Young Wife Elf Slave: Chapter 2 – The Rewards Is “To Have You Feel Good”



  1. The line “for making me feel good” in previous chapter changed/corrected to “For making yourself feel so good with me”

1.    Welcoming Morning.

The first thing he felt was the dazzling morning sun shining through the window.

Then the chirpings of small birds coming from outside… And a sweet smell drifting from somewhere.

“Morning, huh…”

August raised his body on the bed in a dazed state of waking up.

Yesterday, after his lovemaking with Eeva, he went to sleep together with her, and fell asleep at some point.

Normally, he would’ve quite the trouble falling asleep… But having sex with her had used up his energy and exhausted him, which seemed to have affected him in a positive way.

“…I didn’t have any nightmares…”

His mood felt much better thanks to it. And he was welcoming the morning with a refreshing mood.

It’s really been a while since I felt anything like this.

If you have sex with me, you’ll be able to sleep soundly and not have any nightmares… Which means Eeva’s words turn out to be correct.

“Anyway, what’s this smell..?”

“Good morning, August-sama”

And Eeva entered the bedroom at just the right moment.

She was wearing the same linen dress as yesterday. However, on top of it, she was wearing an apron with an ethnic pattern.

I wonder if the black collar suits her appearance because of her atmosphere.

“Mo-morning, Eeva…”

“Yes. From how you look, it looks like you could sleep well”

Eeva nodded as though she was sincerely relieved.

“I’m really glad… Lack of sleep is the greatest enemy of health and work after all”


“Breakfast is almost ready, so please dress up and come to the dining room”

Without waiting for August’s reply, Eeva went out of the bedroom while humming in a good mood. She seemed to be happy that August was able to sleep soundly.

“…A wife, huh”

I don’t know to what extent it will be effective, but at least, as long as I share a bed with Eeva, I might not have to suffer from nightmares and lack of sleep.

When I think about it, it seems that living with Eeva is not a bad choice.

August got up from the bed. When he looked at the desk, he found today’s carefully folded change of clothes placed on top. He didn’t have to think about who had done it.

…It might be truly something nice. A wife is.

The breakfast was mainly bread they couldn’t finish yesterday, cheeses, and various types of fruits.

August didn’t have the habit of eating so much for breakfast, so this was about right.

“Looks like you’ve really asked about my eating habits from the Emperor in details”

August smiled wryly while smearing the bread with mary orange jam (which he had heard to be Eeva’s homemade).

Facing opposite of him, Eeva, also making a similar face, nodded.

“It’s embarrassing but… Food is the basics of living. You can’t neglect it. Even more so for breakfast that means the start of the day”

The Emperor and August had slept and eaten together at the same dormitory when they were students. They had each other’s living habits in their heads. And Eeva must’ve had that experience told to her by the Emperor.

“What would you like to have for lunch? Eating out? Or maybe packed lunch?”

“Eating out… I mean, I will have it in the garrison’s dining hall. You don’t have to prepare lunch for me. Eating the same meal as my subordinates is also part of my duty as a knight commander”

“I understand. How long will it be until you return?”

So far, he had rarely gone home, and usually stayed the night at the garrison.

However, now that Eeva was here, he would have to “commute” to the garrison from now on.

“I think I’ll be back by sundown. I might be late, though”

“I understand. Just like yesterday, I will have dinner prepared”

“Yeah, and for the record…”

“Please rest assured. I won’t prepare extravagant meals like yesterday on a regular basis,” Eeva replied, quickly predicting what August wanted to say.

“The money given by His Majesty the Emperor is limited, and I must try to be frugal for the future. So even if I’m gone, your livelihood will continue, August-sama”


“Please leave the dishes there when you are done eating. I will do the clean…”


As if to interrupt Eeva’s words, August called out the name of the elf in front of him. With a blank face, Eeva waited for August’s next words.

For a moment, August closed his mouth, hesitating. He spent several seconds or so to choose his words.

“…I slept really well last night. Everything, it’s just as you said, Eeva. Thanks. And then please take care of me from now on as well”

Eeva was surprised for a moment, but then guessed August’s true intention and smiled happily.

