Young Wife Elf Slave: Meeting – “Hero” And Elf Slave


“The hell, you shit…!,” a man with a mohawk and shoulder armor shouted on the street of the imperial capital.

“Don’t care if you’re a revered knight or something, but you’ve got a problem with me?!”

“Plenty of them,” August composedly answered.

He was wearing a silver-colored platemail covering his upper body up to above his knees, and a deep crimson mantle on his back. And at his waist, there was a large sword sheathed inside a scabbard, which was shining under the sunlight.

Truly the appearance of a knight, and a quite high ranking one to boot… It was the appearance of a knight commander class.

There were faint dark circles under his eyes, but not noticeable to the average person.

While paying attention to the curious onlookers who had gathered after hearing a commotion, August continued.

“Just now, you suddenly hit the face of this woman and attempted to inflict more violence on her after she fell. That’s sufficient enough reason to warrant questioning”

“It’s ‘cause she bumped into me! Moreover, she’s an elf woman, and a slave at that! The likes of elf slave bitch got a position deserving a beating in the ‘Empire,’ right!?,” the man said, pointing to the woman who fell on the ground behind August, holding her cheek with both hands.

From the standpoint of bystanders, she was the very definition of ordinary person herself. She wore a linen dress and her long blonde hair was put together in one thick braid. Her face was hidden by her hair, so it was hard to tell how her facial features were.

However, her ears, which were larger and longer than human’s, showed what she was.

She was an elf.

And then there was a collar on her neck, signifying that she was a slave.

The “Empire” was a predominantly human country, which previously had won numerous wars against demi humans as well as against other human beings, and had come to be in control of most of the continent.

The elves were a demi human race that continued to put up resistance against the “Empire” until the very end. Although they almost looked the same as humans, they had long ears. Though few in numbers, some could use magic. They were also longer-lived and more skilled with their hands than humans, and many of them were beautiful men and women… And so forth were their characteristics.

Currently, the entire race of elves had surrendered to the “Empire,” and was barely allowed any self-government in exchange for offering up young elves as slaves.

Due to the grudges piling up continuously during the war, there was a strong tendency in the “Empire” to scorn elves, and the enslaved elves were forced to a severe manual labor. As a result of them being treated as consumable goods, even if they were treated roughly by someone other than their master, it would not become a major problem.

Near the woman, there was a broken vase and purple lavender flowers, which she must have been carrying in her hands.

Ignoring the man who continued to clamor noisily, August faced the fallen elf.

On the elf’s arm, there was an icon indicating that she was a slave along with the brand of her name.

Her name seemed to be Eeva.

“Are you alright…?”

“Y-yes. Thank you very much…”

Eeva was about to take August’s offered hand, but abruptly stopped her words short.

This was because… August had been gazing at Eeva, captivated by her.

A motherly gentle face, that made you feel a feeling of comfort and nostalgia. Droopy eyes overflowed with affectionate tenderness, while the beautiful green eyes, like emeralds, held a certain intelligence that belied her position as a slave.

Her body shape as a whole was well-fleshed and well-defined. Her breasts, covered with linen, were so abundant the one would naturally end up imagining how comfortable it would be when hugging her.

Her beauty was just like the incarnation of the naked Venus in a painting.

The bruise on her cheek caused by the mohawk man was standing out, but even that only added a touch of immoral loveliness to her.

Even the onlookers who came rushing to the scene were glued to Eeva’s loveliness.

“…? Is something the matter…?”

“Ah, aah. My bad. Don’t worry about it”

Once again, August helped Eeva to stand. The moment he held her hand, a sweet scent of lavender wafted from Eeva.

While concealing the turmoil within him, August turned to the man.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s an elf or a dwarf. The monsters that attack the ‘North Wall’ don’t care about race differences. Without unity of all races, the ‘Empire’ cannot be protected”

“Look at you, acting high and mighty…! Then what about you!? Are you telling me you’ve got experience fighting at ‘North Wall’ or anything with that tidy look!?”

