The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 15

I, who had returned back to my room, was sitting by the window and looking outside.

A little away from me, the sister maids — Auxo and Alice — were standing.

“Another one came, huh,” I muttered.

At the courtyard outside of the window.

The main gate was opened and a horse rushed in.

Immediately, those who had been waiting on both sides approached it with torches.

They pulled up the man who had tumbled down off his horse, took something, and dashed into the mansion.

“It really is a big emergency, isn’t it”

“Umm… Yuuto-sama”


“Just what in the world happened?,” Auxo asked.

Although she didn’t say it herself, beside Auxo, Alice was making the same curious expression like her older sister.

“The manors owned by Mouskouri, all of them are revolting at the same time”

“The manors?”

“Yeah, the manors that make up most of the nobles’ sources of funds”

“Is that.. An incredibly serious matter…?”

“That’s right. Look. The guy who came to tell the news with a fast horse was so exhausted he couldn’t get up, right?”

“But… He rode the horse and came here, didn’t he”

“Making a horse to run at its full power is, you see, it’s more exhausting than dashing off on your own two feet if you were careless”

“Was that the case?”


Horse riding was incredibly exhausting.

If one would prefer, just riding a horse was so exhausting and consumed so many calories that it could make you lose weight.

A horse was not something to “just ride it.”

Of course, being born in a farming family, Auxo and Alice didn’t know about this.

“Besides, the time is also bad”



“What’s wrong? Alice”

“Onee-chan, it’s almost fall”

“…Ah,” Auxo realized.

“That’s how it is”

I gave a nod with a smile.

As expected, they can understand this one by looking back at their own experience, can’t they.

In this other world, the timing of the season was extremely important.

For example, one of the duties of the nobles. It was to send out soldiers when the country was going to dispatch the army.

Not just sending out soldiers from the nobles’ territory, but depending on the situation, the nobles themselves would also have to go.

In that situation, a full ten percent of the nobles would constantly be hoping that the dispatching of soldiers would be finished before winter.

This was because the majority of the source of funds for the nobles came from the revenue of the manors and taxes collected from the farmers.

And then, almost all the crops would be harvested before winter.

In other words, the tax must be collected before winter.

Same story this time.

Revolt of the manors.

If we didn’t finish it before the harvest season, the income would be greatly reduced.

“Tha-that’s a serious matter”

Knock knock.

There was a knock at the door of my room.

Auxo looked at me, and I nodded.

Auxo made her way to the door and opened it.

Then there was a single maid.

The maid quickly made a bow from the corridor.

“Yuuto-sama, master is calling you”

“Dad is?”

“Yes, he would like you to come immediately”

“Got it”

I stood up.

“You two can go rest now,” I told Auxo and Alice.

Without waiting for their reply, I left my room and headed back to the study.

I knocked on the door and entered the study, which I hadn’t been in for several hours.

“There you are”

“What is it? Dad”

“Yeah, there’s just something I want you to do”


“I tried to have the manors’ revolt investigated, and a bunch from the outside seems to be inciting it unnecessarily”


That kind of pattern, huh.

Somehow, it reminded me of the kind of pattern where an activist who infiltrated a labor union did something unwanted.

“So, it turned out to be a good idea to have them removed. And now, I want you to solve the problem in one of the manors”


I tilted my head.

Of course, I was surprised.

“Why me?”

“I have two reason, no, I have three”


“First, you’re an adult now”


Speaking of which, that’s right.

I’m only seventeen, but I’ve completed my coming of age ceremony.

If I were to put that in the old saying of my former world: since I already did that “Japanese coming of age ceremony1” thing, it means I’m an adult, so I have to help with the work at home.

“Second, Nanos is useless. At worst, he might say something like, ‘We should just kill everyone at the manor’”


I also agree on this one.

Nanos, the eldest son, would be the representative of the head of the family in this case, so it would be convenient to leave him in charge of various things, but he might throw a tantrum and make things worse.

If I were Dimon, I would tell him to “shut up and sit down” as well.

“Third, I’ve heard a report that the manor I’ll have you go to is being guarded by a capable young swordswoman”

“Alright, I’ll go,” I replied immediately.

What do you mean, “I have three reasons.”

A capable young swordswoman… I want you to say this one earlier.

“You are just so easy to understand, aren’t you?”

“Anything wrong with that?”

“Nope, not at all”

Dimon smiled broadly.

It was a refreshing smile, hardly something you’d expect to see in the middle of manors’ revolt.

“Since you were born as a man, you ought to have the guts to have any number of women at your side”

Then Dimon immediately sighed.

“When it comes to that, those two are”

“I think Nanos also has the spirit for it, you know?”

Janus is… He’s a man with a gentle nature like that, however.

“You can’t call spirit without results ‘guts.’ Have the spirit for it, and bring results. Only then you can call it ‘guts’”


Well, I get what he’s saying.

“Anyway, I’ll leave the matter of the manor to you”

“One more thing”

“What is it?”

“I want a sword”

“A sword?”

Dimon tilted his head and looked at me.

I got the usual ceremonial sword at my waist.

“I can now use a sword with my skill, and I might actually have to fight over the matter at the manor. In that case, I want a nice, proper sword”

“So you’re asking for a treasured sword or an excellent sword, huh”

I gave a definite nod.

“How unexpected, there’s also a saying: Salsa’s Needle. I never thought you’d ask me for something like that”

Salsa’s Needle — it was one of the sayings in this world.

It came from the legend of the goddess Salsa, who gave clothes to mankind who were once naked.

Salsa could use any needle to make clothes that would fit that person — it was a saying that meant a skilled person could use any tool.

The same as a craftsman wouldn’t blame his tool.

“Tools are important, dad”


“No matter how skilled you are, if you use good tools, then the efficiency will increase, and if you use bad tools, then the efficiency will decrease. Goddess Salsa or not, if you use a good needle, you can make something much better”

“I see”

“I refuse to accept the mentality that you can use any tool as long as you have the skills”

I declared clearly to Dimon.

This was something I’d had to go through a lot with the company in my former world.

I had seen how the whole company’s productivity sucked due to the constant use of decade-old computers.

I couldn’t stand to have the efficiency reduced because of a crappy tool.

At my declaration, Dimon stared at me for a while — pfft, then he laughed.


“I never taught you something like that, yet where did you learn it?”

“It’s something obvious. Just think about it for a bit and you’ll get it”

“That kind of thinking doesn’t usually come from the children of noble families. Because they are constantly using only the best”


“Fuu… I guess this is already your natural born sense,” Dimon said with another laugh.

I don’t really get it, but it looks like I’m being praised.

TL notes:

^1. Genpuku (元服), a Japanese coming-of-age ceremony modeled after an early Tang Dynasty Chinese custom, dates back to Japan’s classical Nara Period (710–794 AD).

Other changes:

1. Changing the word “manor” to fields” in chapter 5 and chapter 14

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  1. “Third, I’ve heard a report that the field I’ll have you go to is being guarded by a capable young swordswoman”

    Welp… We all know where this is going…


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