The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 12

“…What does this mean”


I looked to my side, and saw Auxo staring at me with a worried face.

“Ah, was Alice no good?”

“Eh? Ah no, that’s not what I meant”

I understood why Auxo was making a worried face.

Right after I did it with Alice I was surprised to the utmost, so she looked like she was worried that there was perhaps something wrong with Alice.

“Alice isn’t no good”

“I-I see”

Auxo looked just a little relieved.

I pondered while looking at her alternating with Alice, who was limp after I had made her cum so thoroughly.



“Just let Alice sleep here. You don’t have to work today. After Alice wakes up, if her body is okay, get her changed and bring her to me”

“I understand”

I got out of the bed, leaving the sisters behind.

I put on the clothes I had taken off, this time by myself, picked up the ceremonial sword that was up against the wall, hung it at my waist, and left the room.

And another maid, different from Auxo, was waiting outside of the room.

“Good morning, young master. Would you like to have breakfast?,” the maid asked me.

And I understood that she had come to ask me about breakfast, but she didn’t barge in and was waiting for me since I had started doing that inside.

“No, it’s fine. And tell my dad for me it’s not the time for it”


The maid bowed and then left.

After seeing her leaving, I turned around and began to walk in the opposite direction.

I proceeded to the opposite direction of the dining room, and came outside to the courtyard.

The gardeners and maids were maintaining the place.

The gardeners and the maids, seeing me, stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads to me.

“It’s fine, continue with your work,” I said, then stopped in an empty area of the courtyard.

Standing on the neatly mowed lawn, I reached for the ceremonial sword at my waist.

Skill “Longsword Mastery”

No, it’s “Flowing Longsword Mastery,” huh.

Based on my experience yesterday, the latter is the one I currently have, the copied and then evolved “Flowing Longsword Mastery.”

To be honest, I don’t really get it well from the name, but I guess it’s definitely a skill related to longswords.

I drew out my ceremonial sword and unleashed it.


Instantly, I noticed a glaring difference.

The blade of the ceremonial sword I drew out was completely different from when I drew it out yesterday.

Until yesterday, it was just metal, which occasionally reflected light and gleamed only, but now it was emitting a faint, pinkish light.

It was not the radiance of a metal reflecting something.

It was emitting light on its own. Its own radiance.

I don’t know what this would make it because it’s glowing, but I know it’s glowing because of the “Flowing Longsword Mastery.”

To prove this — I let go of the ceremonial sword.

Then it planted itself on the ground.

And as soon as it left my hand, the pink light subsided.

I picked it up once more, and the blade began to emit a faint light again.

I’m almost certain it’s my skill that makes it glow.

“…It’s not gonna make it only glow, is it?,” I muttered to myself as I stared at the glowing blade.

Let’s test it — I decided to give the balde a test.

When I looked around, I found just the right kind of tree, about the size of a street tree.

I approached that tree, readied my ceremonial sword — and swung it out.


I couldn’t help but let such an impression out of my mouth.

The tree was cleanly cut.

The response in my hand was completely different from yesterday.

The difference in response I felt was about the same as right after replacing a worn-out cutter knife with a new replacement blade.

“I see. So, does this mean it’ll increase the capability of the weapon?”

I have to give it more tests, I thought.

“What’s happening here — ah, young master”

An old gardener came over after hearing the sound of a tree being cut down.

The gardener was alternating between looking at me and the tree I cut down.

“Just what on earth…”

“It’s nothing. I’ll leave the clean up to you”


“Oh right, I’m asking just in case. How does this look to you?”

Then I held up the ceremonial sword to have the gardener see it.


“Is it glowing?”

“Glowing? No”

“Is that so, alright”

I nodded, sheathed the ceremonial sword, and started walking towards the residence.

Without going inside, I made a detour to the main gate of the residence.

At the main gate there was a gatekeeper.

I walked over to the gatekeeper who was facing outside.

“Got a second?”

“Eh? Ah, young master”

“Lend me that spear you have for a bit”

“Eh? Uh-uhuh… Here you go?”

The gatekeeper, who had suddenly been told such a thing, held out his spear to me while making a confused face.

I took the spear.

Then I stared hard at it.

“Not glowing, huh”


“No, it’s nothing. Right, I’ll ask just in case. You, you don’t have ‘Spear Mastery’ or anything like that, right?”

“Do you mean skill? No, I don’t have anything like that…”

“I see, sorry for asking. Keep up the good work”


Leaving the gatekeeper with a confused face until the very end behind, I headed back to the residence.

I got the gist of how the skill works.

If I hold a longsword with “Flowing Longsword Mastery,” the weapon itself would glow and its offensive capability would increase.

Of course, when the weapon I hold isn’t a longsword, nothing would happen. And that light would be visible to other people.

That much I understand. And that much is fine.

The question is — where was the copy from.

I asked them whether Alice had any skill.

But at that time, both Auxo and Alice made faces like puppies about to be abandoned, and asked me, “Is it not good if she doesn’t have any skill?”

In other words, it’s a reaction that said she doesn’t have it.

If that’s the case, where did it copy from?

There are two possibilities.

I wonder which one it is. And I kept on thinking about it.

“Yeah, there are also cases where you have a skill, but it’s not awakened,” Janus said in the living room, sitting opposite me.

When I got back inside, I ran into Janus. And when he saw my face, he told me he would listen to what I had in mind, and then we both came to the living room.

Perhaps anticipating a serious topic, Janus ordered the maid to leave and to not let anyone in for a while. So, when I mentioned one of the two possibilities, Janus replied in a casual manner.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, actually, there are a lot of them, you know. Such a case”

“A lot, huh”

“About skill is, apparently it will not awaken if you live a life completely unrelated to it even if you have it, you see. Often, ordinary people go their whole lives without awakening it. By the way, the reason I found this to be the case is because there are often cases of pilgrims awakening to their skill after they become old”

“Ah, pilgrims, huh”

Pilgrims were people who traveled to the holy places of their faith.

For believers, a pilgrimage to holy places was an important ritual to express their faith. However, for farmers, it became a big event at the level of “once in a lifetime.”

Most of them were done by people who had lived most of their lives and were beginning to think about what would happen after they died as their lifespan came into view.

That was why there were many old people.

For example, if the old person was a farmer, there would be many things they would touch or do “for the first time in their life” during the pilgrimage.

 If they awaken the skills there, then there would be a lot of people who wouldn’t make a pilgrimage and would live out their lifespan without being involved in anything related to their skills — It’s a matter-of-course conjecture.

From there, it becomes possible to have a skill and not awaken it.

“I see now”

I nodded again.

So, in other words.

Even if it’s not someone like Auxo and Parthenos who are aware of their skills.

There is a worth in making love to a woman with “Noblesse Oblige” even if she is unaware of it like Alice.

In other words — it means I can make love to someone based on my preference first, no matter if she has a skill or not, isn’t it.

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