A Returnee Classmate, Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill, Became My Wife: Chapter 3 – The Beauty Of The Wild Blonde Hair During Boobjob & Doggy Style


“Let’s go to karaoke! Everyone come!”

In the classroom after school, a cheerful voice of a classmate resounded.

“Oh yeah! Karaoke! Let’s go I’m coming”

“Wait hold on, I’ll look for a coupon online… Found it! It’ll be half the cost”

“Wow, half off from the student rate. That’s insane! Come on, guys! You can sing and drink soft drinks all you want for about 200 yen after splitting the cost!”

Die. All of you die! All of you cheery people can just go die!

He went to sort the ranking of people he wanted to kill in his mind in turn, starting from rank 1.

Kageo opened the cleaning supplies locker and took out a folded trash bag.

The trash bag made a “pang” sound as he waved it, and it fluffed up with air.

“Umm, can we also come?”

“Of course you can. We’re going to have a chorus for the cultural festival, so I want us to do karaoke and decide what kind of song we’re going to sing. Like a homeroom in a karaoke box”

“Layla, you should come too”


“It’s okay if you don’t know. I’ll be sure to teach you. We’ll sing along with a music, and it’s really fun”

“I’m, beautification committee member-desu. Throwing out trash-desu. Kageo, together-desu”

“Ah, I see. Well then, let’s all go throw out the trash. You too come to the karaoke, Yorusaki!”

“Eh. I’m also coming?”

“You’re a set with Layla after all”

“Aight, I’ll go take out the trash. I’ll do the new building second floor”

“I will do the first floor of old building”

“Pass me a trash bag”

He handed the trash bags to each outstretched hand and they all rushed off at once.

“Real? It’s lots of trash”

Real? Is it the gyaru’s word for “for real”?

“Hey, someone was stepping on the trash can over here. It’s pressed tight. Hella hard to take out, really”

As expected of cheery people, they were collecting trash while making a fuss.

The students carrying trash bags bulging roundly were passing through the corridor like Santa Claus at Christmas. Even though it was a depressing task that Kageo had been doing alone while cursing, it was lively like a festival.

The cheerful people were disappearing from the ranking list of people he wanted to kill. He was shaking, being assaulted by a surprise nearing emotionally touching.

Even though, I thought that they were making fun of me.

“Kageo, what, are you spacing out for-desu? Throw out trash-desu”

At Layla’s words, he hurriedly moved.

“Yeah, you’re right. I have to throw it out”

Let’s throw it out together with this odd wrong impression.

Kageo covered the nylon bag over the trash can and turned it upside down enthusiastically.

In the biggest karaoke room, clapping hands, tambourines, and singing voices were piled on top of each other. Both those in the middle and lower caste were here, and the number of people was enough to make people think whether or not the whole class had come.

So it’d become such a bustling commotion when the cheery and outgoing people go all out, huh.

Kageo was in awe while drinking the free drink orange juice.

“I, want remote control-desu”

“Layla, I told you it’s impossible for you, right? I’ll do it for you, okay. What are you going to sing? …Okay. Got it. I’ll put it in”

Layla’s eyes narrowed, and became frozen like ice.

Ah, Layla, she’s angry.

Hey, Yamamura. Can you really not see Layla is angry?

The selection of songs varied. Some were singing idol songs while dancing in high spirits, and some singing anime songs.

And Kageo’s turn came. Kageo sang “Racing into the Night” by YOASOBI. Since the song was sung by a female singer, the key was quite high, but it perfectly fit Kageo’s natural voice that was referred to as high-pitched it was disgusting.

“You’re doing great!”

Whistles, clapping hands, and tambourines. Isozaki picked up another mic and began to harmonize with him on the chorus.

“Yorusaki, you sing soooo well!”

“You can definitely be a singer!”

“Your voice so good!”

“I’ll be your fan!!”

The singing uplifted him. It was so fun and fun he couldn’t stop the overflowing smile.

Eh? I am, enjoying myself?

Until now, he would’ve thought, “I bet these guys are saying it insincerely anyway. They’re making fun of me.”

However, singing felt good. He was honestly able to enjoy himself. There was no malice in the girls and guys’ cheers.

The one who’s speaking ill of others, was me, huh…

He sat on the sofa, and Kurotaki came to speak to him.

