The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 13

Afternoon, the courtyard of the residence.

As I was testing “Flowing Longsword Mastery” in various ways using my ceremonial sword, both Auxo and Alice came to me.

Auxo was wearing her usual, while Alice was dressed in her maid outfit, which she had never shown me before.

Although Alice, who had shown up, was squirming like pigeon-toeing, she was properly standing on her own.

“Are you okay now?”

Ye-yep… I’m okay now“

“Alice, I taught you about it earlier“

“Ah, I’m sorry. Onee-chan. Err, yes, I am, fine”


I smiled slightly.

When I was wondering what they were talking about, it seemed it was about the speech maids would use.

Honestly, I don’t really mind it that much.

If I had been born as a man of a noble family normally, I might have cared, but I carried the memories from before I was transmigrated as a noble.

I was transmigrated seventeen years ago, and I carried the memories of nearly thirty years of my life.

She might be younger, but I wouldn’t get angry over something like a girl saying “Yep, I’m okay” instead of “Yes, I am fine.”

If anything――.

“Do as you like”


“Since you’re my maid, you can do as you like when in front of me. I’m not gonna nitpick over every little thing”


With a puzzled face, Alice looked at Auxo.

It was her first day as a maid, so she seemed to have no idea what to do when she was told such.

On the other hand, Auxo, who had been working as a maid for a fairly long time, said, “If the master wishes it so, do it. But don’t be rude, okay?”

“O-okay. Onee-chan”

Now the subject of speech was settled.

“More importantly, I’ve got something to ask you”

“Wha-what is it?”

“‘Longsword Mastery,’ have you heard that before?”

“Yes? What is that? …Ah, I’ve heard it, before, maybe”

“Are you sure?”

“Yep. If I remember correctly, it was after I was receiving your love, Yuuto-sama… Yep, that’s right, when I was feeling all fluffy, I heard a strange voice”


“If you know about it, Yuuto sama, then it’s not me hearing things”

“Could you hear it, Auxo?”

I asked Auxo standing next to her.

“Long  sword  mastery, is it? No, I didn’t hear it…”

As proof that she didn’t hear it, Auxo repeated it in an imperfect-like speech.

Well, I suppose that would be the case.

So far, only me can hear it.

And this time, seeing from the situation, Alice’s unawakened skill was awakened by being made love to by me.

Then, even if it could be heard, it’s very likely only to Alice.

And in fact, it looks like that’s the case.

“Alright. Alice, try holding this,” I told her.

Then I turned the ceremonial sword I was holding around and held the hilt out to Alice with the blade facing me.

“Ho-holding this?”

“Yeah, try holding it. You’ll know why when you hold it”

I’m sure of it, that’s why I told her so.

Alice was hesitating a little, but she eventually timidly took the ceremonial sword from my hand.


“Is it glowing?”

I tried asking the surprised Alice.

By the way, it didn’t look glowing to my eyes.


“What kind of light?”

“It’s glowing blue — can you not see it, Yuuto-sama?”

“Yeah,” and I held out my hand.

Then Alice hurriedly handed the ceremonial sword back to me.

“You can’t see it, right? To my eyes, it’s like it’s glowing pink”


“To put it crudely, your dormant skill was awakened when you were made love to by me. That skill makes the sword you hold to look glowing, and makes you handle the sword better than ordinary people”

“I-is that true?”


I gave a definite nod.

“No way…”

Alice stared hard at her own hands.

“As expected of you, Yuuto-sama. Alice”


“It’s something given to you by Yuuto-sama, give him proper thank you”

“Tha-thank you very much!”


I gave a small nod.

I parted ways with the two of them, and was walking through the corridor of the residence, thinking.

Now it turned out like this, I have to make love to women more and more.

Dimon said “up to three.”

I can think of Alice as enough to not be counted, but it’s better to include her, and think of two more to go.

Then, I guess I’d better confirm it both with one who has a skill and one who doesn’t.

As I was walking and thinking, I could hear a small talking voice.

At the end of the corridor, just around the corner, someone was talking.

This voice… Nanos, huh.

“Just think about it, he’s the third son. I’m the eldest — the next family head. Even an idiot would know which one to stick with, right?”


Third son… So he’s talking about me?


I got curious about the content of the talk.

I held my breath, and went to prick up my ears and listen.

“What… Do you mean?”

This voice… Parthenos, huh.

Looks like Nanos and Parthenos are having a talk.

