The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 19

“I guess this is my win”


As I thrusted my sword before her throat, the kneeling Ceres grimaced.

Her sword dropped out of her palm.

“…It’s, my defeat”

“Alright. You remember the promise, right?”

“Yeah, you can have me however you li――ngg!”

Smoothly sheathing back my sword to its scabbard, I stole a kiss from Ceres’ lips.

In front of me, I could see the surprised Ceres’ face.


Ceres shoved me away.

“What are you doing!?”

“I was doing as what’s promised, though?”


“The promise was that if I won, you’d let me do whatever I liked, though?”

“Th-that’s… I never thought you’d do something like that!”

“Are you blaming others for your lack of imagination?”


Ceres grimaced again.

I approached Ceres once more.

I held her in my arms and rubbed her butt through the gap in her armor while running my tongue over her neck.

The straight-laced female knight’s body was nicely soft.


“I won’t”

“Kuh… Just kill me”

“Ooh, hmm, hmmm”

I let go of Ceres, took a step back, and looked at her with scornful eyes.


“Just kill me, huh? It sounds gallant, but in other words, it’s a declaration that you’re not going to take responsibility for the words you’ve said, isn’t it?


“Is that any different from saying, ‘I can’t keep my promise, I’m running away to the other siiiide. But since I can’t escape with my own strength, please let me run awaaay’?”


Ceres’ face contorted more and more, though in a different way than before.

It was the same when in a fight, but Ceres was the type of woman who would shine nicely when “cornered.”

It was the same with her current expression. When I saw that, I became wanting to corner her further and further.

“Kuh… I-I understand!”

“Hmmmm? What about?”

“I won’t go back on my words. Do as you like”

“And I will”

For the third time, I approached Ceres.

This time, I was kissing her while groping her body through the gap in her armor.

While doing so, I took her to a nearby house.

Although there were the manor people, I chased them out with my glance.

“Nn… ya…”

Coquettish voice escaped from Ceres’ mouth.

Opposite to her gallantness when in a fight, the coquettish voice that escaped her mouth was a sweet, seductive voice like that of a maiden’s.

Running my tongue all over, and feeling her up.

I continued to “open” Ceres’ body steadily.



“Why… Are you doing this…”

“Is it that strange?”

“I mean… If you were the son of a baron, you could make love to any number of beautiful women you want, but why, me…”

“That’s because you’re a good woman”

“Y-you’re lying”

Ceres strongly denied it.

Her face turned bright red.

“I-I did say you can do as you like, but making fun of me at the same time is horrible!”

“I’m not making fun of you. I came here because I’ve heard about you. Then I met you in person, and then crossed swords. And I feel that you’re a good woman more and more. That’s why I want you”


“I want to make you my woman”


Ceres swooned.

She almost fell down, as if her body had been stripped off its bones.

And I caught her in my arms.

“Geez, seriously… Don’t make fun of me…,” Ceres said in a feeble voice, like she was pleading with me.

She pleaded with me, but of course I wasn’t going to grant it.

Again, “I’m not making fun of you. Ceres, I’m gonna make you my woman,” I whispered into her ear.


“You’ve been self-deprecating for some time now, but you better stop it”


“You are plenty beautiful”


Ceres’ face grew increasingly red.


“Yeah, for real”

“I-if, if you’re lying――nggu!”

I didn’t let her finish speaking.

I sealed her lips.

Just like at first, Ceres’ eyes opened wide at point-blank range in surprise, and her body stiffened.

However, this time she accepted it.

She closed her eyes and accepted the kiss, losing her strength.

I put Ceres, who was getting increasingly weak from the kiss, down on the cheap-looking bed.

And then, I tried to remove her armor.


It was a hard struggle.

I could easily unhook a hook of a bra with one hand, but this was the first time I had gotten to properly look at or touch a knight’s armor.

I had no idea where or what to do to take it off, and I felt like I was taking on a disentanglement puzzle where I got completely no clue of where to go.

“It-it’s here”



While embarrassed, Ceres took my hand and guided me.

With her “guidance,” I unfastened the metal fittings of her armor and finally took it off.

Once the armor was removed, a leotard-like outfit was revealed beneath it.

I looked at Ceres in her leotard from, staring down at her from a kneeling position in a horse-riding position.

“D-don’t look”

“No, I’ll look”

“Uu… At least, somewhere dark”


“Kuh… Just kill mee…”

Different from the “Just kill me,” from earlier, it was a “Just kill me” with “weeping” in it.