“Say, Yorusaki. You’re really good at karaoke. Used to it?”

“My dad and mom loved karaoke, so they often brought me along when I was kid”

“You look like having fun today. Even though you usually so cold”

“Cold” meant “cold reception.” It meant not being friendly.

“I guess so”

“Umm, I’m sorry. Or rather, thanks”

He was confused by Kurotaki who was suddenly apologizing.


“Cultural festival executive committee member is, busy with meetings and stuff, isn’t it”

“Yeah yeah. It’s my first time becoming a committee member, so I was really surprised,” Fujikawa chimed in.

“When I thought that you’ve done all the work for us until now, I’m sorry”

“You know, we like to do the fun stuff, but we don’t want to do the bothersome stuff. I realized that we’ve been shoving that bothersome stuff to you, Yorusaki”

“Eh? So you’re taking this executive committee seriously?,” he asked again at the all too unexpected thing.

I was thinking they’d be slacking off anyway.

“Of course we are! We’re on the executive committee after all. Don’t look down on GAL’s seriousness, okay?”

“Yorusaki, thanks. And then I’m sorry”

“We’re counting on you, class rep!”

He got a pat on the back.

He got a strong tinge in his heart.

Deep inside his chest was in vortex and he felt like crying, but he repeatedly blinked and covered it up.

So I, wasn’t trying to have a conversation, huh.

No way talking would go through. Deciding arbitrarily they were of a different race, and cursing them in his mind. Putting them in the ranking list of people he wanted to kill, and one-sidedly building up resentment against them.

On that subject, Layla also told him previously.

–Japanese-desu. Words understand-desu!–

Even though Layla, who grew up in America, was trying her best to converse in Japanese.

Now it was Latla’s turn. She was singing “Amazing Grace.” A hymn that would also often be played on TV.

“Layla’s so good at English!”

“That’s obvious”

“The best!”

“It’s really impressive for real, though”

However, Layla’s eyes remained icy.

Layla, is she, angry?

Kageo looked up “Amazing Grace” with his phone, and went, “Ugh.” It was written that the song was something even sung at funerals.

She’s seriously angry!

Just like Kageo cursing death and putting them in the ranking list of people he wanted to kill, Layla was also thinking that those who were treating herself like a pet to go die. Kageo and Layla were of the same kind.

Layla smiled by the end of the song and handed the mic to the next person.

When everyone had finished singing one song at a time, Kurotaki took the mic and began to talk.

“I want us to decide the song to sing at the festival. Any request?”

“‘Amazing Grace’”

“It’s too hard, you know”


“That’s no go. A song that’s polite is fine. A song everyone knows and can sing! 

“School song?”

“No way”

“Maybe like YOASOBI or Kenshi Yonezu?”

“Sounds good!”

“Yorusaki, ‘Racing into the Night,’ sing it in the center. The names connect”


“I play the piano”

“Eeeeh. Ikei can?”

“Good grief, you totally don’t believe me. I’ve always been taking piano lessons, you know? Please don’t tell me it’s creepy or something, alright”

“Relax, we won’t. That’s so cool instead. And you should definitely play the piano”

“Let’s all dance together!”

“That’s nice! Let’s think of the choreography!”

“Leave it to me! You see, I wanna be a dancer in a theme park. So I’m going to a dance school. So everyone can dance, I’m gonna make it easy to remember, okay?”

“All right. We’ll leave it to you”

“I’m putting on a song. Let’s sing our second song!”

When he left the karaoke box, the sun had completely set.

“See ya, bye bye!”

“See you tomorrow!”

Waving to his classmates and parting with them, he walked home together with Layla.

“It’s fun-desu”

“You’re right. I’m refreshed”

It was fun to be able to see his classmates in an unexpected light.

Like the cheerful and popular guy Ikei had always been taking piano lessons, or the plain looking girl, Akita, liked to dance. It was so surprising it was dizzying.

Nothing to do with being cheery or gloomy.

It was me who has been arbitrarily ranking them, speaking ill of them, and being cold towards them.

“Layla, you’re angry about the remote control, right?”

“…!? You know-desu?”

“Yeah. I can tell when looking at your face. You’re even singing ‘Amazing Grace.’ You got angry at being treated like a child, right?”

