The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 17

“Thank you, old man. I’ll take good care of this sword,” I thanked him quite seriously.

I understood that the sword Balkan forged for me was definitely quite a considerable sword, so I gave him my heartfelt thanks.

“You bet. Forging a sword for someone who knows their stuff is a happy thing for a swordsmith, alright. There are lots of fools in this world who come to you just because of your name after all”

“I see”

Well, I supposed he’s right.

It was like that in my former world, and I suppose it’s like that too in this other world.

Perhaps, it’s also like that in every world.

The ones who are only grateful for the “brand” of famous craftsmen.

“Then, I’ll take my leave”

“Sure. Oh right, give this to your father,” Balkan said, and handed me a piece of paper folded four times.

I don’t know about the content, but something was written in a somewhat poor handwriting — no, in a handwriting that shows his character.

“A letter?”


“Got it, I’ll give it to him”

I put it in my chest pocket.

It was kind of interesting to see that the noble Dimon had put his into an envelope and even stamped it with a sealing wax, while Balkan’s was just a piece of paper folded four times.

“Well then… Aah, that’s right”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“The one from last time — right, this one”

I looked around the house and picked up the first sword I had chosen last time.

“Can I take this one?”

“Sure, I don’t mind but… Why?”

“Not to the extent of mine, but there’s a girl with a talent for swords. And I want that to girl have it”

“Is that so? Sure, take it”

“Thank you”

After saying my thanks one last time for all the things he had done, I left Balkan’s house.

I walked down the mountain and came back to the city.

Without making a stop anywhere else, I made a straight line back to the residence.

When I entered the residence, I bumped into Nanos, who seemed to be just about to leave.



I just gave a return nod.

I wanted to ignore Nanos’ “Yuuto” because there was a plain hostility in it, but since doing so would likely make things even more bothersome, I simply returned a greeting nod.

Nanos, who at first I thought was looking at me with hostility, “Hah!,” laughed scornfully as soon as he saw the two swords I was carrying.


“Don’t get all carried away”

“Get carried away?”

“I’m saying don’t get all carried away just because you’ve got the swords of the renowned swordsmith Balkan. Something like that is something that any man of the Mouskouri can get”


“I’ve got one of those too myself,” Nanos said, making sure to show off the ceremonial sword at his waist.

“…Ooh, so that’s what it’s about”

I remembered it.

Balkan’s words came back to my head.

‘There are lots of fools in this world who come to you just because of your name after all’

I see, that’s not a generalization or anything, but he was talking about Nanos, huh.

By the looks of it, Nanos probably has been to Balkan’s place before.

And the conversation between him and Balkan at that time was… Well, I can more or less imagine it.

“What? Are you trying to be a sore loser? I’m telling you――”

“Oh? Yuuto, so you’re back”

From further inside the residence, Dimon appeared.

Dimon was headed straight this way.

Nanos seemed to be about to say something to me, but then Dimon appeared and he swallowed it at once.

“I see, looks like you finally got it”

Dimon looked at the swords I was carrying, and nodded.

“Yeah. Oh right, here――”

I took out the folded piece of paper from my chest pocket and handed it to Dimon.

Dimon took it and made a faint smile.

“He’s still the same as always”

Dimon, who took the letter that was folded four times — or rather, something on the level of verbal memo –, opened it and looked at the inside.


“What’s the matter?”

“Looks like Balkan has really taken a liking to you”


“It says here he went to the trouble of forging for you”


Nanos to the side was surprised.

“W-went to the trouble… It means custom-made?”


Dimon confirmed Nanos’ question.


Nanos’ face contorted.

His whole body was trembling and his face turned bright red.

And when I thought that Nanos was glaring at me――

“Don’t get carried away!,” he turned away, leaving behind a sharp parting without a piece of originality.

Dimon and I just saw him leaving.

Dimon sighed.

“Good grief…”


“That Nanos, looks like he has no clue what he’s doing”

“What do you mean?”

“He is competing with you”

“…Well, I guess”

“He is the eldest son. He’s convincing himself that he is the heir”



Convincing himself?

Dimon continued on, perhaps not noticing I was bothered by his words.

“Being the heir, that means the place he must see is outside, the enemy is outside. How can he see his brother as an enemy?”


I see, so that’s what he means.

Just like what Dimon said.

In other words, in Dimon’s eyes, it looks like Nanos voluntarily saying, “I’m not worthy to be the heir.”

Well… I can’t even sigh at that.

“Well, enough of that. More importantly, Yuuto, I have a verbal message for you”

“For me?”

