The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become V1: Chapter 22

The next morning, I left the residence with my women.

The two sisters, Auxo and Alice, Parthenos, and Ceres.

I left the residence taking the four women with me.

What we were riding in was a covered carriage.

“The-there’s a carriage like this?”

The one who was surprised was Alice.

“It’s amazing, Yuuto-sama. I believe there are only two of these covered carriages in the Mouskouri family, right?”

Auxo, who had a fairly long history as a maid, was deeply moved by knowing about that matter.

“Yeah, my dad told me to use it”

“How impressive… And the inside, isn’t this already like a small house”

Ceres was awed.

Even I was awed.

This covered carriage, I was so amazed when I first saw it.

It was about the size of a four-ton truck, and was being pulled by two special horses similar to draft horses.

Speaking of the inside, it was about the size of a one-room apartment with a bed, table, and sofa.

And since it was covered with a canopy, it was perfect for keeping warm when closed and for keeping air cool and ventilated when opened.

“Well, that’s why it’s slow, though”

As expected, it would be hard to pull this enormous thing.

Even with two draft horses, they could only manage about the same speed as people walking.

“How long will it take to get to the manor?,” Ceres asked.

“I heard it takes three days on foot, so probably around that long”

“Three days, huh”

“With this carriage, we can travel there leisurely”

“I guess so”

I looked at the four women.

Now then.

There’s nothing to do anyway, so let’s――.

Neigh neigh

The horses neighed at the same time and the carriage stopped.




I jumped out of the carriage.

This is clearly not a trivial thing.

When I jumped out, I found ourselves surrounded by bandits.

“Oh wow, that’s an unusual ride you got there, young master of a noble family”

“It’s not safe to ride in this thing without guards, you know?”

The bandits were grinning.

“…What do you want”

“Listen here, we’re not gonna do anything big either”

“He’s right, all’s fine and dandy if we get some toll”

“Toll, huh”

Easy to understand to an extent.

“Everything alright?”

Ceres peeked out.

“Ah, you’ve got one pretty lady there”

“Hey bro, I’ve got an idea”

“Oh yeah, I’ve also got the same idea”

“I bet”

“Yeah, there’s plenty of money. Let’s just take the woman here”



“Ooh? You have plenty of them, aren’t you”

“Aww yeah, we’re gonna take them all!”

“We’re gonna give them all some loving together!”

The men were throwing vulgar words.

Some of them rocked their hips back and forth, displaying even more vulgar gestures.


“Yuuto-sama, I’ll handle this”

“That’s unnecessary”

I drew my sword, unleashing it.

I headed towards the men.

“Oh? Wanna have a go?”

“Hey hey, young master, no need to force yours――”

I cut him down before he could finish his words.



“Bastard, don’t get ahead of yourself just because you’ve got sweet face!”

The men attacked me all at once.


“Indomitable Knight Armor Mastery.”

My speed was raised by it.

There was also a secondary-like effect at work at the same time.

Humans, our senses were adjusted to our own speed.

In short, as your speed increased, the surroundings would seem to slow down.

My speed doubled with “Indomitable Knight Armor Mastery.”

In other words, my surroundings now felt half as slow.

I lightly dodged them.


“Bastard, you just keep moving around”

The men lost their temper, and came to attack me some more.

Only to this extent, huh.

“Flowing Longsword Mastery.”

With the skill’s excellence swordsmanship, I went on to cut down the bandits.

There were five of them, but I killed them all in no time.

I wiped the blood off my sword and sheathed it back to its scabbard.


“As expected of Yuuto-sama”


“What is it?”

“Not, even a single drop of enemy’s blood is on you…”

Ceres was surprised.

“Yeah, I nearly caught some but I dodged it”


I kicked the bandits to the side.

I returned to the carriage with my women, and we set off again.


Everyone was staring at me.

They were staring at me with wet eyes.

“What’s wrong?”


Parthenos was the first to move.

She hugged me and kissed me.

I took the kiss.

“What happened?,” and I asked.

“Seeing a cool sight of you… My body just got hot”

“Oh, I see”



Auxo and Alice were also the same. They approached me with wet pupils.

Now that it comes to this.



“I’ll make love to them now, you come too”

“Eh… Umm…”

“Just come here”


I pressed her to, a bit forcefully. But instead, Ceres delightfully nodded her head.

I stripped them all and put them down on the bed.

I made the women cry one after another.

I inserted it into Auxo.

After I finished, I inserted it into the younger sister, Alice.

――You have met the requirements for the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

――Activating the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”


“What’s wrong?”


Parthenos and Ceres, whom I hadn’t done, tilted their heads.

I was surprised.

――Restoring stamina with the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

Restoring stamina?

What does that mean?

….Don’t tell me.



Parthenos accepted me while being shy.

I also made Parthenos cum.

――You have met the requirements for the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

――Activating the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

――Restoring stamina with the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

I could hear the same words as earlier.

And then, I noticed it clearly.

I let out three times, but it was still alive and kicking.


“P-please be gentle”


――You have met the requirements for the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

――Activating the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

――Restoring stamina with the skill “Noblesse Oblige.”

I could hear the same words and it continued to be alive and kicking.

…Could it be, that this is.

Next morning.

I made love to Parthenos only.


“What is it?”

“I love you”

“I see, I also love you”

“I’m happy…”

Parthenos buried her face in my chest.

And nothing happened.

Noon, this time, I made love to Ceres.

“Yuuto-sama, doing it while everyone can watch is”

“Everyone is my women, nothing to be embarrassed about”


“Do you girls hate being watched?”

We were in a covered carriage, so the inevitable result was we could be watched.

Auxo and Alice looked troubled, but, “I’m not embarrassed at all,” Parthenos answered immediately.

“You heard her”

“Hey, Yuuto-sama”


“We also… Rather, should we help out or anything?”

“No, it’s fine. I feel like loving you all one by one today. Auxo, Alice. I’ll take my time with you two later, okay?”



They both looked down in embarrassment.

I made love to Ceres more.

I thoroughly made love to her, who was shy and said “No, no!”


Night, after everyone was asleep.

And after the horses were asleep as well, I went outside.

Today, I spent the whole day making love to the four of them one by one.

And Noblesse Oblige was not triggered.

I’ll have to check again tomorrow, but I have a guess.

If I have a threesome or more and make love to them in succession, stamina restoration comes out.

Noblesse Oblige.

Its original meaning is the duty of nobility.

The true nature of the nobility’s duty is to give to those who do not have.

And that is connected to making love to multiple women.

I don’t really get it, but this makes me have to build a harem more and more.

TL notes:

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    This is the most degenerate story I have read in a long time… Can’t wait for Volume 2!


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