Great! Kageo, the best!!”

Kageo was hugged.

“But, fine-desu. Singing, refreshing, fun-desu”

Indeed. This was Layla.

Kageo would end up grumbling and thinking about it, but the cheerful American girl, Layla, wasn’t fussing about it.

“Karaoke was fun, wasn’t it”

“Yes. Fun. Japan, fun! Always in Japan, I want-desu”

“Why don’t you just stay here then? You’re a Japanese after all”

Layla was making a complicated expression on her face at that moment, but Kageo, whose mood had been uplifted by his first karaoke with his classmates, didn’t notice it.

She hugged him tightly, and was nuzzling and sticking her cheek on him.

Her sweet body odor and the warmth of her body being pushed against him made his heart race.

“…Want to refresh-desu?”

Layla’s hand smoothly rubbed Kageo’s crotch.


“Stiff hard-desu. Do at park?”

“A-at the park is kinda. Last time I was reeeeaally nervous”

“My house, want go-desu? Close-desu”

Layla stopped the hugging, and began to walk out, pulling Kageo by the hand.

“At your house, is it just you?”

Grandma, there’s grandma. Earlier, she sent LINE. Today, dinner with lover-desu”

“Sounds like having fun”


Layla’s house was a two-story old wooden house.

“Thanks for having me”


First, he made a quick prayer at the altar, and walked up the stairs into her room, where his eyes met with a poster of a very youthful KinKi Kids.

“Ooh, Layla, so you like KinKi Kids. My mom liked Arashi, you see”

“This room, my mom’s-desu. Mom, Japanese, dad American, she studied in America, met there”

“Hmm. Is that so. I see”

Indeed, time had stopped in this room before Kageo and Layla were born. A big CD radio-cassette player. L’Arc~en~Ciel and GLAY CD. PlayStation console, old-fashioned computer.

A daughter was staying in the room where her mother lived when she was young. Feeling like Layla’s mother was everywhere, he felt like doing lewd things would be wrong.

“I’m, American and Japanese, double citizenship-desu. Citizenship, choose at 20 years old-desu”

“I see. Because of that you came to Japan, huh”

“Yes-desu. To know Japan-desu”

“Which are you going to choose?”

American citizenship, don’t want give it up. Japanese citizenship hard to get. I’m American. But I like Japan. Want to live in Japan-desu”

“And it’s impossible to remain in dual citizenship, huh”

“Impossible-desu. Troubled-desu…”

The mood turned gloomy.

Kageo regretted that he had brought up a topic with such complex content.

“Want tea-desu?”

“Thanks. I’m going back after drinking tea”

“Won’t do-desu?”

Layla’s blue eyes opened wide like a lost kitten.

“Tomorrow, let’s have a date”

Date? Tomorrow, school-desu. After school-desu?”

“Yep. There’s something I want to show you. Layla, can you ride a bike?”

“Can-desu. But no bike-desu”


“Waaahh. Beautiful-desu! Bright red-desu”

Seeing Layla’s look of glee, Kageo wiped his sweat-soaked forehead with the back of his hand.

They rode a bike together, about 20 minutes from school. He had Layla sit in the back of the bike and he pedaled it. It was tough to keep the balance and he was covered in sweat.

“Nashiki Shrine is famous for its Fall’s leaves, you know”

“Nashiki Temple, wonderful. Fall’s leaves, beautiful-desu… First time seeing-desu… Japan, amazing-desu”

The evening sun further dyed the already red leaves even more vibrantly.

Layla crouched. She picked a fallen leaf, and carefully inserted it into a textbook.

“Treasure… Beautiful… I’m touched-desu”

Layla’s side profile was also gleaming orange under the evening sun.

She was the one who was beautiful. Her blue eyes were dyed with a touch of warmth. Her blonde hair shone, like it was shining from within.

Even as the sun went down and the wind grew colder, Layla gazed up at the treetops blankly.

“Should we go home now?”

“I, bike, will ride-desu. Kageo, in back, get on fine-desu”


“Kageo, to here, pedaled-desu. Returning, I, will pedal-desu!!”

“Uwh, a-alright”

They rode a bike through the city at nightfall. Layla was pedaling, and Kageo sat in the back.

