Young Wife Elf Slave: Chapter 1 – Commendable Devotion Of The Elf Wife’s Healing First Night


1.    Unexpected Gentleness

“This is…”

August swallowed his breath.

“I’m sorry. This is our first dinner, so I gave it a bit of my best”

Eeva made a bitter smile, seeming apologetic.

On the table in the dining room, there was a row of meals  that Eeva had prepared.

Ghiaga beef carpaccio. The red of the fresh meat, the white of the cheese, and the green of the alieve oil shone vibrantly. Southern sea bream and amur clam acqua pazza. A large sea bream boiled in its entirety, along with a variety of marine products, was emitting a flavor rich aroma on the plate. And the caprese salad of messia tomatoes and water buffalo cheese also looked very fresh.

And then there was a soup with lots of beans, and large platters of all kinds of bacon, ham, cheese, butter, and then various types of bread.

It was obvious that the efforts Eeva had put into this weren’t just “a bit.”

“Ah, I forgot to bring this out. You liked this, right…?”

“This is…!

What Eeva took out was a finely decorated bottle filled with dark red liquid.

“Thirty-year-old Avar wine… Well done finding it”

Avar was the name of a kingdom that the Empire had destroyed twenty years ago. It was known for its wine production, but the war destroyed its wine industry. For this reason, an unopened bottle of Avar wine could be rarely obtained.

“Yes. I heard from His Majesty that this was the brand you liked, so I spent about a week going around the liquor stores in the Imperial Capital to find it. Luckily, it seems a merchant from the region brought it here”

“Must’ve been pretty pricey, isn’t it”

“That’s right. However, I was told that His Majesty the Emperor would take care of the necessary payment for this dinner, so I took him up on the offer”

August understood that it was nothing but a humble gesture. Most of the ingredients used in the dishes were local specialties that were hard to obtain in the “Imperial Capital.”

And then, all of them were dishes of August’s liking.

Eeva lightly clapped her hands, “Now, let’s eat it before it gets cold,” and said in a gentle and cheerful voice.

“Do you prefer to have alcohol before meals?”

“…No, I can have it while eating. And I’m starving”

“I understand”

August brought the food that Eeva had served, to his mouth, with just a little nervousness.

“This is… Really good”

It was delicious to say the least. It had been really a while since he had a dish this good.

Eeva put her hands on her chest in relief.

“I’m glad. I actually didn’t feel confident it would really suit your palate, so… Now then, I will also help myself, okay?”

August was gazing at Eeva with an indescribable expression as she began to eat dinner.

Why am I feeling so pleasant about this situation?

Am I feeling comfortable having dinner with Eeva?

Even though… She’s supposed to be nothing but an elf slave sent by the Emperor for me.

August was confused by the words of the beautiful elf he had unexpectedly met in his garden.

Somehow putting his disordered thoughts together, and finally, “…In other words, you’re saying that you’re ordered by the Emperor to take care of me?,” asked one question.

No doubt, she didn’t come here for that kind of thing… In his mind, he denied his own words.

“…Yes. However, that expression is not accurate”


“I’m already a slave given to you by His Majesty the Emperor, August-sama. My duty is to be what you wish, when you wish. I would be willing to leave this place if you wish for it”

I didn’t think that that’s not also one of the options I have.

But, when considering my favor to the Emperor, as expected, I have to rule that out.

“…Earlier, you were holding lavender flowers, but I never would’ve thought it was for here”

“Yes. I’ve been preparing them for a week and finally managed to fill all the flower beds with them today. Lavender, it’s my most favorite flower”

Eeva nodded happily. I can tell that she really feels so.

“I have also been tidying up the house. I heard that it was the home of a knight commander, so I was expecting it to be an extravagant place… But it was a very wonderful, modest house”

August did not say anything back.

What to do? Follow her words and live together with her? And then let myself be healed by her?

Nonsense. She’s not necessary in my life. It’s also unlikely my heart will be healed.

August stared at Eeva.

The beautiful elf, who made eye contact with her new master, smiled back at him while tilting her head just slightly, as if trying to figure out what August wanted to say.

Cute. And then beautiful. Just like the blooming lavenders in the garden.

And then in that moment, an idiotic “Grr~” came from somewhere.

August immediately realized where the source was. He became wanting to die out of embarrassment.

Eeva let out a small giggle. Even such a casual gesture looked cute.

“Looks like your stomach is empty. Please rest assured. The dinner is already prepared”

“I-is that so…?”

“Yes. For now, how about we eat together? We can talk about the details after you’ve filled your stomach”

August headed for the entrance along with Eeva at her invitation.1

There was no end to my confusion… But being able to feel my stomach right now ‘didn’t seem like a bad idea.

