A Returnee Classmate, Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill, Became My Wife: Chapter 1 – Virginity Given By A Returnee From The Top Of The Caste


The morning eyes stung his eyes.

Kageo was walking down the street to school, dragging his heavy feet.

After falling down the stairs, he took a day off. His body hurt and he got a fever. Yet, he was so scared he couldn’t sleep. He was worrying whether or not there would be rumors of him pushing down or raping Layla.

For Kageo, who wasn’t bullied but had no friends, he had no way to ask how things were at school.

Huh? Somehow, it’s normal.

The reason nobody took notice of him was because Kageo’s stealth ability was high, but there’s weren’t even any posters like “kill the molester guy.” There were no delinquents coming and threatening him either.

The gazes directed at Kageo were filled neither with ill intents nor goodwill. The gazes were similar to when one directed their gaze at familiar trees and furnishings.

When he entered the classroom, Layla, who was chatting with Kurotaki and Isozaki, suddenly looked over.

Her blond hair glittered and swayed, scattering light dust. Her blue eyes were filled with a warm tint.

“Kageo! Well-desu? I’m glad!!”

He couldn’t look directly at her smiling face.

The day before yesterday, my cock, Sudou-san was…

The feel of her tongue still lingered on his penis. He was getting the itch. He took a big deep breath, and expelled the lust from his body. He tugged at the hem of his standing collar.

“Sudou-san. Thank you for the copies”

While Kageo was absent, Lela had delivered copies of her notes and the printouts to him. He asked her to put it in the mailbox so he did not have to see her.

It was because he was feeling awkward and bashful, and didn’t know what kind of face to make.

No problem, it’s OK. Kageo, back, fine?”

“Yeah, it’s already fine”

“Huh? Yorusaki, so you’re here”

“Oh, it’s true. Yorusaki doesn’t stand out so I didn’t notice. Layla was worried sick about you, you know?”

He got nervous when the two, ranked second and fourth on the list of people he wanted to kill, talked to him.

“You fell down the stairs when you saved Layla from almost falling down, right?”

“I saw it, you know? You’re a good man”

“One of the good qualities you’ve got is you have a good head, so you better not get hit in the head, alright?”

The third and fifth ranker spoke up and patted him in the back. It hurt so much that he almost sprung up, but he endured it.

“Yamamura-san, no touch! Kageo, lover, me-desu!”

“Ahaha. Layla so cute. You really like Yorusaki, don’t you”

“Oh, so lovey-dovey”

Worried about me? A good man? Lover? Lovey-dovey?

My body suddenly became hot. Everyone is putting on an act, no doubt. They’re trying to trap me.


Unbelievable, was the word he tried to say, but it was drowned out by the bell.

His homeroom teacher, Hatsutori-sensei, stood on the teacher’s podium carrying a teacher’s mark book.

“Oh. Yorusaki, are you already fine now?”


“Come forward, please. You’re an executive committee member for the sports festival, right? We have to decide on the entry for the sports festival”

The first period was homeroom. Kageo stepped forward with a sigh, and proceeded to ask for people who would like to volunteer for the programs in the sports festival.

“Anyone who wants to participate in the mixed relay, please raise your hand …Alright. Hikawa-san, Ikei-san …And five more”

“Ah. Me, I’ll do it!”

“Anyone who wants to participate in the obstacle race”

It was a class with a lot of cheerful and outgoing people, so there were a lot of attention seekers, and the selections went on with a strong zeal.

There were so many volunteers that they had to settle it with rock-paper-scissors.

Sports festivals were the events for normies. A gloomy person like Kageo would support the outgoing and cheerful people’s fun. It was a world of inequality.

Die. All of you die. All of you normies just explode together.

“We still haven’t decided on one more pair for three-legged race”

“We can’t participate in more than three, can’t we?”

“That’s right. At least one and not more than three per person”

“Hmmmm,” voice resounded.

“I will-desu. Me, only scavengers hunt race-desu. Someone, together, do-desu”

Layla raised her hand.

“Me” “Me” “Me, I’ll do it, me” “I will do it” “Meeee”

The men raised their hands in unison.

“Eww. The worst. You all just want to touch Layla”

“It can also be two girls. How about it, Kurotaki-san? You’ve only entered two events, right?”

“Eeh, don’t wanna”

He was confused by her complaining voice.

Even though you’re friends?

“Layla has long legs after all. Her face also small. We’re about the same height, though”

Aah, I see. You don’t wanna be compared when standing next to her, don’t you. When you stand beside Layla, the difference in figure will be apparent, won’t it

“Yorusaki, you’re still not participating in anything”

“I’m on the committee, so I’m gonna be busy at the sports festival”

“Kageo! Do together!! Me, Kageo, lovers-desu”

Everyone fell silent.


A repeat of the word could be heard.

It must be unbelievable.

Of course. Kageo couldn’t believe it either.