“…Unfortunately, the answer to that is a yes”


“A-re you by any chance, the Lord of House Hirschstein, August-sama…?”

One of the onlookers raised a surprised voice.

“August-sama of the House of Hirschstein… No doubt about it! That’s the same face I saw in the newspaper! In the battle at the ‘North Wall,’ he led the Hirschstein Knight Order to destroy the army of monsters!”

“That August-sama!? They call him ‘August the Annihilator of the Wall’…”

“The one rumored to have slain a thousand goblins in a day…!?”

“I’ve also heard he defeated a hundred orcs!!”

“It’s August-sama! It’s August-sama, the guardian of the ‘Empire’!”

“So the rumor about him returning to the capital to train new recruits was true!”

August-sama! August-sama! August-sama!

The onlookers began to call out August’s name in unison. Even Eeva was surprised, staring in amazement.

August remained silent.

August Von Hirschstein… That was August’s real name.

A knight commander, who played an active role at the “North Wall,” the front line of the current “Empire.”

The “North Wall” was a huge long wall built in the northern part of the Empire. Originally, it was something built to prevent the invasion of the barbaric tribes inhabiting the northern part, but now it served as a stronghold to hold back the large number of monsters coming to attack from further north.

At present, it was unclear why monsters came to attack from the north.

However, it was definite that the monsters were hostile to all humanity, which was why the “Empire” was pouring its full war potential into the defense of the “North Wall.”

“If it’s August-sama, I’m not gonna complain about him taking the side of the elves! After all, he’s the guardian of the Empire, a true hero!”

“I heard that elf beauties are cooperating to provide solace for the knights at ‘North Wall.’ No matter how lowly they are, it isn’t out of place to show mercy to the elves if it’s August-sama!”

Repeated compliments to August. As one would expect, even the mohawk man, “Kuh… Re-remember this!,” said and started to run away as fast as he could.

As if he was worn-out, August let out his breath, “Are you really alright?,” and asked Eeva.

“It won’t look good if it leaves a mark, so you better go to a hospital immediately”

“Th-thank you very much. But, I…”

“And that broken vase and the flowers, it was bought somewhere, right? I’d like you to use this money to pay for the medical fee and to replace it. I don’t need the change”

August handed several gold coins to Eeva. Based on the cost of living in the Imperial Capital, it was enough money for one adult to live lavishly for about a month.

“This much…!? I really can’t accept this! Besides, I am…”

August didn’t reply. He turned around and began to walk.

People kept calling out August’s name. There was no response from August. However, that attitude made the people even more wild, perhaps because it reflected a knight-like attitude.

Eeva was staring at August’s back in blank amazement.

A few hours later.

August was walking on a street different from the one from earlier.

Sure enough, he didn’t get involved in any troubles this time, and thus, there was no one to repeatedly call out his name. However, perhaps the gossip was already spreading, everyone on the street was staring at him with an excited and delighted gaze, and was whispering something to each other.

Until just now, August had been in an audience with the Emperor, the leader of the “Empire,” at Valfan Castle, located in the center of the Imperial Capital.

August and the Emperor were the same age. Furthermore, they were close friends who had attended the same military school since their childhood, and they understood each other very well.

And this time too, August had a chat with him for about an hour after reporting on the progress of the training of the newly-formed Imperial Knight Order, which August had been entrusted to command. And thus, now, he was on his way home.

The Imperial Knight Order was a unit under the direct control of the Emperor. Hence, the Emperor was able to summon August without any hesitation.

…I guess it was a mistake to go to the castle on foot.

I should’ve borrowed a horse from the unit… Feeling regret, August walked on.

Nonetheless, my name has been spread as a hero in the “Empire”…  There’s nothing I can do about this all.

The further he proceeded down the street, the more people’s inquisitive eyes were turned to him.

August suppressed the involuntary sigh he let out. And then, a bitter feeling came over him.

