The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 21

With Ceres’ cooperation, I did various tests with and without armor.

After about an hour or so, I began to get a complete understanding of the skill.

First, the offensive and defensive power stayed the same.

I tested to see if there might be a difference, but nothing actually changed.

On the other hand, my speed — my agility had a dramatic change.

Not to mention my dashing power in a straight line, the movement of my body as a whole became almost twice as fast.

“I see, in other words, movement using my feet is becoming faster”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, the speed of my sword swinging doesn’t change, right?,” I said, pulling out my sword and swinging it.

Ceres was observing it, comparing it with the repeated swings I had done in the progress.

Therefore, she gave a definite nod.

“Certainly, this part doesn’t change”

“My movement speed has doubled. This one’s pretty clear”

“Despite wearing heavy armor, your movement becomes faster on the contrary… To put it into words again, it’s really terrific”

“That’s what being a higher version is about after all”

In contrast to the impressed Ceres, I simply accepted it.

I had figured out about “Indomitable Knight Armor Mastery.”

In my head, I was thinking of more different things.


“What is it?”

“Do you know of any other masteries?”

“Eh? …Aah, about a year ago, I met a man who has ‘Plate Armor Mastery’ — a man, you know?”

“That’s regrettable”

I made a light smile.

Whatever of a cheat skill it was, I wouldn’t be interested in doing anything if the other party was a man.

Hearing what I said, Ceres made a clear sigh of relief.

I made a sigh of relief in a different sense.

Knight armor and plate armor.1

I now know that there are at least two types of masteries in the “armor” category.

This means that there are more than just these two types all over the world.

There are a dozen or so types of armor alone, and then there are shields and things like that when I add in “equipment.”

In other words, there are even more equipment-related masteries out there.

And the effects, it’s probably best to assume that they vary by type.

If that’s the case.

If I can make them mine, I’ll be able to change my equipment to deal with different situations.

Yep, I’m gonna have to add and collect more and more skills.

“Ah, so you came here, Yuuto-sama”

“Hmm? If it isn’t Auxo. What’s wrong?”

“Master called for you. He would like you to come to his study once you have settled down”

“So dad is back… Got it”

I nodded and glanced at Ceres.

“Get Ceres a room. Anywhere near Parthenos’ room is fine”




Leaving the two of them behind, I headed back to the residence ahead of them.

Along the way, I turned my face and glanced at them over my shoulder.


After leaving them, I returned inside and came to Dimon’s study.

I knocked on the door. “Come in,” and I entered the room after I got a reply.

Dimon was sitting in his chair, just as usual, and looked up at me as I entered the room.

“Oh, Yuuto. How did it go?”

“The manor――”

“I’ve got the report about that. I’m asking the one after”


I nodded.

Well, I guess so.

“Same as before. I copied the skill from Ceres”

“Ooh, what is it about?”

“‘Indomitable Knight Armor Mastery’”

“I’ve never heard of it”

“There are two effects. When I’m wearing a knight armor, I won’t feel the weight of the armor”

“That’s convenient”

“In addition, it makes me move faster”

“Makes you move faster? Even though you’re wearing armor?”


I gave a clear nod.

“That’s just absurd…,” Dimon expressed a similar impression as Ceres.

Well, that’s just how your impression would normally be.

“That aside, dad”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“I want to leave the residence,” I told him, and Dimon was surprised.

“What are you saying?”

Remembering the sight of Auxo and Ceres I had glanced earlier, “Auxo, Alice, Parthenos, Ceres. I now have four women. With four women, my parents’ home is too small”


Dimon was surprised at first, but after hearing what I had said, he came to an understanding.

“It certainly is, isn’t it”

“Yeah, that’s why I want to leave this residence”


Dimon folded his arms and leaned back, pressing his back against the back of the chair.

He went to look up at the ceiling, making a thinking gesture.

“Is that a no?”

“No, that’s not what I’m thinking about”

“Then what is it?”

“You’re going to continue to get more women, right?”


The effect of the skill “Noblesse Oblige” is pretty much confirmed by now.

I’m going to continue to make love to good women and get good skills.

My current objective, no, I could say that I’ve created something that could be my lifetime objective.

I have four now, but I’m pretty sure the number of women is going to increase in the future, not just at the level of ten or twenty, but much much more.

“I’m thinking about beyond the anticipation of increasing the number”

“I see”

“…I’ll give you one manor”



“Oh, I see”

I gave a small nod.