“He saved Layla when she almost fell down the stairs, that Yorusaki did”

“Because of that, Yorusaki fell down and Layla was unhurt”

“Aah, I’ve heard it. It was quite the clamour, wasn’t it”

“So Yorusaki was absent because of that, huh”

“Wow, that’s amazing. No way I can do the same”

Feelings of respect and admiration came like a raging wave, and attacked him like pressure. It was more terrifying than wonderful.


It’s a suspension bridge effect. It’ll cool down soon, was what he tried to say, but his voice was drowned out by the applause that erupted in unison.

“Kageo! Three-legged race, practice-desu!!”

He got flustered when Layla cheerfully told him so as soon as the bell indicating the school had ended rang.

“I have to throw out the trash”

“Kageo, class duty?”

“Beautification committee member”

Kageo took out a trash bag from the cleaning equipment closet, expanded it, then turned over the classroom trash can and poured it into the trash bag.

As he repeated the process around the classroom, Layla followed him in pitter patter.

“Class duty, trash, throw out-desu. Beautification committee member, throw out-desu?”

“Beautification committee member, once a week, would walk around to each classroom to check the trash cans”

“Beautification committee member, only Kageo-desu?”

“During the first semester, all of the members were doing it, but then the number of people started to dwindle. And now it’s just me”

Each classroom had trash accumulated, and the trash cans were almost overflowing. Throwing out trash was the duty of someone in class duty, but this was caused by them slacking off.

Die. All of you die. At least throw out the trash yourself!

When he was spitting toxic words in his mind, Layla grabbed a trash bag and ran down the stairs with it fluttering.

“I, beautification committee member, will be-desu. To first floor-desu!”

“The member for it has already been selected, so…”

“Special beautification committee member-desu!”

“All right, I got it. Don’t fall down, okay?”


A voice came from downstairs.

“Huh? Layla, are you throwing out trash? Let me help”

“Thank you-desu”

As expected of her natural qualities.

Even though no one would take notice of Kageo when he was throwing out trash, people would approach Layla.

Cheery people are amazing after all, aren’t they.

“I’m done with the second floor. Need help?”

When he called out to her from upstairs, Layla, who was holding a bulging trash bag, “Fast,” shouted.

“Kageo, alone, did it. Me, Kurotaki-san, Isozaki-san, Yamamura-san did it. Kageo fast-desu. How?”

“I’m used to it after all”

After throwing out the trash and thoroughly washing his hands in the toilet, he returned back to the classroom, “Three-legged race, do-desu,” and Layla said to him with an excited expression.

“About a three-legged race, do you know what it is?”

No problem! Internet, looked up. It’s OK

Layla undid her scarf and pulled it.

“Legs, tie! One two one two, junior high, did it”

So you’re saying you did a three-legged race even in middle school in America, huh.

“Where are we doing it?”

Layla pointed at the corridor.

“Corridor, huh…”

Advancing with Layla in a three-legged form through the midst of gathering of normies simply because they don’t want to go home yet?

We’ll stand out in a bad way. I’ll be jeered at. I’ll be told not to get cocky. I’ll get picked on. I’ll get bullied. Don’t wanna. I want to quit.

“First time, outside, fall down. Painful, I hate-desu”

Her face suddenly turned red.

It’s her first time and she doesn’t want it to be painful. I end up hearing it in a lewd way.

The day before yesterday, Layla gave me a blowjob…

A tingle was felt in his crotch. The feel came back to him.

He was now reminded of her naughty expression, and feeling like he was going to get a nosebleed.

Don’t even think about it.

“Do in corridor-desu”


He ended up succumbing to Layla.

Shaking off his delusion, he stepped out into the corridor.

Layla wrapped the scarf around their ankles. Kageo and Layla’s legs were in tight contact.

Uwh. Close, she’s too close.

“Kageo, away, don’t, closer-desu”

She wrapped her hand around his side.

Kageo then had no choice but to place his arm on Layla’s shoulder.

She smelt nice, she was soft and warm, and there was no way he could stay sane.

Become nothing. I am, nothing. State of nothingness!

“Then let’s go. On one, move center leg, on two, move the outside”

“One two, one two”

Oh, looks great.

Surprisingly, their rhythm matched. Gloomy and cheery, popular person and an outcast. Their position should’ve been like a south pole and a north pole, but their stride was the same.

Why? How?

We’re the same height!

It was unexpected. Kageo had always thought that Layla was taller than him. Her face was small and her legs were long, which probably made her look slender.

He had been thinking that they were the complete opposite. However, could it be, that we’re similar?

“Oh, that’s Sudou Layla from the second year second class, right? The returnee”

“Who’s the other guy? Did we have anyone like him in our school?”

“He’s an awfully plain guy, ain’t he. Little fatty too”

“Looks glum. He feels like a gloomy person himself”

“He doesn’t suit Layla, right?”

He could hear them talking ill of him, and the good feelings he had disappeared at once.

Like they said. Kageo didn’t suit Layla.