All of the dishes were excellent. He even thought that with Eeva’s skills, she would be able to open her own restaurant in no time, even in this Imperial Capital where there were many famous restaurants. And the Avar wine she took great pains to obtain was also breathtakingly delicious, with a wonderful aroma and feeling going down the throat.

Seeing August like that, Eeva looked incredibly happy.

August’s confusion only deepened. That feeling was further strengthened by the appearance that Eeva didn’t seem to be acting.

“Accepting the fact that you’re a gift from the Emperor to me…”

After the dinner was wrapping up, August once again brought up a topic.

“What are you gonna do if I refuse? Going back to His Majesty the Emperor’s place?”

“Yes, that will be so. The elves are not permitted the right to be a free person, so”

A free person was one who wasn’t a slave. Normally, if a human slave did a certain amount of labor, they would be able to become a free person. However, elves, being of a different race, wouldn’t have that freedom.

In other words, if I don’t accept Eeva, there’s a chance she would be sent to a “better than nothing” lesser master… August had understood so. And if he was the Emperor, he would’ve indeed expected that August to reach that realization.

I won’t regret letting go of Eeva. It’s just, I don’t want to accept the future where she will suffer under a “better than nothing” lesser master.

But, while that may be true…

Perhaps guessing August’s inner thoughts, Eeva smiled cheerfully.

“Please don’t worry about me. In that event, it’s just that it wasn’t meant to be. Besides, regarding this time’s duty, it’s also something I wish for myself”

“Something you wish for…?”

“I have been told by His Majesty what you are suffering from at the moment, August-sama”

“I had some guesses about that, but…”

In spite of August’s confusion, “I wish for your body and mind to be healed, and,” Eeva told him in a never seen before resolute manner, “For that reason, I will be happy if you use me as a slave, and as a wife. I would gladly do anything for you if there’s anything I could do, August-sama.”

“…Your words make me happy, but honestly, I don’t know how to respond. Even more so since I don’t understand the reason why you’d want to do so much for me”

“Reason, is it? There is nothing in particular”


“Since long ago, I’ve always had the personality that when I see someone in trouble, I can’t leave them alone”

While making a wry embarrassed smile, Eeva put her right hand on her cheek.

“After being bought as a slave by His Majesty the Emperor, I received an offer to serve you… And I reflexively answered ‘by all means, please allow me to take on that role’”

“…You’re an elf slave. You should’ve known firsthand what the ‘Empire’ is doing to the elves”

“Yes. But even so, I want to serve you, August-sama”


“I’m sorry, I realize that I’m being illogical myself, but still, apparently I, seem to be a failure of an elf, who would end up thinking of wanting to be of help to someone else who is unhappy…”

“Even if you’re telling that to me…”

It doesn’t look like Eeva is lying.

Filling his garden house’s garden full with lavenders, preparing an extravagant dinner, and obtaining a rare and expensive wine were all evidence of Eeva’s seriousness about serving him.

Even this dining room was nicely cleaned up by Eeva’s hands, and decorated with lovely small articles and tasteful other race decorations, making it a very cozy space.

Surely, a life with her would be a very enjoyable one.

August gazed at Eeva again.

The elf who was suddenly his. She was modest, parent-like, like a caring older sister or a mother who genuinely cared for her son.

Her body was outstanding, and even now, her bulging breasts, which were soft and comfortable from the looks of it, were shaking along with her breathing.

He could treat her as he pleased. And even throwing her away like a ragged dust cloth in the end.

Would he be able to resist that temptation?

“…For now, I’ll give you one room. You can take a rest there today”

Eeva had a pained expression on her for a moment, “I understand,” but she quickly replied with a smile.

2.    Salvation From Nightmares

It was literally a nightmare.

The “North Wall” facing the waves of monster attacks. The comrades lost one after another.

A cousin three years younger than him, and a knight who was always looking up to him, Lyphard. In the midst of battle against the second wave, his body was split in two by a giant axe of an orc and he died instantly.

The uncle whom he revered as his sword teacher, Guy. Immediately after thinking that they had repelled the fourth wave, he was hit in the neck by an arrow fired by the enemy and collapsed.

The most skilled female knight in the knight order, Kuya. She went missing during the seventh wave, and was later found in a nearby cave, gang-raped and killed by goblins.

Even the younger sister who had joined the knight order in the administrative role because she was worried about her older brother, Fray, had her head beheaded by the orcs that had broken into the “North Wall” in the ninth wave.

Countless other of his comrades were lost as well. Not one saying a complaint, they only and only believed in the victory of the “Empire” and the knight order while worrying about August’s safety.

“Please, no more…!”

August cried out at the tragic scenes, which were being repeated with a brilliant script like a theatrical play.

“I’m not living a way of life I can be proud to show you guys! I’m not anything like a hero…!”

He was flapping his hands like a drowned man. Of course, there was nothing beyond his hands.

However, today was different.

August caught something. He desperately pulled it to himself and hugged it tightly.

