The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 14

I gave Parthenos another good look.

I hadn’t noticed it earlier because I had prioritized saving her from Nanos, but Parthenos was wearing a maid outfit.

“Hey, why are you dressed like that?”

“Eh? Ah…”

At my question, Parthenos looked at her outfit.

Then her face turned red again.

“I was… Told to by Melete-san”

“Melete? Aah, the parlour maid”

“Yes, I was told to keep master company in this outfit”

“I see”

It’s likely something Melete did out of kindness.

I had bought out Parthenos and taken her in, but I had been busy, and still undecided on how to treat her. So I left her in the hands of the maids for the time being.

And there, the maids dressed her in the parlour maid’s outfit, which had the best look.

Parlour maids were the face of the residence.

In many cases, the clothes were made of fabrics slightly below the rank of the noble family who owned the residence, and they also looked good.

So she’s made to put that on, and told to keep me company, huh.

I examined Parthenos.

Not bad.

And it would be a shame for man not to eat when the food is so well prepared like this.



I hugged Parthenos close.

I put my hands around her waist and brought my face close to hers.

Parthenos guessed it in an instant. She then closed her eyes and lifted her face up.

Parthenos was completely used to kissing with me. Our lips met and our tongues entwined.

After kissing her, I went straight to put my arm round the back of her knees and then picked her up in princess carry.

While carrying her, I brought Parthenos straight into my room.

I went on to put her down on the bed and hung on top of her.


I kissed Parthenos again.

She then intensely entwined her tongue with mine.

Parthenos’ heart — and body.

They were instantly sparked.


In a sweet voice, Parthenos called to me.

“I adore you… I love you”

“I see”

“All of me belongs to you, Yuuto-sama. I’m yours and yours alone”

“Of course”

I made a light smile.

I guess it’s a confession — a vow — that comes from the fact that Nanos made a move on her earlier.

I kissed her again.

The third kiss. The pleasure of our intensely intertwining tongues made a direct link inside my body to my crotch.

Our intertwining tongues were as if they were directly connected to my crotch by a hotline, and it instantly towered over, to the point sticking to my stomach.

Just like the first time, I kissed her while rubbing her breasts and reaching down her skirt.

As I was thinking, that’s the outfit of parlour maids for you, so proper and hard to take off, I noticed something else.

“You, already wet, huh?”

“Tha-that’s not…”

“You’re so lewd, you know that?”

“Tha-that’s… Because it’s you, you know?…,” Parthenos said, and stared at me with reproachful eyes.

Such a lovely reaction made my crotch more excited.

I continued to hang over Parthenos, and I took it, which was towering so high it hurt, into her.


Parthenos arched her body back as the shock literally pierced her body.

She covered her mouth with her hands to suppress her voice from leaking out.

I pounded her hard.

With each impact, Parthenos would raise her voice, but she would try her best to suppress it, perhaps out of embarrassment.

The more she endured it, the more she would want to raise your voice.

I moved my hips.

With just movements of my hips, I tried to remove the hands that were covering her mouth.

“Nng! Nnn――! Nnnnnggg――”

Parthenos did not remove her hands until the end.

She desperately kept her mouth covered. Even as her entire body was twitching after she climaxed, she continued to cover her mouth.

I gave a noise-making kiss on her forehead.


“I’m gonna go again”


After telling her, I moved my hips to pound her, who was still half out of it.

The desperately enduring elf maid was so adorable that I continued to make love to her, loving her until she lost consciousness.

Night, at Dimon’s study.

I was called over, and I faced Dimon across the desk.

“I heard about it from Nanos”

When I heard Dimon’s words, I sighed.

It’s a hassle, but I can’t not explain it.

No choice, it’s gonna look like me tattling, but here I’ll――.

“I don’t mean to blame you. I bet it’s just Nanos coming at you anyway”

“…Well, yeah”

“From the moment of buying out the prostitute, I figured he’d be coming at you, but it’s really quicker than I expected”


“After his coming of age ceremony, I had him practice all sorts of things in that brothel”

“Ah, come to think of it, I think that granny said something like that”

I nodded, and recalled what the granny at the brothel had said.

She certainly did.

And at that time, the granny said “Even though the eldest son’s such an incompetence.”

…Wait, that means.

“He tried to make an appeal to the same prostitute that he could do better than me?”

“That’s how it is”

“What a child…”

No, well, he’s still only a nineteen years old child, though.

By the way, when you entered the society and then gained some experience, even the ones around university students would look like complete children.

Since it would be like that for university students, someone like Nanos, who was a hostility outlet and whose means was also so stupid, I could see him as nothing but a child, a “brat.”

“Well, I don’t care about the matter of Nanos”


So he said…

Then what did you bring up that talk for?

“I heard you used some technique with the sword”


“Is that the result of skill copying?”

I grasped it now.

I see, the reason you brought up the matter of Nanos is because you wanted to hear about this, huh.

Skill copying.

The effect of my transmigrated skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

I suppose so, Dimon must’ve been more interested in this one.

I thought for a moment, and nodded my head.

“Yeah, probably correct”


“‘Flowing Longsword Mastery’,” I said, and pulled out the ceremonial sword on my waist.

Then I swung it so that the pink afterglow, which only I could see, would “shine” to the fullest inside the room.

The afterglow looked as if an aurora had appeared in the room.

That was also a technique that could be used just by holding a sword, due to the effect of the skill.

“Hmm certainly. Even now, I can see the extent of the skill”

“You can tell?”

“Yes. However… What’s with the, uhh, flowing?”

“‘Flowing Longsword Mastery’”

“I do know of ‘Longsword Mastery,’ but the one you just said is new to me”




I held my chin with my fingers, and started to think.

Unlike Auxo and the other maids, Dimon is the head of a baron family that has been going for generations.

In this world, information is an asset. Unless you’re a foolish son like Nanos, the basics are that the higher your status and the more assets you have, proportionally to that, the more information you will gather and bring in.

I thought to myself, I wonder what it means that even Dimon, the head of a baron family that has been going for generations, doesn’t know about it.


“What is it?”

“Are you familiar with ‘Seeing Through?’”

“If it’s that, I’ve heard it before. It’s an incredibly valuable skill”

“I see”

An evolution of “Visual Enhancement” to “Seeing Through.”

An evolution of “Longsword Mastery” to “Flowing Longsword Mastery.”

When I think about that, I’m guessing all the skills I’m getting are of the higher ranking, and rare skills.

“I see, higher ranking skills, huh”

Dimon seemed to have read what I was thinking from my face.

Good, the talk is moving quickly.

“That might be what it is”

“If that’s really the case… Then it’s an amazing thing”

“I suppose so”

“Is that a certain thing?”


I slowly shook my head sideways.

Then I spoke about Alice.

“I was unaware that Alice had any skill. Do you truly not have it, is it just unawakened? I’d like to make that part clear”

“…Mm, I understand. Then you can do as you like, just like before”


I nodded my head.

I originally planned to do so anyway, and as long as I have Dimon’s permission, the head of the Mouskouri family, it will make things easier.

And at that moment, thud thud thud thud — knock knock!!

After the sound of loud footsteps and violent knocking, a man stormed into the room faster than Dimon could respond.

“It-it’s a disaster! Head of the family, sir”

“What happened?”

“Th-the manors. The lot in the manors are revolting and holding the place up!”

“What did you say!?”

Dimon slammed the desk, and stood up with such force that the chair was knocked over.

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