Riding a bike with a girl was a happy situation for a man, but it was embarrassing to have the man sitting on the back.

Not to mention that Layla was a conspicuous girl.

I’ll get laughed at. It’s embarrassing. I feel pathetic.

“Oh my. How nice. That’s gender equality”

“Ooh, the girl riding the bike with the boy sitting in the back. Times sure are changing, huh”

“What an ideal couple”

Eeh? Is that so?

It was shaking. Kageo had thought that he was correct. That cheery people were of different races, and didn’t understand Japanese. He had thought that women were sly creatures,  pretending to be weak, eliciting sympathy, and using men as ATMs.

However, Layla was breaking down Kageo’s wrong impression.

“Haahh haahh… Fhuu fhuu…”

While standing on the bike’s pedals and breathing roughly, Layla was riding the bike. Her cheeks were glistening with drops of sweat.

“You okay? Want me to take over?”

“It’s o… Kyaa!”

The bike suddenly swayed. The tire was caught on a bump on the sidewalk. A squeak of the brakes sounded and the bike bounced up and down.

“Watch out!”

He hugged her waist, planted his feet on the ground, and supported her.

Holding the almost-tipped-over bike by her thighs, Layla breathed a sigh of relief.

“Like, when falling, down the stairs-desu. Kageo, protected me-desu. I was glad, I fell down the stairs. I love Kageo, could say it-desu. Kageo, write hiragana, always-desu. I’m beautiful, Kurotaki-san, says it-desu. But do nothing. Kageo, doesn’t say cute-desu. But helps me. Kageo, so cool. Hero-desu”

He almost cried.

“I’m not cool or anything like that at all. In my heart, I’m thinking the cheery people should just die”

“Same-desu. I sing ‘Amazing Grace’-desu. Kill them in heart. Feeling refreshed. Makes me smile-desu”

“Ahaha. I guess so. Kill them in your heart, huh. …Let’s switch the rider”

They switched places and headed for his home. Layla was hugging him tightly.

Because she was being glued to him, her body temperature and sweet body odor were handed down to him.

I want her.

They arrived at his house, and Kageo led her to his room.


“I tidied it up”

After getting into a relationship with Layla, he did cleaning, washed the bed sheet, and aired the bedding. Since he was a man living alone, he would neglect cleaning, but he thought that it wouldn’t do.

Poster, gone-desu”

“You’re better than a gravure idol after all, Layla”

As he told her while looking away as it was too embarrassing, Layla went to hug him tightly.

“Love you-desu!”

She was so cute and lovely that his heart swooned.

Layla closed her eyes and lifted her face up, begging for a kiss. Her long eyelashes fluttered, adding a touch of emotion to the lively and cheerful American girl.

Chu, he kissed her. The light kiss with only a touch of the tips of their lips was immediately followed by a deep kiss.

They kissed passionately, exchanging saliva and entwining their tongues together.

No matter how many times he kissed her, his heart would race.

“Kissing, numbing-desu. Like ume liquor-desu”2

He laughed at the “ume liquor” that came out.

“Ahaha. You drank it before?”

“A bit. Grandma, makes ume liquor cake. Tasty-desu. Ume liquor, drank a bit. Sweet, strong-desu. Made me flare up. …That’s right. Kageo! Back, show it okay!”

The last time they had been in this room, Layla was surprised when seeing the bruise on Kageo’s back.


He took off his blazer uniform and the shirt, and showed his back to Layla.

“I’m glad-desu. The back, okay-desu. Here is blue-desu”

Layla traced her fingers down his back.

“Layla, take off yours, too”

Even though they had been having sexual affairs a total of three times including blowjob, he practically had never seen Layla naked. He wanted to see her naked.


He smiled wryly when told with the “OK” of GAL language. The way of talking around Kurotaki seemed to have spread.

“Nn… Em-embarrassing, desu…”

The way she went to undress shyly with her cheeks blushing was cute.

Turning her back on him, she pulled her blouse from the sleeves, unhooked her skirt and dropped it on the floor.

The pleated skirt drew a round circle around Layla.

She was now wearing only a checkered bra, matching panties, and socks.

As might be expected from a half, her legs and arms were long, and her hips were on a high place. Her breasts stuck out forward in a nice shape, and her waist was tight and curvy.

