A Returnee Classmate, Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill, Became My Wife: Chapter 2 – Three-Legged Race Date And Outdoor Lewdness In A Park At Night


Lalya was stuffing broccoli and carrots into a tupperware.

Yesterday, she had her first sexual experience with him. Everything about her first deed was intense, painful, pleasant, and happy. However, she was surprised when seeing Kageo’s back. There was a terrible bruise there.

Kageo said it doesn’t hurt anymore, but to think I was clinging to him in that condition, I wonder just what on earth I had been thinking. I felt so guilty.

With Layla’s foreign language skill, even if she wanted to apologize, she could only say something like “I’m sorry-desu.”

Let’s at least make lunch for him and bring it. And then, let’s eat lunch together.

Wiener and cheese, broccoli and carrots, crackers. Banana and fruity gummies for dessert.

“Layla, good morning

Her grandmother had woken up.

She sounded just like her mother. Her grandmother, who liked going to a gym and karaoke, was full of vitality and youth-looking. It seemed that she had got herself a lover at the gym, and so she seemed to be enjoying herself every day.

“Grandmaobaa-chan, good morning”

“Just grandma is fine. It makes me feel old when I’m called something like grandmaobaa-chan

Grandma, breakfast, soon-desu”

Layla cracked an egg into a frying pan to make a sunny-side up, prepared instant soup, and lined up the loaves of bread in a toaster oven.

Layla prepared food only in the morning.

She would be in the school cafeteria at noon, and her grandma would cook Japanese food at night.

“It’s been enjoyable having you here, Layla. It’s like Rumiko is here. Maybe because you had your hair cut, but now you looked just like Rumiko”

“I’m, younger than mom-desu”

“Ahaha. You’re right”

Her mother, Rumiko, met and married her father while studying at university in America. Since then, she had always been living in America and only occasionally returned to Japan.

“It would be nice if you could always stay in Japan, Layla”

“I don’t know-desu. Japanese citizenship, hard to take, American citizenship, easy to take, whoosh, I, give up America, don’t want, worried-desu”

“It’s fine not to choose it rushly. You’ve still got five more years, so think about it slowly”


Layla had dual citizenship. By the time she turned twenty, she would have to choose her citizenship, American or Japanese.

Layla was born and raised in America and spoke English at home, but she wanted to know more about her mother’s country, so she studied Japanese and came to Japan.

Since Japanese citizenship was more difficult to get, it would probably be better to choose Japanese citizenship, but when she was in Japan, she would be constantly reminded that she was an American.

It would be nice if I could keep my dual citizenship, though.

“I’m going-desu”

“Are you enjoying school?”


“I suppose so. Lately you also seem to be having fun. Even though you looked depressed a little while ago”

Grandma also seems having fun”

“Well, I have a lover after all. I’m waiting for the proposal, though. But since he’s not saying it, I’m thinking of proposing myself”


Layla laughed at her grandma’s jest.

“You also have a lover, right? You even made lunch for two earlier”

Her grandma could see through anything.

“Yes-desu! Cool-desu. Classmate-desu

Morning, Kurotaki and the other’s voices echoed in the classroom.

“Kyaaa. Layla, you cut your hair!? What a waste”

While reading his textbook, Kageo kept an indirect watchful eye on the girls.


“Yep. It’s beautiful but, are you heartbroken?”

Yamamura moved towards Layla and extended her hand.

Layla softly shrugged it.

“Touch hair, I hate-desu”

“All right. I won’t touch it”

“Hair, eyes, different, special, I hate-desu”

The girls looked stunned. This wouldn’t get across what Layla wanted to say.

Unable to just watch, Kageo opened his mouth.

“Say, Kurotaki-san and the others, you’re saying that Layla’s appearance is beautiful, special and so on, right? Layla hates it when she is told she’s different from everyone else. Since America is a melting pot of races, skin color is a delicate subject, and I heard that it’s taboo to talk about this or that. Even in Japan, calling someone physical characteristics like shorty, fatty, or baldy is not okay, right?”