She was cheerful, pretty, and honest. She wouldn’t repeat curses like Kageo. She had confidence in herself, and everyone would care about her.

Like her hair, Layla’s life must be glittering.

She’s not someone I can touch…



Their legs got tangled up and they fell down. Fortunately, it was with the form in which Kageo was on the bottom and Layla on top of him.

It was as if they were embracing each other, which made his heart race.

“Kageo, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I-I’m okay”

“Practice, necessary-desu. One more time-desu”

They stood up, and started the three-legged practice again.

However, once he got cold feet, he was unable to match it with her.



They kept falling down. The pain from falling down the stairs was still there, and his body was in pain.

“I’m sorry-desu. I’m, bad at physical exercise-desu”


It was too surprising, despite her great figure and how athletic she seemed to be.

Ball, throw, wrong direction? It goes. Everyone laughs-desu 

The PE class was separate for men and women so he didn’t know.

“I think it’s fine if you’re not good at ball game, though”

“I like Kageo-desu!”

He flinched at the big eyes staring at him intently.

“…I knew it, let’s quit. It’s impossible. Let’s submit ‘withdrawal notice’”

Kageo undid the scarf that was tied around their ankles.

“‘Withdrawal note’?”

“It means quitting the entry

“Quitting don’t, impossible wrong! Me, Kageo, the same! Kageo said. Me, ordinary! I, work hard-desu!!”

They seemed to have progressed quite a ways down the corridor and were now nearing a special classroom.

The girls who were using the sewing machines in the home economics room were sending glances at them. It seemed to be an activity of the handicraft club.

“I mean, you and I are different, right? Sudou-san”

“Different? What different?”

Because you have confidence in yourself because you’re a cheery person. Because you’re a normie. Because my stealth ability is high. Because I’m a little fatty, and my voice is high-pitched and it’s disgusting. Because I repeat a grade.

But I can’t say it. It’s too demeaning to say. Besides, with her foreign language skills, the message wouldn’t get through even if I said it.

“I mean, you’re beautiful. Your eyes and hair are beautiful. You’re special, too”

Layla’s whole body tensed up. It was like an electric shock. She raised her beautiful eyebrows and glared at Kageo. Her eyes were frozen over.

She’s angry. Why?

Did I, say something bad?

Layla walked into the home economics room and grabbed a sewing scissors.

“Layla, u-umm”

“Everyone says special! Says gold hair, blue eyes! I’m, not cat dog hamster!! Shit! I’m ordinary! I’m human! I drop ball, everyone laughs!! Cute? Wrong. I’m, not pet!”

Layla’s left hand grabbed her hair and the scissors in his right cut it off.


The girls in the handicraft club screamed.

It was too much and he couldn’t even speak.

Even Kageo knew how serious it was for a girl to have her hair cut.

Indeed. Lave gave a look of dislikes whenever the girls praised her hair, eyes, and so forth. The girls touched Layla’s hair as if they were petting a cat’s head.

Earlier, Layla had said that she wasn’t good at ball games and that everyone laughed.

“A human too, Kageo said it! I like Kageo, I hate everyone!”


—-Even Sudou-san must be ordinary. She’s a human too after all.

Layla was delighted when Kageo said it.

—-Ooh. Ordinary-desu. Great.

Shit. Bastards. I hate everyone.

Just as Kageo was grumbling death without voicing out, Layla maybe also also found the unpleasant feelings too much. She might look cheerful, but inside she seemed to be pretty harsh.

“Haah, haah,” Layla was panting as she grabbed her cut hair.

“What a waste”

“Kageo, like everyone!?”

“You know, I’m a serious guy with good grades. Little fatty too, and my voice is high-pitched it’s disgusting”


“But you’re cheerful and beautiful, Layla. Beautiful people exist. People who are good at physical exercise exist. People who have a good head exist. I think that’s a very nice thing. If someone tells me I have good grades, I’ll say, ‘yeah that’s right.’ If someone tells me I’m so serious, I’ll say ‘yeah.’ I’m proud of my seriousness, and you should also be proud of how beautiful you are, Layla”

You’re talking big aren’t you, me.

A serious guy with good grades would just be used well by everyone. He quickly finished his tasks, while spitting out a death curse to everyone.

“‘Prou’? ‘Proud’?”

Kageo took out his smartphone and accessed a translation website. It displayed the meaning of ‘proud’ and he showed it to Layla. Layla’s large eyes opened wide, and she gave a firm nod.

Her hair swaying above her shoulders looked pitiful.

“I, beautiful, ‘proud-desu!! ‘Yeah,’ will say-desu”

That’s right. I’m proud of it. Having a good head and being serious is not a bad thing.

“I think you can just leave it with saying thanks and smiling. Also, say you don’t like it on what you don’t like”

“Thanks, will say-desu. Touch, I hate, will say-desu”

Words wouldn’t go through Kurotaki and the others. They couldn’t tell that Layla hates it.