Even though it was not that big of a difference from a bikini on the beach, it was so sexy his heart raced.


Layla hugged her breasts with her arms to hide it and turned her back.

He felt hot at the bashful state of her, a girl who was cheerful and assertive.

He hugged her waist from behind, and softly kissed her nape. When he breathed out softly on her ear, Layla stood on her tiptoes.

“Hyann! Aahh, ears, no, don’t-desu”

The soft flesh of her butts hit his erection, tingling it.

“I see. So you’re feeling it in your ears”

While hugging her, who was only in her bra, panties, and socks, from behind, he gently nibbled on her earlobe and breathed into her ear.

When he kissed her nape while massaging her boobs covered by the cups of her bra, “Haah, haah,” Layla began to pant. The feeling of her soft and warm marshmallow-like breasts was pleasant.

“No, don’t-desu… Itchy-desu”

Her nape was being kissed, while her back was being hugged and her breasts massaged.

His hands were massaging the bulges over the cups of her bra.

Layla put her hands against his hands and writhed.

“Nn… Nn… Hahh hahh…”

The feeling of skin to skin contact was mysterious. Whichever heartbeat it was, it was pounding so hard it was loud.

His ragged aftershave rubbed against her nape, making her shiver. Not able to put any strength into her legs, her knees ended up shaking.

“…Kageeeo, ahh, don’t, beard… Nn, ticklish-desu”

“Say, how do you take off a bra?”

Layla was already feeling so good that even just standing was difficult, and yet his nonchalant tone of voice irritated her.

“Hmph! Hmm-hmph! It’s just me! I hate you”

“Eh? Um, are you angry? Sorry”

When she tried to escape his embrace by pitching forward, his erection hit the valley between her butt.

“Kageo aroused-desu?”

When she wiggled her hips while trying to sandwich his cock with her butt, Kageo groaned.


Geez, so he’s aroused too. And yet, he’s pretending to be calm.

“Fufu. Love you-desu. Kageo”

“? …I give up… Please tell me how to unhook it”

I don’t know. I don’t understand Japaneeeese”


“Fufuun. Teasing-desu”

Kageo smiled wryly. His large hands went into the cup and pulled her breasts up. Her underboobs were being held by the bra, and her heart was pitter pattering deep in her chest. Her nipples were pinched by his fingers, and her knees gave out.



Kageo held Layla by the stomach and made her lie down on the bed.

The rubber of her bra was crossing her pure white back. And the hook was floating in the middle.

He pulled it inward and unhooked it.

“It’s off…”

When he kissed the center of her spine, “Hyan,” Layla yelped.

Because she said his aftershave was ticklish, he went to move the kissing location, making sure to nuzzle his chin on her. He could feel that Layla was shuddering.

“Ah, aahh… Nn, nnn… Feels good-desu”

Her body odor changed. The bittersweet smell of her sweat had changed into that of no-bake cheesecake.

Since her posture was her upper body lying face down on the bed, the valley of her butt covered in her panties was clearly visible. The double-layered of cloth, permeated with her nectar, stuck perfectly to her secret place, causing an ellipse-shaped stain of love juice to appear.

“Kageo… Kageo… Love you-desu. …Aahh, good, feels good”

Awesome, me. I’m making Layla feel it with my caressing.

I want to feel her up a lot more and make her feel good.

He touched her armpits, tickled her flanks, wrapped his hand around to the front and massaged her boobs, and the stain on her panties was growing bigger.

“I love you, Layla”

While massaging her breasts with her hands wrapped around to the front, he ran her tongue all over her back. Her reaction became more intense.

Her fingers gripping the bed sheet were turning white.

“Kyaa, aaaAAahh, hahh, haahh haahhh!! No, no-desu”

She seemed to especially feel it in the middle of her back, so he began to lick down along the dip in her spine.

Slurrp, *lick*, slurrp slurrp.

Layla couldn’t endure it anymore.

Her back was supposed to be nothing special, and yet she couldn’t believe how good it felt to have it licked. Her womb was tingling.

“Aahh, ahh, aahh. …Haah hahh… Nnn, nn …aaaaaAAAhhh!!”

Sloosh, her honey liquid overflowed. Her panties were already all gooey, flooded with love juice.