Despite some slight dramatization, the gist of it seemed to have been conveyed, and girls looked at each other.

“Uuwwh. I see. Sorry. I didn’t notice!”

“That’s certainly true, isn’t it. I would also heat it if I went to a foreign country and all I was told was dark hair, eye color, and skin color”

“Yorusaki, you’re really smart, aren’t you. I can understand it when you explain it that way”

“Wait, we called Yorusaki a little fatty, but it was rude, wasn’t it”


“Yorusaki, I’m sorry”

“Layla, Yorusaki, sorry”

“We won’t be saying it again”

Words go through them!

It was unexpected. He thought that couldn’t have a conversation with these women.

The four girls disappeared from the list of people he wanted to kill.

“Kurotaki-san. I like you-desu”

Layla hugged Kurotaki.

“Kyaa. Layla, you sure are composed with hugging. I see, you grew up in America after all, huh”

“Give me a hug, too”

“Fujikawa-san, Yamamura-san, Isozaki-san, I like you-desu”

“Me too”

It was sweet to see the fellow girls taking turns hugging each other, and Kageo was watching them with warm eyes.

The bell sounded. His stomach also growled at the same time.

Kageo left his seat carrying only his wallet.

“Kageo! Lunch, together, do-desu”

When he was about to head to the school cafeteria, he was called out by Layla and got confused.

Yesterday, she was acting strange when they parted. He was worried whether he got hated. However, she now had a sparkling smile on her face.

“Lunch box, have two-desu. Kageo, together, eat-desu”

“What about Kurotaki-san and the others?”

“There’s no way we would follow you, right? I mean, we’re not that insensitive, you know?”

“I thought you’re heartbroken since you suddenly cut your hair, but you seem so close”

“Have fun on your lunch date, kay!”

Layla’s hangers-on waved their hands and walked out of the classroom.

“Where are we gonna eat?”

“Rooftop, go there-desu. Rooftop, lunch date, caters to lovey-dovey couples-desu”

“You sure know some difficult words, aren’t you”

“Japanese, studying-desu!”

“I’m also going to study English, too”

They walked up the stairs and headed for the rooftop.

“Don’t fall down, okay?”


Once on the roof, Kageo was enveloped by the sunlight of fall.

He could see why it catered to couples. There were benches, and the normies were happily eating lunch. The top of the caste, while looking down at Kageo and the others, were having a good time like this. And then, these guys threw the trash in the classroom, and the gloomies cleaned it up.

Those guys flirting under the light, all of you just die.

These lovey-dovey couples rose to the top of the list of people he wanted to kill.

“Nice weather-desu”

Everyone’s eyes focused on Layla as she walked out.

Noticing that there was a hint of envy in the eyes of the guys, the curses swelling in his heart started to deflate like a balloon.

He felt proud. He started to feel like an amazing human.

Nice, right? Layla loves me, you know? We are a lovey-dovey couple, you know?

They sat on the bench in front of the fence.

“Kageo’s share-desu”

She handed him a tupperware, a nylon bag of crackers, and then a pack of milk.

“Thanks… Uwh”

Ths is raw.

There was raw broccoli cut up in bunches and carrots cut up in long and thin pieces in the tupperware. There was also not-fried wieners, small sliced cheeses, and boiled egg.

“How hearty”

“‘Hearty’? What-desu?”

He used his phone to look it up, had the English displayed, and showed it to Layla. Layla slightly tilted her head with a wondering look.

America, lunch, normal-desu”

“In America, do you eat broccoli raw?”

“Yes-desu! Ah. Dipping sauce. Here-desu”

It was a chilly-kind of sweet and spicy sauce. He dipped the broccoli in the dipping sauce and ate it.

This was his first time eating raw broccoli, and it was surprisingly tasty with its chewy and plump elasticity. He could taste the natural sweetness of the vegetables.

The crackers seemed to be a substitute for bread.

