A Returnee Classmate, Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill, Became My Wife: Prologue – The Girl Who Is Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill


Yorusaki Kageo was running his mechanical pencil over a printout.

Shut up. Shut up. You all just fuck off and die!! It’s still study time!

As always, the girls clamoring over petty subjects would irritate him. He’d kill them if he could.

Pop idols, topics about anime, love talks, cosmetics, convenience store sweets. Gossips about teachers and classmates. It was so childish he got fed up.

“Layla, you’re so cute today too. Just like a doll”

“I wish I was taller. It’d be nice if I could be a model”

“Blonde hair and blue eyes are so beautiful. It’s like gems”

The one who particularly irritated him was Sudou Layla. Number one on the list of someone he wanted to kill.

While Layla was happily being pampered, Kageo had to write the furiganas1 over the kanji characters for her, a returnee2 student. This was another time consuming task.

Women are sly. They put a mask of frailty to cajole others. Women who are proficient at weaponizing their inadequacies and stealing people’s time can just go die!

While spitting out toxic words in his mind, he continued on to mechanically put in the ruby3 characters.

“Your skin is so fair. Even your eyelashes are gold”

“Your hair is so smooth. Wow. It’s thin and pretty. Supdupkyut. Like silk”

Layla gently pushed away Kurotaki’s hand that was touching her hair. Kurotaki Yuuno was a girl ranked number two on the list of people he wanted to kill, a woman of the gyaru4 type. Supdupkyut was a gyaru term that meant super duper cute.

At least speak Japanese properly!

Black hair, brown eyes, beautiful-desu. Everyone cute. I’m yelous”

“Ahaha. Layla so cute. You got it wrong, it’s ‘jealous.’ Repeat after me, okay? ‘Jealous’”


Irritation was seeping in her voice.

Layla’s blue eyes narrowed, becoming as sharp as icicles.

Eh what? Layla, she’s not happy about it. She hates it? Angry? Or rather, fed up? I get you. They’re so annoying, aren’t they.

“Even Sudou-san must be ordinary. She’s a human too after all,” Kageo said in a whisper.

“Ooh. Ordinary-desu. Great

The returnee’s face suddenly brightened. It was like a flower had bloomed.

She was such a beautiful girl that you couldn’t help but gaze at her, so she sure looked cute when she had that look and smiled.

“Saying ordinary, how rude. After all, Layla is special”

“Don’t mind him”

“That’s right, it’s better not to mind him. Yorusaki Kageo, his name itself is already dark, isn’t it”

The third and fourth rankers whom he wanted to kill each spoke out.

“Yorusaki Kageo. Name, meaning, dark-desu?”

“It has characters for night and to be born, so is the meaning ‘being born at night’? A fitting name, isn’t it”

“This guy, he’s too serious, it’s just creepy, isn’t it”

Yeah, that’s right. I’m not like you all, I take things seriously!, was what Kageo didn’t say.

It wouldn’t get through even if he said it. He couldn’t communicate with them on a level that made him wonder if they were of a different race. All he could do was curse death in his mind and imagine their stomach ripped out by a box cutter.

“Like, kinda gross, and somewhat dirty, don’t you think? Yorusaki is”

A bad-mouthing in a hushed voice, but it was piercing into him.


Kageo had a high voice. Moreover, he was a bit plump. They said he appeared to lack hygienic care. However, he couldn’t change his voice and outer appearance.

He was properly taking a bath and wearing a laundered shirt. He cooked for himself and also ate vegetables. It wasn’t like he was obese.

“Here, I wrote it”

Kageo held out the printout to Layla.

“Thank you. Kageo, always quick-desu. I will, work hard-desu”

He finally could do his own studying. Kageo began to solve the equations on the printout.

The bell rang, and the noisy self-study period ended, making it even noisier.

He had to collect the printouts from the desks and bring them to the staff room. This was the role of Kageo, the class representative.