…If I were truly a hero, I wouldn’t have to experience these feelings, though…

He suddenly recalled the scene of the battlefield. The fierce battle after fierce battle between the monsters and Hirschstein Knight Order that he led at “North Wall.” And the comrades he lost one after another.

August reflexively held his hand to his chest. The pain, like his stomach was tightening, and the disgusting feeling of stomach acid rushing up and burning his throat hit him at the same time.

…What had been spreading around in the “Empire” was the battle at the “North Wall,” where August’s Hirschstein Knight Order achieved an unprecedented war result. Driving away the swarm of monsters attacking in waves, and not even a single monster was able to get inside the “North Wall.” The battle ended in victory for August.

But as the price for it, the Knight Order suffered losses that were equal to total annihilation. Before the battle, the Knight Order had about a thousand knights and soldiers that August had recruited from his own territory and tempered thoroughly over a period of several years. However, after the battle was over, less than a few dozen people survived.

August was one of the few who had made it through this disastrous battle unscathed. Though, it wasn’t like luck was on his side. This was the result of everyone trying to protect August from being hurt, and lost their lives in the process as shields in the midst of the free-for-all battle. In the Knight Order, August had earned the trust of his comrades to such an extent.

The reason August and his men avoided total annihilation was that the reinforcements led directly by the Emperor arrived just in time when things looked bleak. For this reason, the honor of victory should’ve been shared between August and the Emperor, but the Emperor placed great importance on the hard fight of August’s Hirschstein Knight Order, and decided to give all the honors to August and make it so that his name wasn’t mentioned at all.

The horrific losses suffered by the Hirschstein Knight Order were also covered up. The reason for this was that it would create unrest in the public mind.

August believed that the Emperor’s decision was right. He was even feeling debt of gratitude for the Emperor’s sincerity as a friend for the fact that the Emperor had given him all the credit for the victory.

However, speaking of emotional agreement… That was not the same thing either.

I’m not a hero. I’m an incompetent Knight Commander who killed a thousand of my men

Each time he was revered as a hero, he would be reminded of the face and voices of his lost comrades, and August was consumed by these thoughts.

His Majesty the Emperor told me that I just did the best I could. I believe that is certainly true… But, that doesn’t mean I can forgive myself. Neither should I be forgiven…

Taking on the overwhelming number of orcs and goblins, the Knight Order fought as hard as they could. It was also unlikely that they could’ve put up a better fight than they did.

But, but still, was there anything else we could’ve done to reduce the number of victims even a little? He would end up repeatedly wondering to himself. Everything is my responsibility, the result caused by my own incompetence, he would end up thinking such.

Even the dark circles under August’s eyes were caused by a nightmare he had every night, in which he would watch the replay of the battle at “North Wall” and he would wake up every time. Furthermore, the nightmare was about nothing but scenes of his comrades dying. Everyone was concerned for August’s safety. They believed in the victory in the future, while being chopped by the monsters in front of August’s eyes.

Because of this, August’s physical condition continued to deteriorate. His mind became unstable, his irritation would grow by the slightest thing, the memories of the battle would come back to him, and he would feel intense pain in his chest, both physically and mentally.

The reason August was entrusted with the training of the newly formed Knight Order was because the Emperor was worried about him and tried to keep him away from battle.

August devoted himself to this mission so that he could return to the battlefield as soon as possible. This was why he spent his days working tirelessly that he almost never returned to his bought home in the suburb after his moving to the Imperial Capital, but his regret and remorse only grew stronger.

Even today’s “report,” too, seemed to be just a justification to check on August’s condition as the Emperor was worried about him.

In fact, in the chat after the “report,” the Emperor expressed his heartfelt concern for August’s physical condition and ordered him to go straight home and take a break (suppressing August back as he tried to decline, saying “That is not necessary”).