“It feels like I’m eating vegetables”

“Japan, lunch box, amazing-desu. Very impossible, to make-desu”

A Japanese lunch box neatly packed with rice, fried eggs, fried sausages, and fried food seemed to be an amazing thing to Layla.

“This is also tasty like this. Next time I’ll make one for you”

“Can cook-desu?”

“I live by myself after all”

“Thank you-desu. Dessert-desu”

She gave him a banana and some fruity gummies.

“Are in America fruity gummies dessert?”

“Hundred percent fruity, vitamin, collagen, a lot. Nutrition good-desu”

Layla broke into a smile as she ate a bear-shaped fruity gummny.

“Delicious-desu. Gummies, I like-desu!”

He felt relieved seeing her smiling.

“I’m glad. Yesterday, you suddenly went home, and I was wondering if you got angry”

“Got angry? No-desu. Vexing… Different, sad, different, hmmm-hmmm”

Layla ran her finger over the screen of her phone.

And then handed Kageo the whole phone.

English seemed to have been inputted and translated into Japanese, so the Japanese was strange in places, but the meaning was understandable.

–Kageo is wonderfully good. I love Kageo. I was surprised at the bruise on your back. There is nothing better than apologizing–

I see. Layla, seeing my back she was surprised, huh. So that’s why this lunch box, huh. It’s an apology, isn’t it?

He felt a tingle deep inside his chest.

“It’s all right”

He put his arms around Layla’s head and pulled her into a hug.

Wow. I’m doing something crazy.

She went, “Hya,” but Layla, who had her side of the head on Kageo’s shoulder, began to nuzzle her head against him affectionately.

He had always thought that those guys who flirted at school should just die. He had put them in the ranking list of people he wanted to kill in his mind. But right now, Kageo himself was flirting with her.

The sky stretching out beyond the fence was blue as far as the eye could see, and below, students enjoying themselves playing tennis and badminton could be seen.

The sun in fall was warm, and he felt like there were only two of them left in the whole world.

As he was just sitting there in a daze, a voice suddenly called out to them.

“Hey, the bell already rang!”

A couple was walking past them. The man had given him a warning.

“Wahh. I didn’t notice”

“Quickly go down-desu”

“I haven’t eaten the banana”

“Eat as snack-desu”

They tidied up in a great rush and went down the stairs.

The fifth period was homeroom.

Kageo stood at the teacher’s podium. He faced everyone, “I would like to decide on the executive committee for the cultural festival,” and spoke up.

“Is there anyone willing to volunteer? If there are no candidacies, we will have to decide by lots”

There was a cultural festival two weeks after the sports festival. And by chance, it would be Kageo’s birthday.

“You do it, Yorusaki”

“Yorusaki is already a beautification member, sports festival executive committee, and class representative, so it’s impossible,” the homeroom teacher, Hatsutori-sensei, said.

“Yorusaki, so you’ve been on that many committees”

“But you know, aren’t your grades good? Yorusaki”

“Yeah. Amazing isn’t it. Normally, wouldn’t your grades drop when you’re in that many committees?”

“Kageo, does whoosh whoosh-desu. Quick-desu,” Layla said.

“I see, so that’s why your grades are good”

He was being looked at with gazes of respect. He felt embarrassed and restless as their gazes were gathered at him.

“Executive committee, I will-desu”

Layla raised her hand.

“We need one more. Is there anyone?”

“I’ll also do it”

“Me too”

“Then Kurotaki-san and Fujikawa-san. Can I ask you a favor? Layla’s become a member of the beautification committee, so I’d like it to be someone who’s not in any committee”

“Wait, Layla, did you become a beautification committee member because you like Yorusaki?”


“Wow, so lovey-dovey. Yorusaki’s a nice guy after all”

“Eh? Me?”

“I can tell by looking at Layla, you know?”

What kind of logic is that?, was what he wanted to say but the feeling was understandable.

Layla was popular. Every time she said she liked Kageo, Kageo’s caste would rise.