Her womb began to tingle.

Even though she was getting so horny, he was just repeatedly stroking, massaging, touching, and licking.

“Noo, Kageo, sti-stick it in! Penis, I want-desu”

“Ahaha. You’re so lecherous, huh. Layla”

“Yes. lecherous-desu,” Layla repeated it without even knowing the meaning.

He put his lips onto the middle of her spine. And then, chuuuuu, he sucked it up.


Something bursted out in her head, and Layla shuddered all over.

Unbelievable. I can’t believe that just having my back kissed would feel so good I feel like cumming. Already, my womb is tingling, wanting and wanting is so much it’s unbearable.

“Please stick it in-desu!

“I’ll stick it in if you finger yourself”

“? Japanese difficult. I don’t understand”

“It’s stirring that ‘place’ yourself”

I don’t get it. But, my desire is MAXed out, and I feel like I’m going to burst.

Layla slid off her panties with her hands behind her back.

It was hard for her to take her panties off when she was on the bed with her upper body lying down. Although her hands tended to stop in embarrassment, she pushed herself to take it off until the upper part of her thighs.

And then, she placed her hands on the hills of her butt, and spread it open to the left and right in a jerk. She, tried to tell him her feelings of wanting it.

“…Hahh, hahh haahh… Loo, Loolooloo-look-desu. Embarrassing! Feel like dying-desu!”


Kageo looked at her in surprise.

If he was surprised that she was pulling down her panties herself, he was shocked that she placed both hands on her butt and spread it with both hands.

Immediately below her contracting asshole, where wrinkled folds were gathered, her puffed up labia minora was opening up a broad slit. Her sparse pubes were blonde, and were not effective in concealing the slit.

Her earlobe-like labia was opening broadly, and her vaginal opening was opening and closing wishing for semen. Her nectar was dripping down, giving off a smell like no-bake cheesecake all the while demanding “quickly I want it.”

Kageo stuck her finger into her vagina. The hymen was already no more. It was smooth at the shallower part, but the feel was changing as he went deeper. Bumpy protrusions were coiling around his finger.

“Finger, don’t want-desu…! Aaahh, I want your thick thing-desu!”

Layla crawled on the bed as if to escape the finger, and raised her ass sharply, keeping her upper body lying down. It was an atypical getting on all fours, with both elbows and knees supporting the body.

“Stick it in-desu”

Looking at those sexy, wriggly, plump ass made him want to pull a prank on her. It was plump and meaty, looking like it would make a nice sound when hit.

Spank, Kageo smacked her butt.


Layla was bewildered and flabbergasted.

“Stay like that”

Spank spank, he went to spank her ass.

“W-why? Why-desu? Why hitting-desu?”

Her voice was oozing with confusion and trepidation. The school idol was scared of Kageo. That discovery led to intoxication. It felt like he had become a big shot.

“Because I want to make you feel good”

“Eh? Eeeh? Japanese, difficult-desu. Japanese I… Aaaah, nn, haahh …Aahh, ahh, ahh…”

Excitement was clear in Layla’s voice. Kageo spanked her ass even more.

Spank spank, each time he spanked her, her labia opened up filled with desire.

Her nectar was oozing out, and he could tell she was aroused by the spanking. Her panties, now twisted like a thin string, coiled around her upper thighs and were catching the overflowing nectar.

Layla was confused.

“Ah, aaaahh, aaahh, nn, nn… Haahh haahh…”

My butt is being slapped but it feels good. My butt feels hotter and hotter, it’s sinking deeper into my body.

The vibration was more unbearable than the pain.

“Ah, aahh, hot… hot… Ahh, haahh, nnnn…”

Her body would sway back and forth each time she was hit. It was as if she was swaying when boarding on a boat.

She was clutching the bed sheet to support her upper body, but her womb was shaken inside her body and started to tingle.


Her cervical mucus flooded out.


Kageo groaned and the movement stopped.

He was staring intently at her secret place.

Even though the spanking was over, the feeling like she was still being swung around didn’t stop.

“I want-desu. My womb tingling tingling-desu…”

Layla once again tried to spread her ass with her hands. She supported her upper body with her forehead, and extended her hands towards her ass.

She felt a sting. Even her hands felt hot on her ass, which was turning sensitive after being hit.


