The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 20

After everything was done, I was giving Ceres an arm pillow.

While snuggling close to me, “S-say,” Ceres spoke to me.


“How was I?”


“U-umm, like, my condition?”

“Yeah, it was good. There’s nothing out of order in my eyes. After making love to you, I was charmed by how an increasingly good woman you are”

“I-I see,” Ceres said, snuggling even closer to me.

She snuggled to me even closer, and buried her face in my chest.

“By the way”

“What is it?”

“‘Knight Armor Mastery,’ looks like that is your skill”

“How do you know about it?”

Ceres got up in a snap.

She sat up straight, and looked at me from above with surprised eyes.

“Simply put, it’s my skill”

“Your skill?”

“Yeah. I understand the skill of the women I’ve made love to. I copy that skill, and make it evolve”


“‘Indomitable Knight Armor mastery.’ It’s the skill I’ve copied from you and evolved, which then became mine”

“Y-you have that kind of skill?”


“…I see”

Ceres was surprised, then came to an understanding.

Lastly, she got depressed for some reason.

“I, see”

“What’s wrong”

“No. It’s noth――”

“If you’re thinking that I probably made love to you just for your skill then you’re wrong”


Ceres was surprised.

“You’re really thinking that, huh”

“I-I mean”

“There’s the saying of killing two birds with one stone in this world”


“Just because I’ve obtained a skill, doesn’t mean that’s a good reason to let go of a good woman”

“G-good woman…”

“I’ve been saying that since some time ago, right?”

“That’s… Right, but…”

“Looks like you still don’t believe me when I’m telling you you’re a good woman”


“Alright, then I’m gonna prove it to you now”

“Prove it? Ho-how”

I kissed Ceres.


Intertwining our tongues, and making an intense sound.

I continued the passionate kiss until Ceres started to suffocate.

It was because the strong and beautiful female knight seemed to be lacking in confidence as a “woman.”

I continued to make love to her over and over until she believed that she herself was a beautiful and good woman.

Next morning.

We went back to the city.

On our way there, “The skill called ‘Knight Armor Mastery,’ what kind of skill is it?,” I asked Ceres the obvious question.

“It makes you not feel the weight of your armor”

“Not feeling the weight?”

“That’s right. To put it in simple terms — my underwear feels heavier than this knight armor”


I reached out my hands and tried to touch Ceres’ knight armor.

I put strength into my hands that were touching the armor she was wearing to try to lift it up.

I could clearly feel the weight.

The steel armor felt as heavy as it looked.

On my hands, at least.

“So you won’t feel this as heavy at all, huh”


“…In that case, a soldier armor obviously would――?”

“Uh-huh, I suppose you would normally feel the weight, which would greatly restrict your movement”

“I see”

I gave a small nod.

Skill “Knight Armor Mastery.”

According to Ceres’ explanation, it seemed only when she put on “knight armor” did the weight of the armor feel like nothing.

If the weight was lighter than underwear, then you might as well call it zero weight.

That was amazing.

The main disadvantage of armor was its weight.

Unless there was anything out of the ordinary, the weight was directly related to defensive power.

Therefore, if you wanted to increase your defensive power, you would end up being unable to move properly because it would be too heavy.

If the skill “Knight Armor mastery” reduced the weight of a knight armor to zero, you would be able to move faster than any other people wearing that same armor — the effect was practically identical to increasing your speed.

“It’s an amazing skill, isn’t it”

“That’s right. I’ve been saved by this since forever”

“If that’s the case, I’m getting more and more curious about this one”

“Indomitable… Was it?”

“Yea, ‘Indomitable Knight Armor Mastery.’ Let’s go, I can’t wait to try that”


We quickened our pace and set out to walk back to the city without making any side-trip.

We came back to the residence.

Upon entering the residence, we were greeted by Melete the parlour maid.

“Welcome home, Yuuto-sama”

“Is my dad around?”

“No, master is on his way to a manor different from the one you went to, Yuuto-sama”

“I see, I guess I’ll just make the report later”

I thought for a bit, “Is there any armor like this in the residence?,” and asked Melete while raising my thumb, pointing it at Ceres.

“Armor… Is it?”


“I apologize, Yuuto-sama. I…”

“I see”

Well, she’s a parlour maid after all.

“Oh?, So you’re back, Yuuto”


Janus appeared from beyond the corner of the corridor.

Janus made a straight line towards here, and alternatingly looked at me and Ceres who was behind me.

“Looks like it went well, isn’t it”

“Well yeah”

“As expected of you”

“More importantly, Janus, is there any knight armor in the residence?”

“Knight armor?”