“I think it might be better to say it clearly, firmly, and resolutely”

“Hate-desu. Clearly firmly resolutely will say-desu”

“Ah, your hair, don’t toss it. The cleaning will be tough”

“You can have this”

A girl from the handicraft club offered a cut-off piece of a ribbon and a cellophane bag.

Layla tied the bundle of hair she had cut off tightly with the ribbon and put it in the bag.

“Let’s go to a beauty salon”

“Japan, beauty salons, close early”

“My aunt runs it, so she’ll give a cut if I ask her”

“Kageo, how-desu?,” Layla asked with an anxious expression.

Her long blonde hair was beautiful, but her bob har is also cute.

“Yep. It’s nice. It looks good on you, Sudou-san”

“Your lover, Kageo?,” his aunt asked as she put the scissor in the scissor case.

“A classmate or rather, a friend”

“Lovers-desu!,” Layla replied, puffing out her chest.

“Oh well. Having fun, aren’t you? The cut will be on the house”

“I’ll feel bad if it’s free, you know. We barged in just before you’re closing up. I’ll pay it up”

“So serious, huh”

“I’m so serious, okay. Auntie”

“And I’m telling you not to call me ‘auntie.’ Just 20 million yen is fine. I only trimmed the hair ends after all”

“Ahaha. So two thousand yen. Thank you, Akiko-san”

Kageo took out thousand yen bills from his wallet.

“Kageo, want me to cut your hair?”

“I’m fine. I have mine cut at a thousand yen barber”

“But that haircut doesn’t look good on you, though”

“For someone like me, it’ll still be the same even if I change hairstyle”

“Well alright, but you should stop saying ‘someone like me.’ My sister’s gonna cry in her grave, you know? …Sudou-san. I’ll donate your hair to a hair donation, okay?”

Kageo looked up the word “hair donation” on the internet, had it converted to English, and showed it to Layla.

It was a volunteer activity in which donated hair would be used to make medical wigs that would be given to people who lost their hair due to illness.

Great! Thank you-desu”

After leaving his aunt’s beauty salon, it was already well into the night. His stomach growled, but it would be a chore to go home and cook for himself now.

“Kageo, eat-desu?”

Layla pointed at a hamburger joint.

“Yeah, sure”

“Money, I pay-desu. Feeling is mutual, desu”

“You sure know some complicated Japanese, huh. Thanks. I’ll have you treat me”

They had a takeout. Kageo ordered a 500 yen set meal, and Layla also bought the same thing.

As if it were something natural, they proceeded to walk towards Kageo’s house.

Layla held his hand. He felt that it would be a bad idea to shake it off, so he kept on walking like that.

Perhaps, coming to my house and it’ll flow there? Of course it would, right?

“Layla, let’s say goodbye here,” Kageo said in front of his house.

“Don’t want-desu!”

Layla put strength into the hand holding Kageo’s.

“It’s a suspension bridge effect, and it will cool down soon, so I’m thinking it’s better for you not to, though… Hair will eventually grow again, but umm… If you do ‘it’… I-I think you’re going to regret it”

“‘Suspension bridge’? Japanese difficult. Kageo, kanji, hiragana, helpful-desu. Printouts, notes, everything, helped-desu. Always helped-desu. Happy. Grateful. I like you-desu”

Kageo scratched his head in embarrassment.

There was someone who was happy with the chores he had been doing while spitting death curses.

He was so happy that deep within his chest felt hot.

“Me, name, the same”

Layla glided her fingers across her phone, and showed the screen to Kageo.

It was an English website with the meaning of the name. She pressed the “Translate to Japanese” and the Japanese translation was displayed. It said that the name “Layla” meant “born at night.”

“Kageo, night born, name, the same-desu”

Her blue eyes staring straight at him.

My name doesn’t mean “born at night,” it’s just that my dad, a history nerd, named me after Nagao Kagetora (Uesugi Kenshin), and “Kage(景)” has the meanings like “sunlight,” “looking up to” or “being great,” though…, was what Kageo didn’t say.

Layla had always had a liking for Kageo. With falling down the stairs as the start, feelings of like overflowed and she started to take action.

He was becoming flooded with emotions.

“All right. Please come in,” Kageo invited her to his house.

“Over here”

“There is Buddhist Altar-desu”

“Yeah, they’re my parents”

When Kageo got to his knees in front of the altar, rang a bell and clapped his hands together to pray, Layla imitated Kageo and also clapped her hands together.

“Photo, Kageo papa, look alike-desu”

“When I was a kid, they died in an accident, you see. And I was also hospitalized for a long time. So I repeat a year”

It was somewhat a strange sight to have his blonde-haired, blue-eyed classmate sitting upright in his house. The house was overflowing with a lived-in feel, but only her surroundings seemed to be shining.

“Umm, I’m sorry I said you were special earlier”

Kageo stood up and bowed.

“Why say special?”