“Yes. I’m glad to hear it. I may be inexperienced, but I’m looking forward to serving you”

“…By the way, do your hips or that place even now still hu…”

“It didn’t hurt at all, you know?,” Eeva replied without breaking her smile.

It seems she won’t admit it no matter what.

2.    Even the job changed for the better

“Really… Got good progress at work today…”

August was walking on the street of the Imperial Capital dyed by the setting sun.

August’s current position was the commander of the newly formed Imperial Knight Order that was being deployed to the garrison in the Imperial Capital.

As the newly formed unit was unsure of their skills, the work was solely to instruct them in training.

And in order to return to the front line as soon as possible, August had been forcing his unit to undergo severe training.

Due to lack of sleep and mental instability, he would often yell at them, but everyone seemed to be taking that positively, seeing it as the roughness of someone returning from the front line. At least, that was what August himself believed.

And so, today…

Everyone was looking at me with frightened eyes… Even with the severe training, they seemed to obey doing it on the surface, but on the inside, they seemed to be very dissatisfied…

Why, did he suddenly feel that way? He didn’t know for sure.

But, he guessed that from the bored expression of the knight captains who were receiving his orders.

Surely, the knights must have held back their dissatisfaction about me because I’m the hero of the “North Wall.”

Also, he purchased a large amount of cigarettes, alcohol and other luxury items such as sweets from the reserved budget, and gave them permission to freely use them only on their day off.

Perhaps thanks to that, the knights were able to finish today’s training with full motivation. If this continued for even a few days, the efficiency of the training would most likely increase remarkably.

In other words, I got more composure, and now could see things I couldn’t see before…

He didn’t have to think about the source of this.

And then currently, August was walking to his home where Eeva was waiting for him.

Thanks to the rearranged schedule that allowed for breathing room, even August’s work had gained some leeway, making it possible for him to go home early.

Continuing along the street on the suburbs of the Imperial Capital, he passed through the gate of his house.

A fairly large garden. Lavender flowers in full bloom and a fragrant sweet smell. Eeva was nowhere to be found in the garden. However, from the window of his home’s kitchen, smoke from cooking was rising.

When he opened the front door, he was immediately met by Eeva in her apron.

Eeva breathed a sigh of relief, “Welcome home, August-sama,” and greeted August with a smile.

“Yeah. I’m home, Eeva”

Come to think of it, I wonder how long it has been since I’ve said “I’m home” to someone…

“Which would you like to take first, dinner or a bath? I will have either ready immediately”

“I guess it’s dinner. Today I got through the entire day looking forward for your dinner”

“There you go with another jest… And so, how was your work today…?”

“It went better than usual. I suppose it’s all different when your body is sufficiently healed”

Eeva seemed to have guessed right away what August was trying to say.

Her cheeks blushed in pink, “I’m… Glad to hear that,” and replied as if she was satisfied.

A relationship where we exchange “welcome home” and “I’m home” like this.

A relationship where we both say what we want the other to say.

Perhaps both are not so bad.

3.    Titty Fuck In The Bath.

The main dish for dinner was alieve oil pasta, the so-called spaghetti aglio e olio.

It was lightly seasoned, with only alieve oil and salt and pepper as the primary seasonings. However, August, who had just finished his work, was grateful for that.

After dinner, he was urged by Eeva to take a bath.

A natural hot spring water was flowing into August’s home. There was a source of it nearby that everyone could use as they pleased. There were many sources of hot springs around the Imperial Capital, and public bathhouses using these sources had become its speciality.

The bath was large enough for several adults to enter. The surroundings were covered with colorful tiles, which would keep anyone seeing it not bored.


August sighed as he submerged himself in the bathtub.

“I had no idea a bath could feel this good…”

Since he hadn’t been home for the past month or so, it had been quite a while since he had enjoyed a bath alone like this. In the garrison, he had to make do with a barely warmed bath.

However, the bath prepared by Eeva was warm, relaxing… And pleasant.