“Yeah, it’s from Balkan. In the unlikely chance your sword breaks, bring it to him anytime. He said he’ll fix it as many times as it takes”

“Aftercare, huh”

“Fufu, looks like he really took a liking to you. It’s not everyday that that man takes a liking to a sword user to that extent, you know?”


“Yeah, it’s an amazing thing, to say the least”

Oh, I see.

Well, I appreciate that.

I was in the courtyard of the residence with my women after I parted with Dimon.

The two sisters, Auxo and Alice, and then Parthenos.

They were three of my women that I had made love to since becoming an adult and performing the ceremony.

The sword I got from Balkan, which was the first sword I had chosen at first, I gave it to Alice.

“This is…?”

“It’s for you”

“Fo-for me? This!?”

Alice was surprised to the fullest.

Well, I suppose she would.

She was a girl of a farming village not that long ago.

Not to mention holding or seeing a longsword that could be used as a weapon like this, I’m sure she also never thought of what to do with it.

But, it’s different now.

“You also have ‘Longsword Mastery’ awakened, you should at least carry one”

“Ah…,” Alice remembered.

And then… She held the sword she had received so dearly.

“I was given this by Yuuto-sama…”

“That’s great, isn’t it, Alice”

“Yep, onee-chan”

“So envious…”

Auxo congratulated her honestly, and Parthenos made an envious face, exactly like what she muttered.

“Try pulling it out”

“Ah, yes”

Then Alice hurriedly drew her sword when I told her, partly like an order.


“What’s wrong? Alice”

“This is… Kinda amazing”


“So you really can tell, huh”


I nodded at Alice’s response.

“Longsword Mastery.”

Copy and evolve, so that means, that must be the lower level of “Flowing Longsword Mastery.”

Which means, it’s very likely that Alice could also do what I could do and felt with “Flowing Longsword Mastery,” albeit at a lower level.

It’s a sword I got from Balkan, but looks like I was spot on.

“Thank you very much! Thank you very much!!”

Alice bowed her head to me over and over again.

“Don’t mention it. That aside, try swinging it. Somehow you know how, right?”


Alice swung her sword just like I told her to.

Despite standing bolt-upright, her swordsmanship was quite something.

“Amazing… Alice….”

“So you could do something like this”

The sharpness of her swordsmanship was something amazing, even to the eyes of Auxo and Parthenos.



“Go all out”


Before Alice could process it, I drew out my sword, and unleashed a slash towards Alice


“Look out!”

Auxo and Parthenos shouted at the same time.

Alice was momentarily dazed, but quickly pulled herself together and swung her sword to counterattack.

A sword exchanged blows against a sword.

Sparks scattered in the air, and lights danced wildly between us.

This was the first time I swung a sword at someone since I got the skill “Flowing Longsword Mastery.”

My mood was raised.

So far, I had swung my sword and beaten some hoodlums and people like that.

However, this one was totally different from those.

It felt good.

I had never thought that it would feel so good to truly swing a sword.

After roughly having it a go, I took a step back and lowered my sword.

I was reluctant to, but more than this, I could end up going serious for real.

Setting aside if it was an enemy, but it would be bad if I ended up going serious when it was against Alice.

So I stopped.

And then, “Amazing, Yuuto-sama,” Alice spoke up.


“Amazing. Strong, and beautiful. Moreover――”

After a short pause, “You’re not serious at all, but you’re that strong — amazing,” Alice continued, looking more and more excited.


“Not, serious?”

The one who were surprised were Auxo and Parthenos.


Alice turned towards those two, and added more of it.

“I can tell because I have the same skill similar to Yuuto-sama’s! I was already giving it my all, but Yuuto-sama hasn’t turned serious at all yet!”

“Not serious… But that amazing…”


Those two were dumbfounded, and little later, they stared at me with respectful eyes.

“Amazing, Yuuto-sama”


Auxo praised me upfront, and Parthenos stared at me with passionate eyes.

I made a light smile.

Then I looked at Alice.

I thought back to the mock sword fight I had with Alice.

Awakened skill, evolved skill.

As a result of “Noblesse Oblige,” I had an expert like bout with Alice, who was just a village girl.

Will the next… Turn out, like this too?


Said female knight, I’m looking forward to it more and more.

TL notes:

Other changes:

1. Changing back “fields” from previous chapters to “manors.” The reason is that, I’ve peeked a bit ahead, and found out that the word “manor” will make more sense instead of “field” later on. And what is manor? please refer to this And manor should look roughly like this according to wiki

Basically a manor (building/structure) surrounded by fields/farms/whatever you call it.

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