“Well, they… There are people like Kurotaki-san and Isozaki-san, or rather GAL and flashy people, right? They don’t understand words, how should I put this, it’s like, speaking different language or something”1

“Japanese-desu. Words understand-desu”

“I guess you’re right. …I just wanted to say that you’re especially beautiful, Layla”

“Fufufu. Me, especially beautiful-desu! Kageo, I love you”

Layla hugged him tightly. Her big breasts were pressed hard against him.

Layla closed her eyes. Like telling him, “Kiss me.”

Her partially opened pink lips were inviting Kageo. His heart raced at her sweet body smell.

“Not gonna eat the hamburger?”

“Later-desu. Will kiss-desu”

Chu, she kissed him. A light kiss where only the tips of their lips met.

“I love you. Happy-desu”

Layla broke into a smile.

Oh, goddamn. So precious. Cute.

He brought her hands behind her back, hugged her tightly, and kissed her again.

Layla’s eyelashes quivered. Her eyelashes, eyebrows, and even her downy hairs were blonde.

Her skin was silky like a soft porcelain. It was so fair like it was gleaming, and it was smooth like a boiled egg.


I want to know more. I want to know more about her.

When he licked her row of teeth, her clenched teeth loosened up. He gently inserted the tip of his tongue. Even though the surface of her lips was cool and bouncy, her mouth was seething hot.

It was just like herself. On the outside, she was a cheerful and energetic returnee. On the inside, she was gloomy, and quite strong-willed.

“Slrrp, chu, *lick* …Chu, slurrrp”

He sucked the tip of her tongue, which was gritty like a cat’s, entwined his tongue with hers, and was exchanging saliva.

So kissing feels this good, huh.

Lemon-flavored-like kiss.

Gulp, Layla swallowed down the exchanged saliva.

“Kissing, amazing. Feels good-desu”

As their lips parted, his eyes met with the photo of his deceased mother.

“Come here”

We can’t do it in front of the altar.

Kageo took Layla by the hand and led her to his room on the second floor.

“I’m sorry that it’s a mess”

She looked at the gravure model’s swimsuit poster and her eyes widened.

“Breasts big-desu, like breasts-desu?”

“W-well, I’m a guy, so…,” he nervously said, preparing to be told “Kyaaa, lewd, the worst,” but, “Fufu,” Layla giggled.

Not the usual innocent giggle. But a triumphant giggle.

“Big breasts! Kageo, my breasts, likes them-desu!”

She undid her scarf, undid the chest buttons, and opened it to the utmost.

And then she pushed out her breasts jerkingly.

She seemed to want to say, “I have bigger breasts.”


Big. So big for real. Reeeaaally big.

They didn’t fit nicely into the cups of the bra, and the soft swelling rose above the cups.

“Umm, about last time, like, the collar or the chests got dirty, right? Was everything alright?”

No problem! Washing, fine”

“I’m glad. I was worrying that I did something rude”

“‘Rude’? Sorry-desu?”


I’m sorry hige sorry2

He almost bursted into laughter, but endured it.

The culprit is probably either Kurotaki or Fujikawa. It seems like they found it amusing to teach Layla with strange Japanese, as if they were teaching a parrot to speak. I can understand her anger when she says she’s not a pet.

Layla’s slender fingers were feeling around her own cleavage. However, she seemed to not have the courage to unhook the front hook. She stopped the movement of her fingers, which had been moving hesitantly. She then lowered her eyes.


I don’t know the word, but I can tell she’s embarrassed. That creates an unripe sexiness and it’s adorable.

“So you get embarrassed too, Sudou-san…”

“I, ordinary-desu. Embarrassed-desu…”

“I suppose so. Sorry. It’s, my first time, so I can’t take the lead”

SO SERIOUS, HUH!?, he retorted himself inside himself.

“Me too-desu. Virgin-desu”

Errr, was what he almost voiced out, but he gulped it down.

I figured Layla was someone with experiences since she suddenly gave me blowjob.

Knowing that her feelings for him had run wildly, his chest heated up with admiration. How precious. How cute.

“Together, do our best-desu”

“I also, umm, will try my best”

“Three-legged race-desu!”

She got on the bed, lay on her back, and stretched out her arms as if to tell him, “come.”

Her breasts were peeking out from her open chest.

Kageo took off only his blazer and draped himself over her. He hugged her tight through the clothes, and rained kisses on her forehead and lips. When he nuzzled her cheek, “Fufu,” Layla laughed, “prickling, it’s tickliiish.”

She seemed to be saying that his aftershave was ticklish.

He nuzzled on her chin, and kept on moving the kisses from her neck to her collarbone and to her cleavage. She smelled of bittersweet body odor and soap.

“Haah… Ah, aaah… Nnn…”

He touched her breasts and gently fondled them while enjoying the soft texture. He could feel her nipples puffing up behind the half-cup bra.

“Aah, aaaah… Nn, nnn”

Trying to unhook the front hook, he searched around the center of her chest, but it was hooked so snugly he couldn’t unhook it.