What’s called a manor is a village so to speak.

It means he would give me a village-level box, not a residence, to me who would continue to increase the number of my women.

“I’m grateful for that”

“A manor that was attacked by monsters before and left without restoration”

“Why such a place”

I titled my head.

The Mouskouri family owns plenty of manors.

You don’t need to bother to mention such a place — that was what I thought.

“Make it yours from the ground up. It would be a manor to have your growing number of women to live in, and I suppose it’d be better if there’s no unrelated people, especially men”


Again, oh, I see, I gave a nod.

Indeed it would.

Not an absolute, but certainly in this case, I don’t want a man in the manor.

And more to this, I don’t even want a woman I’m not making love to, a woman who isn’t mine.

Since I’m going to the trouble for this, I want everyone in the manor to be my woman.

And Dimon’s suggestion is in line with that.

“I got it. Thank you, dad”

I left the study and came back to my bedroom.

Using the bell, I called out two people, Auxo and Alice.

The two in their maid outfits came over as soon as they were called.

“Did you call? Yuuto-sama,” Alice said in a maid-like manner of talking.

I nodded.

“I have two things I want you to do. First, you girls come here tomorrow morning. I’ll have you two do my morning dressing, good?”



“That and make preparations to move out. I’ll tell you the details tomorrow, but in short, we’re leaving this residence and going independent. I leave it to you to also tell that to Parthenos and Ceres”

“Okay, I got it — ah no, understood”


Perhaps still not used to being a maid, Alice’s conduct often broke off.

Since that was also typical of Alice, I didn’t point it out to her and let her do as she pleased.

――that’s all good, but.



“What’s wrong? You’ve been listless since earlier”

“Tha-that’s not――”

“Isn’t it? you also really think so too, right? Yuuto-sama”

The younger sister, Alice, straight on denied Auxo’s attempt to deny it.

“Since you came back from her room earlier, you’ve been acting somewhat strange”

“Did something happen?”


“Just say it”

“Umm… That, Nanos-sama has”

“Nanos has? What about him? Don’t tell me, did he make a move on you or something?”

“EEEEH!? Th-that’s not the case”

“I’m just joking, don’t get so flustered like that”

I smiled lightly.

“That guy looks down on maids. He won’t make a move on them. He might try to lock them up somewhere and rape them, however”

“Is that the kind of person he is?”

“Well, yeah. So, what’s up with Nanos?”

“Umm… He told me to report every little thing about you, Yuuto-sama”

“Things about me? …Does he want you to be a spy?”


“I see. So, how much?”

“Eh? How much… Do you mean, money?”

“Yeah, you were bribed, right?”

“No… It was just an order, however…”

“…What is he, an idiot?

I sighed, half in understanding, half in astonishment.

I just, had been thinking normally.

I had been thinking that since he was telling my maid, my woman, to betray me, she would’ve been paid handsomely to do what he said.

But that’s not the case, and it’s just a simple order.

That Nanos, he’s thinking just because he’s the eldest son, the heir, maids will listen to his order as a matter of course, isn’t he?

Geez, being an idiot even has limits.

“Umm, what should I”

“You don’t have to do anything”


“I mean, from tomorrow we’re leaving the residence and going independent after all”


“There’s no problem, right?”


Auxo broke into a beaming smile and her back straightened.

It was a relieved look of finding out she wasn’t in a dilemma.

“Alright, that’s all I’m gonna say. We’ll be out by tomorrow afternoon, so get prepared”



The two sisters, Auxo and Alice, bowed to me and then left the room.

In the room where I was left alone, “Hmmm,” I was astonished by Nanos for trying to poke his nose in.

TL notes:

^1. I have no fucking idea about the differences between these two. Google image gave me what’s basically plate mail armor.

Other changes:

1. Changing the word “embrace” to “make love to” on all previous chapters.

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  1. Thanks for the translation~
    Also is this line, “I’m just king, don’t get so flustered like that” supposed to be “I’m just “kidding,” don’t get so flustered like that.”?


  2. Is there a volume 2? If no when can we expect a volume 2? Is there a WN for this series? Please don’t tell me there are no new chapters after the next one.


  3. Yeah, plate armor is like leather armor but with steel instead of leather. Knight armor is chain mail.
    Maybe in Goblin Slayer’s terms, it’s between Spearman/Heavy Warrior and Female Knight.


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