“Eeh~. But I volunteered because I wanted to do it with Layla~”

“Me, Kageo, lovers, I love him-desu”

“It’s going to be tough with Layla. Layla can’t do anything after all”

“I guess so. Well, then let’s both do our best”

Kageo didn’t miss the unpleasant look on Layla’s face.

“One two, one two, one two”

The voices of Kageo and Layla resounded in the park in the evening.

A kid on a tricycle passed in front of them, who was running carefully in a three-legged form.




They were starting to be able to run, but it was flashy when they fell. They would get tangled up as they fell.

“I’m sorry, too. I stepped on a stone”

“Not, at school, why-desu?”

“Because I don’t want to stand out”

“Stand out. Don’t like, how-desu?”

Layla made a curious look.

The gazes that were poured in on her were warm and filled with admiration. Different from Kageo, who had been showered with criticising and reproaching gazes.

“It’s embarrassing”

He tried to get up, but since their legs were still tied together, he fell down again.

Oh yes. Embarrassing, I see-desu. …Kageo, it hurts-desu”

Layla’s face was blushing.

He finally realized it. He had pushed her down, and was groping her boobs with his right hand above all.

Even though he was composed when he entered running mode, once he became aware of it, the soft feel, her body temperature, and bittersweet body odor made his heart race and his groin hardened at once.

“Wahhh. Sorry”

“Mom, that boy and girl. They’re doing sumo”

“I think so. They’re really doing sumo. Let’s quickly go home. Mom needs to make dinner”

A mother walked past them holding her child by the hand.

He stood up slowly, and brushed the sand off his pants. He inadvertently touched his crotch and frowned.

“It’s dark-desu”

“Oh, you’re right”

Before they knew it, the sun had set and the park was now empty.

“Kageo! All alone!”

Layla embraced him. His erect crotch was pressed against Layla’s lower abdomen, “Urgh,” and he groaned.

“Uwahh. Please stop. It’s kinda bad right now”

Layla made a face that said, “Ah,” stopped embracing him, and sent a glanced at Kageo’s lower half.

“Do there. Good?”

“Eh? There? What do you mean there?”

What Layla was pointing to was a bench. It’s dark, no one is around, and under the shadow of a tree, but there’s now way we could do it at a place like this.

“W-we can’t. Please come to my house. …Uwwh…”

When he walked, it was rubbed and felt like he was going to ejaculate.

“There, sit-desu”

Her pink lips were captivating.

Layla’s blue eyes were wet with desire. The corners of her eyes were scarlet and sexy. A bittersweet smell that reminded him of yoghurt was drifting from her. Isn’t this the smell of being horny?

Layla’s getting excited, too?

Her nipples poked out as she pushed up the breasts of her uniform blouse.


With a jerky stride, he moved to the bench and sat down.

Layla squatted down and dropped to her knees.

“You’ll get dirty, you know”

No problem

Her slender fingers unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis.

It towered high as it twitched.

Oh great!

Layla stared hard at his penis. Even though she had given him a blowjob as well as had sex with him, she couldn’t look directly at it because she was embarrassed and it was scary.

So such a big thing went into my vagina.

Although the surroundings kept getting darker, only his penis seemed to be glowing white.

“U-umm, it’s embarrassing, though”

“Will grab-desu”

Layla grabbed his cock.

And then as if to ascertain its hardness, she was squeezing it. It was hard, yet soft. It was hot and throbbing.

“Uwwh. Layla, your hand, I want you to move it”

Still grabbing it, she moved her hand up and down, and pre-cum began to overflow and drip from the glans hole.


It’s like I’m squeezing out the last drop of garlic in a tube.


“Please excuse me-desu”

“Ahaha. It’s ‘I’m sorry.’ Ah, no, does ‘excuse me’ work? If it’s meaning like saying good day when facing a cock, then ‘excuse me’ should be fine…”

Although he started to fuss about Japanese, Layla ignored it and moved her hand. As she moved her hand from the base to the tip, pre-cum dripped down.