“Just about everything, is thanks to Eeva, huh…”

I had never even thought that my surroundings could change so much in just one day.

Perhaps, maybe I’m really going to be saved by Eeva.

“Speaking of which, what is she going to do today…?”

Eeva’s clear goal is “to relieve August’s stress with sex, and giving him a good night’s sleep.”

If that was the case, then today he would also be having sex with Eeva.

It’s not at all unpleasant… No, rather, actually, I want to have sex with Eeva more.

Since such a cute and beautiful elf is my wife, I should be able to be this selfish…

“August-sama, may I?”

Eeva’s voice came from the dressing room.

“Yeah. What’s wrong? Eeva”

“I’m here to wash your back. May I join you?”

“Sure, I don’t mi… Washing my back!? Hey, wai…!”

“Excuse me”

Perhaps not hearing August’s voice trying to stop her (or maybe pretending to not hear it), Eeva entered the bathroom.

She was naked, like August, with a white towel covering her private parts. However, thanks to the towel, her body contour got emphasized, making her large breasts stand out. Of course, her lower body was stark naked, and the lines of her child bearing hips and thighs caught his attention.

The same stunning body shape as ever. Even August reflexively swallowed his breath.

And of course, the collar was still on her neck, but that, on the contrary, added a touch of obscenity by highlighting Eeva’s beauty and the magnificence of her body.

“E-Eeva? Washing my back is, does that mean…?”

“Yes. I’m thinking of washing your back, literally”

While smiling sweetly, Eeva showed her own towel and soap.

“And then, I’m also thinking of taking a bath with you, August-sama. And this is a good, that’s why”


“Come, August-sama. Please take a seat here”

Eeva grabbed a wooden bath stool from the corner of the bathroom.

I can’t say no if she said that to me while doing that. August swallowed his saliva, stood up after making up his mind, stepped out of the bath, and then walked to Eeva.

“Ooh–,” Eeva gasped out admiringly.

“…What’s that now?”

“No, this is my first time seeing your dick in a bright place, that’s why. Now that I’m seeing it again, it’s a magnificent thing, isn’t it… It’s big…”

“Nothing will come out of your praise, you know. Also, I think I want you to stop saying dick’…”

“It’s not like there’s any harm in it, right? And I love your dick, you know? It’s the precious thing that made me a woman after all”


“Fufu, just kidding”

Eeva smiled mischievously. She was totally leading August around by the nose.

With mixed feelings, August sat on the bath stool with his back to Eeva.

“A man’s back really is big and thick, isn’t it…”

“Well yeah. And in my case, it’s also because I’m a knight dealing with war”

Even while his life was in turmoil, he never missed a moment of self-discipline. For Eeva, it must be like having a lump of muscle right in front of her.

“Well then, I’m going to wash your back now, okay?”

Without waiting for August’s reply, Eeva began to scrub August’s back with a towel bubbling with soap. August, too, remained silent, unsure of what to say.

The back washing only took several minutes, but then Eeva went on to start washing other parts of his body as well.

August didn’t say anything. It was because he had some idea of where this was going.

Every time Eeva tried to wash the tips of August’s hands or his chest from his back, Eeva’s body would unsparingly stick to August’s back, shoulders, and arms, bringing about a raw sensation.

When his skin touched Eeva’s soft and warm breasts, he felt like in an earthly paradise.

It was definitely a deliberate movement. As a proof of this, Eeva’s nipples became erect while washing him, and she casually rubbed them against August.

Thanks to this, blood gathered in August’s penis in a flash, making it rise manly.

Before long, Eeva’s hands extended to August’s little friend.

“…May I?”


Eeva reached his hands from behind his back to August’s lower half, and wrapped the bottom of his penis with the bubbly towel. Of course, while her boobs were pressing against August’s back… August’s heart was pounding hard.

“Well then, like this…”

With a reserved hand movements, Eeva began to wash August’s penis.

First, the bottom part of the penis and the scrotum. Next, the middle of the shaft. And finally, the whole of the penis crown and the glans. Every part was carefully washed. Especially the crown and the glans, with the sufficiently bubbled towel, she was washing them like stroking them so as not to stimulate them more than necessary.

