The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 7

I got out of the bed, leaving the peacefully sleeping Pathernos behind.

The skill “Seeing Through.”

I copied the “Visual Enhancement” that Pathernos had, and that copy evolved.

It was the same thing that happened with Auxo.

I approached the wall.

Then I used the skill “Seeing Through.”

There was nothing happening at first, but when I got close enough that my forehead could touch it, what had been an ordinary wall became transparent as if it were a glass and I could see the other side.

Beyond the wall, I could see the townscape of the brothel district.

When I pulled my face back a little and got some distance away from it, the wall returned to being an ordinary wall and I became unable to see the other side,

I see, I can’t see through it unless I get really close, huh.

It’s certainly handy, but it’s a quirky skill, isn’t it.

Oh well, a skill is a skill.

Let’s think about how to put this to use later.

Then I turned around.

Before I knew it, on the bed, Pathernos had gotten up and was covering herself with the sheet as if she was hugging it.

She looked happy and sad.

She was making such a complicated expression.

“Hey, what do you plan to do now?”

“Eh? What I plan… To do?”

“Do you plan on continuing being a prostitute?”

“Yes, I do. I don’t have anywhere else to go after all”

“In that case, wanna come to my place?”


Pathernos was surprised.

“That… What does that mean?”

“Let’s change the question. To continue being a prostitute, or to become my woman, which one do you prefer?”

“――! I… I…”

Pathernos was shocked.

That face of hers was oozing with an unspeakable happiness.

Thinking that answered my question, I put on my clothes, opened the door, and called out to the outside.

“Is anyone there?”

And then the man from earlier came over.

“How may I help you?”

“I will buy her out”

“Eh? Uhuh…”

“How much?”

“It’s… Umm”

“Well, fine, where’s the granny?”

“Yes yes, I’m here”

As if she had been watching the situation, the granny suddenly showed up.

“I want to buy her out. I’ll go talk to my dad, so get everything ready”


The granny nodded.

I turned around, “Just wait for a bit,” and told Pathernos.


Seeing Pathernos nodding, I set out to walk with big strides.

When I returned to the residence, I asked the maid who greeted me.

“Where’s my dad?”

“If it is master, he is in his study”

“Got it”

I nodded, and made my way there in big strides.

I arrived at his study, then knocked on the door.

“Come in”

After getting permission from Dimon, I opened the door and went inside.

Dimon was sitting at a fine desk, dripping wax onto an envelope and stamping a seal on it.

It was a sealing wax for a formal letter to be sent to an upstanding person.

After doing that and making sure that the wax had properly hardened, Dimon raised his face.

“Yuuto, huh. What’s the matter?”

“I have a favor to ask, dad”

“Ooh, what is it?”

“I want to buy out a prostitute”

“A prostitute?”

Dimon tilted his head.

“What is this about?”

“It’s a woman I just made love to. I want that woman”

“Ooh, so you immediately went to a brothel, huh”

Dimon put on an amused expression.

He looked amused at the action of his son, who immediately went to a brothel right after his coming of age ceremony.


“Are you pleased with her?”

“There’s that too”


Dimon made a face that said, “What do you mean?”

I got closer to Dimon, took the sealed envelope in my hand, and stared at it at a point-blank range

Skill “Seeing Through.”

With Seeing Through, I could see the inside of the envelope.

“A letter to His Highness Lenny, huh. It’s an appeal to make next year’s expedition properly finished by winter, isn’t it”


Dimon’s expression changed. Then he took back the envelope from my hand.

And then just like me, he stared at the envelope at point-blank range.

He was staring at it, holding it up to a light, but to begin with, it was a formal envelope for an upstanding person.

The thickness of the material was such that you could not see through it just by holding it up to a light.

“How did you know?”

“A skill ‘Seeing Through’”

“Seeing through?”

“I learned it from embracing a woman”

“What does that mean?”

Dimon knitted his brows.

“I’m not certain yet, but it seems that when I make love to a woman, I would copy her skill and then make it evolve”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying”

“I’m still not sure about it either. So to do that, I want to have the women I’ve made love to nearby”


Dimon held his chin with his fingers, and thought for a moment.

“Very well, then”

Dimon gave an approval.

He approved of me buying out Pathernos.

“Which brothel?”

“The store is――I didn’t hear the name. It’s the place where you did your ceremony”


Dimon gave a small nod.

“The woman’s name is Pathernos. She’s an elf”

“An elf, huh”

Dimon smiled amusingly.

“Very well, I’ll have someone to pick her up”

Dimon then picked up the handbell that was always kept ready on the side table and rang it.

Then one of the servants came in. Dimon told the servant that he would buy out an elf prostitute named Pathernos from a brothel, and sent the servant on their way.

In the room after the servant left and the door was closed.

Dimon stared straight at me.

“For now, it’s three people”

“Three people?”

What are you talking about?, and I tilted my head.

“Whether or not you can really learn the skill of the woman you make love to. I’ll provide you money unconditionally for up to three people. Go properly confirm it”

“I got it, thank you”

I thanked him relatively earnestly.

I appreciated the all-out backing from Dimon.

I can do even without it, and planned to do it anyway.

But as expected, there’s a huge difference between having the backing of Dimon, the head of the family, and not having it.

Now then, what do I do next…

TL notes:

Other changes:

  1. Changing the skill name “Second Sight” to “Seeing Through”

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