He slipped his hands inside the cup, and dragged out her soft, fluffy breasts.


Because her bra was holding up her lower breast, her breast looked much larger. When he fondled them by lifting it up from the bottom, it had the elasticity to repel his fingers.

Her areola and nipples were light pink, and the fact that they were pointy was adorable. When he kissed and sucked her nipple, Layla’s body jerked up.

“Ah, good, good-desu!”

While fondling the other breast, he was licking the other.

The way her nipples were getting harder and harder was as if it was like a woman’s penis.

“Chu, *lick*…Slurrpslurrp”

Large puffs with the elasticity of fruity gummies, and softness of marshmallows. It had a full, ripe, and plump feel. His fingers would bounce back when he massaged them. Just how could this size fit inside her uniform?

“Chu, chupa… *lick**lick*… Chu”

Although there was basically no taste when he was sucking on her nipples, the feeling of her nipples getting hard and stiff aroused him.

“Hya, Aah, haah… Haah…”

Her back arched up and her arms went around his head.

She embraced his head as if to tell him to lick her more, and her legs were wrapped around Kageo’s waist.


His face pressed against her breast, he almost stopped breathing.

When he wiggled his face left and right, “Hyan,” Layla raised her voice, and loosened the strength in her arms.


I was told it was ticklish. I now want to make her feel it.

Chu chuu, having her nipples sucked, Layla was making coquettish voices.

“Hya, ah, ahn, no, noo… Aaah”

Perhaps as should be expected of a returnee, her reaction was extravagant.

Could it be, I’m amazing at this?

Even though a virgin, he was making Layla feel it. Confidence began to fill him from deep within him.

“I like you”

“Fufufun. Of course-desu”

As expected of a cheery person. She thinks it’s natural to be liked. This confidence is not in a gloomy person.

“That’s very like you, Layla”

“Call Layla-desu”

He went “hmm?, but it seemed she was telling him not to call her by her family name, but by her given name.

“Layla. I love you”

When he called her by her name in her ear, he felt like he was getting closer to her.

“Kageo, I love you-desu”

Layla’s arms came to embrace Kageo’s head.

His face was buried in the valley of her breasts. He rubbed his chin against them, making her make coquettish voices.

He caressed her, kissing her beautifully maintained armpits and blowing in her ears.

“Aah, haah, hah… Nnn…”

It had a smell like lemon yoghurt or no-bake cheesecake.

Layla, is she horny?

When he unintentionally sucked hard Layla’s nipple, the nipple stretched, and Layla started to shudder.


Hic, she made a sound with her throat and stiffened.

Layla, who could feel it from Kageo’s inexperienced petting, was lovely.

The skirt of her uniform was flipped up, revealing the depths of her panties.

He reached into her skirt, and felt around her hips. He put his hands on her panties’ rubber waistband, and pulled them down.

Layla’s eyes snapped open.


Feeling like he must not look, he turned his head to the side, but as a result of her rubbing her thighs because she was embarrassed, it became difficult to take it off.

Kageo gave up, and looked at her crotch. As her pubic hair was blond, her slit could be seen through.

Her labia majora was puffed up, like an elliptical ball being pressed, making something like a thin line running through the middle.


Suppressing a groan, he pulled her panties down to her thighs, kneecaps, calves, and pulled them off her toes.

Kageo held her ankles and spread her legs to the left and right, flexing them until her knees were at her breasts.

“N-no, embarrasing-desu!! Aah, ah, aah, …Look, don’t-desu”

Embarrassed, she wiggled her hips. The slit opened up, and clear nectar dripped from the cup-shaped petals.

When he pulled on the labia, he could see the vaginal opening, which was tightly lined with folds, the urethral opening, and also the clitoris, which was hidden behind a hood that only had the tip peeking out.

It’s lewd, but cute shape

When he poked the clitoris with his finger, it puffed up and the hood curled up to the base.

“Hya, painful-desu”


Apparently the clitoris hurt. He gently inserted his finger into her vaginal opening. It was so surprisingly tight that he could barely fit one finger in. In the shallow part of the vagina, there was a donut-shaped ring of mucous membrane preventing invasion.

This is, a hymen! So it’s true she’s a virgin!!

His body became hot.


It didn’t seem to hurt, but Layla stirred as it seemed uncomfortable.

Kageo pulled his finger and kissed her secret part.


Lick, he licked off the nectar.

The smell was that of a baked cheesecake, but the taste was almost nonexistent. However, it was fun how it gushed out every time he licked it off.

This was like the proof that Layla loved Kageo.

“Aah, ah, nnn… Haah haah… Aah, Kageo, Kageeo!! Not, there-desu”

Layla yelled out sweet voices.

It was so embarrassing she felt like dying. However, it felt good.