I’d like to lick it

The last time she gave him a blowjob she was so self-absorbed so she didn’t get a taste of it, but it looked delicious, like gum syrup.

Lick, she licked the tip.

Kageo screamed. It was because the bumps on the tip of her tongue were moving as if to brush clean his urethral opening.

“Uwaahh! Amaaazing, uuwwh”

“At park-desu! Be quiet! Keep quiet-desu!”

He got scolded by Layla.

In a whisper, “Yes, just as you said. Sorry. Please put it in your mouth,” Kageo told her.

“Yes-desu. Will blowjob-desu”

Nom, she took the glans to her mouth. She made gradual movements with her tongue, and om-nom-noming it.

“Uwh, uwwh”

Th-this bad. I can’t let out my voice…

The sensation of being pressed by the bumps on the surface of her tongue and the grittiness on the inside of her upper jaw felt unbelievably pleasant.

Her mouth was hot, and was coated with slippery, clean saliva.

The nervousness of doing something lewd on a park bench also seemed to lift up the excitement.

“Chupa, *lick*, nomnom… Chu, slurrpslurrp”

The sound Layla was making with her tongue and mouth sounded awfully loud. When she kissed and sucked it, he felt like his body was being pulled, making him feel like ejacualting at any moment.

It’s not a sucking ice1, you know

He swallowed the words he was about to say. Explaining sucking ice is tough. I have to study English conversation.

With upturned eyes, Layla glanced up at Kageo. Her face looked miffed.

She spit out his penis, “Kageo! What are you thinking-desu? Look at me-desu! Can’t look away-desu!!,” and told him

“Sorry. I blanked out. Umm, it feels so good…”

Layla smiled happily and rubbed her cheek at his crotch.

“I love you-desu”

Slap slap, his penis was hitting her cheek, but she didn’t seem to mind it.

The ends of her bob hair touched his thighs, groin, and so forth. He felt ticklish.

“Please do it quickly. We’re at a park and all”


Layla licked his penis again. She slid the tip of her tongue along the frenulum, kissed it, sucked it, breathed out on it, and nipped at his balls.

His pubes tickled the tip of her nose, “Achoo,” making her sneeze.



Layla took a shallow nibble of his cock into her mouth, slurrp slurrp, and began to suck it.

“Uwah, tough, I-It think, I’m gonna…”

“Het hout-hesu (let out-desu)!”

Since she was talking while it was still in her mouth, she spoke as if leaking air.

“Chu, slurrp slurrp slurrp… *lick lick lick* …Chu, slurrp slurrp”

“Uwahh, wahh, co-coming”


His semen spurted out.

Hearing his warning, Layla stuck the tip of her tongue on her upper jaw and guarded it so it wouldn’t enter her windpipe.

She went on to swallow the semen that had accumulated in her mouth, slurping it up as she did so.

“*Gulp*, *gulp gulp*”

She would rather swallow it than get her uniform collar and her scarf dirty.

Splurrt splurrt, splurrt!

His ejaculation still continued.

The semen didn’t taste bad, but it was not tasty either.

However, the thought of drinking the semen of her beloved made her feel like that core of her body was melting sweetly.

She loved him, who said she was ordinary while everyone was treating him like she was special. Kageo wouldn’t treat Layla like a pet. He always continued the work of putting on the furiganas of the kanji characters in the printouts.

I love you! Kageo!

“Slurrp, *gulp*, *gulp gulp* … Slurrp, *gulp*”

She’s drinking it. My semen, Layla’s drinking it

It aroused him to the point that the center of his head felt fuzzy.

Even though the surprisingly long ejaculation was finally over, his penis was still going strong.

The tension of being in a park and not knowing who could be watching might have sparked his arousal.




“Well, umm, the meaning matches but…”

“I don’t understand Japanese. Will do-desu!”

Layla went to remove her panties in front of Kageo.

She pulled her panties, twisted like a string, from the tip of her feet. The smell of no-bake cheesecake was sweetly drifting. She was wearing her uniform properly. Even her collar was not disarrayed, but under her skirt, there were no panties.