Bothersome. Die all of you.

Class president, beautification committee member, executive committee member for sports festival. Gloomy people were forced to take those positions. While the outgoing and cheerful people were having fun at karaoke and family restaurants, Kageo was doing cleaning and odd jobs.

Having his innate seriousness worked against him, he was unable to slack off as he spitted curses.

Die. All of you die. Quickly die.

In front of Kageo, the number one to five ranked people he wanted to kill were walking. The five of them entered the women’s toilet, exited immediately, and began to go down the stairs.

“C’mon, Layla, quickly. The first floor toilet should be empty”

It seemed to be packed. From the bottom of the stairs, Kurotaki, Fujikawa, Yamamura, and Isozaki were beckoning Layla.

How dumb. Can’t you at least go to the toilet by yourself? So childish, you people are.

Layla’s blond hair swayed in front of Kageo’s eyes. It was shining like goldwork under the autumn light coming through the window. It was a beauty that would make you want to touch it.


Layla missed her step.

“Watch out”

Kageo hugged Layla from behind and forcefully pulled her towards the back. He fell backwards as he was, and slid down the stairs accompanied by loud noises, thump thump.

It was like sled skiing. Of course, Kageo was the sledge, and Layla was the one riding.


The next thing he knew, Kageo was lying on his back on the stair landing while hugging Layla’s back.

“Kageo, Kageo, all right-desu!?”

My butt hurts. My back hurts. My shoulders hurt. More importantly, Layla being on top of me is scary.

They’ll call me a molester. They’ll say I raped her. They’ll call me a sex fiend. I won’t be able to go to school. I’ll get arrested by the police. My life will be over.

“Please move aside…”

Layla jumped aside quickly, and gathered up the scattered printouts.

Kageo tried to stand up, but a severe pain shot through his body and he fell flat on his face, “Oouchs…,” and groaned.

“School infirmary, hospital! Ambulance”

“Are you safe, Sudou-san?”

“Yes-desu. Kageo, stairs, thud thud, me, fine! Safe-desu”

Layla made a guts pose.

“Sorry for being a little fatty…”

Kageo closed his eyes

Kageo was lying face down on his own bed.

The buzzer is going off. Is it a delivery?

I don’t want to get out of my bed. It hurts when I move my body.

He was hoping that they would leave, but there were no signs of the bell stopping ringing.


Die. All of you die.

Grumbling, he dragged his pained body down the stairs.

He headed for the monitor intercom, and found Layla’s face on the LCD screen.

“Pardon me5

He smiled wryly.

What are you, a samurai?

It seemed that someone had taught her some strange Japanese.

“I brought printouts-desu. Note copies-desu”


He unlocked it, and received the printouts and copies at the entrance. Although it was full of shabbily written hiraganas, he could tell that she had done her best to write it.

Layla was in her blazer uniform, but Kageo was embarrassed  as he was in his pajamas.

“Kageo, fine-desu? Hatsutori-sensei, says you are okay. Surprised, Kageo, no father, and mother-desu. Kageo alone, I’m worried-desu”

He had his homeroom teacher, Hatsutori-sensei, drive him to an orthopedist. They took some x-ray photos of him, told him nothing was fractured, only bruised, and gave him some compresses and he returned home.

“I’m okay. And sure, I’m alone, but I have an aunt living nearby. Besides, it’s not like I got injured either”

In the 6th grade, Kageo was involved in a traffic accident that caused his parents’ early death, and he also got hospitalized for a long time. His aunt, who was his mother’s younger sister, became his guardian, and she would do things that would require a guardian, such as the parent and child meeting with a teacher.

As for living expenses, the lawyer who was managing his parent’s inheritance would transfer 60,000 yen to him every month.

“Not injured-desu?”

“There’s no bone fracture or anything. Maybe all the fat was protecting me”

No problem? I’m glad! happy”

Layla went to hug him.

Thud, he fell on his butt on the spot. It looked like Layla had pushed him down.