“Please save me, please, please…!”

His face was wrapped in something warm and soft. A soft and gentle feeling of comfort, as if he was in heaven.

He might’ve been saved.


August woke up and pulled his body back at the same time.

There was Eeva’s face in front of him.

Both of his hands were still holding Eeva’s sides. In the chest area of Eeva’s dress, there was a trace of something pressed against it.

His face grew pale.

“…Are you all right, August-sama?”

Eeva seemed to be truly worried.

“You were having a terrible nightmare. I was worried and tried to get closer, and at that moment…”

“Ah, aaa… My bad. Looks like I’ve exposed my shameful sight to you”

August tried to take his hands off Eeva… And he couldn’t do it.

It was because Eeva immediately grabbed August’s right hand, wrapping it in her hands.

It was warm, soft… And the feeling of her delicate skin spread over his right hand.

“Is it like this every night?”

She peered into August’s face.

“Do you have nightmares every night? Like now…”


“So, you do…”

Eeva dropped her gaze to her own chest with painful eyes. August remained silent.

But, as soon as he saw Eeva’s open chest, he was reminded of that unbelievable feeling of comfort he felt in his dream… And turned to feel an unbearable self-loathing.

However, after Eeva remained silent for a few seconds, she then smiled as if to put August at ease, and pulled his right hand, which was wrapped with her hands, making it touch a certain part of her body.

It was her own right breast.


“Augusts-sama…. Would you… Like to have sex with me?”

Eeva showed a smile filled with affection.

“I don’t know how much I can satisfy you, August-sama… But if you release your lust with my body, I’m sure you can sleep well. You will sleep soundly until morning”

“No, that’s not how it works…!”

“If you would like, you can also go to sleep while sucking on my boobs, you know? I’ve heard that babies sleep better that way… Ah, I’ll even sing you a lullaby, okay?”

“The deed is intensifying! No, listen here, the relationship between you and me is still…  Humf!”

This time, his very head was pressed against her chest.

It was a feeling like having his face buried in marshmallows. It was too comfortable, like he was in heaven.

August wasn’t able to lift his face. He knew he should, but his exhausted body and mind were being sucked in by the happy feeling of Eeva’s voluptuous breasts.

A sweet body odor stimulated his nostrils. I want to inhale it as much as I can.

“It’s okay. You’re going to be okay, August-sama…”

She gently patted him on his back. It’s embarrassing, but I want to stay like this and be pampered by Eeva. I want to be hugged, and such desires also came forth.

“If you don’t like to be taken care of by me, at least please use me for your sexual needs. Please put this body to use as your stress reliever. I’m a slave, so I will not complain about being treated like such. And even if I will be discarded afterwards”


“Besides, don’t my boobs feel good? I don’t mean to brag, but I have a bit of confidence in its size and softness, you know?”

“…Yeah, it feels good”

“I’m glad”

This time his head was being stroked… I no longer feel any ill feelings. I want to stay like this forever.

August pulled his face away from Eeva’s chest.

There was Eeva’s face in front of his eyes.

If I wish, I could be exchanging a kiss with her right now. Even Eeva is waiting for it.

But, there’s no going back once that happens.

“Just let me ask you one thing. Why do you have so much compassion for me?”

“Like I’ve said before, that’s because I…”

“I know that’s not all. To let a stranger do whatever he pleases with your body takes a special kind of spirit”

Eeva sank into silence for about a few seconds, then with a small smile, she locked eyes with August.

“…As expected of a revered knight commander. I guess I can’t hide any secret”

While looking straight into August, Eeva began to talk in a calm voice.

“…Similar to you, August-sama, my father was a soldier who united the elven clans. However, he was defeated by the ‘Empire.’ And even though he survived, he fell into emotional suffering, and chose to commit suicide”

August involuntarily stared at Eeva.

From Eeva’s speech and conduct, I was thinking that she wasn’t just a mere slave… But I would’ve never thought that she’s the daughter of the elven clan leader… Which is basically a princess.

Moreover, for the same reason that I have, she lost her father…

“As a condition for the survival of the clan, I was sent to the ‘Empire’ as a slave. It was tough to be separated from my family, but I don’t regret my predicament. By serving someone as their slave, the clan will be saved. And I’m proud of who I am now”

Eeva led August’s fingertips to her own cheek, rubbing it lovingly against the skin.

“You’re like my father, August-sama. Because of your strong sense of responsibility, you worked hard to protect your comrades… But, if the loss of lives becomes a burden and you end up suffering mentally because of it, then it will be meaningless. I, I don’t wish for others to experience the sorrow that I have experienced”


“That is why, please do use me. I will also give my best, so…”

The gentle Eeva smiled. However, August, who was touching that cheek of hers, could feel that Eeva was trembling ever so slightly. And her eyes were slightly wet with tears.

