining room.

If each piece of furniture played its role as it should, then this room was meant to be used for relaxing as well as doing it.

I remembered the sex industry of my former world, the soapland.

That too also had a curious room layout with a bathtub right next to the bed.

My former world’s soapland and another world’s brothel.

I felt something similar in terms of a curious room layout.

As I was admiring the inside of that room with great interest, “Please wait a moment,” said the man. He then walked out of the room.

I waited for a bit as I was told. Then there was a knock, and a woman entered the room.


That was my second “Ooh.”

It was something I didn’t expect, and it was somewhat fascinating.

The woman who came in was a sight for sore eyes.

She had long golden hair and characteristic pointed ears.

Furthermore, she had very beautiful white skin, and an incredibly beautiful face.

I had never seen one before, but I knew what she was.

An elf.

In this other world where I had been transmigrated, there was a race called elf, and I had only come across them once in the seventeen years of my life so far.

It was just a glimpse from afar of some big shot who had come to see Dimon.

So this was the first time I came into contact with one of them within close enough distance to actually have a conversation.

And that elf was wearing an elegant but sexy dress.

She quietly came to approach me, and then gracefully bowed from the waist.

“Nice to meet you, I’m called Parthenos”

“I’m Yuuto”


“Hmm? What is it?”

“Are you fine… With me?”

Parthenos asked languidly.

There was also a feeling of timidness.


I nodded decisively.

It was obvious the “reason” of why she asked so.

So I asked in return.

“As expected, you don’t usually get that many customers?”


I nodded again.

To my perception as a transmigrated person, elves were straight up “beautiful” and a target that could be looked at sexually.

If anything, in creative works, they could be seen as sexual partners so much that they could be a single genre of their own.

However, it was rather the opposite in this world.

In this world, humans who looked at elves as a sexual target tended to be looked at coldly.

‘It’s weird you’re a human but lusting after an elf!’

Such humans were looked down upon as “Elf Fetishsist (Elfcon).”

If it were to be compared to my former world, it would be a nasty thing, somewhere between bestiality and lolicon.

She must have not gotten that many customers because of it, but it was not like there were no requests at all seeing that they could speak.

The elves in brothels had such a delicate position, and it was reflected in her behavior.

But well, such a thing doesn’t matter to me right now.

I came here to test “Noblesse Oblige.”

“I’ll ask just in case”


“You have a skill, right?”

“Eh? Yes… I have ‘Vision Enhancement’”

“And will that make you see better?”

“Yes. I was able to see better when I used it, back when I was in the meadow and forest”

“I see”

I nodded.

To add more, the detail of the skill was not important at this stage.

What was important was whether she had it or not.

And then she got it.

So that was enough.

That’s enough, but, “Phew, I got lucky.”


“To have a woman as beautiful as you to be my partner, that is”

I came here for skills, but it was a happy miscalculation.

Parthenos was beautiful.

And that beautiful elf was reflected in my eyes as nothing but a beautiful woman like a fairy, literally.

I approached Parthenos, pulled her into my arms, and gently kissed her.

I pressed my lips against hers.


Parthenos jolted.

Her body stiffened.


I wondered while kissing her.

She’s a prostitute… Isn’t she?

Why is she that inexperienced with kissing?

If you’re bad at this… It’s like you’re not used to it any more than my maid, Auxo, you know.

Is it some kind of trap, or maybe a technique?

With these thoughts in mind, I broke through Parthenos’ lips, slipped my tongue inside, and intertwined my tongue with hers.

Parthenos’ body stiffened even more and more, and was left at my mercy.

It really is strange.

At the same time, a deep kiss with a beautiful elf immediately made my crotch perk up.

Even though it was just after I had done it a number of times with Auxo an hour ago, it became energetic in an instant.

I stopped the kiss.

A sliver bridge spanned between our mouths.

The elf’s white skin flushed, and she leaked out a coquettish long breath.


Parthenos looked up at me with upturned eyes.


“Please, quickly do it”

“Quickly? Why?”

I tilted my head.

It must be a type of begging, but for me to quickly do it, what a strange begging that was.

Asked by me, Parthenos replied, slightly looking down.

“Umm… Because there are people who decided to stop it halfway through”

“What, so it’s about that, huh”

I smiled slightly.

I guess she must’ve been getting quite the short end of the stick due to the fact she’s an elf.

I’m sure she must’ve been hit with an, “As expected, I’ll stop,”  in actuality.

Even so, why is she working as a prostitute?, and there was also such a question, but I ignored it.

She probably has her circumstances, but that doesn’t matter.

The Important thing is that she is right in front of me right now, waiting to be made love to by me.

“Don’t worry. I’ll see it through till the end”


“No man would be stupid enough to stop halfway with such a beautiful woman as his partner,” I said as I held Parthenos up in my arms and carried her to the bed.

I lowered her down onto the well-made bed and looked straight into her eyes from above.

Parthenos averted her eyes.

“M-me, beautiful is…”

“Don’t avert your eyes”

Then I made Parthenos’ face look my way half-forcibly.

And we stared at each other straight in the eye.

“Look at me”


Parthenos nodded timidly.