Layla nimbly folded her panties and put them in her skirt pocket. And then put her butt on Kageo’s lap and hugged him.

“I love you-desu,” she told him with her forehead touching his.

The sun had gone down and it was pitch black, but Layla’s blue eyes were sparkling.

“Yeah. I love you”

Her raw thighs clamped around Kageo’s waist. Her pubes brushed against Kageo’s lower abdomen, but the glans didn’t go in easily.

“Nn, can’t go in-desu”

Kageo tried to push out his lower abdomen, barely sitting down on the bench. And then, as he tried to thrust from below, slrrch, the glans sank into her vagina.


Layla’s vagina was very tight at the entrance. It tightened up just below the crown of the glans, squeezing it, making him groan.

“Aah, depth, want it-desu”

Layla’s voice was oozing with impatience.

It was a face-to-face sitting position on a bench, so the joining would be shallow no matter what.

Perhaps trying to swallow his penis, the entrance of her vagina tightened so much that he could feel pain.

Kageo hugged Layla’s back tightly, put strength into his thighs, and got up.

“Kyaaa, Wh-what are you doing, desu?”

“I want to do it while standing”

Layla was confused. She had never heard of such thing.

“Don’t want-desu. Scary-desu!!”

“I wish you wouldn’t struggle. …Uwh, it-it’s all right. I-I will be supporting you”

Finally, he stood up. While making “slrrching” sound, Kageo’s penis was sinking into her pussy.

The glans pushed against the womb’s mouth.


The toes of her loafers were on the bench, so it was more stable than she had thought it would be.

“It was supposed to, uuwwh, look like, that we’re just hugging each other”

Indeed. Her pleated skirt was concealing it, so the joined part couldn’t be seen. Even if someone were to walk by, they would probably not even think that they were having sex.

“Ah, depth, full, deep… Aahh”

Because of her body weight, the tip sank so very deeply. Her body was being impaled, to the point she thought whether the glans might come out of her throat.

This was the second time. The arms hugging Kageo were getting stronger, as the standing fuck, where one supported the other, was too hard for the newly unsealed vagina.

“Uwwh, aahh… Kageo, very hard, tough-desu”



Layla hurriedly shut her mouth. The pleasure was contained within as her lips closed. Brrr brrr, she ended up quivering.

“Layla, y-you okay?”


Realizing that she herself had been holding her breath, she took a deep breath.


Kageo laughed.

“You look like an old man drinking alcohol”

“Muu!! Not old man! I’m beauty! Beautiful-desu”

“Yeah, I know that”

He kissed her on the lips. Layla made a surprised face. Melting in her sense, getting angry. Layla who was making different faces was cute.

He put his hands on her ass, lifting her body up in a jerk and then weakening the strength in his arms, and the glans bore into the hard part of her womb’s mouth.

Sloosh, her cervical mucus gushed out.



“…Bu-but, …Nn …Hahh …Nnnnn”

Aren’t I amazing?

This was their second time.

And yet, he was having sex like a veteran, and making her feel good.

“Feels good-desu…!

Layla hugged him tightly.

“You’re like koala”


She laughed triumphantly. Her lips curled into a beaming, happy smile.

I see. I guess it’s okay if it’s something cute

“Layla, you’re cute just like a ladybug”

“‘Lady’? What-desu?”

“Sorry. I don’t know in English”

“Fufu. Japanese is hard”

He understood that Layla was enjoying herself even if he couldn’t convey her the words. Kageo repeated the motion of rocking Layla’s hips up and down.


Layla restrained her voice.

It was because the glans boring into her womb’s mouth, and attacking with pleasure that almost made her stop breathing.

“Hah… Nn …Ugh… Uwwh”

Her consciousness suddenly drifted off for a moment, but she clung to him to keep her thoughts together.

It felt too good that if she fainted, she would fall over to the opposite direction of the bench. They were fucking while standing.