Eeva was not speaking her words while sober.

Hiding her inner fears, she mustered up her courage and entrusted her entire self to her new master.

I have to respond to her courage…

“Alright. Eeva, would you… Heal me?”

“…Yes!,” Eeva replied, looking happy from the bottom of her heart.

And August slowly drew near to Eeva’s face… And put his lips on hers.

3.    A Virgin Who Is Good In Bed


The moment they exchanged a kiss, Eeva leaked out a sweet breath.

Eeva’s lips were cool and bouncy, even just a touch already felt good. I want to be doing this forever.

Chu, while making a wet sound, August pulled his lips away from Eeva.

Eeva was staring at August with a dazed face.

“…There’s one thing I found out… You are a virgin, right?”

Poof, Eeva’s face instantly turned red.

“Eh, umm, ho-how did you find out…?”

“Well, simply because you’re not used to kissing”

The moment they kissed, Eeva tensed up, and her whole body stiffened jitterily.

August smiled meanly.

“For someone who volunteered to take on the duty to heal me, you seem to be lacking in experience”

“Th-that’s not true! The kiss is certainly my first time… But I’m doing all kinds of research!”


“Umm, I received various materials from His Majesty the Emperor in order to please you, August-sama…”

“What kind of materials?”

“Th-that’s a secret…!,” Eeva replied, getting worked up.

Incredibly cute, this gap of hers.

“Th-that’s why, I might not have any experience but… It’s okay!”

“…Since you’ve done your research you probably know it, but it’s quite painful on your first, you know?”

“It’s okay! That’s the nature of elves!”

I’ve never heard of such a thing.

“That’s why, umm, please continue the kiss… And I also know what’s beyond that, so…”


There’s no point in pressing her with more questions. If that’s what Eeva wishes, then I’ll be her guest.

“Nn… Fhu…”

After August repeated light kisses like a little bird pecking at its food, he switched to an adult kiss. He pried open Eeva’s lips with his tongue and pushed the tip in.

Perhaps because of her research with the Emperor’s “materials,” Eeva accepted it without difficulty. She naturally twined her own tongue with August’s tongue.

Slurp slurp slurp… Nothing but wet sound resounded in the bedroom.

“Pu… Haa…”

They pulled their faces away while their tongues still tangled. Together with Eeva’s entranced breathing, the saliva stretched like a thread from both of their tongues.

Eeva was gazing at August with an enraptured look on her face.

August, too, was feeling his own wild lust rising at the sight of such lovely Eeva.

“An adult kiss… Is something that feels this good, isn’t it…”

“And it’s only going to feel better. Your breasts, can I touch it directly?”

“Ah, yes. Err…”

“Take it off yourself. From the top, slowly”

“I don’t mind, but why…?”

“That way I will get healed. No, maybe I should I say men as a whole will”

Eeva looked puzzled, but immediately guessed what August was trying to say, and showed an understanding smile.

“Geez… I guess you’re also still a boy, August-sama”

Eeva unbuttoned the buttons on her chest, put her hands over the collar of her dress, opened it and slowly lowered it.

As soon as the collar passed over her chest, Eeva’s abundant boobs jumped out like they were going to burst. They were as juicy as freshly picked fruits.

Her pink areolas were as large as a typical person’s, and at the tips were tiny, puffy nipples.

“…They’re big, and incredibly beautiful”

“Th-that makes me happy, but if you comment on it so straightforwardly, umm, it’s embarrassing, isn’t it…

Eeva’s cheeks blushed.

“Then, I’ll help myself”


August reached out his hands to Eeva’s twin hills, and began to massage them, lightly wrapping them in his palms. He actually wanted to go at it intensely from the start, but his reasoning naturally denied him to do so.

Eeva’s skin was smooth and free of any impurities, and it felt good just by touching it with both hands. The elasticity as well as the softness of her boobs were incomparable to those of prostitutes.

Eeva’s arousal seemed to also be increasing. Her white skin was moist and sweaty. Blood also proceeded to gather on her nipples, and they were getting erect.

“Ah… Nn… Haa… August-sama, my boobs, how are they…?”

“They feel good. Earlier, I guess I buried my face in them like this…”

“Y-yes, you did…”

August pinched the two nipples with his fingers. He played with them by pressuring them with his fingers.

“Ah, iih, haa! August-sama, this…! This feels, good…!”

“Then next I’ll do this”

“Ah, haa!”

August licked his tongue all over her left nipple while pinching her right nipple.

Eeva’s body jolted up.

“August-sama…! My nipples, feeling all tingly…!”

“Was there no this kind of offensive method in the materials?”

“There was… But, this is beyond my imagination…!”

August took the left nipple into his mouth, running his tongue all over the tip and sucking it as if he were seeking his mother’s milk. At the same time, he massaged her right breast more intensely.