“Nnn, nn …Haah haah… Nnn, nnn… Ah, aaah”

When she closed her legs reflexively, she ended up squeezing the sides of his head with her thighs. When she opened her legs feeling like it was bad, it became as if she was begging him to lick more. I don’t know what to do.

“Feels good-desu”

Layla opened her legs into an M-shape, and writhed with her hands on the back of his head.

“Slurrp, *lick*, chu”

His tongue, which had been moving to lick off the slit, touched her clitoris.

“Hyaaa. W-what? What is thiiiis!?”

Even though it hurt when it was touched with his finger, it feels good when licked. I wonder what this is.

When the gritty surface of his tongue moved to play with the pointed part that even Layla didn’t quite understand, her womb started to tingle.

“Aah, hah, haah, aaaah…”

Honey juices overflowed again and again. She felt like she was going to melt, collapse, and be washed away.

Even his chin hitting the top of her labia created an itchy pleasure.


Even the feel of her pubic hair rustling when he breathed out was pleasant.

“D-don’t, desu! Aah, Kageo! Aah, ah, aah”

The honey juice dripped off. Her lower abdomen tingled. I don’t want to just have cunnilingus. I want to take Kageo’s penis deep inside my body.

“Kageo, quickly, please give-desu”

Kageo unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. He already had a bulging erection.

Can you do it, me? Even though it’s a virgin with a virgin.

Holding his cock with his hand, he pushed the glans against her female genitalia.

It’s okay. I’ve checked where the vaginal opening is. I should do it resolutely.

Though his nervousness grew stronger, he held Layla’s waist and pushed in one go.

However, it wouldn’t go in.

The glans just slid above the labia minora.

He tried again in a fluster, but it still wouldn’t go in.


When he was flustered and felt like crying, Layla gave him a squeezing hug.

No problem. Calm down-aruyoo”3

“Buwahahaha. Wh-what the heck. Layla, what are you, a mysterious Chinese!?”

He bursted into laughter.

“‘Mystery chin?’ I, Japanese, don’t understand. Kageo first time. my first time. Not veteran. Suck is okay”

“Yeah, you’re right”

Layla rocked her hips, and aligned the location herself. His glans caught the meat opening.

He matched the angle, pushed in one go, slrrch, and the tip sank in. Laughing seemed to have helped his nervousness loosen up nicely.

“It went in!”

More than it being tight or cramped, it was a hot and hard feel.


Layla’s beautiful face contorted in pain. Her body was also tense, and her face was covered with cold sweat.

“Ah. So-sorry”

Although he hesitated, he pushed in hard. The donut-shaped ring of flesh, pop, tore off, and his cock sunk in deep. The glans pushed up against the hard, ball-shaped womb opening.

Layla screamed.


“Are you okay?”

No problem. All okay”

They say losing virginity is painful, but it wasn’t that painful. The feeling of satisfaction and fullness is amazing. I can feel my much-loved Kageo deep inside my body.

“I’m moving, okay?”

He moved back his hips.

The angle of the glans retreated, catching the bumpy folds and the remnants of the hymen. A sharp pain ran through her. Since the scar was being spread and grazed, it was more painful than the moment of losing her virginity.

“No, hurts! Hate-dseu. Stop-desu”

Layla put her palms on his hips and gave it a hard press.

“Eh? Okay. I’m sorry. I’ll stop”

As soon as his penis was about to come out, she suddenly felt lonely. The happy feeling of being united disappeared. Her desire to continue outweighed the pain.

“Don’t stop it’s fine”


“Muu!! What’s funny!?”

“Uwaa, it-it tightened. Ouch”

“Keep going is fine!

Sir, yes sir

“Ahaha. Instructor, director, teacher, different-desu. Pftfufu”

Layla bursted out laughing. Indeed. “Sir, yes sir,” would be used in the military or schools to show respect to someone superior.

Apparently unable to stop the fits of laughter, Layla’s face melted sweetly as he stirred her vagina with his penis.

“Couple, together-desu. Happiness-desu”

Kageo smiled.

“Yeah. Me too”

At the word “together,” he reaffirmed their connected bodies and his heart tingle.

Layla’s smiling happily. Looks like it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I might not be able to make her feel it, but it’s a good first time. Let’s quickly ejaculate and finish this, with these feelings in mind, he moved his hips.

“Ah, haah. Kageo, I love you-desu, …N, nnn …Haahh”

Layla’s vagina was hot and slicky, and yet hard. A very mysterious feeling.

It was covered with tiny little bumps that rubbed against his cock as he pulled out and pushed in.

When he stuck in his finger earlier, he could only feel the smooth hymen, so he was surprised that the flesh hole had such a complex shape.

“Uw, uuuwh. Amazing! It’s coming in and out”

His movements became faster and faster.

Every time he plunged in his penis, her breasts would shake back and forth.

Chu, when he kissed her nipple, hic, Layla made a sound with her throat, and her lips quivered.

“I feel, desu!! Aaaah”

“I’m so glad”

He was relieved that she was pleased.