And in the meanwhile, Eeva’s boobs were repeatedly rubbed against August’s back, squashed by Eeva’s own weight as she moved up and down.

It feels so heavenly good.

I was half expecting this development, but… I would never have thought it would feel this good.

But, if I were to say the too-good-feeling is a problem, then it is a problem.

A pleasant feeling is coming up from my lower half. At this rate, a sudden accidental discharge is likely.

“U-umm, Eeva-san…?”

“Is something the matter? August-sama…”

Eeva continued to carefully wash his lower body with a towel. Right now she was incessantly rubbing the frenulum area. Her abundant breasts bounced around on his back, making wet sounds.

“Do you understand what you’re doing right now?”

“Yes. I think I do”

Eeva smiled, looking embarrassed and happy.

“It feels good, right? Having you dick washed by me, and my boobs pressed against your back feel incredibly good, right?,” Eeva whispered in his ear.

Her voice was full of sexiness. Her warm breath was blown on him. And his spine was shuddering.

“What do you say? Do you want to let it out like this? Or maybe, with a more pleasant way?”

“A more pleasant way…?”

Eeva went around to the front of August. She got down on both knees, leaned forward slightly, and sandwiched August’s penis covered with bubbles between her two voluptuous boobs.

No matter how it was looked, it was a titty fuck stance.

“Well then, for now like this, until the end”

Without waiting for August’s reply, Eeva began to move her two boobs back and forth while having August’s little friend sandwiched between her boobs.

Schlop schlop, schlop… Because of the large amount of bubbles on it, it was making obscene sounds to that extent. Because of the same reason, her boobs’ movements were also smooth.

It felt absurdly good to have his penis rubbed by Eeva’s boobs, which were warm and smooth, yet soft.

As Eeva got accustomed to this, she made her movements even more intricate. Moving up and down at different times on both sides, deliberately rubbing her boobs around the crown, pinching the shaft with the tips of her nipples, all the while showering the tip of the glans with kisses.

At the too-much pleasure, his desire to ejacualte was rapidly rising.

“Does, does it feel good…? August-sama, are you feeling good, with my boobs…?,” Eeva asked while frantically moving her breasts.

Unable to bear it, “It feels good…!,” August shouted.

“But at this rate, it’ll be on you…!”

“It’s okay. Let it out like this…”

Eeva didn’t stop moving her breast, and she smiled like an affectionate mother allowing her child’s selfishness.

“Come, don’t hesitate. In order to heal from today’s work exhaustion, you have to get refreshed first”


“Please don’t worry about getting my face or hair dirty… Actually, that way boys will get more aroused instead, don’t they? If it were me, I wouldn’t hesitate… Come, let it out…”

“Uwh, Eeva… It-it’s coming out!”

At the same time as August moaned, his penis trembled, and the next moment, it released a burst of viscous white liquid.

Splurt, splurrrrrrrt! Splurrrrrt!

The expelled semen inevitably got stuck on Eeva’s face. Eeva’s cheeks, eyelids, lips, ears… And then her braided blond hair were stained with thick muddy white liquid.

As expected, even Eeva squinted and showed an enduring expression.

August’s ejaculation didn’t end quickly. As if to reflect the extent of pleasure that Eeva had brought to him, he was releasing it incessantly.


Splurrrrrt, splurt! Splurt! …Splurt!

At long last, the eruption of white magma ended… By now, Eeva’s face was covered in semen.

Sticky white liquid stuck all over her face and hair… Some of it was spilling onto her breasts and shoulders in thread-like fashion.

Coupled with the gap between Eeva’s clean and tidy face, the spectacle was all too immoral.

“M-my bad, Eeva…!”

August hastily tried to wipe Eeva’s face with the towel at his hand.

However, she stopped him with one hand and touched the stuck semen with her own hand. August’s bodily fluids coiled around her fingertips in a sticky mess.

Eeva gazed intently at it, and then gave a content smile.