For Eeva, this was her first experience. Perhaps because this was her first time feeling pleasure, her body would jerk up and quiver each time he attacked her in a new way.

Carefully licking Eeva’s areola, he could clearly discern the distribution of the small bumps around her niple. It felt strangely fresh and motherly at the same time.

The scent of an elf woman’s sweat drifting gently in the air. Mixed with the sweet smell of perfume that Eeva must have sprinkled on her hair, it brought a fresh stimulation to his sense of smell.

August repeated the caressing even further. Doing the reverse of breast massaging and nipple licking, he suddenly massaged her boobs with both hands, kissing her while doing it, then licking her nape…

“Ah, hii, haa, aah… August-samaaa…”

“Feels good?”

“Y-yes…! Very, very…!”

Eeva was writhing with ragged breaths. Her braided hair was disheveled and sticking to her sweat-soaked cheeks and shoulders, giving her an indescribable erotic look.

And, August felt something strange.

At none other than his crotch.

August’s crotch had gathered sufficient blood from the actions so far, and it had risen so much that one could tell even through his pajamas.

And Eeva reached out her hands to his crotch willingly, and was gently and lovingly rubbing it.


“I’m glad… You are, getting properly aroused by my body, right…?”

“Uhuh, of course I will… Wait, do you maybe not have confidence?”

“We-well then, I wonder about that… But, because this is my first time, maybe I just wasn’t so sure…?”

Averting her gaze, Eeva grumbled as if it was someone else’s problem.

However, even then, the hands playing with his crotch never stopped.

Rub rub rub. Eeva’s hands became bolder and bolder.

It feels good. And not just a bit.

“Wa-wait a sec, Eeva”


“…It’ll be bad if you keep on rubbing it. I won’t last”

“Ah, I see…”

She nodded as if in understanding.

“Boys will feel good just by having it touched like this, won’t they…”

“Yeah. That’s why…”

Eeva smiled as though she fully understood it, and slowly pulled down August’s pants and underwear.

And then August’s well erect penis made its appearance, bouncing up and down.

Even Eeva, as expected, looked taken aback.

“This is… A gentleman’s…”

“It’s not like this is the first time you’ve seen it… is it…?”

“That’s right. When I was a child, I saw my family’s things, and umm, I also saw them in the materials His Majesty the Emperor gave to me… But in reality it looks like this, doesn’t it…”

“I’m at a loss if you stare hard at it, though…”

“And the smell… Uu, I see. So this is what’s called a male smell, isn’t it…”

“Just where did you learn such words?”

I’m getting concerned about what kind of materials the Emperor gave to her…

Eeva stared hard at it for a while, then suddenly, she moved her mouth closer and started licking the glans

“…!! Eeva, what are you…!”

“Umm, you will definitely be pleased if I do this, His Majesty the Emperor told me that…”

“I certainly do feel happy! No, that’s not it! I didn’t even take a bath today, and I also haven’t been taking a good care of it lately…!”

“Nn, please… Don’t worry about it… I will, take care of it, hmm…”

“But still…!”

Eeva began to run her tongue not just over the front part of the glans, but on other parts as well. Just as August had worried about, there were some white stains sticking on the glans, but Eeva went on to lick them off without concern.

Eeva went on to run her tongue all over the frenulum, the shaft, and even the urethral opening, seeming to want to make August’s every corner clean.

A beautiful elf woman servicing August like a real sex slave. A feeling of guilt was swelling in his chest, but above that, the sight of Eeva was so obscene and the way she was using her tongue was so good, that instead of wilting, his penis was becoming even more rigid.

Eeva’s servicing with her tongue went all the way to August’s scrotum. And after she was done with it, she brought her face to the glans again, gently took it into her mouth, and began to slowly caress it.

“Chu, nfhu, chu, nchu, nn…”

Eeva single-mindedly comforted August’s little friend with oral sex.

While stimulating his penis with her lips, she used her tongue to stimulate the glans, in particular the highly sensitive part, the crown.

Hard to think that this was the skill of an amateur.

“Eeva, this, where did you…?”

“Nn… Actually, His Majesty the Emperor gave me a dummy as a material… And I practiced with it…”

“Y-you’re going that far…!?”

Certainly if she had been practicing beforehand with a dummy, she should be able to stay relatively calm. Eeva was the ideal of men, but seldom encountered, who would be called “A Virgin Who Is Good In Bed.”

On the other hand, August was moved by how sincere Eeva was in trying to serve him.

Perhaps it was because she had been thoroughly practicing with the dummy, but Eeva’s fellatio was masterful. The pace was getting faster and faster, too. The pleasure sensation for August was escalating as well.

“Urh…! Eeva, wait, wait!”

August raised his voice, unable to endure it.

“It’s bad if you keep going! To have you, to do this far is…!”