He would hate to have his partner, who was in pain, to force herself.

Since she was a girl who shared mutual feelings with him, it would be better for both of them to feel good.

“Aahh, ahh, Kageo… Good, good-desu! Ahh, n, nn”

The moment his glans bore into Layla’s vagina, her cervical mucus sloshed out and her womb tingled violently.

“Uwa, s-something came out!”

She couldn’t resist the feeling when he stuck it in deep.

The glans pressed against her womb, filling the inside of her body with him.

Moreover, his lower abdomen pushed against her clitoris, which had been licked thoroughly during foreplay. Her clit rubbed against his pubes, and it felt so good that her body felt like going numb.

“No, don’t-desu… Aahh”

“It feels hella good to me!”

“Me too-desu!”

She knew she could feel it deep inside her, so she started to lift her hips, wishing him to go deeper.

“Uwahh. I think it’s coming up”

In half-sitting posture, Kageo placed Lalya’s thighs on her shoulders, and rhythmically thrusting in from above. It was a viennese oyster position, with the toes of her feet on the sheet above the head. A position where her body was folded up with connected parts as the starting point.

It was a tough position, but her depth was being pushed vigorously by his glans.

She felt a twitch from the back of her eyes.

A small explosion went off in her mind, and the blast almost made her cum.

“Aaah, I think I’m cumming-desu, Kageo!”

“Eh? Eeeh? Even though it’s your first time?”

“First time, feeling good-desu”

This pleasure, it’s incredible.

It feels so good, it makes me crazy.


Kageo was stimulated.

The folds tightened and squirmed, and her cervical mucus came out in a gush.

He was happy that Layla was pleased.

A feeling of satisfaction, conquest, and fulfillment washed over him, and he felt a rush of heat deep inside his body.

He was already on the verge of ejaculation.

“It’s coming out soon!”



Layla was so cute it made his heart swoon.

I want to shoot out my semen into her womb. It was a tug of war between his instinctive desire and his rational need to pull out.

His lust maxed out. His semen was raging for a way out.



Splurrtplurrt, plurrt!!


His semen spurted out.

“Agh. Hot, aaaah! Cumming-desu!”

Layla shook jerkingly.

Her hips jerked in small motions.

Her hips went even higher and his penis came out.


He tried to put it in a fluster, but his hips slumped to the bed.

He felt both disappointed and relieved. The result was an extra-vaginal ejaculation, which was perhaps a good thing instead.

Kageo rubbed himself to help him ejaculate, spurting out his semen onto her pubic mound.

The cloudy white liquid fell on the hill of Venus decorated with blond pubes and on her thighs.

Layla was lying limp with her eyes closed, perhaps fainting.

After finishing ejaculating, he wiped his penis with wet wipes.

Layla sat up.

“Here you go”

“Thank you-desu”

She received the bottle of wet wipes, wiped off the semen on her lower abdomen languidly, and fixed herself up.

As he was changing into his loungewear, Layla screamed.

Back! Blue-desu”


Was there a blue ‘bag’ in this house?, he thought and went to look around restlessly, but her gaze landed on Kageo’s back.

It seemed she was surprised to see the bruises on his back.

“Aah, this is all right. It doesn’t hurt anymore anyway. Should we eat the hamburger?”

“No need-desu. I’m full. …Going home-desu”

“I’ll escort you”

No problem

“Wait, Layla. Hamburger, take yours home with you”

He handed him the hamburger inside the nylon bag.

“Kageo, your body I’m sorry-desu. Please excuse me-desu”

Layla bowed awkwardly in the doorway, and walked away while hanging her head dejectedly. Her bobbed hair swayed at sharp angles above her shoulders.

Since they had just spent a sweet time together until earlier, the sudden change in her attitude bewildered him.

A feeling of anxiety came over him.

He had no idea how Layla felt. An innocent and cheerful returnee. Telling Kageo she loved him and entrusted her body to Kageo.

And yet suddenly she acted cold.

Maybe like, liking me was a lie, It was all made up, and she was just messing with me

When he went to school tomorrow, there would maybe be a naked picture of Kageo posted up, and it would be written with “sex fiend” or “rapist.”

That was not true. There was no lie in Layla’s words.

…Is what I’d like to believe, but…

Damn it, just stop thinking about it!.

Kagoe rinsed his mouth, washed his face, and then ate his hamburger.

The hamburger that had gone cold was hard. It was mushy and not tasty.

TL notes:

^1. I don’t really understand why he’s saying this.

^2. This is a pun. for higesori, which means shaver. Don’t know how to translate this so I just leave the “hiege” there. And since Layla should be fluent in English, I put the sorry after hige in italic.

^3. It is an end sentence considered to be characteristic of Chinese person. Just like “~nanodesu” or “~nanoja”.

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  1. If anyone wanted to know, “Layla” doesn’t literally mean “born at night”; it is the Hebrew word for night. Though the meaning still stands in the context.


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