He also added that he had sent an exceptional present to his home for him, and told him to look forward to it…

A present for me…? Just, what the hell is he saying…

Even the Emperor must know that this emotional disorder was not something light. Gold and silver treasures, extravagant meals, swords and armors made by craftsmen… If such things could heal it, he wouldn’t be so troubled.

Or maybe a woman? No way.

Healing emotional wounds with a woman’s body… A common means. Although it was not the same as what a citizen from earlier uttered, there were many prostitutes on the front lines who would keep the soldiers company.

In fact, that was the first thing that August had tried.

However, it had no effect at all. If anything, it got to the point where he would torment himself thinking that he should not be the only one to indulge in such a foolish activity.

In the first place, most prostitutes were selling their bodies for money. Even with slave prostitutes, the money paid by the customers would ultimately go into the pocket of the masters. You could let out your sexual desire, but that was it. There was no such thing as feeling at ease in the truest sense of the word.

In the end, I guess there’s no one left that can save me…

…The next thing he knew, August was in front of the wall that surrounded his home.

It was a luxurious two-story mansion with a large garden, located facing the street on the suburbs of the Imperial Capital. It was a property in good condition, furnished, purchased on the recommendation of the Emperor on an occasion when he returned to the Imperial Capital. However, August had only stayed in this house for a few days, and he hadn’t even been near it for the past month.

I’m sure it’s desolate… Especially the untouched front garden…

At the moment he was walking along the wall, heading towards the gate with a depressed feeling, imagining the thickly grown weeds, this smell, what is it?, A sweet scent tingled August’s nostrils. It seemed to be the smell of a flower. Gently drifting in the wind from somewhere.

August recognized this scent.

This scent, the smell of lavender… The flower that elf woman was carrying downtown…?

August walked through the gate of his house with such faint feelings…

And then he saw.

The garden at his house, which he had only thought to be desolate, was filled with purple lavenders.

A stunningly beautiful female elf, standing in the center of it looking back at him while holding a lavender in her hands, which had been taken out from its pot.

The look of the elf, which he could remember clearly.

The gentle and friendly face, that seemed to give a piece of mind to whomever saw it.

And the black collar worn on her neck…

“Ee.. Va…?,” he involuntarily muttered.

Immediately realizing what had just come out from his mouth, he was surprised. At the same time, he finally guessed who had filled his house’s garden with lavender.

In other words, it was the elf slave he just saved. The beautiful elf in front of him right now, holding the lavender in her hands.

The elf, too, was staring in amazement, like she was surprised. But just like August, she immediately guessed the situation, and let out a giggle.

“Yes… Thank you very much for the help earlier, August-sama,” Eeva spoke gently.

She bowed her head just slightly, then turned to face August. She straightened her posture and continued on.

“The other day, I was directly bought by His Majesty the Emperor when I was being sold in the slave market in the Imperial Capital. And then by His Majesty the Emperor, I was given to you, August-sama. And then I have been asked to devote all of myself, and to heal your mind and body as a slave, and then as a wife”

“As a slave, as a wife…?”

“Yes. It is my duty, and wish, to be a convenient existence to you anywhere and anytime, August-sama”

Forgetting to breathe, August stared at Eeva. Shocked and confused, he couldn’t think of anything.

Eeva’s cheeks were faintly colored in scarlet. And together with a blooming smile, “Welcome home, August-sama,” she spoke to August.

“Thank you for your hard work today. Would you like to take a bath first? Or have dinner? Or would you like to have… me?”

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  1. Well, first time I’ll be reading a R-18 LN, but i guess it might be nice.
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    Also, some minor mistakes:

    “Her chests, covered with linen, were so abundant the one would naturally end up imagining how comfortable it would be when hugging her. ”
    “Her *breasts* , covered with linen, were so abundant *that* one would naturally end up imagining how comfortable it would be when hugging her.”

    “It won’t look good it it leaves a scar, so you better go to a hospital immediately”
    “It won’t look good *if* it leaves a scar, so you better go to a hospital immediately”

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