Ignoring August, Eeva raised the pace. She got her own saliva around it, using it like oil to make her movements smoother.

On top of that, she pressed her breasts against his legs and rubbed his scrotum with her hand.

“N, nchu, nfhu, n…!”

“E-Eeva, it’s coming…!”

Splurt! Splurt splurt splurt…!


Eeva received the ejaculation with August’s little friend in the deepest part of her mouth.

The hot thick liquid was released into Eeva’s mouth.

“Nnnnnn! N.. Nghu… Puhah…”

However, Eeva wouldn’t spit it out.

She pulled her mouth away from August’s gentleman, and slowly swallowed it once, twice, and three times.

“Nn… Cough, cough…! I-it’s really sticking and harsh on the throat, isn’t it… But, I took all of yours, August-sama…”

Eeva smiled proudfully. However, there were tears in her eyes. Actually, it must’ve been very hard on her.

August didn’t know what to say.

Eeva’s devotion to serve him was commendable and lovely, and it made him happy.

However, he felt bitter that the weakness in his heart also seemed to compel her to force herself.

“Please don’t make that face. I’m very happy that I could make you feel good, August-sama”

As if reading August’s inner thoughts, Eeva made a follow up with a smile.

She wiped the mixture of drool and semen dripping from the edge of her lips with her hands… That act contrasted Eeva’s beauty, making her look irresistibly obscene.

While smiling gently, she lovingly rubbed August’s penis which had shrunk slightly from the ejaculation.

“Semen is really hot and bitter, isn’t it… But, those things will shoot out from here, and become the seed for a girl to have a child… It’s mysterious. Both elves and humans are the same there…”


“August-sama… Please, shoot out your hot and bitter stuff inside me, too…,” Eeva said, taking off her own shorts, revealing all of her lower body. Then she lowered her hips, spread her legs, and spread her genital area as if inviting him.

Eeva’s private part was so beautiful that it was incomparable to those of the prostitutes he had seen in the past, perhaps as one should’ve expected from a woman who had no experience with a man.

Her pubic mound swelling up nicely, looking soft and with little to no hair. The front of the secret lips opened with her hands was bright pink, and on top, there was a clitoris under a hood. Both were wet and slick with the love juice gushing out from the foreplay so far.

I know that Eeva was putting up a bold front for my sake. Even now, she must be feeling incredibly embarrassed.

But with my thing, I could pierce that private part of hers which still hadn’t been defiled, and violate it as much as I want. I could test just how far she could go to endure her first experience.

Such wicked thoughts came to his mind, and that alone made him horny and it worked up his lust.

Owing to it, his once wilted penis was trying to regain its hardness.

Each time Eeva played with her genitals, a thick female smell, similar to that of a cheese, would drift into the air.

“Normally I would use something like fingers to have it loosen up before inserting, but,” August said as he pushed down Eeva on the bed and straddled on top of her.

“Since you want it as soon as possible… I’ll go for it now, alright?”


Eeva smiled happily.

“Please use Eeva’s private part as much as you like. After all, Eeva is a slave wife of you, August-sama”

Eeva gripped August’s penis with her right hand, and willingingly invited it to her genital area.

“If that could heal your mind and body, then Eeva will be happy…”

While led by Eeva, August pushed his bulging penis against Eeva’s slit. Schlop, together with a wet sound, their private parts touched each other.

Owing to Eeva’s guidance, he quickly found the vaginal opening.

August went on to slowly push the tip of the glans into it.

Schlurp, schlurp schlurp.

“N….! Nnnnnn…!!”

Eeva was clenching her teeth. It seemed to be painful as expected.

“…Are you okay?”

“I’m, okay…? It doesn’t, it doesn’t hurt at all…!”

“I wish you’d stop with the blatant lie…”

“I-I’m not lying…! Q-quickly, continue… Further…!”

At the moment, August felt like he was being caught, stopped by something inside Eeva.

It was the hymen. The thin mucous membrane denied August any further entry.

If I don’t pierce this, I can’t push forward. I’m sure it’ll be really painful, but…

“Eeva, just bear it even if it hurts… I’ll push in one go”

“Eh…? Ah, iih, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!”


With an overpowering might, August pushed his penis into Eeva.

Up until the base entered in an instant, and the tip of the glans knocked against the hard part of the inside of her vagina.

“N-nngg…! Ah, kuh, ng… Ng….!”

Eeva tightly grasped the bed sheet in anguish. As expected, it seems it’s considerably painful.

However, there was something very Eeva-like about not saying “it hurts” at any cost.

It seems that this elf, though motherly in appearance, she’s quite stubborn in character.

August laid his palms on both Eeva’s hands, thinking that it was the least he could do. Eeva also reflexively grabbed them, grasping them tightly with clawing strength.

Fortunately, there was no blood coming from the combined body part. Only love juices were overflowing.