“I wonder… If there’s any, it might be in the detached storehouse”

“I see. Alright, thanks,” I thanked Janus, and then turned around and began to walk.

We walked out of the door we had just come in through, and circled around the outside of the residence and came to the courtyard.

Continuing on further, I saw a line up of several storehouses.

Like the storehouses in a harbor, there were about ten storehouses of the same construction lined up in a row.

Right next to it, there was a cabin housing the person managing it.

When I arrived at the front of the storehouses, a person came running out of the cabin.

He was a middle-aged man with unshaven facial hair and disheveled hair, probably because he worked in a job where he didn’t go out in public.

The man came running over to me, humbling himself.

“Yuuto-sama! Is-is there anything I can help you with?”
“Yeah, is there any knight armor around?”

“Knight armor, sir?”

“Yeah. One that looks like I can wear”

I almost said “anything” and then I rephrased it.

“Understood, sir! I’m going to look for it now, so could you please give me a moment?”


I nodded, and the man ran off towards the warehouses after taking a bundle of keys from the cabin.



“Looks like you’re really the son of a noble. Since a while ago, all the servants have been humbling themselves to you”

Ceres stared at me with a look of being impressed on her face.

“Were you doubting me?”

“Of course. Normally, man of a noble family wouldn’t leap into the front line for the sake of a single woman”

“It’s because I wanted you”


Ceres blushed.

When Ceres, who looked so frigid in her knight armor, blushed out of embarrassment, she looked even more lovely because of the gap from her usual look.

Next time while she’s in her armor――.

“I-I have found it!”

A man’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

I looked and saw that he was coming towards us from the third storehouse, pushing a cart with a set of knight armor on it.

He brought it to me.

“Wou-would something like this be all right?”


I crouched down to one knee on the ground and looked at the armor on the cart.

It’s definitely “knight armor.”

And the size is perfect for me right now.

“Good, I’ll be taking this”


Pushing the cart, we returned to the courtyard.

“Now then… Please give me a hand”

“Ah, okay”

Asking for Ceres’ assistance, I began to put on the knight armor.

I wore the knight armor in its entirety.

I looked at my appearance.

A seventeen year old boy.

Born into a noble family, I was born with a reasonable look.

And then, knight armor.

Now I found myself looking like the boy protagonist of a fantasy battle manga.

Yep, not bad.

“Now then, I’m gonna do some tests with this, but please lend me a hand. Ceres”



“…Ah, wh-what is it?”

“What’s wrong? Blanking out like that”


Ceres turned bright red and turned her face away.

“Were you captivated by me?”

“Urgh! Th-thats…”

I see, she’s captivated by me, huh.


I pinched Ceres’ chin, turned her face to the front — and snatched a kiss.


A simple light kiss, and that made Ceres’ face redder and redder.

“You’re so cute, you know that?”

“Th-that’s not…”

“I’ll give you some loving later, but for now, lend me a hand”


Once I got her cooperation, I tried to move my body.

“I see, I certainly don’t feel the weight. It’s a strange feeling”

“Yeah, I was like that too at first. There’s the feeling that I’m wearing something, but it doesn’t feel heavy at all. A jacket over my everyday clothes feel much heavier”

“I suppose so. But…”


“If this is all there’s to it, it’s the same as your ‘Knight Armor Mastery.’ If it’s ‘Indomitable Knight Armor mastery,’ there should be something else as it’s the higher version,” I said while trying to move my body.

Is there something else? Something — I moved around while focusing on various parts of my body.

And then.


“What’s wrong?”

“Watch this,” I told her, and started running towards an empty space.

I kicked the ground and went running at full speed — it was a full-power dash.


After running roughly fifty meters or so, I made a turn to return back to Ceres, again with a full-power dash.

“I see”

“Did you find anything?”

“Just maybe. Help me remove the armor”

“So you’re going to compare, alright”

Ceres quickly guessed it.

Just like when putting it on, she lent me a hand, helping me take off the knight armor.

Completely free of the armor, I returned to my original appearance.

With no armor, I began to make a dash again.

I made a full-speed dash to the same spot, then made a turn and headed back.

Then I stood in front of Ceres.

“I knew it… It’s clearly different. Can you tell?”


Ceres gave a clear nod.

“When wearing the armor… You were twice as fast”


“When wearing an armor, you get faster on the contrary — that’s amazing, you know,” Ceres said.

I nodded my head.

Skill “Indomitable Knight Armor Mastery.”

This is an amazing skill.

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  1. He should just f*** abpriest/appraiser or something ,,, get [god eyes](evolved appraisal) and know more about skills

    Why keep fooling around searching for what will it do??????


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