That was why I didn’t try to corner her, and continued to gaze at her body.

“Such a beautiful body, there’s no way I can not look at it”

“Y-you said beautiful again”

“It really is beautiful”


I shifted the leotard, exposing Ceres’ boobs.

Even though she should’ve been through many battles, Ceres’ skin was beautiful without a single stain on it.

I sucked on that boob and rubbed the other one at the same time.

“Nn… Hyua!!”

Twitch! Ceres’ body sprang up like a fish.

Her sensitivity was exceptional.

Alternating between the two boobs, I repeated to suck, rub, suck, and rub them.

“Uu… Why, you’re just going for my breasts”

I looked up, “Don’t like it?,” and asked while fixing my eyes on Ceres.

“Ra-rather than not liking it…”

“Is something like this the first for you?”

“Ye-yeah. I had no partner. Because there were no men around who saw me as a woman”

“Oh really”

I snickered.

“So you were around guys with nothing but bad eyes, huh”


“If they had eyes to see properly, they wouldn’t have left a woman as beautiful as you alone”

“I-is that so?”


I gave her a clear nod.

Well, that’s a lie.

It’s true that Ceres is a good woman.

Probably the reason she hadn’t been seduced before was because she was hard to approach.

She’s a talented female knight who has no gaps.

I suppose it’s because the people around her would’ve lost their nerves and become unable to seduce her.

But, there’s no such “reality.”

At least there’s none right now.

When making love to a woman, you need nothing but sweet words and compliments.

I continued on.

“Well, that’s a lucky thing for me, though”


“Yeah, thanks to that, it saved me the trouble of stealing you away from another man”


“If a good woman becomes someone else’s, you’ve got no choice but to steal her, right?”


Ceres stared straight at me.

“Are you really, really serious?”

“I am”

“…I see”

Ceres made a small smile.

Strength leaving her body in a different sense than earlier.

Her smile too… It turned into the softest it had been since we first met.

“I would never have expected anyone to say that to me”

“Oh yeah?”

“I’ve already thrown away being a woman long ago after all”

“How could you do such a wasteful thing like that?”


“What is it?”

“Can you… Make me a woman?”

Ceres stared at me.

Throwing away becoming a woman — and then becoming a woman.

I kissed her.

“Of course”

“Thanks,” she thanked me.

Then I extended my hand to her crotch.

I shifted the leotard, traced it with my fingers — then, “Ooh, so you have no hair.”

“I-is it bad? Not having it”

“Nuh-uh? That’s cute, too,” I told her, rubbing Ceres’ hairless secret spot.

I traced it with my fingers, caressing it.

Klish — I sunk into it up to the first joint of my fingers, making a wet sound.


Ceres raised her voice.

Putting the back of her hand to her mouth, she plugged up her mouth, desperately trying to suppress her voice.

I relentlessly attack that place.

I attacked her in order from the top, but this place was where she reacted most sensitively.

To get even more of a reaction out of her, I continued to caress it with my fingers.

In a flash, her crotch was flooded.



“Don’t bully me so much”

“I’m not bullying you, you know?”

“I-in that case――,” Ceres started to talk, but briefly stopped halfway, biting her bottom lip.

After an intense struggle with the embarrassment inside of her, “Don’t be mean to me, and quickly make love to me,” she said the words that followed.


I get it now.

“So you don’t have a knowledge of foreplay or anything like that”


“I’ll teach it to you soon, and pillow talk as well”

“Foreplay… Pillow talk…?”

While smiling lightly, I took off my pants, and draped over Ceres.



“I’ll take it”


With wet eyes, Ceres gave a small nod.

I zeroed in into that hairles, drenched crack — slrch!


There was a popping sound, and I was fully connected to Ceres.

――You have met the requirements for the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

――Activating the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

I could hear the familiar voice.

――Duplicating the skill “Knight Armor Mastery” with the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

――Evolving the skill “Knight Armor Mastery” to “Indomitable Knight Armor Mastery” with the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

I ignored the voices that came in one after another, putting them aside for later.

Right now――

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it hurts, but I’m happy. I also, can be a proper ‘woman,’ can’t I”

“You’re a woman from the start. And from now I’m gonna make you my woman”

“Yeah… Make me”

Right now it’s more important to love Ceres, who is too adorable and admirable.

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