With ragged breath, “August-sama… Did you, insert everything…?,” Eeva asked.

“Yeah. I inserted everything. As expected, it hurts that much, right?”

“It doesn’t hurt,” Eeva replied with a straight face. 

It seems she can’t give in.

“But… Inside my belly, is so full with your big, hot thing… And I’m thinking, ‘so this is sex’…”

August grasped their connected hands tightly.

“We, have become one, haven’t we…?”

She smiled, looking happy from the bottom of her heart.

“How does my inside feel like…?”

“…It feels good”

The inside of Eeva’s vagina felt the best.

Even though he still hadn’t made any actual pushing in and pushing out movement, the soft, hot, slippery walls of flesh overwhelmed him with a comfortable feeling and wrapped around his penis.

The folds inside squirmed as she breathed, stimulating the crown parts unreservedly.

I’ve never met a woman with such good shape like this before.

When he tried to change the shape of her vagina by moving his penis from side to side, Eeva, charmingly, giving a response by tightening her vagina,

While making ragged breaths, Eeva was staring at the connected part.

Her two big boobs were swaying, still retaining its round shape. Beads of sweat were forming on her white skin, which made it glistened in the darkness.

Beautiful, and cute. Erotic. And then, it feels incredibly good.

From now on, I can feel even more good with Eeva’s body.

“Come now, please move as hard as you can”

Eeva smiled contentedly and moved her own hips to invite August.

“For now, only and only just make yourself feel good by having sex with me. Forget about any and every bad stuff… No matter what’s done to me, I will be taking it…”

Following Eeva’s words, August began to move her hips in earnest.

Schlop, schlop, schlurp…

The sticky, obscene sounds were repeated at a slow tempo.

“Ah, hii, ah…”

Eeva was raising a small voice while grimacing slightly. Maybe it still hurts.

August’s carnal desire only grew stronger.

I want to make her feel even better, I want to make her pant more, and I want to break that pristine look of Eeva who is enduring the pain.

Following his urges, August quickened his pace.

Just as Eeva wants, I want to forget any and every thing, and indulge myself in her.

Schlurp! Schlop! Schlurp! Schlrup schlurp… Schlop!

“Ah, iih, ah, hiiih!, Iih, aaaah!”

Eeva panting loudly, and it was close to a scream. Tears overflowed from her eyes and ran down her cheeks.


“I-I’m okay…! I’m okay, so…!,” Eeva replied, as if she had read August’s inner thoughts.

“That’s why, even deeper, more roughly… Just as you wish it…!”

Those were the words that struck a chord in his heart.

Eeva is truly worried about me, and truly trying to heal my emotional scars. No matter how much pain she is feeling, thinking it’s for my sake, she would endure it.

Even though it was a precious “first time” for her. Even though she was sold to the empire as a slave so her clan could survive, a circumstance that is the very definition of misfortune itself.

And now, just as she herself wishes, I’m using her as an outlet for my lust.

In a confusing feeling, August kept on pounding his lower body into Eeva.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Ah, hiih, ah, aaaah! Fhaaa!”

While raising her voice, Eeva desperately tried to receive August.

As August moved her hips, she also moved matching with it, trying to give August as much pleasure as she could.

That commendableness touched August. Her lust grew even stronger as well.

Every time Eeva shook, the chains on her black collar jangled. The bed creaked, and the spattered bodily fluids left countless stains on the bed sheet.

And Eeva’s voice, it was starting to become coquettish.

“Iih, haah! Hah, uua…! G-good! This, feels, good…!”

“Does it, feel good…?”

“Y-yes…! A bit, I’m starting to feel it…”

On her flushed face, Eeva floated an entranced smile.

“This is, sex, this is, intercourse of men and women. A ritual, for making a baby…”

Baby, from that word, a certain concern rose inside August.

“P-please rest assured. You don’t have to, worry about that kind of thing…,” Eeva answered him as if stealing a march.

Maybe, that means today she’s not ovulating. Or maybe, it’s difficult for a human and an elf to have a child, huh.

“That’s why, even keep going like this… Just as you wish, August-sama…”

August nodded, and increased the pace of his moving hips. He could no longer control himself.

“Ah, hiih, aaaaah! August-sama, yes, that’s it, so rough… Aaaaah!”

Eava moaned. Eeva, too, overwhelmed by carnal desires, moved her hips together with him.

August took his hands away from Eeva’s and grabbed Eeva’s boobs, squeezing them. Eeva tried to say something, but before she could, he sealed her lips with a kiss.

Of course, in the meantime, August never stopped pounding her.

“Ah, nn, fhu. …Chu, puchu, nfuuuuh…!”

Mouth, breasts, secret place. Having three spots attacked at the same time, Eeva quivered.

The inside of her vagina tightened, and countless numbers of vaginal folds caressed August with intricate movements.

It feels absolutely good.