“You have, let it out a lot for me, again. Thank you very much…”

“Why, thank you very much…”

“I have said this yesterday, but making you feel good with my body, August-sama, just that alone makes me happy. It’s because it means I could be of help to you”

She carefully licked off the semen from her fingertips with her tongue. It shouldn’t have tasted good, but Eeva didn’t show any sign that was the case at all.

My own weak heart made it necessary for Eeva to do thisI’m feeling guilty.

“…Please don’t make that face. This is also what I wished for, so…”

As if reading August’s inner thoughts, Eeva smiled.


“Let’s see… Then, since I have done my best, maybe I would like a reward for it”


“Umm… Right now my body ends up feeling all hot, too…”

Eeva took the semen on her face with her fingertips, and rubbed it ostentatiously against her genital area.

Over there was already sticky wet with Eeva’s own love juices, and every time her fingers touched it, klish klish, it made an obscene sound.

“Today, how about we do it in the position you want, August-sama? Today will also be my second time, so I think I can do better than yesterday”

In other words, I can violate Eeva, a first-rate female, in any position I want… As if to erode his reason, a pure lust welled up along with a sense of guilty pleasure.

In response, his penis, which should’ve lost its strength due to the ejaculation caused by the titty fuck, also began to rise up.

While touching her own genitals with her right hand, she stroked August’s other self with her left hand.

“So please give me a reward. A reward that grants my wish of wanting to make you feel more and more good, August-sama…”

“Nn, like, like this…?”

A slippery sensation, clearly apparent even in the hot water, was produced at the tip of August’s glans.

For his “reward” to Eeva, the position that August chose was the face-to-face sitting position.

The position where a man and woman faced each other, the man sitting and the woman riding on top.

Like this, he would be able to enjoy different parts of Eeva while being connected with her.

Right now, in response to August’s wish, Eeva was about to stick August’s penis into her private part.

While holding the root of August’s penis with her hands, Eeva was carefully lowering her hips.

As Eeva was submerging her body towards his hips, her abundant breasts came down right before his eyes. That alone was enough to make his heart pound. And sperm was still sticking on her breast.

August gave Eeva’s words a nod.

“…Yeah. Think you can stick it in?”

“Yes. I can tell my own position clearly. Well then, slowly…,” Eeva said, slowly bringing her hips down in the bathtub.

Slrch… Slrrrrch… Slrrch…

“Ah, haaah…!”

It wasn’t Eeva who raised a moan, but August.

His penis was slowly being enveloped by Eeva. It was the pleasure of pushing aside the tightly packed folds of flesh inside her vagina with his sensitive glans. It feels unbearably good.

“It’s not all in yet, you know…?,” Eeva chided with a wry smile.

“But, it looks like you really like that place of mine, August-sama…”

“It feels good, I can’t help it”

“Fufufu. You’re really a boy”

Who’s a boy? I don’t even have the energy to retort… It feels too good.

“Nn, ah, a lit-little more…”

As if to tease him, Eeva was slowly and slowly lowering her hips. As a service for August, she didn’t even forget to to rock her hips to the front, back, left, and right.

“Eeva! That movement is…”

“It’s still too early to climax, you know? …If you’re a boy, then hold it… Nn, wi-with this, everything, is in…”

Finally, all of August’s penis was inside Eeva’s female genitals.

At the all too much pleasure, the desire to ejaculate was slowly welling up in him.

Maybe thanks to yesterday’s experience, Eeva’s vagina was well spread, and the vaginals folds were not that clamping. And Eeva didn’t seem to be in any much pain either.

However, the pleasure was higher than yesterday. Maybe because of the plenty of love juices, it was slippery, warm, and then, clamped down on him gently.

Crap. I’ll cum just by being connected like this…

“Perhaps, do you feel like cumming just by being connected to me?,” Eeva asked with a mischievous look on her face. She is good at guessing thoughts as always.

Their faces were only few centimeters apart due to the sex position. Below August’s line of sight, Eeva’s boobs were greatly expanding in sync with her breathing.

“It makes me truly happy that you can feel that good with me. But, you aren’t going to move that much with today’s sex, so please do your best so you can sleep soundly tonight as well, okay?”