“It means I can make you feel even more good. You should know what that means if you were a prostitute”


“Besides, I think it’s also a smarter decision for you to make me feel good rather than Yuuto”

I got the outline.

So Nanos is coming onto Parthenos, my woman, huh.

Now then, what do I do here?

Of course, I don’t intend to give Parthenos to Nanos.

I don’t have a slightest interest in NTR.

As I was thinking how to handle this, “Are you telling me to become your woman?,” Parthenos asked.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about”

“Then I refuse”

“What did you say!?,” Nanos shouted.

That guy’s always reacting like that, isn’t he.

On something he doesn’t expect, and something he’s not pleased with.

Whenever there’s one of these, he always makes an intimidating voice like this to intimidate the other party.

 And in fact, it works.

After all, he is the eldest son of Mouskouri and the next family head.

Most people have no choice but to obey when being glared at by that guy.

“Hey, woman. Do you even understand what you’re saying?”

“Of course”

“There’s no way you get it. I am his older brother, the next head of the Mouskouri family. Do you have any idea what would happen if you go against me and stick with that guy?”

“I don’t know, however — I am his”


“I don’t have the smallest intention of becoming yours”

“Bitch! Don’t get carried away when I’m being nice to you!”

“That’s far enough”

I walked around the corner, and stepped in between them.

Nanos was raising his hand.

He was raising his hand to hit Parthenos, however — want to punch her, huh.

I grasped his fist, which went beyond wanting to slap.

Really, this guy…

“…Yuuto, you bastard”

As expected, Nanos’ hand never came down as I had intervened.


From behind me, Parthenos came clinging to me, grabbing at my clothes.

I couldn’t tell just by listening to her voice, but the hands that clung to me were trembling.

“It’s alright. Everything’s fine now”


“Bastard, don’t get carried away and ignore me”

“You too, what the hell are you doing”

“Huh!? Bastard, you dare speak like that to――”

“Realize it yourself, or do I really have to explain it to you from scratch?”

“What’d you say!?!?”

He shouted more intimidatingly.

I just sighed.

“You tried to make a move on your younger brother’s woman, but she didn’t go along with it at all. And even while making a move on her, you only talked about how your position is higher. And when she refused, you went into rage and tried to hit that woman — it’s the lowest of the low, as a man, that is”


Nanos’ face instantly dyed bright red.

Looks like Nanos finally understood after all that was said so in a clear and understandable way.

“Better not go any further, it’ll only be another sham――”


Nanos shouted in anger and raised his hand against me.

He raised his fist, which he had tried to hit Parthenos with, and aimed it at me.

I avoided the incoming punch, grabbed his wrist and turned it.

I went on to reposition my body and turned his arm to behind his back, and pushed him against the wall.


“I told you to stop, alright”

“Bastard, Yuuto, don’t get carried away!”

“And you better increase the amount of your vocabulary, you know. You’ve been saying nothing but that since earlier”

“Shut up! Don’t get cocky, you younger brother, third son”


It’s useless, talking is no good.

It was just too bothersome to deal with any further.

I released Nanos from my restraints and pushed him lighty away.

After stumbling for several steps, Nanos regained his footing and instantly turned to face me.


“Let’s leave it at that”


Nanos got further into rage.

He drew out the ceremonial sword at his waist, and proceeded to attack me with it.


I also drew out my sword.

The pink blade gleamed with trailing afterglow.

At the same time, I became incredibly familiar with it. It was a feeling like “remembering how to use it,” as if I had known it from the start.

I stopped Nanos’ sword.

I went to rotate it, turning my wrist.

Then Nanos’ sword was snatched away from him, as if it had been perfectly attached to my sword.


Nanos, stunned, looked alternatingly at his empty palm and at his sword, which had been snatched away from him, which was now in my hand.

“Bastard… What kind of trick are you using…”

“It’s just plain swordsmanship. Just quit it, you can’t win against me”


He was momentarily confused by the swordsmanship that had snatched away his sword, but his rage seemed to return in double.

Nanos, the veins on his temple twitching, glared at me with a very angry look.

“Yo-you’ll regret  this!”

He then turned around and walked away from the scene.


I sighed. I’ve gotta return this ceremonial sword somewhere later.

And then I turned around.

“Are you alright — Parthenos?”

Parthenos was staring at me blankly.

“What’s wrong?”

“So cool…”

I asked, and she muttered that with passionate-filled eyes.

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