“I’m sorry!”

Layla’s face came closer to him.

“Wai, so close! You’re too close! I’m someone with a large personal space here”

“I, Japanese, don’t understand-desu”

She put her lips on his.

The feeling of her lips, cool and bouncy like fruity gummies, made his heart flutter.


“Kageo, I like you”

“Why so suddenly?”

“Suddenly? What do you mean”

“So the suspension bridge theory is true”

The psychology that a man and woman who met on a shaky suspension bridge would be more likely to fall in love. He had heard that it was because they would mistake the heart pounding because of the suspension bridge for the flutter of love.

“I don’t understand difficult Japanese… I, Kageo, the same, I like you-desu”

Her teary eyed eyes were staring at Kageo. Her blue eyes were like a perfectly clear lake.

I wonder what she means by “the same.”

Layla’s inner thighs sandwiched around Kageo’s hips, like he got into a lucky perverted situation.

“I know! It must be a hidden camera prank”


“It’s a setup, right? You have a camera rolling, right? With a title like ‘A gloomy guy, approached by a beauty, feeling the urge to get it on with the school idol. Not even knowing his place, he pushes the beauty down,’ you’re going to upload a video of me all helpless to a video site and make a laughing stock of it, right?

“? ? ?”

Layla looked puzzled

That expression of her seemed to convey that she was doing her best to play innocent. It made him go, “Hah!”

“Then if that were the case, can you even give me a blowjob?”


“Doing licking and sucking, on a cock”

“Sucking-desu? Cock? What-desu?”

“It’s penis! You can’t, right? Saying you liked me was a lie, right?”

“A lie, wrong! I like you!! True! I will blowjob-desu!!”

Layla put her hands on the waistband of his pajama pants, and slid them down together with his boxers.


He couldn’t keep up with the rapid development.

If this were an anime, it would be like worrying whether or not you had skipped a week.


Although Layla was the one who stripped him herself, her eyes were all wide open when she saw his penis.

Kageo had an erection.

Why the hell are you erect, me!?

Embarrassed and miserable, he didn’t know what to do.

“Do I, lick?”


He had said it with the meaning “no, it’s fine,” but it seemed to be understood as “yes, fine,” making Layla gulped.

“Licking is fine, I will-desu”

The tip got licked. It was hot and slippery. Soft, yet hard, the tip of her tongue was bumpy.



Kageo and Layla ended up groaning at the same time.


Her face grimaced.

“Fine, really, fine”

“Yes-desu. I will do fine-desu”

Layla brought the glans into her mouth. Indeed. Layla’s Japanese was awkward. To put it bluntly, she sucked. She didn’t get the Japanese language’s ambiguous expressions.

No… Wai, wait, WAAaaAAA”

He tried to say “NO,” but his glans were wrapped by her slippery mouth, making his ability to think to become zero.

He was short for man, and plump to make it worse. He was not good at physical exercises. If there was one thing he was good at, that would be his bright head, and yet he became unable to think of anything else.

“Waaah. Sudou-san. Su-Sudou-san!! Stop!”

“Kageo, no problem. I will suck-desu”

Slurrp slurrp, the tip was being sucked, and the desire to ejaculate was rapidly rising in him.

Just, what the hell is this situation!?

At his home’s entrance, the girl ranked number one on the list of people he wanted to kill pushed him down and was sucking my penis. How frightening. I’ve gotta get out of here now because I’m sure it’s gonna bring me trouble, but it’s nuts I’m feeling good right now.

“Uuwh, Sudou-san, this is bad, though”

“Bad, fine-desu”

Because she spoke up while it was still in her mouth, her teeth hit his cock, causing him to feel sting.


Layla let out his cock.


“Really, it’s fine”

“Yes, fine-desu!”

Layla put his dick into her mouth again.

Just how many times do I have to repeat the same thing again!?