“…I know. Besides, it’s my duty to reward you, Eeva”

“Thank you very much. Now then…,” Eeva said, wrapping her hands around August’s shoulder and starting to move.

August also began to move his hips up and down along with her.

They kept silent for a while, feeding each other’s pleasure.

Schlop, schlop, schlop, schlop!

Splash, splash, splash, splash!

“Ah, haah, ah, hiih, aaaah!”

The sound of their genitals going in and out of each other’s and the sound of the water surface splashing due to the movement of their bodies occurred simultaneously, and eventually Eeva’s moaning voice was mixed in.

“Ah, August-sama…! I’m, feeling, much better, than yesterday…!”

“Me, me too…!“

“Haah, haah, after getting used to it, it’s this good… Aaaaaahn!”

Eeva arched her back as if being overwhelmed by pleasure. Her breasts came just right in front of August’s eyes… And August reflexively took the right tip into his mouth, grabbed the left with his hand, and started massaging it.

“Nnn! …August-sama, you really like, this place, don’t you…”

She gently stroked the back of August’s head, who was sucking her own breast, as if she was loving a baby. She even pushed her boob against August to make it easier for him to lick it.

August was also aware that he was being treated like a baby. However, he didn’t mind it. Following only his own lust, he indulged in Eeva’s breasts with his mouth and hands.

“Haah, b-but, I’m also, feeling really good, when my boobs being played like this… August-sama, harder, haarder…!”

Following Eeva’s urging, August intensified the force of his caressing on her breasts. He was licking both nipples in alternation while massaging them… And then he suddenly bit the nipple softly.

“Haaaaah! My nipple, don’t, aaaaah!”


August pulled his mouth away from her breasts, and this time he caught Eeva’s lips with his own.

Eeva reciprocated, and then immediately stuck her tongue into him. And August intertwined her tongue with hers.

Slurrp slurrp schlurrp… In the bathroom, the wet sound of their tongues passionately intertwining echoed.

“Nn, fuuh, chu, nchu, puchu…”

With their tongues intertwining intensely, August hugged Eeva tightly, making her body stick to his. He could feel it. The soft feel of Eeva’s breasts, the mixed scent of that of Eeva’s female and of a male, Eeva’s pounding heartbeat.

Perhaps the caressing of her breasts and the kissing had an effect, Eeva’s vaginal folds that August was plowing through were becoming more and more pleasant as well. Every time he thrusted in, the folds would squirm and stimulate the upper part of the glans. And when he was pulling out, it would coil around the whole thing as if trying to stop it from leaving.

He would bump into something hard as a result of thrusting up inside her. It must be the cervix. Perhaps the action so far was giving Eeva enough pleasure and the place was lowering.

With each thrust up Eeva’s body, her long blond hair would dance and the chain of her collar would bounce.

“Nn, bu, nbu, haah… A-August-sama, there, right there…!”

It seemed that Eeva would also get pleasure from around this place easily. She began to shake her hips vigorously on her own.

“Your thing, is hitting the deepest part in my belly…! This feels, a lot better, than yesterday…! Aah, aaaaaah!”

“I guess it means you’re getting dyed with my color”

“With August-sama’s color…? I’m, happy…! Aah, right there, haaaaah!”

Splash splash splash!

The hot water in the bathroom splashed violently in tune with the movements of Eeva’s body. Not to be outdone, August moved his hips as well.

The pleasure of having conquered the entirety of Eeva’s vagina. The pleasure of Eeva’s body being developed by him. The pleasure of having all of Eeva’s becoming his.

All of those things became perverse pleasures that seeped into August, and that prompted him to bury his face in Eeva’s breasts. The piston didn’t stop even while he was burying his face in her breasts.

“My beloved August-sama…! It’s okay… Please rely on me more. Please dye me more, in your color…!”

Without even replying, August continued to indulge himself in Eeva’s breasts. Words could no longer describe the pleasure of being wrapped in her two breasts while single mindedly thrusting his penis.