Thanks to it, August’s penis tensed up and was almost reaching its limit.

August pulled away his mouth from Eeva’s and grasped her hands once again. And Eeva took his hands as if hanging on to it.

“Eeva, I-I’m almost…!”

“Y-yes…! Please, inside me, let it out, lots and lots…!”

Eeva showed the best smile she could on her face, which was sticky with saliva and semen.

“No need to be reserved. Please fill my inside, with your seed…!”

August made his last spurt. Their two bodies were slapping against each other, making smacking sounds. Eeva also started to move faster, as if she had grasped something.

“Ah, ah, iih, August-sama… I think, I’m, also close…! Together with you, feeling good…!,” Eeva told him, with tears amassing in her eyes, but looking so happy.

“That’s why, just like that, keep going…!”


August thrusted into the deepest part of Eeva and released his semen at the same time.

Splurt! Splurrrrrrt…!

“A, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Perhaps receiving his ejaculation became a trigger, Eeva, too, let out a loud scream and arched her back.

Her whole body was trembling, twitching. She had an orgasm, no doubt.

The fingertips on her both hands and feet, her disheveled hair, and the tip of her erect nipples, they were quivering.

“Ah, aah… Haah… Haah…”

Eeva crumbled down onto her back on the bed sheet as if she had used up all of her strength. She was letting out ragged breaths.

However, she seemed to be clearly conscious… And immediately showed August a satisfied smile.

“Haah, haah… You really let it out, lots and lots of it… As expected, of a, boy…”

Eeva stared at her groin, which still had August’s thing inside, and lovingly stroked it.

“Thank you very much. For making yourself feel so good with me…”

August could not reply.

He was simply exhausted… And Eeva was the first woman who had ever said words of thanks to him after being given intravaginal ejaculation. Honestly, he couldn’t help but feel guilt.

But… Even more than that, there was more than enough feeling of satisfaction.

Sex with Eeva felt really good.

To the point that he thought that he wouldn’t be able to encounter a body like this again.

Even he felt happy like a child that Eeva praised him on his creampie.

To think that just by making love to Eeva could make me feel so positive.

Perhaps, perhaps she can truly heal my emotional scars.

If that’s the case… Then there’s only one conclusion.

“Is something the matter? Falling into silence like that…”

Eeva peered into August’s face worriedly.

August gave a forced smile.

“No, it’s nothing… But, it really did feel good. I feel like I’ve got a lot of things vented out. I suppose it’s thanks to your dedication, Eeva”

“I’m also happy that I can be of help to you, August-sama…”

Different from August’s, Eeva’s was genuine… A genuine smile coming from the bottom of her heart.

The same gentle and dependable smile it had always been. August remembered about his mother, who had passed away a few years ago. Eeva must be an elf full of motherly nature.

“And from now on, please use me to take care of your sexual urges almost every night. If it’s in order to heal you, then I will do anything…”

“And so about that”

August pulled out his penis out of Eeva. He grabbed a nearby towel, and wiped off the semen and love juice sticking on it.

Eeva was… wiping her genitals with her own handkerchief before August could do anything.

After both of them fixed up their appearances, August faced Eeva again.

“I’m thinking that I want to be taken care of by you from now on, Eeva. I understand it now that I’ve been connected with you. You’re an elf I need. Until I’m all fine, I want you to always stay by my side”

Eeva opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“Are you really, all right with me…?”

“Regardless of that, that’s what you wished for, right?”

“Eh, ah… Well, I had never expected that you would listen to what I had said so far so honestly. I thought boys would be a little more naughty”

Eeva refused to break the position that she had the duty of a healer until the end. That stubborn part of her also seemed very cute to August now.

August continued with a serious face.

“And so, you’re mine now. That’s why, I wish you’d stop demeaning yourself by saying you’re a tool for my sexual urges or something”

“I see… If that’s what you wish for, then…,” Eeva replied as if she had been let down.

“Also, I want to confirm it here… Why when you met me, you said you would behave not only ‘as a slave,’ but also ‘as a wife’?”

“That’s… Purely because I thought it would be nice if it could become that kind of relationship”

Eeva’s faced her face downwards in embarrassment.

“I, wish to be an existence that you wish for when you wish it, August-sama… But, if I could behave like your wife then, surely, I could live a lie that’s most like me…”

“I think you made the correct choice. That’s why…”

August gently stroked Eeva’s braid and nodded with conviction.

“You are my slave, but from now on you are my new wife. That’s why, please take care of me like you are my wife”

At August’s words, Eeva made a smile like a blooming flower. And here was her reply.

“I understand…!”

At that moment, from Eeva’s genital, August’s seed gushed out gooeyly… And as a sign of their bond, it created a new stain on the bed sheet that had been dirtied by their bodily fluids.

TL notes:

^1. What? I’m confused here as well.

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