This time she was not sucking, but om-nom-noming the glans with her mouth. It felt just so unbelievably good. The surface of Layla’s tongue was gritty, and when it was held between the inside of her upper jaw and her tongue, a pleasure would run through the pit of his stomach.

He could now enjoy the sensation because he got his composure. His ability to think had returned.

Is Sudou-san, a bitch?

No way. Even though she looks so innocent.

Like, maybe because she’s a returnee, her way of thinking is different from Japanese people, and a blowjob is like a substitute for a greeting.

That’s just no way, isn’t it. I’ve never watched an American movie where they’re giving blowjob as a greeting, alright.

“Why doing this…?

The blowjob was interrupted. Her blue eyes were staring straight into Kageo.

“I like you. Kageo!”

“Like I said, that was a suspension bridge effect. You’re just misunderstanding it”

“Kageo, repeating noying (annoying)!! I like you, true!! Believe-desu!”

Lalya made a sulky face. Because she was a really beautiful girl, there was a punch when she got angry and it was overwhelming.

She bit her lips, tightly, and ran her blonde hair over her ear with her fingers.

She then tilted her head slightly, and began to continue the blowjob.

“Slrrp, mlemlem, …Chupa, nomnom, …Mlem”

As if she was having a conversation with Kageo’s other self, she carefully used her tongue while watching his reactions.

“Uwaah, uwh, uuuuwh”

Due to his bad physical condition and the unexpected turn of events, he felt like he was going to ejaculate any moment now. Kageo panicked.

He wouldn’t know what to say were he to ejaculate inside her mouth.

“Sudou-san, u-ummm, err”

She must’ve sensed the change in Kageo’s state. With upturned eyes, Layla glanced up at Kageo. And then, she took a deep breath as if she had made up her mind, and sucked the glans.

“Slrrrp slrrrp, slrrrplrrp, chu”

“Aaah, C-coming”


Finally the ejaculation started.

Crap! What should I do?

Despite his panic, he was feeling good. It was a frightening pleasure. So it feels this good when there’s someone to receive your semen.


Layla spit out his penis, and began to have a coughing fit.

The cloudy white liquid rained down on her flushed face.


Even if she’s number one on the list of people I want to kill, it’s still too rude to sully her face.

The semen dripping down from her chin was staining the chest of her uniform.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me”

He felt terrible. However, the ejaculation didn’t stop.

He covered his penis with a handkerchief that was in his pocket and caught the semen with the handkerchief.

Layla was making a blankly staring face, but then she wiped the semen from her cheeks with her fingers, staring intently at it, and made a face like she was about to cry.


Layla covered her face with both hands and staggered out of the front door.

Even if he wanted to chase after her, his ejaculation hadn’t calmed down, and his body was in so much pain that he couldn’t stand up.

At last, the eruption of semen stopped.


Kageo feebly looked up.

His back hurt, but his heart was hurting more than his back.

I’ve done something rude to Layla.

Even though she showed her liking towards me.

And, even if, that was an elaborate attempt at harassment.

TL notes:

^1. Furigana is a Japanese reading aid, consisting of smaller kana or syllabic characters, printed either above or next to kanji or other characters to indicate their pronunciation. It is one type of ruby text. Furigana is also known as yomigana and rubi in Japanese.

^2. students who have recently come home from abroad

^3. “‘Furigana’ and ‘Ruby’ mean the same thing, but they don’t say ‘Ruby’ when they are handwritten.
The furigana of characters printed on paper is called rubi.
(I did some research).

But nowadays, in most cases, I think it doesn’t matter which one you use.” — according https://hinative.com/ja/questions/5442956

^4. Gyaru (ギャル) is the Japanese transliteration of the English slang word ‘gal’ (girl), the Japanese phonetic pronunciation being /gjəɾu/ and in English it would be /gæl/. It is a Japanese fashion subculture

^5. たのもう is the word used here. And used by visiting samurai to request entry. Not really sure what the would it be in English

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