His penis was growing bigger inside her pussy, seeming that he was feeling good, too.

Her body was rocked back and forth. Her head wobbled, and a silver light shone in front of her eyes.

Smack smack, his penis moved back and forth. Every time the glans pressed against her womb’s mouth, her womb would tingle.

“Uwh, uuwwh, ugh, sooo tight”

“No, talking, desu…”

“Ah, you, you’re right”

The thought that she must not let out her voice kept the pleasure contained within. The feelings of pleasure began to swell inside of her body.

“Nnn… Hahh, haahh… Nn, nnn… …Haahh”

Especially unbearable was the tingling in her womb. Every time his glans pressed against her womb’s mouth, numbness would run through her womb. Her cervical mucus dripped down.

Wanting to make the joining shallow, Layla wrapped her leg, which was on the bench, around his waist.


The weight against her womb struck her with an agonizingly pleasurable sensation. Confused, Layla lifted up her other leg as well. It turned into a hug exactly like that of a koala.


Surprised by the weight of her body coming down on him, Kageo put strength into the hands that were hugging her hips.

“Nn… Haah haah… Nn, nnn… Ugh. Kageo, aahh”

Layla was clinging to Kageo and was trembling. Her vagina folds with its little bumps coiled around his cock, and repeatedly tightening and then loosening.

“Layla, you legs, put it down. It’s heavy”

Uwaa, I slipped up!

However, she, who was so overwhelmed with pleasure, didn’t seem to have the luxury to get angry. She put strength into the hands clinging to him, and shuddered.

“Kageo, belly… Tingle tingle… Aahh!”

“By belly, do you mean womb?”

“Japanese, I don’t know. Kageo, semen, I want it-desu”

His body suddenly went hot when told she wanted his semen.

It was building up to the point of almost ejaculating.

Loading strength into his arms, he lifted up her hips, and then relaxed his arms.

His glans pushed against her womb’s mouth.


A large quantity of cervical mucus gushed out, washing over his glans.


Layla stiffened voicelessly, and her lips were quivering. The folds tightened, and squirming as if turning a doorknob.

“Uwh, i-it’s coming”


His ejaculation started.

The squirming of her folds became more vigorous. Her woman instinct was trying to store the semen into her womb.

It was as if the semen was being sucked out.


He kissed her lips, blocking her scream.

Layla was entranced by the sweet and bitter pleasure.

It’s pouring in. Kageo’s semen is pouring into my womb

An explosion of pleasure occurred inside her womb and caused her body to shudder and shake, perhaps because her lips were sealed by the kiss.

The semen ejaculated at the mouth of her womb entered her womb, and proceeded to permeate the inner walls of her womb. It was a dense, hot, and unbelievable pleasure.

The central part of her head went blank, and her consciousness became distant.

Layla, who suddenly came to her senses, was standing by the bench.

Her stomach felt lonely because his penis had been pulled out.

Kageo was in front of her eyes.

He had already fixed his appearance up, and was turning his face away with an embarrassed expression. His bashful face was cute.

“Kageo! So cute. I love you-dseu”

Layla embraced Kageo.

“Wahh. He-heavy!! You’re heavy”

“Muu!! Heavy, wrong! Light-desu”

“I got it, I got it”

While hugging Layla, Kageo spun around in circles.



Dance party-desu. American high schools always have it. Couples, will dance-desu”


The country called America must be a den of cheery people. A gloomy guy like Kageo must have no place to stay.

“Japan no prom-desu?”

“Yeah. But, there will be a folk dance on the last dance of the cultural festival”

“Looking forward to it-desu! American high schools, cultural festivals, sports festivals, none-desu. Japan amazing-desu. Cultural festival, sports festival, I look forward to it-desu”

Layla put on her panties, and patted the dust from her kneecaps.

“Go home-desu!”

“Yeah, let’s”

TL notes:

^1. Sucking ice or chuchuice. https://i.imgur.com/pEcEOGJ.png. This novel is really awful to have translated into English hahaha.

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