At the same time, her negative emotions such as trepidation and confusion gradually disappeared.

When those were about to vanish, I kissed her again.

Kissing her, breaking through her lips, and letting my tongue invade.

And then Parthenos, who had opened up much more than before, willingly intertwined her tongue back with mine.

“Nn, chu…”

It was a kiss intense with tongue action. Parthenos also matched with me, and it was making a sticky sound.

While kissing, I started to take off her clothes.

A prostitute’s elegant but sexy dress was easy to take off.

Even while kissing, I was able to take it off smoothly without a problem.

After I finished taking off everything, I stopped kissing her and pulled away.

“Nn… Eh? Whe-when did you”

Parthenos was surprised to realize that she had been undressed.

Surprised, she covered her breasts with both hands.

Just for a little bit, I felt something off.

“You didn’t notice?”

“I’m sorry, I, umm…”

“It’s fine. That aside, let me see more”


“Move your hands away, and let me see that beautiful body of yours”


Though Parthenos was shy, she nodded her head obediently, and slowly moved her hands away.

She was moving her hands away. Her body grew stiffer as she continued to become completely naked.

I noticed it. The true identity of the sense of discomfort.

“You, don’t tell me, is this your first time?”


Parthenos replied in a faint voice.

“I was sold three months ago, but I never got any customers…”

“Uhuh, what a shame. The men over here are”

I seriously believed so.

I do think it’s okay to like elves, I thought.

First of all, I just can’t understand how they treat someone who likes elves in the same category as lolicons.

I can’t understand it but, well, it doesn’t matter either.

Thanks to that, I get to have a delicious experience, so I should be grateful instead.

“You’re beautiful”

“Such a me is…”

“It’s the truth”


While being held down by me, Parthenos looked happy while she was red in the face.

Both the elf I had seen before, and Parthenos in front of me.

And then, even the knowledge I had of elves.

Elves, as a whole, were known for their slim body shape.

To put it in other words, they were leaning in the not-well-fleshed direction.

They were a race who originally lived in the forest and coexisted with nature, and were centered on a vegetable diet.

I guess they must’ve been getting a slim body shape naturally.

I bet there are some guys who think that slimness is something unsatisfactory when it comes to embracing.

There are also many guys who would say they prefer to make love to a woman on the plump side.

I get it. I do, but, “You’re beautiful.”

It doesn’t matter in the face of this fairytale-like beauty.

I kissed Parthenos again.

I touched her naked body.

I fondled her breasts and caressed her important part.

It was a simultaneous three-way attack with a kiss and using both hands.

That seemed to come as a shock to Parthenos, who had never had a customer before and was “first time” at this.

She stiffened up again, and struggled on the bed, squirming.

Of course, I had no intention of letting her escape.

I attacked her lips, breasts, and crotch, with different rhythms in each of the three areas.

Once I had completely melted her body that way, I stepped away for a moment.

I got down on my knees on the bed and looked down at Parthenos.

“Do-don’t stop…”

Parthenos pleaded with a face that looked like she was about to cry.

“Of course, there’s no way I’m stopping after coming this far”


“Spread your legs”


Parthenos nodded with a red face, and opened her thighs wide to the left and right as ordered.

The place that I had completely messed with was soaked in feverish heat.

A woman’s scent, like a thick drizzling of nectar, tickled my nostrils and aroused me even more.

I got on top of her.

And then, looking into her eyes at close range, I declared.

“I’m gonna take it”


Then I thrusted out my hips.

Tear — through the inside of her body, I sensed the sound of something tearing.


Parthenos frowned.

She bit her lower lip and turned her face away, desperately trying to endure the pain.

I placed my hands on her face, turned her to face me, and kissed her even more.


“Are you okay?”

“Ye-yes… Umm”


“Thank you, very much”

Parthenos thanked me, looking like she was happy.

“It’s not something you need to thank me for. Like I said before, it’s just that the men who leave a woman as beautiful as you alone are fools”

“That’s not it, umm… I heard from the others, that it was much more painful at first, and it’s just tough”

“You’re talking about that, huh”

“And yet… It was so warm and felt good… That’s why, thank you”

“The feel-good part is yet to come. I’m gonna do it, okay?”


Parthenos nodded happily.

I moved my hips again.

I moved my hips in order to satisfy the elf who had become a woman under me.

And then――

――Duplicating the skill “Vision Enhancement” with the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

――Evolving the skill “Vision Enhancement” to “Seeing Through” with the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

TL notes:

^1. Apartment with one bedroom and a combined living room, dining room and kitchen

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  1. Why is she that inexperienced with kissing? -> Why is she not that inexperienced with kissing?

    No man would be be stupid enough to stop halfway with such a beautiful woman as his partner <- double "be"

    Also, is her name Pathernos or Parthenos? In the colored illustration, I saw Parthenos.


    1. Amazing. Looks like the whole chapter I used Pathernos instead of the correct one, Parthenos. I will blame this on “Parthenos” and “Pathernos” sounding similar and my brain went autopilot.


      1. That’s hilarious.

        Btw on the first correction your previous one should be correct, or you can change the inexperienced to experienced. Sorry about that.


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