Layla rolled sideways, as if to escape from the pain that was born from her ass.

As she turned to face upwards, her body weight fell on her ass and she was attacked by terrible pain.

Layla hurriedly faced down again and got on all fours.

As she was panting, escaping from the sweet painful agony, she could hear him gulping.

“Please stick it in-desu!”

Layla pleaded.

He held her hips and pressed the glans against the opening.


His penis was entering her vagina. It was hot, hard, and overwhelmingly strong. Layla shuddered.

Kageo groaned.

“Uwh, uuwwh, ugh”

She was on all fours, a doggy-style position. Even though he couldn’t see anything but her back, seeing sweats trickling down her spine was erotic.

Unlike missionary and fucking while standing with one supporting the other, doggy style gave a sense of resistance as if you were being forced to. It must be because the angle was different.

“Ah, aahh… Aahh. I love you-desu…”

As if to make it enter even deeper, she folded her arms and pushed out her ass.

The more it went deeper, the deeper the wrinkles in the sheet she grasped became.

When it entered all the way to the root, she began to jerk up and struggle.

“Noo, ass, …Hu-hurts, hot, hot-desu!”

Finally, he understood why she had been writhing in agony. Her butt was stinging in pain because of the spanking.


He pulled back his hips in panic, and began to move his glans back and forth in shallower places.

“Uwah. Amaaazing! The heck is this!? It’s squeezing!”

Layla’s secret place wasn’t level. It was curving into “く” with the bumps concentrated in the narrow part.

He felt like shoving his penis into a honey pot jam packed with konjac noodles.

He was being squeezed.

He just stuck it in, but he was already on the verge of ejaculation.

When he moved his hips trying to distract himself from the intense pleasure, his lower abdomen hit Layla’s butt and Layla tensed her body up.

Squeeze squeeze squeeze.

The narrow place in the middle tightened irregularly, sending painful stimulations to the crown of the glans.

“Uwaah, I, ca-can’t”


He only inserted it and moved back and forth about three times, but he was ejaculating already.

Uncool, premature. However, “Haahhh,” Layla breathed out a seemingly truly pleasant sigh and was shuddering. Indeed. He didn’t have to look cool in front of Layla. Layla wouldn’t make fun of Kageo.

He felt relieved at that realization, and continued ejaculating while being soaked in the feeling of satisfaction of having a girl’s folds catching his semen.


A dizzying pleasure assaulted him.

It felt like he was expelling all of the waste inside his body.

“Eh? I-is it done?”

Hearing Kageo breathed out a seemingly satisfied sigh, Layla flustered.


His penis, which had been stiff and hard until earlier, was losing strength. It was pulling back from her vagina. No way. I still haven’t cummed. I can’t climax if my womb isn’t bathed with semen.

“Don’t want-desu. In the back-desu. My womb tingling tingling-desu”

Layla tightened her lower abdomen and squeezed the weakening penis.


He groaned.

“Poke the back-desu. Deep good-desu!! Deep-desu”

Layla intentionally squirmed her folds and strove to swallow his penis.

“But, your butt, it hurts, right?”



While making a sound, his penis was being stuck into her vagina, which was all sticky with semen and honey juice.

Her ass were pressed by his lower abdomen while her womb’s opening was being poked at the same time.


Layla’s body shook.

Her spanked butt was still stinging with pain, sending a pressuring pain and itchiness. The glans stuck in so deep it sunk into her womb.


Squirt, her cervical mucus gushed out.

With just one stab, a flooding pleasure came to her.

“Going cumming-desu”

Schlop, schlop, schlap.

He began to move his hips rhythmically.

Each time the glans pressed on her womb, the good feeling grew bigger, and she was hit by so much pleasure she wondered whether she would explode from the inside out. Painful, hurt, itchy.

“Uuwwh, your here, is reeaally tight”

“I’m glad, desu! Feels good-desu?”

“Yeah, it feels very good,” Kageo replied.

He couldn’t see anything but her sweat-covered smooth back, but he was excited by the lascivious wildness.

A cheerful and lively returnee. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed, prim and proper beauty. And yet the inside was completely different. She was angry at being treated like a pet, impulsively cut her hair, energetically sang a funeral song at the karaoke, and got wild horny and dirty.