“But, ah, ahhhhh! I’m, about to, almost…!”

Eeva panting as she hugged August tightly with her whole body. Her vaginal folds squirmed. She seemed to be getting close.

August’s desire to ejaculate was also at its peak. He was close to bursting.

Eeva’s body, which he was devouring with their bodies tightly pressed together, felt better than yesterday by a long shot.

“I-I’m also, almost…!”

“I’m glad…! Then, together, together…!”


“August-samaaa… AAAAAh!”

Splurrt! Spluurrrrrrrrt…!

“Ah, uuuuwh…!”

The moment August ejaculated, Eeva hugged August on her own, putting strength into her hands like she was enduring it. The result of August being pressed with her breasts as he ejaculated was… A pleasure that intensified the release even more.

Several seconds later, August ejaculation stopped, and they involuntarily made eye contact.

Although her face looked tired, Eeva showed a truly satisfied smile.

“Haah, haah… August-sama, inside me, you sure did let out a lot again”


“I’m sure, you can sleep soundly again today… Tomorrow’s work as well, I’m sure it will go well…”

Eeva gently stroked his hair as their chests pressed against each other.

“I could tell that you were doing your best, you know? August-sama. Your dick has always been so hard after all. And then, just before ejaculating, your dick swelled up like twitch, and after that, your sticky, hot stuff was being splurrt splurrt into my deepest part”


“Something like this can be felt too when having sex, can’t it… It’s wonderful…”


“Yes? August-sama”

August cleared his throat, and with a solemn face, “Say, Eeva. Do you like to use imitative sound like twitch, or splurt splurt, to illustrate having sex?,” he asked.

“Eh…? Do I…?”

Looks like she isn’t aware of it.

“Yeah… Your voice is beautiful, Eeva. So when I hear it, umm, it makes me feel horny”

“I see… But, if it makes you feel good, isn’t it fine then?”

Eeva slowly stood up and pulled out August’s penis out of her private part.

Immediately, a mixture of August’s seed and love juice gushed forth from her vaginal opening and trickled down her thighs.

Without minding it, Eeva snuggled up to August again and gently leaned her body against him.

An expression of intent that no more lewd stuff today… However, at Eeva’s lovely behaviour, August felt another excitement in his chest rising.

“August-sama. Thank you very much for the reward…”


“From now on, I will continue to heal you like this, so… Please give me a reward, okay?”


August gently hugged Eeva.

He was overflowing with feelings that couldn’t be put into words. I want to cherish Eeva more, I want to have you by my side more, such feelings were growing in him.

In other words, what the meaning would be was…

“I think, I’m coming to fall in love with you…,” August expressing his feelings honestly.


“That’s why… Please take care of me from now on as well”

Eeva did not turn to look at August. Instead, she touched August’s hands, who was hugging her, and pressed them against her own breasts, which were swaying in the hot water.

“Yes, August-sama”

Next morning. Just like yesterday, August welcomed the morning in a good mood.

“…I’ll be back by evening again. I’m looking forward to the dinner”

“Yes. August-sama. Please be careful and take care”

Eeva saw August off at the front door.

Her smile was as radiant as the lavenders blooming in the garden in front of her. August was about to walk away… And turned around for the second time, and faced Eeva.


“Yes? August-sama”

August stole a kiss from Eeva without warning.

A kiss with just a touch of lips.

However, that was enough to convey his feelings to Eeva.

Eeva was surprised… And stared at August with a face like deep emotion was swirling in her chest.

“…I think that something like this is also important. You’re my wife after all, Eeva”


“That’s why I’ll say it because it needs to be said properly. Eeva, I love you”


“…I’m off!”

August turned around and began to walk away from the place as if running away. No, you could say he was running away, literally. He felt like dying out of embarrassment at his own forward actions.

However, there was no longer any doubt. Eeva was important to him.

To heal his emotional scars, and to continue living moving forward.

Eeva was dumbfounded for a while, but after that, she then smiled like a mother looking at her naughty child, “Take care, August-sama!,” and said loudly to August’s back.

“I will also do my best for you, August-sama!”

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