“Aahh, gonna cum-desu”

Everytime he slid his penis in and out, he could see her asshole opening up slightly and then contracting.

And below it, her gaping pudendal cleft was taking in his penis.

“Aahh, nn, nnnn, al, already, AAAaahhh!!”

Her secret place was so slushy with nectar, semen, and cervical mucus that white foam was rising to the joint part. When he stuck it in trying to bore it deep, her cervical mucus gushed out.

“Noooo, cummiiiinng!!”

Squeeze squeeze, her folds were tightening and Layla’s body tensed up.


For a moment, his penis stopped moving.

It immediately loosened up after the tightening, but Layla looked to still be in the middle of pleasure. She was grasping the bed sheet and was shaking all over.

“No-not yet?”


“Nooo! Kageo, cruel-desu!  I want I want I want it-desu”

Kageo got room to spare. It was natural since he had just ejaculated earlier.

I want to enjoy the feel of her gooey and hot secret place more and more. If there were such a thing as a bad pussy and a great pussy, this was undoubtedly an excellent pussy.


Layla, who was annoyed by the vague reply, raised her upper body and tried to crawl forward.

“Hmph! Hmm-hmph! Kageo, I hate you! I hate I hate I hate you! Even though I want iiit”

“Uwah, it’s slipping out! Layla, don’t get rowdy”

He immediately put his hands on her crotch and upper body, and pulled her back.


Layla screamed.

His left hand, wrapped from behind, grabbed her breasts. Furthermore, his right hand went to Layla’s secret place, and his fingers squeezed her clitoris.

The pulling back caused her womb to be pressed with his glans, and then her butt was pressed by his lower abdomen. Her back was embraced, and his chin rubbed the middle of her spine.

“Aahh, ahh, nnn, nnnnn”

The five spots where she could feel it were stimulated at the same time.

It felt like she had been struck by electric shock.

The sweet and painful tingling of her womb. The itchy and hot feel born from her ass getting spanked. The pleasure she felt when her breasts were being grabbed, as if her core was contracting. The good feeling like her clitoris going numb. The tickle of having her spine rubbed with the texture of his aftershave.

All of those were mixed together and came to attack her.

“Cumming, I’m cumming!!!”

“Uwaaahhh. I’m being squeezed. It’s coming out”

The second ejaculatin started.


Spurt splurrt. Splurrt!

Pew pew!!

“Aahh… Coming in-desu. A lot, a lot, womb, semen, I feel it-desu…”

Layla repeated incoherent-mumbling-like words.

“Uwwh, uuwh

Her vaginal folds, which were covered by small bumps, wriggled and squirmed as they were trying to suck the semen out of his penis.

Although he had just released it out earlier, the quantity that came out surprised even herself.

It felt so unbelievably good.

Like soaring into the sky, and yet also like falling into the bottom of the earth, she felt the feeling of gravity losing its grip on her, getting her dizzy.

It felt like she had been tripping out, and when she snapped out, the ejaculation was already over.

Layla flopped down on her stomach.

His penis slipped out, splattering her ass with a dimly white liquid mixture of semen and cervical mucus.

Kageo wiped his penis, dressed himself up, and plopped down on his back next to the exhausted Layla.

“That felt really food”

“Me too-desu”

Layla stood up, put on her panties and her uniform.

The prim and proper returnee appeared.

She looked slimmer when dressed than when undressed.

“Going home-desu”

“I’ll escort you”

No problem

“No, well, it’s lonely to part so I want to escort you”

“Japanese difficult-desu. A question-desu? Imperative-desu?”

“Please let me escort you”

“Yes-desu! Doing three-legged-desu?”

“Ahaha. Let’s walk normally. It’s dark anyway”

She smiled when she imagined going down the street enshrouded with night as the sun had long since set in a three-legged form. The street may have been dark, but the future of them was shining brightly. She had such a feeling.

TL notes:

^1. Should be this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp3b-RXtz4w

^2. Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping ume plums (while still unripe and green) in liquor (焼酎, shōchū) and sugar.

Other notes:

There’s “paizuri” or titty fuck written in the cahapter title but there’s no paizuri at all in the chapter. I have checked multiple times and there’s none. I don’t know whether I’m going crazy or blind.

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